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Edge, Chapter Fifteen: Women are Things

Jenna from Edge by Tori Hamlin

Keenan Harder went by the player name Hit_em_Harder, and while he watched the red welts rise up on the little slut’s naked back, as he cracked the lash across her, he mused, not for the first time, that Edge was the greatest goddamn thing in the world. At rank sixty-five, Keenan had acquired an ungodly amount of status and rewards. Sure, finding willing partners for challenge completions was harder when your Trust Score was basically nil, but that made the game more fun, in his opinion.

He cracked the lash across the chained slut’s back again, his dick getting harder as she screamed into her gag. Another dumb fuckhole eagerly lapped away at the girl’s cunt, looking to complete her own challenge. These fucking pain whores were the best, he thought. Fuck, he couldn’t take it anymore! He wound the whip around the beaten slut’s neck and choked her as he shoved his angry prick into her from behind, the feel of the other girl’s tongue against his shaft a welcome sensation.

The girl choked and coughed, begging for breath, but Keenan ignored her. He couldn’t actually do her any lasting harm. That was against the rules, and Keenan stayed within them, but he could push them right to the fucking brink to get his jollies. When he felt the girl start to slump against her chains from lack of breath he relented, but continued his assault on her, fucking her sore cunt for all he was worth, until he’d unloaded his balls into her.

His urge satisfied, he tossed the whip to his assistant, a stacked blonde bitch with a nameplate over her head that showed a rank of fifty-six and her player name: Vile_Vixen. Keena simply referred to her as “V”. She might just be another cunt, but she was a useful cunt. V caught the whip and expertly flipped it in her hand, giving the crying girl another good lash just for fun.

“See to those welts,” Keenan instructed her, “then get rid of them.”

V nodded, quite used to cleanup duty. Keenan flicked on his Haloes, made a gesture, and the double doors of his office swung open for him as he left. Another gesture shut them. A few taps ordered his AI-controlled Charger around to the front of the building, while the Haloes called the elevator to his floor. The lift opened, ready, before he’d even made it down the hall.

As a Rank Sixty-Five Technocrat, Keenan was amazed each and every day at just how much control the fuckers running this thing had over everything. Even though it had become normal over these long months, he never quite lost that child-like glee at the power he wielded over the physical world through this virtual one. Just the money alone made playing this thing worth it, but all the added benefits made him feel like some kind of fucking wizard.

He brought up his challenge screen while the elevator descended, quickly scanned through and added a few, then perused the LFG listings for the higher-ranking cunts who needed to complete these utterly demeaning tasks. A lot of the dumb sluts avoided reaching out to anyone from WAT for their challenges, but since they also couldn’t deny players of higher rank, Keenan could basically use them as he pleased, whether they liked it or not. As far as he was concerned, them liking it was not much of a concern. In fact, it was preferable when they didn’t.

The blacked-out Charger idled at the curb, waiting, when he stepped out of the building. The door opened at his gesture, and he slipped into the back seat, closing it with another wave of the hand. He fed his destination to the car’s AI and grinned at the rumble of the engine as it pulled away. Two black motorcycles joined the car to front and back, his Haloes showing Slick_Dick and Cockburn as the riders.

Keenan swiped, tapped, and the ghostly images of the two men appeared to either side of him in the back seat.

“Ready to find some of these Cum Buckets?” Keenan asked.

“Sure thing, boss.”

As the car drove, Keenan shifted some money around in his Haloes, attended to waiting emails, and arranged a meeting with a new client for later in the day, after he’d had some more fun. Going after the sluts that had failed their challenges was monumentally satisfying. While his favorites were the high-level bitches that failed and got tagged with Rape Toy, going after the newbies was pretty thrilling, too. Those ones were still reeling from what their life had suddenly become, and really showing them just how bad it was going to get made his fucking dick hard every time.

The little convoy pulled into the lot of a local university, parked toward the back and Keenan got out, his two cohorts falling in on either side. His Haloes showed him the poor, dumb slut he was after making her way across the lot, holding a couple of books against her chest. Keenan chuckled. The ones that tried to go on about their life as normal were some of the best. The bitch looked to be about twenty, and he could tell that Edge’s dress requirements for the female players had her horrified. She held the books tightly, trying to conceal her nipples beneath the slutty top. He scanned her bare legs, which were exposed beneath the little skirt that barely concealed the belt.

The girl stopped walking and quaked in fright as the three men approached her. Keenan smirked at the horror on her face, imagining the illusion that her Haloes were showing her. In her view, three scarred and clawed beasts out of a nightmare shambled toward her, fanged jaws dripping saliva.

Her name plate showed her as a rank three. She looked from side-to-side preparing to bolt like a frightened deer, obviously hoping that someone was going to step in and put a stop to what was about to happen, but the few students in the lot weren’t paying any attention. Of course, she could scream, but she knew by now that it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. Over time, she’d learn that it really made no difference, as Edge had significant sway over law enforcement. Even if she’d report this, there was little chance it was going to do her any good. In fact, the result would be catastrophic for anyone close to her.

The girl paled. Keenan tapped at the air, swiped up his inventory and pulled out a Writhing Dark, cast it at the girl and she squeaked as her Haloes went black, blinding her. She dropped her books and clawed at her eyes, but Cockburn and Slick took hold of her arms and guided her toward the back of the lot.

“Take it easy, newbie,” Keenan’s thick, bestial voice growled, “I’m sure this will be nothing compared to what you’ve already done to get your rank. Looks like you failed one, though. Tsk tsk.”

“Please, don’t!” the girl begged, and the three men laughed.

Keenan took control of her belt and ramped it up to max level, making the girl screech as the thing sent violent waves of pleasure coursing through her confined cunt. She stumbled and the two men nearly had to drag her as she groaned and bit her lip. They pulled her behind the Charger and forced her to her knees, the gravel biting into her flesh. The two men held her steady as Keenan unzipped his pants and roughly pushed his cock between her lips, making her squeak.

He pounded the girl’s mouth, holding her hair tightly in his fist and getting a sick thrill at the fact that she was reluctantly sucking another slut’s cunt off of him. Having recently cum, Keenan had a good go at her, hammering his dick into her so hard that her head bounced off of the car door on each inward thrust. The two men holding her gave her an occasional slap across the face for kicks. The girl was crying by the time Keenan unloaded into her throat, forcing his cock all the way into her and making her choke and sputter as she tried not to drown in his semen. She hung her head and retched onto her slutty top when he withdrew.

“Aw, you’re so messy,” Keenan said sarcastically.

He swapped places with Cockburn and berated her for being a worthless cunt as his friend took his turn, feeding the girl another big load before swapping with Slick. Slick was a big man, in every way, and the girl really struggled with him. Keenan didn’t give in to penis envy. It was, actually, a delight to watch these dumb cunts get destroyed by Slick’s mammoth meat. The bitch could barely get her lips around the thing, and Slick showed her no mercy, forcing the length of his cock as far into her as he could manage. The girl was purple in the face from the lack of air, but Slick just kept pummeling her sore jaws until Keenan felt her start to slump.

He gave Slick a nod and the big man relented, pulling his dick from the girl’s mouth and beating it roughly against her face until she came around, gasping and sputtering. Now that the rules had been satisfied, he plugged her airway again and resumed battering her head against the car door until he grunted and blasted her throat with a load so big that she wriggled and fought against the men holding her in a pathetic attempt to get away from the overload of jizz pouring into her. Slick ripped his prodigious phallus from her windpipe and coated her face in a glaze of cock cream.

Laughing, the three of them returned to their vehicles and drove a short distance away, leaving the girl spitting up semen onto the parking lot, the belt at full intensity as she groped blindly against the pavement. The Writhing Dark would only last another fifteen minutes, but they stayed to watch her scrabble about like a frightened animal, coated in a mess of semen as cars narrowly avoided her, honking and cursing.

The dumb cunt didn’t even consider just taking the Haloes out. Of course, since the sluts were constantly guzzling that drink, filled with sedatives, aphrodisiacs, sugar water and semen, it was a wonder they were able to think at all. Keenan made a recording of the girl in his Haloes, while he enjoyed her misery. He added her player number to his favorites, already planning to make her watch the video at some future date, while he defiled her again. Preferably, up the ass.


Enjoying Edge? You can pick up the full novel, containing 30 chapters in the shop right now! The updated edition also includes the bonus story, The Penalty for Failure.

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