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Edge, Chapter Seventeen: Class Selection

Jenna from Edge by Tori Hamlin

Sipping Obsequium as she lay on Kara’s bed, Jenna tried to ignore the angry throbbing from her well-used ass. Instead, sandwiched between two naked girls, she went through her latest rewards and thought that Kara was going to need a larger bed in the near future. The queen size was a little tight with three hot bodies in it. Still, there were worse ways to spend an afternoon.

Having successfully completed all of her challenges, as well as taking on Jess’ challenge, she watched her rank climb to thirteen, bringing her even with Kara. Jess, meanwhile, had exceeded her challenge by two facials, which brought her up to rank three. The petite girl jabbered excitedly as she browsed the item shop. Jenna and Kara, though, had bigger decisions to make. Having surpassed rank ten, they now had the choice of selecting a class and a username. Username’s became a permanent label, while her class could be changed once after rank thirty, and again at rank sixty. After this, the class became permanent.

Selecting a class was an important decision for the grand plan, too. The class she selected would have an impact on the challenges from here out, tailoring them to fit the role she chose. She flicked through the little cards explaining the classes, unsure what to choose.

Fluffer: The fluffer specializes in aiding other players. Specialized equipment is supplied in the physical world to fit your role, and future challenges will lean heavily toward sacrificing one’s own body to aid other players in completion of their challenges.

Submissive: The submissive delights in handing over the reins of control to others. Specialized equipment is supplied in the physical world to fit your role, and future challenges will lean heavily toward servicing the whims of others.

Exhibitionist: The exhibitionist prefers to be watched and seen by others, often in the nude, and craves the sense of humiliation this brings. Specialized equipment is supplied in the physical world to fit your role, and future challenges will lean heavily toward displaying oneself in public.

Temptress: The temptress plays the long game, forsaking immediate gratification for the drawn-out thrill of ultimate conquest. Specialized equipment is supplied in the physical world to fit your role, and future challenges will lean heavily toward player recruitment, or influencing others in pursuit of a given goal. Challenges for this class have significantly increased timelines for completion, as well as rewards befitting the difficulty of completion.

Dominatrix: The dominatrix thrives on control over others. Specialized equipment is supplied in the physical world to fit your role, and future challenges will lean heavily on doling out pain and pleasure in equal measure to bend others toward your will.

Slave: The slave is the ultimate submissive, giving up full control to a master, while leaving all shreds of their previous self behind. A legally binding agreement is set forth between slave and master, which will determine the length of the slave’s servitude. Should this arrangement become permanent, future rewards will be set forth in this agreement. All future choices and challenges are determined by the master, as are all rewards and penalties during the contract period. The slave is coveted and generously rewarded at the conclusion of their service, should the arrangement not become permanent.

Bimbo: The bimbo finds pleasure and satisfaction in being objectified for their use as a sexual plaything and glorifying in body modification and lack of intelligence. When selected, this class becomes permanent. A rigorous schedule of body-altering surgeries will be arranged to fit your new role, as well as ongoing conditioning and sexual training. A supply of Dumb Drops will be ingested in order to lower your IQ to an acceptable level. Due to their lack of intellect, the bimbo will no longer be presented with challenges, but rather assigned to the Bimbo Lifestyle program. Bimbos are desirable and will want for nothing.

Breeding Stock: Breeding stock, as its name suggests, serves as an incubator for pre-screened males. This class selection becomes permanent when chosen. Breeding stock will undergo extensive fertility treatments, as well as providing their eggs for alternative methods of impregnation. During lactation, the breeding stock may be required to perform service as a HuCow. Breeding stock will no longer receive challenges, but will, instead, be assigned to a breeding program. Breeding stock is desirable, and will want for nothing.

Mommy: The mommy encourages other female players to shed their inhibitions and actively works to develop them into better and more useful fuck dolls. This role includes extensively training, often by example, other female players in the arts of dirty talk, fellatio, group sex, multiple penetrations, bondage, fetishes, and self-denial. Future challenges will lean heavily toward tutoring other players in self-degradation.

Rape bait: Rape bait thrives on nonconsensual encounters, actively provoking others to use their bodies for sexual gratification. By design, rape bait can no longer decline a sexual advance and to do so will result in severe penalties. Future challenges will lean heavily toward placing oneself in situations in which they will be taken advantage of. Specialized equipment is supplied in the physical world to fit your role.

Jenna quickly dismissed a few of the classes out of hand. She wasn’t going to be a slave, nor would she undergo reconstructive surgery and actively lower her intelligence. Spending her life being impregnated over and over, also, did not really appeal to her. Rape bait? No, thank you. Mommy, well, she didn’t really have the knack for encouraging other girls to be slutty. Dominatrix didn’t really fit her personality, she thought. Temptress? No. The thought of being responsible for sucking more people into Edge was revolting. That left three that didn’t seem as bad. Exhibitionist? No. Displaying herself in public for the pleasure of others who delighted in her humiliation seemed like a terrible life choice.

“Fluffer,” Kara said.

“You think?”

Kara nodded, adding, “If we’re going to go through with this thing, bringing people together, it will mean helping them. Fluffer fits you.”

“What about you?”

“Oh, I’m a Mommy all the way!” Kara said.

Jenna had to agree. Kara was very good at encouraging her to be a slut.

Kara selected it as her own class and Jenna watched the neon light slide down her body. The nameplate above her head now displayed the class. Jenna considered it and decided Kara was right. Sacrificing herself for the good of others was in line with her goal. She selected it as her own. The server, then, prompted her for a username. That choice seemed like a big one. As long as she had to keep playing, this would become her identity.

Another shock of blue slid down Kara’s body, and when Jenna looked at the nameplate, Kara’s username read Karalingus.

Kara grinned, pleased at her cleverness and Jenna shook her head. Jenna tapped in her Haloes, and her username became Edged_Angel.

“Oh! Sexy!” Kara exclaimed.

“Totally hot!” Jess agreed.

Her next choice was two pieces of specialized equipment for her class. The blend of real-world objects with this virtual one was still something that it was hard to wrap her head around. She’d seen the small display of power over the physical world that Henson wielded, but that was nothing more than opening and closing doors. She suspected that there was more to it and wondered at how Edge made it happen. The options hovered in front of her.

Bracers of the Gale (Defensive): Releases a non-lethal wind gust, knocking back anyone within ten feet of the wearer. Five-minute cooldown.

Gauntlet of Impairment (Offensive): On contact, delivers a non-lethal, targeted electric shock to a target, causing temporary paralysis. One hour cooldown.

Spikard of Control (Utility): Take control of any civilian, internet-connected device for one hour. Use your Haloes to exert control over the device. Six-hour cooldown.

Necklace of Deception (Utility): Take on the appearance of another player for one minute. 72-hour cooldown.

Dress of Devotion (Utility): Heightens the wearer’s natural pheromone levels for one hour, making them more attractive to others. 24-hour cooldown.

Bracelet of the Sun (Defensive): Produces a blinding flash, temporarily obscuring the vision of all persons within twenty feet of the user. 24-hour cooldown. This effect can be countered through use of objects that shield against intense light.

Map of the Underworld (Defensive): Deactivates geolocation for 24 hours, while penalty designations are in effect.

Bewildered, Jenna scanned the descriptions of the equipment. As she ranked up, she knew she’d be able to select more of them, but she couldn’t understand how some of these could produce effects in the real world.

“What are you going to pick?” she asked Kara.

“Well, taking control of another device seems handy, so I’m going with the spikard. The bracers could be useful during a hunt, too, so I’m getting those.”

Jenna decided on the Bracers of the Gale and the Gauntlet of Impairment, considering the possibility of a hunt, as well. Her final class choice was that of an innate ability.

Dispel (Support): Dispels blindness and deception effects on all party members. Thirty-minute cooldown.

Disconnect (Offensive): Disables a target’s Haloes for fifteen seconds. Eight-hour cooldown.

Concealment (Defensive): Grants an impenetrable barrier of invisibility to the user’s party for two minutes, regardless of physical contact. This effect cannot be dispelled. 24-hour cooldown.

Warding (Defensive): Defends against all forms of virtual projectiles for ten seconds. One hour cooldown.

“We should split them up to start with,” Kara suggested, “Which one are you taking?”

“I’ll do Dispel,” Jenna said.

“Warding for me, then.”

Once she’d completed her choices, her Halo menus showed a new option for her abilities, as well as a notification that her equipment had been shipped. Jesus, it was like an evil Amazon delivery, she thought. Thinking became more difficult, then, as the belt went from zero to gooner in a matter of seconds, making Jenna arch her back and shake humiliatingly, scrabbling at her locked-up cunt with one hand, while pawing her breasts with the other. Kara, free of her own belt for the remainder of her reward period, began to masturbate vigorously as she watched Jenna writhe. Jess, still new to the entire experience, watched with a mix of horror and fascination.

Kara, her hand between her legs, sucked at Jenna’s tongue as her former charge grunted into her mouth. The belt backed off, leaving Jenna trembling, and then continued in seconds long bursts of pleasure pulses that made Jenna jerk uncontrollably as she made out with the other girl, making pitiful whining noises, as she tried to fit her fingers under the metal for some kind of relief. The entire episode went on for nearly an hour, during which Kara managed to cum intensely on her fingers as Jess flushed, unable to take her eyes off the spectacle.

The belt settled into a low, constant pulse, mercilessly teasing Jenna’s pussy as she lay sweating in Kara’s arms, the dark-haired girl sucking on her tits.

“Do you want me to do it for you?” Kara asked, lifting her mouth from Jenna’s nipple, a string of saliva trailing from her lip, “Do you want to cum from your ass for me?”

Despite having taken four cocks up the ass so recently, Jenna couldn’t help but nod, her body betraying her.

“Jess is going to watch,” Kara said, tugging Jenna’s nipple, “You’re going to take a sex toy up your ass and cum on it in front of another girl.”

“Yeah…” Jenna hissed and rolled over.

Kara reached into the nightstand and pulled one of her long, vibrating dildos from within, lubing it up as Jess watched, her jaw slack and eyes wide.

“This is so fucking hot,” the other girl whispered.

Kara put the lubricated toy at Jenna’s backdoor and eased it inside, laying next to her and whispering in her ear.

“You’re so naughty, baby. You’re a sexy little fuck doll that wants to cum from her ass, aren’t you?”

“Yes!” Jenna squealed into the pillow, wiggling her ass as Kara pushed the toy into her.

“You got used by eighteen men in two days and your horny pussy still wants more, doesn’t it?” Kara teased.

Jenna whined and pushed her hips back against the toy, Kara now sliding the entire length into her and making Jenna groan. Jess rubbed at her own locked pussy, providing no relief. The constant thrum of the belt against Jenna’s clit was maddening, pushing her mind further into the fuck-fog as she tunneled on the impending orgasm Kara was giving her.

“You lost your virginity in a gangbang like a fucking slut, and you loved it,” Kara hissed, kissing her neck as she plunged the toy into her, “You’re a teenage butt slut in chastity who only gets to cum from her asshole.”

Jenna moaned into the pillow and humped her ass against the toy as the orgasm finally came. She twitched and bucked, writhing in pleasure as the wave exploded through the fuck-fog and sent her into a spasm, gripping the sheets. Kara continued the violation, forcing one more powerful cum out of her shuddering body. Finally, Jenna slumped, and Kara pulled the toy from her with a wet sucking sound. While Jess watched, she fucked her own pussy with it in a slutty display that made the petite girl wonder how long it would be before this was happening to her.

Even as Kara came on the toy, Jenna crawled between her legs and sucked at her clit, turning her orgasm into a forceful, mind-blowing thing that had her legs shaking and back arching off the bed.


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