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Edge, Chapter Eighteen: Fluffer

Jenna from Edge by Tori Hamlin

For the rest of that day, as well as the next, Jenna and Kara avoided any challenges, opting to allow their well-fucked bodies to rest. Jenna spent some time at home, deciding that her family would start to become suspicious if she was always gone. Though it was summer break, it wasn’t like Jenna to suddenly disappear for days on end. The time at home she spent studying the new challenges, as well as browsing the LFG listings in the challenge pool with Kara as they worked on their strategy.

Her new equipment arrived on their first full day of rest and Jenna found herself eager to see what these latest rewards were capable of. Her bracers seemed little more than a stylized armband. To any observer they would appear as nothing more than an elaborate piece of jewelry. When she strapped the thing around her wrist she could feel something inside of it working, as well as the sound of hissing air that lasted for several minutes before it went quiet. She located a button on the top, cleverly hidden in the inscribed design. Wholly unprepared for the effects of the device, though, she directed her arm toward her desk and pressed the button.

The bracers released a gale-force blast of air that rocked her desk back and sent everything atop it clattering against the wall and flying around the room, as Kara screamed in surprise.

After cleaning up the mess, she took up her second piece. Though it may have been called a gauntlet, the little device was merely a silver encasement that slid over two of her fingers. She could feel the thing resonate with a powerful hum after a few minutes and imagined it charging up some kind of shock. This one, she decided not to test. Instead, she removed them both and stowed them in a little pack that had arrived with the equipment. The pack looked like a designer crossbody bag, which was actually quite chic.

The rest of the week was spent in reaching out to other girls in the challenge pool, gathering them together and assembling teams of more experienced girls to aid the lower-ranking ones by combining challenges and sharing their experiences with the male players. On several of these occasions, they built up their relationship with both Justin and Mr. Henson, as well as making inroads with some of the other groups of men that had more unusual tastes that befit the varying classes of the girls they’d allied with.

In one instance, Jenna’s challenge required her to assist a player of the Bimbo class in publicly degrading herself. The girl had been on a steady diet of Dumb Drops for over a week, which had essentially turned her into a braindead goon whose vocabulary rarely included a word over five letters. Jenna’s challenge was to take responsibility for the girl for a day, during which she had to offer the girl’s mouth to five strangers. Each of them needed to ejaculate on her cleavage, then she would need to be walked through a public place, while leashed, semen coating her tits, and openly masturbating herself as she walked.

Jenna, dressed in a mini skirt and tube top and accompanied by Jess, who was similarly attired, was accosted by mall security. Jenna offered the bimbo to the guard for his own use in order to let them off. Two hours later, at the end of his shift, Jenna and Jess got so hot watching the guard rail the girl in the security office that they made out and fingered one another’s assholes to a weak orgasm until the guard unloaded his balls into Jess’ mouth. This completed another challenge for Jess, which required swapping sperm with another slut and earning each of them $150 for its ease.

Jenna was very happy to drop the bimbo off at the end of the day, her constant giggling and use of the word, “like” grating on her nerves. The whole sordid episode had earned both her and Jess an additional rank, $3,000 in cash prize, and two very wet, locked-up pussies. Rather than working to an orgasm in some way, though, Jenna decided to keep herself on edge for the next day.

This day’s plan made Jenna, briefly, reconsider her choice of class. In the morning, she’d agreed to aid a new girl named Samantha, who had just chosen her class. As the girl admitted her terrible fear of being forcibly fucked, though, Jenna wondered why the girl had chosen to become rape bait.

“That’s just it,” the girl explained, “It’s scary, but every time I think about someone forcing themselves on me, I get so fucking hot!”

For this challenge, Jenna and Samantha were required to locate a busy public toilet for men, where they would each take a stall, leave the door open, and masturbate with a vibrating sex toy until they were raped. Neither of them could leave until both of them had been fucked at least once. The challenge allowed Jenna to leave off her belt, for which she was grateful, as she hadn’t been fucked in the pussy for days. She listened to the sound of Samantha masturbating in a stall next to her for the first fifteen minutes of the challenge before the first man arrived. Drawn by the sound, he looked briefly into the stall, exclaimed, and then quickly left.

Over the next three hours, several more men entered the restroom, but most were too timid to take advantage of the obvious invitation. Others were happy to jam their hard cocks into the girl’s mouths, which was degrading, and caused Jenna to orgasm at least twice, but did not meet the requirements for the challenge. It wasn’t until two college boys entered, saw the masturbating sluts, and hung the “out of order” sign on the door, that the challenge was completed. Jenna came violently on a strange boy’s cock as he fucked her against the wall of a public toilet, while she listened to the sound of Samantha crying and cumming on the other side of the graffiti-covered wall. She came again as the boy pushed the vibrator into her ass and cleaned his spent penis with her mouth. She earned rank fifteen and $1,000.

That same day, she accompanied an exhibitionist named Violet on her challenge. They drove to a small town an hour away, where they coerced eight men from a bar into coating their chests with semen, after which they did a slut walk down the main thoroughfare, while wearing cat masks. At the end of the walk, the eight men each took a turn fucking them in the back seat of a car, parked along the side of the busy street. Of course, the car windows were down, and Jenna noted several curious passersby stopping to watch as four men delivered their ball batter into her and four into Violet. The fact that she orgasmed from this numerous times no longer seemed strange. She earned rank sixteen for this and added $4,000 to her account.

Later that night, she lay on Kara’s bed with her legs spread, and allowed a submissive with the username Precious_Pet to clean the disgusting contents of the day’s activities from her sloppy cunt, while Kara encouraged the girl to submit to her nature, while she fucked her with a ten-inch strap-on. All the while, Kara made a recording of the event, and reminded Jenna that she was a useful cumhole for rapists and barflies, who fed the filthy sperm of strangers to dumb cunts, with too much cock on the brain, from her used cunt. Jenna wore the cat mask, and after the event she was rewarded rank seventeen for posting the video on her new OnlyFans account.

She offered the account with no monthly fee, which earned her a monthly Edge stipend of $50. This completed the additional challenge Self Worth, which required her to publicize her sluttiness online for masturbating perverts at no charge. Edge’s AI made the determination that she was worth $50. She thought about this while Kara fucked her with the strap-on and told her she was a good girl for masturbating in a public toilet until she was raped. The thought of a computer deciding she was worth $50 as a masturbatory aid made her orgasm.

The following day, Jenna learned that Edge equipment was more than just some kind of status symbol or toy. She’d taken on a simple double blowjob challenge with a new edge victim named Caleigh. They met two men in a seedy part of town, and she’d made the mistake of allowing Caleigh to arrange the meeting with the two men, whom she’d said were friends of a friend. Neither of the men were Edge players, which already made Jenna feel nervous about the situation. Still, she went along with it, driven by the haze of lust in her head.

The blowjobs were easy work. Sucking off one man, while Caleigh did the other was nothing at this point. It was only after they’d satisfied the challenge requirements and made to leave that two more men showed up and demanded to fuck Caleigh in service of some debt the first two men owed. The men refused to let them leave until they’d been taken care of and brandished a knife.

Jenna panicked, confronted with real violence for the first time. She leveled the bracer at the two men and released the charge, blasting them off of their feet with the gale. The third stepped back in astonishment, but the fourth made a move toward her. On reflex she grabbed for him, depressed the trigger on the gauntlet, and the man seized up and fell over. Jenna grabbed Caleigh by the arm, and they ran out the door, speeding away into the night.

After a day of rest, in which Kara leashed her and made her suck her cunt for half the day, a vibrating butt plug lodged in her ass and her arms bound to her ankles to fulfill Slut on a Leash, Jenna took on a new type of challenge. Kara had, early on, alluded to a challenge called Courier. One of them became available in the challenge list and Jenna took it out of curiosity and for the extravagant rewards.

Courier: Deliver a package. Pickup location will be provided via Haloes at an appointed time.

Reward Choice:

-Rank up x 5, Cash Prize of $10,000, level 65 item selection, motor pool vehicle selection.

-Cash Prize: $100,000

-Class realignment

Failure Penalty:

Ninety days enslavement

Rank down x 10

Consolation prize: None

“That’s a pretty steep penalty,” Kara said, when they looked at the challenge, “Are you sure you want to tackle that?”

“How bad can delivering a package be?” Jenna asked.

“Did you really just ask that?”

“I get it. Yes, I’m going to take it. I want to know.” Jenna said.

“Alright, but I’m coming with you,” Kara said, squeezing her hand.

Jenna accepted the challenge.


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