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Edge, Chapter Twelve: Cafe Cocksucker

Jenna with chastity belt from Edge by Tori Hamlin

Jenna arrived at Kara’s home early in the morning, desperate to be unlocked and allowed to clean the sexy mess from between her legs, but even more so at the chance that she’d get to cum. As exhausted as she’d been from the previous day, it was incredibly difficult to get any meaningful rest when her cunt was always wet and yearning for attention, or when the belt would randomly shock her awake and drive her to the point of an orgasm that was, then, denied.

It would take some time for her body to come down, and then she’d fall into a fitful slumber until the process would repeat itself. Once, she’d given in and fucked her bottom with the stolen dildo until she’d cum, which gave her the mildest of repreives. The resultant fuck-fog that she constantly lived with, combined with the lack of sleep and the effects of the Obsequium that she was, even now, guzzling down meant that her world had become a bleary haze-filled existence that held a dreamlike quality and little in the way of rational thought.

She figured that it was what they wanted. The more confused she felt, the easier she was to manipulate. She’d heard about the results of sleep deprivation on prisoners of war, once, in a history class, and thought that this must be something akin to that form of torture. It broke people down, made them unwilling to fight and easier to control.

Kara was on her the moment she came through the door, flushed and tugging her up the steps toward the bathroom, where she stripped herself and Jenna naked in a rush as the shower warmed. Her ferocity took Jenna by surprise, much like the previous evening.

“I’m so fucking hot!” Kara whined, unlocking Jenna’s belt and ushering her into the shower, “I came so fucking hard from my ass this morning, but it’s not enough. God, this was a hard week!”

Jenna held her keyholder at arms length, watching the way the water sprayed and slid across her naked skin. Before the girl could attack her again, Jenna swiped up her inventory and quickly selected the key, then tapped the button to transfer it to Kara.

“I’m assuming you chose to rank up, instead of taking a key,” Jenna said, as the key appeared in Kara’s inventory, “so, I want you to have this.”

Kara held the key, staring open-mouthed at Jenna under the falling water.

“I can’t, Jenna. That’s yours.”

Jenna shook her head, saying, “I wouldn’t have it, if it weren’t for you. Please. You need it. And…” she bit her lip, looked away, then back, “and I want to do it to you, like you did for me.”

Kara grinned at the blush in her cheeks. She took Jenna in her arms and said, “Thank you.”

Jenna found herself wishing that Kara would kiss her again, and when she did, Jenna’s body trembled as the heat of Kara’s lips against her own sent pleasant pin-pricks of desire through her. Kara’s hand went between her legs, cleaning her wet sex as their tongues toyed with one another. As Jenna let her hands roam over Kara’s wet skin, she wondered if this meant she was a lesbian. Bisexual?

She’d been looking forward to having Kara touch her all morning, eager for the feeling of her warm, soft lips and her sexy touch. It was so different from the way Lucas had touched her the night before, so much more passionate and hungry, sensual and exciting. Pleasing Lucas had been exciting in a dirty kind of way. Being with Kara also felt a little dirty, but it also felt right, where her blowjob for Lucas had felt dirty because it was wrong.

Kara pulled away from her and she watched her keyholder apply the key to herself. Some remote system unlocked the belt, and Jenna could hear the click of it echo off the shower walls. Kara let out a groan of relief and slipped out of the thing, tossing it onto the floor of the bathroom. 48 hours of freedom, Jenna thought, and then realized that she could hardly remember what that was like. Though it hadn’t been that long, she felt as though the belt had been on her for her whole life.

“Touch me,” Kara said softly, taking Jenna’s hand and guiding it between her legs, then kissing her again.

The heat in Jenna’s cunt only increased as she touched another girl’s pussy for the first time, willingly cupping her shaved sex and exploring the wet folds with her fingers, gently, carefully. Kara moaned into her mouth, her week-long torture finally at an end. Within seconds she was pushing her cunt against Jenna’s hand, whining into her mouth as they kissed, rubbing herself against Jenna’s fingers until she quaked and pressed her naked body against Jenna’s.

She grunted and came, splashing Jenna’s fingers with sexy honey that slickened them. Jenna kept up her clumsy explorations, slipping her lubricated fingers into the other girl and playfully stirring her insides until Kara put her arms around Jenna’s neck, kissed her hard and came again, gently biting her lip this time. Her eyes were misty and there was a more relaxed look on her face, though she was still flushed beneath the strings of dark, wet hair that clung to her cheeks.

“I need more of you,” Kara panted, “Please.”

Jenna nodded, and shut off the water. Kara watched her body as they toweled off, her eyes smoldering, drinking her in, in a way that made Jenna blush. She felt like she should be ashamed at how wet and excited her pussy was, imagining how Kara might taste, but she wasn’t. She wanted to know. She wanted to feel Kara’s body move under her hands as she pleasured her with her tongue and lips, to hear her sexy little moans and cries of joy as Jenna brought her off.

Kara held her hand as they padded down the hall to Kara’s room, locking themselves inside and then dropping the towels and belts to the floor, both of them fully nude together for the first time. There was no one, this time, making them do anything. This was real, and it made Jenna’s heart swell. Jenna took a step toward her naked keyholder, but Kara held up a hand, causing Jenna to cock her head curiously.

“Do you have a Switch Hitter you can do?” Kara asked.

Jenna nodded, saying, “Yeah. But I don’t want to do it for Edge. I… I want to do it for you.”

She looked away shyly, cheeks flushed. It sounded silly, she thought, like something out of a lesbian love story. She felt Kara’s hand on her cheek, gently turning her gaze to meet her own. There were small tears at the corners of her eyes and a tender upturn to the corners of her sexy mouth.

“I don’t deserve you,” Kara said, and kissed her softly, broke away, “I don’t deserve you, but I’m glad I have you.”

Eyes shining, Jenna tentatively kissed her back, brushing her wet hair from her face, saying more with the gesture than any word replied in kind. Kara’s hand slid to the back of her neck, raising the little hairs on her skin at the lightness of the touch. Jenna’s hands rested on her hips, her fingertips electric at the warmth and softness of this other person’s body, the aroused heat of her nearly tangible as their bodies inched together, met, and then the transfer of heat sent a shower of pleasant sparks down Jenna’s spine.

Kara pulled her to bed and lay back, tugging Jenna on top of her, kissing her hotly, their lips smacking and tongues intertwining as their hands slid gently over each other, exploring their curves. Jenna pulled away, looked Kara in the eye and said, “Thank you for the way you did it for me, when I was afraid.”

Kara only nodded, and then Jenna slid lower, taking the girl’s breast in her mouth and gently nipping at her hard nipple, sucking it between her lips and making Kara mewl. Her keyholder’s hand toyed with her hair as Jenna used her other hand to continue exploring her body. She gave up the nipple and crept lower, until she was looking between Kara’s parted legs. The shaven treasure she saw th