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Edge Chapter Sixteen: Spare Someone's Blushes

Jess from Edge by Tori Hamlin

Jess looked dubious as Jenna laid out her proposal, unable to comprehend that someone was willingly going to take on her challenge.

“But, won’t that hurt?” the girl asked, as she looked at the requirements.

It’s Okay to be an Asshole: Provide anal satisfaction to two persons at one time.

Reward choices:

-Cash prize of $1,000. Additional bonus cash prize of $1,000 for every two persons serviced above the minimum requirement of two.

-Rank up. Additional Rank for every two persons serviced above the minimum requirement of two.

-24 hours freedom.

Result of failure: 24 hours with Butt Hurt designation. Geolocation active. Available to all players.

Consolation prize: $100

Jenna marveled at the fact that she could so casually contemplate being fucked in the ass by at least two strangers, and even more so at the idea that she was going to combine this with her own challenge to take on at least four in one hour. This, less than a day after being gang banged by nine men. Added to this, already ludicrous, affair was the additional combination for Skewered, which required her to take on no less than four partners from both ends, as well as Glazed Donut, in which at least four men had to coat her face in sperm.

In all, today’s activities (if successful) would grant her and Kara six ranks, Jess at least three, depending on her level of participation, as well as a few thousand dollars. The money was a secondary concern, but in the long run it was going to be necessary for the overall plan. They’d decided, after some contemplation, that they would break up the week into focus areas. A few days would be spent devoted to challenges that provided rank, while another day would be all about cash, a third for collecting useful items, and then a day or two of rest.

Given the nature of the challenges as they ranked, it was clear that the toll on their bodies was going to increase significantly. Not only did the new challenges require increasingly more degrading acts, but they piled on the number of people required at each rank. If they weren’t careful, they’d quickly find themselves exhausted by relentless gangfucking, orgies, and bukkake parties.

“It’s not so bad,” Jenna answered, “at least not while it’s happening. Whatever’s in the Obsequium, if you haven’t noticed, makes everything feel good. The next day, well, that’s when you feel it.”

That was the weird truth of it. The red drink, combined with the relentless edging from the belt had them all wet and ready to satisfy their horny urges.

“Everything’s ready,” Kara said.

Jess looked pale as they bundled into Kara’s car. Jenna knew the feeling. Only a few days ago, the thought of sucking off two strange men and allowing four of them to plaster her face with cum had seemed like the worst thing in the world. Today, the thought of only servicing that many seemed like a cakewalk.

Kara drove them across town to the site of their latest challenges. As she explained the set up, Jenna contemplated the lengths that other players went through to keep Edge a secret. Their latest host went by the username The_Old_One. His trust score was a solid five stars and the location Kara pulled up to turned out to be a gated estate. Kara idled at the gate and pressed the callbox, then answered the voice on the other end, “We have an appointment with Mr. Henson.”

The gate buzzed and slid open. Kara drove up the winding, tree-lined path that opened up into a roundabout, at the center of which a large fountain sprayed a tower of rushing water into the air. The three of them took in the sight of the gigantic home with wonder as they got out of the car. The large double doors swung open before they reached them. A man that Jenna guessed was in his late fifties stood in the entryway to greet them. His name plate showed him as rank forty-five, and a class of Sage. His username matched that of their contact. The man was dressed in a red silk robe that reminded Jenna of pictures she’d seen of Hugh Hefner.

“Ladies,” he said, nodding his head in greeting, “Please. Come in.”

The three of them stepped inside, eyes wide with wonder at the opulence.

“A number of my associates are very eager to meet you,” he said with a sly grin, “and they’re very grateful to me for providing them with some American entertainment. You have my thanks for helping me secure a deal I’ve been working on for months.”

Mr. Henson waved a hand and the doors boomed shut. As they followed him down the hall, he instructed, “In their culture, it is not polite for women to shake hands in this sort of setting. Your eyes should remain downcast, unless otherwise instructed. You’ve all worn the belts?”

Kara nodded.

“Excellent,” Henson said, “They’ll love the thought of three horny girls that only take it in the ass. It should get your challenges out of the way more quickly, if you know what I mean.”

As they followed, Henson made sweeping gestures and other doors opened before him, while another wave closed them behind him. While it was only a small display of power over the physical world, Jenna wondered what kind of other power was available to a rank forty-five Sage. Classes weren’t even something that she’d get a look at, until these latest challenges were complete. Then, she’d be high enough to choose her own, as well as a username, instead of the number.

The final door ahead of them swung open. Seated about the room on lavish couches sat a large group of well-dressed Asian businessmen, all of whom began conversing excitedly in what Jenna thought was Japanese. It took a moment for her to realize with astonishment that she could understand it. The Halo earbud in her ear, it seemed, easily translated the words into English for her. Yeah, certainly not the worst thing about Edge, she thought.

Following Henson’s instructions, the three girls stood servile and silent, eyes downcast and hands folded like obedient sex toys. One of the men stepped forward and cupped Jenna’s chin, tilting her head up toward him to get a look at her, as though examining merchandise. Jenna, politely, did not meet his eyes. He released her, and then stepped to Kara, then Jess, repeating the process. He nodded, seemingly satisfied by whatever he was looking for.

He shared some murmured words with Henson, which Jenna couldn’t hear. He sounded very pleased. Henson seemed to be conveying some sort of rules or instructions, pointing out herself and Kara. She guessed that he was laying out specifics to ensure they were getting their challenge criteria met. As he talked, the Japanese man gave sharp nods, seemingly pleased by what he was hearing, though his face remained impassive.

Jenna recalled some documentary she’d watched, a little kernel of memory about how Japanese culture was much different when it came to touching or showing facial expressions. The way her head felt right now, she was surprised that she could remember anything. Her pussy felt so hot and she couldn’t wait to cum.

Jenna counted a total of sixteen men, including Henson, which the ringleader began to direct, issuing instructions and splitting them up. Henson drifted toward the girls.

“You’re all from my personal stock,” Henson explained his story, “but you’re new,” he said to Jess, “They’ll be respectful and ensure that you’re not overused. Don’t feel like you have to take on more than you can handle. As for you two,” he said to herself and Kara, “You’re well-trained and prepared to serve. As expected, the fact that your pussies are off limits for anyone is quite an exciting proposition.”

Henson fished inside of his robe and handed Jenna a small bottle of lubricant with a grin. Jenna nodded, thankful.

“It’s not their first rodeo,” Henson continued, as the men split up, “They love this kind of thing. Especially American girls. If you two want to lez with each other, that will go down very well, too.”

The ringleader turned toward them and strode forward. He motioned Jenna toward one group, Kara to another, and then led Jess by the arm toward a couch, where he began to strip down. Apparently, he liked the petite girls, Jenna thought. The men around her began stripping down, neatly folding and piling their suits to the side. As they disrobed, Kara pulled Jenna to her and began to kiss her, peeling away her clothes and tossing them aside. Jenna did the same and soon they were down to their belts, touching and swapping tongues sensually as the men muttered approval.

As Kara put Jenna on her knees in front of one of the couches, she could see Jess slip her small mouth over the head of the ringleader’s cock and begin to suck.

“Erin,” Jenna said softly, “initiate all challenges.”

She heard Kara do the same as she squeezed a generous helping of lube between Jenna’s upturned ass cheeks. Jenna put her head on the couch and allowed Kara to work the slick lube into her, her legs shaking with anticipation of the orgasms she knew were coming.

“You’re so eager to get butt-fucked, baby,” Kara said, loud enough for the men to hear, “All that cock for your pretty bottom has you so horny, doesn’t it?”

Jenna moaned into the couch in reply. She felt a hand in her hair and then her head was drawn up from the couch. One of the men seated himself in front of her and guided her back down, pushing his cock between her wet lips. Kara knelt beside her. Jenna was vaguely aware of her friend rubbing lube into her own ass as she whimpered, and then another man took his place in front of Kara. The sound of her wet slurping a moment later made Jenna’s pussy spasm.

Jenna squeaked around the cock in her mouth as the first of her anal conquerors spread her cheeks and began to slide into her. The man was nowhere near the size of any of those she’d taken on the previous evening, for which Jenna felt grateful. Her ass was going to get quite a workout today. A few feet away, she heard a man grunt and then Jess gasping as her face was coated in sticky cum. A moment later, she was back to sucking again. The cock in her ass bottomed out and then began to work itself back and forth, coated in the lube. The man in her mouth held her hair and moaned softly as she worked his shaft.

Her eyes flicked upward on reflex, before she could remember that she wasn’t supposed to make eye contact. He didn’t seem to mind, though, and when their gazes locked, he trembled and lost the battle with his own pleasure. He pulled her head up and fired off ropes of seed onto her tongue, across her face in hot spurts. A moment later she watched the first of Kara’s blowjobs end the same way. The two girls leaned toward each other as their asses were pounded, swapping cum and licking at each other’s faces as new men took their turn on the couch.

Jenna filled her mouth with her second cock as Kara did the same, and then a hard slap across her ass made her squeal. A rocket shot of cum pumped into her rectum, then a second and third splashed across her backside. Her body trembled at the feeling and she knew that it wouldn’t be long before her first orgasm. She just needed another cock in her ass. It came a second later, forcefully burrowing into her backdoor and making her grunt around the dick in her mouth.

The sounds of another man blasting Jess’ face came from somewhere nearby. The slap of flesh against Kara’s ass and her friend’s excited moaning, the feel of the cockshaft pumping into her anus, triggered Jenna’s orgasm. She pushed back against the man fucking her, begging for more cock with her humping motions, as she turned her eyes upward and watched the man she sucked watch her.

For a few moments they locked eyes and then the man’s cock twitched and jerked in her mouth. He pulled out, spraying her face with another load, wiping his spent cock across her lips as another man began to give Kara her third ass fuck. Jess moaned loudly and said, “Yes! Shoot it on my face!”

Jenna smiled as she sealed her lips around her third cock and yet another pasted her insides before it withdrew. Despite the eye contact taboo, each of the men that used her mouth and coated her face seemed very excited when she turned her eyes upward and showed them what a submissive cocksucker she was for them.

Her face plastered with ropes of drying semen, she worked like a machine, pausing between each cock to kiss Kara and lick at her face, which seemed to drive the guys wild, as they quickly unloaded more and more cum into the girls. At least twice, she and Kara came together as their tongues played, and Jenna found this tremendously exciting.

Several more times, she heard Jess exclaim as more men glazed her face. These men were experienced, working in tandem and immediately swapping places with one another. Jenna came at least four more times, her ass now gaped and copious rivers of semen flowing over her belted cunt to fall on the carpet. Kara seemed to have completed all of her group, and as Jenna sucked on her final cock she felt Kara bury her tongue in her ass, scooping the filthy remains from her and making her cum harder than any of the men that had fucked her today. This latest debauchery pushed the fucker in her mouth over the edge. He whipped his member free and coated her ruined face with another hot load as she orgasmed on Kara’s tongue.

Then, Jess was there, her tongue in Jenna’s mouth. Jenna could feel the remains of drying cum on the girl’s face, as she was shared from both ends between her companions, and the men around them murmured with approval. Cockdrunk, her head spinning and hot, Jenna crawled onto the couch and allowed Kara to finger fuck her ass to one final, back-arching slutgasm, the thought of how depraved she’d become only making her locked-up pussy hotter as Kara fucked her asshole with the cummy remains of four strange men.

Henson gave them the use of a very large and luxurious walk-in shower. Being with another girl, oddly enough, felt like just another normal thing to Jenna at this point. Being naked with two girls was a novelty that she already knew wouldn’t last long. She guessed that within a few weeks, lesbian orgies following a gangbang would be as normal as being locked in a chastity belt. The thought made her titter ridiculously as she shared kisses with Kara and Jess under the spray of the twin shower heads. This, also, she conceded, was not the worst part of Edge. In fact, if it weren’t for the unbearable teasing her belt was putting her pussy through at this moment, it would have been downright wonderful.


Enjoying Edge? You can pick up the full novel, containing 30 chapters in the shop right now! The updated edition also includes the bonus story, The Penalty for Failure.

Curious about Halo technology? Read Love, Lust, and Erin. This story is available as a free read on the site. You can also pick up a copy in the shop.

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