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Edge, Chapter Fourteen: The Angel

Jenna from Edge by Tori Hamlin

Kara’s dark hair tickled Jenna’s nose as she awoke the next morning, an all-encompassing soreness in every muscle of her body. She groaned in discomfort, rolling onto her back and stretching painfully. The movement woke Kara, whose whining seemed to indicate that she was in a similar state. The burning in her eyes reminded her that she’d forgotten to remove her Haloes the previous evening, adding one more sting to the mess. Kara reached into her nightstand and came up with a bottle of eyedrops, handing them to Jenna with a knowing smile.

As she lay on her back, she flicked up the HUD and saw Kara doing the same. The little reward box hovered in her vision, and when she opened it she saw a long list of accomplishments from her newly-completed challenges. As she read through them she felt a mixture of disgust with herself, an odd thrill of accomplishment, and the ever-present feeling of arousal when she realized that the belt was slowly increasing in intensity to get her ready for another day of being a slut.

She’d had sex with nine men in one night. That satisfied Spread the Love, and went above and beyond for The Gang’s all Here, earning her five ranks. She’d sucked Kara’s cunt more than once through the whole experience, which completed Switch Hitter, earning her $1,500 or a Level Two item choice. She opted for a new item, figuring that the Hall Pass had certainly come in handy when the opportunity had presented itself. In addition, she’d completed Team Player, giving her another rank, rocketing her up to rank seven in one night. She stopped. There was a bonus prize for Team Player. Level Ten Item choice. That meant…

“You did a live stream?” she asked.

Kara grinned and replied, “and you were part of it, so you satisfied the bonus.”

A sick knot twisted her stomach. Not only had she been gang banged for three hours to lose her V-card, but it had been broadcast live to who knew how many other players. She felt even wetter at the idea, which was very confusing. What felt even stranger, though, was that she was excited by the thought of the rewards. Though she hadn’t opted for the cash rewards, the thrill of accomplishing the challenges and earning status had the desired effect. She wanted more. When she looked at Kara, she saw the same satisfied smile and giddy excitement.

“I know, right?” Kara said, reading her mind.

Jenna blinked, noting that her inventory showed a new item. She opened it and saw the golden glow of a Universal Key. She thought back to the challenges. One of the rewards had been a key, but she’d opted for rank, instead. Rank. She was a Seven. She held the key in her hand and Kara looked at it.

“No more keyholder,” she said, “You don’t need me anymore.”

Jenna put the key back in her inventory.

“Don’t say that,” Jenna said, frowning, “I do need you. Right now, in fact.”

Kara flushed and Jenna kissed her.

Once they’d showered together, Jenna and Kara lay together on the bed, sipping Obsequium and scrolling through the list of new challenges for their increased ranks. A timer in Jenna’s Haloes counted down her remaining freedom from the belt for the day. Forty minutes. As they compared screens, Jenna could feel a palpable sense of relief from Kara. She’d, also, freed herself from her keyholder with her increased rank. Whoever that person was, she’d been a very dark cloud hanging over the girl, and with her new freedom something in Kara had changed for the better. Jenna still couldn’t bring herself to ask what had been so awful about her, though.

“I don’t think I can take another pounding right now,” Kara said, looking at the many ridiculously slutty new challenges.

Jenna agreed. Kara had been right. Things got worse as they got better.

Day Trip: In concert with another player, submit a Halo recording of yourself providing sexual satisfaction to a minimum of eight persons in one day. Orgasms may be obtained through any chosen means. This challenge is not gender-specific.

Reward choices:

-Cash prize of $2,500. Additional bonus cash prize of $250 per person serviced over the minimum requirement of eight.

-Rank up. Additional bonus rank for each additional two persons serviced over the minimum requirement of eight.

-One week freedom.

Bonus chance: Provide a live stream of the event for other players.

Bonus reward: Level Ten item choice.

Result of failure: 72 hours with Cum Bucket designation. Geolocation active. Available to all players.

Consolation prize: $500

“We could get through this one pretty easily,” Kara said, adding it to the queue, “We’ll just find eight different people that need their dicks sucked or cunts eaten, and it’s an easy rank.”

Before the previous evening, Jenna might have wondered how she’d be able to suck off eight different men in one day. Today, it was nothing. She’d done ten of them yesterday.

Ludicrous Speed: Using only your mouth, provide sexual satisfaction to no less than six persons of the opposite gender in under twenty minutes.

Reward choices:

-Cash prize of $1,000. Additional bonus cash prize of $100 per person serviced over the minimum requirement of six.

-24 hours freedom.

Bonus chance: Provide a live stream of the event for other players.

Bonus reward: Level Five item choice.

Result of failure: 24 hours with Cum Bucket designation. Geolocation active. Available to all players.

Consolation prize: $100

Jenna contemplated this one. Were her dick sucking skills good enough to make six men cum in under twenty minutes? She almost couldn’t believe she was even asking herself the question. She wasn’t sure. Thinking back over the previous evening, she’d made several of the men cum with her mouth pretty quickly, but she hadn’t been keeping count. Each time, though, they’d made the comment about her eyes. Kara had done the same, as Jenna had allowed the higher-level player to fuck her mouth. Lucas, too, had mentioned it. Apparently, something about the way she looked up submissively with cock in her mouth just pushed men over the edge. She decided she’d need to master that aspect of her technique pretty quickly. She added the challenge to the queue for consideration.

Face Down Ass Up: Achieve orgasm anally from four persons within a one hour period. This challenge is not gender-specific.

Reward choices:

-Cash prize of $1,000. Additional bonus cash prize of $100 per person over the minimum requirement of four.

-Rank up. Additional bonus rank for each additional four persons over the minimum requirement of four.

-24 hours freedom.

Bonus chance: Provide a live stream of the event for other players.

Bonus reward: Cash prize of $1,000.

Result of failure: 24 hours with Butt Hurt designation. Geolocation active. Available to all players.

Consolation prize: $200

She showed the challenge to Kara.

“Nice one. That’s easy, too. I only took one dick in the ass last night, so I’m good to go.”

Jenna added it to the queue with the same feeling of disbelief. She was consciously planning her day around sucking off no less than eight strangers, as well as giving up her ass in order to cum with at least four. She found herself considering if she could have the same group of eight men fuck her ass, and if it would be easier to take them anally first, or to suck them off before they used her butt. If they’d cum from getting sucked off first, that would mean they’d last longer in her ass. Of course, if they fucked her first, she’d be doing ass-to-mouth with a group of strangers. Jesus Christ. This fucking game.

Spare Someone’s Blushes: Stand in for a player of lower rank to complete their challenge.

Reward choices:

-Cash prize of $1,500.

-24 hours freedom.

Result of failure: 24 hours with Free Use designation. Geolocation active. Available to all players.

Consolation prize: $100

Jenna stopped at this one, thinking about the girl from the previous evening. She sat up, something clicking in her brain. Kara looked at her, puzzled, and she held up her hand, trying to process the line of thought. This was made more difficult due to the Obsequium haze, so the idea came together slowly. Some kind of angel. There were a lot of reluctant and scared girls out there, like her, that had been forced into Edge. Alone, they were all prey.

They were scared. The constant uncertainty and the continual pressure to complete more and more extreme challenges were what Edge used to keep them off balance. There were groups of men, she knew, like WAT, that had teamed up around a shared goal. In their case, the goal was horrid. What if…

“Kara, I have an idea,” Jenna said.

While Kara made them a late breakfast, Jenna scrolled through the challenge pool, filtered under the LFG tag, for other girls nearby. She had no idea if this would pan out, but she was working under the assumption that the majority of the other girls looking for help were like her, or like Jess. If it weren’t for Kara, she’d be doing this alone, too, seeking out challenges with the same sense of terror she’d felt when they’d first taken her. With Kara, though, the terror was gone.

She was still uncertain, confused, a bit frightened, but after taking on nine strange men in one night she had a newfound sense of confidence. This was her life. She was a slut. They’d told her, right from the start, that her life was what she made of it. Well, she wasn’t going to live like a terrified animal. If she had to play the game, she decided, she was going to make sure that she could alleviate that terror for the other girls.

She reached out to Jess first, finding her still at Rank One and looking for help with a Double Dip challenge that required her to successfully suck off two strangers for a rank up. Jenna reviewed the challenge requirements, noted that there were additional ranks offered for more, and sent a message. A moment later, a ghostly Jess appeared in Kara’s room.

“You’re the angel,” she said, grinning, “Thank you, again. For last night.”

Jenna said, “Don’t worry about it. I saw that you were looking for some help with Double Dip. Kara, the girl I was with last night, and I have some challenges lined up for today. If you want to come along, we can team up. You’ll get more rank if you feel like going above your requirements. Nobody will make you, though.”

“Really?” the girl asked.

“We usually combine them to get more accomplished together.”

“You can do that?” Jess asked.

“Meet up with us. We’ll see what you have available and make a plan. What do you say?”

“Are you kidding? I’m fucking in!”

Jenna planned a meetup at a nearby park as Kara brought breakfast into the room.

“We have our first recruit,” she said, grinning.

Hunger satisfied, they set out for their meeting with Jess. Kara pulled the car into a nearby park at the designated time and Jenna’s Haloes directed her toward the girl. Petite and cute, Jess was dressed in a cropped top that adhered to her slim body like a second skin, prominently displaying her hard nipples. She sat at a picnic table, under a shady tree. The girl perked up as they approached and sat across from her.

“Thank you,” she said, “for helping me. This whole thing… I didn’t know what I was going to do.”

Jenna reached across the table and took the girl’s trembling hand, saying, “You don’t have to be scared anymore. Before last night, I’d never done anything like this either. We’re going to stick together, though, and if we team up, we don’t have to be afraid. Let’s look at your challenges and see what we can do.”

Jess nodded, smiling weakly, then shared her screen.


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