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Edge, Chapter Twelve: Cafe Cocksucker

Jenna with chastity belt from Edge by Tori Hamlin

Jenna arrived at Kara’s home early in the morning, desperate to be unlocked and allowed to clean the sexy mess from between her legs, but even more so at the chance that she’d get to cum. As exhausted as she’d been from the previous day, it was incredibly difficult to get any meaningful rest when her cunt was always wet and yearning for attention, or when the belt would randomly shock her awake and drive her to the point of an orgasm that was, then, denied.

It would take some time for her body to come down, and then she’d fall into a fitful slumber until the process would repeat itself. Once, she’d given in and fucked her bottom with the stolen dildo until she’d cum, which gave her the mildest of repreives. The resultant fuck-fog that she constantly lived with, combined with the lack of sleep and the effects of the Obsequium that she was, even now, guzzling down meant that her world had become a bleary haze-filled existence that held a dreamlike quality and little in the way of rational thought.

She figured that it was what they wanted. The more confused she felt, the easier she was to manipulate. She’d heard about the results of sleep deprivation on prisoners of war, once, in a history class, and thought that this must be something akin to that form of torture. It broke people down, made them unwilling to fight and easier to control.

Kara was on her the moment she came through the door, flushed and tugging her up the steps toward the bathroom, where she stripped herself and Jenna naked in a rush as the shower warmed. Her ferocity took Jenna by surprise, much like the previous evening.

“I’m so fucking hot!” Kara whined, unlocking Jenna’s belt and ushering her into the shower, “I came so fucking hard from my ass this morning, but it’s not enough. God, this was a hard week!”

Jenna held her keyholder at arms length, watching the way the water sprayed and slid across her naked skin. Before the girl could attack her again, Jenna swiped up her inventory and quickly selected the key, then tapped the button to transfer it to Kara.

“I’m assuming you chose to rank up, instead of taking a key,” Jenna said, as the key appeared in Kara’s inventory, “so, I want you to have this.”

Kara held the key, staring open-mouthed at Jenna under the falling water.

“I can’t, Jenna. That’s yours.”

Jenna shook her head, saying, “I wouldn’t have it, if it weren’t for you. Please. You need it. And…” she bit her lip, looked away, then back, “and I want to do it to you, like you did for me.”

Kara grinned at the blush in her cheeks. She took Jenna in her arms and said, “Thank you.”

Jenna found herself wishing that Kara would kiss her again, and when she did, Jenna’s body trembled as the heat of Kara’s lips against her own sent pleasant pin-pricks of desire through her. Kara’s hand went between her legs, cleaning her wet sex as their tongues toyed with one another. As Jenna let her hands roam over Kara’s wet skin, she wondered if this meant she was a lesbian. Bisexual?

She’d been looking forward to having Kara touch her all morning, eager for the feeling of her warm, soft lips and her sexy touch. It was so different from the way Lucas had touched her the night before, so much more passionate and hungry, sensual and exciting. Pleasing Lucas had been exciting in a dirty kind of way. Being with Kara also felt a little dirty, but it also felt right, where her blowjob for Lucas had felt dirty because it was wrong.

Kara pulled away from her and she watched her keyholder apply the key to herself. Some remote system unlocked the belt, and Jenna could hear the click of it echo off the shower walls. Kara let out a groan of relief and slipped out of the thing, tossing it onto the floor of the bathroom. 48 hours of freedom, Jenna thought, and then realized that she could hardly remember what that was like. Though it hadn’t been that long, she felt as though the belt had been on her for her whole life.

“Touch me,” Kara said softly, taking Jenna’s hand and guiding it between her legs, then kissing her again.

The heat in Jenna’s cunt only increased as she touched another girl’s pussy for the first time, willingly cupping her shaved sex and exploring the wet folds with her fingers, gently, carefully. Kara moaned into her mouth, her week-long torture finally at an end. Within seconds she was pushing her cunt against Jenna’s hand, whining into her mouth as they kissed, rubbing herself against Jenna’s fingers until she quaked and pressed her naked body against Jenna’s.

She grunted and came, splashing Jenna’s fingers with sexy honey that slickened them. Jenna kept up her clumsy explorations, slipping her lubricated fingers into the other girl and playfully stirring her insides until Kara put her arms around Jenna’s neck, kissed her hard and came again, gently biting her lip this time. Her eyes were misty and there was a more relaxed look on her face, though she was still flushed beneath the strings of dark, wet hair that clung to her cheeks.

“I need more of you,” Kara panted, “Please.”

Jenna nodded, and shut off the water. Kara watched her body as they toweled off, her eyes smoldering, drinking her in, in a way that made Jenna blush. She felt like she should be ashamed at how wet and excited her pussy was, imagining how Kara might taste, but she wasn’t. She wanted to know. She wanted to feel Kara’s body move under her hands as she pleasured her with her tongue and lips, to hear her sexy little moans and cries of joy as Jenna brought her off.

Kara held her hand as they padded down the hall to Kara’s room, locking themselves inside and then dropping the towels and belts to the floor, both of them fully nude together for the first time. There was no one, this time, making them do anything. This was real, and it made Jenna’s heart swell. Jenna took a step toward her naked keyholder, but Kara held up a hand, causing Jenna to cock her head curiously.

“Do you have a Switch Hitter you can do?” Kara asked.

Jenna nodded, saying, “Yeah. But I don’t want to do it for Edge. I… I want to do it for you.”

She looked away shyly, cheeks flushed. It sounded silly, she thought, like something out of a lesbian love story. She felt Kara’s hand on her cheek, gently turning her gaze to meet her own. There were small tears at the corners of her eyes and a tender upturn to the corners of her sexy mouth.

“I don’t deserve you,” Kara said, and kissed her softly, broke away, “I don’t deserve you, but I’m glad I have you.”

Eyes shining, Jenna tentatively kissed her back, brushing her wet hair from her face, saying more with the gesture than any word replied in kind. Kara’s hand slid to the back of her neck, raising the little hairs on her skin at the lightness of the touch. Jenna’s hands rested on her hips, her fingertips electric at the warmth and softness of this other person’s body, the aroused heat of her nearly tangible as their bodies inched together, met, and then the transfer of heat sent a shower of pleasant sparks down Jenna’s spine.

Kara pulled her to bed and lay back, tugging Jenna on top of her, kissing her hotly, their lips smacking and tongues intertwining as their hands slid gently over each other, exploring their curves. Jenna pulled away, looked Kara in the eye and said, “Thank you for the way you did it for me, when I was afraid.”

Kara only nodded, and then Jenna slid lower, taking the girl’s breast in her mouth and gently nipping at her hard nipple, sucking it between her lips and making Kara mewl. Her keyholder’s hand toyed with her hair as Jenna used her other hand to continue exploring her body. She gave up the nipple and crept lower, until she was looking between Kara’s parted legs. The shaven treasure she saw there was beautiful, she decided, and felt a small thrill run through her as she slid her hands up Kara’s bare legs, leaned forward, and pressed the flat of her tongue against the other girl’s excited slit.

Kara let out a breath and trembled at the feeling, her hand in Jenna’s hair pressing gently, encouraging her to go further. Jenna could feel the caged desire in Kara’s body, the week of suffering and the incessant teasing that she’d endured priming her for a release that she was, finally, going to get. Jenna tried to remember the way Kara had done this to her. She’d been in such a haze that she could only recall the way it made her feel. Memorizing the technique hadn’t been high on her list of concerns at that moment.

She ran her tongue up and down Kara’s slit, gathering the slick honey pouring from it onto her tongue, the taste of it setting off little fireworks of tingling pleasure on her taste buds. The girl’s freshly washed pussy tasted amazing, Jenna thought, blushing at her own desire to continue, to learn how to do it well, and to please the other girl. She licked upwards, tickling Kara’s engorged button with her tongue, flicking it gently back and forth, the way she did to herself with her fingers. Kara trembled, then hissed and her hips bucked sharply upward as her legs shook and she came against Jenna’s mouth.

“Fuck, that’s so good!” she whispered.

Exultant, Jenna continued, sucking at Kara’s clit and running her hands up the girl’s body, toying with her breasts as she pushed her toward another orgasm, the warm, wet feeling between her own legs spurring her on, the movement of Kara’s body and the ragged breath from her mouth adding to the dizzying fuck-fog in Jenna’s head. The tremors running through Kara’s body were like a lash, urging Jenna on toward her goal. She wanted to give Kara this, to give it to her freely, out of her own desire.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck!” Kara said, over and over as Jenna licked and sucked at her trembling cunt, the girl practically riding her face in chaotic humps against her tongue. Kara’s tummy was taut under her hand, the muscles tense and corded, and Jenna could feel her just on the edge of an incredible cum. She kept up her rhythm as best she could manage.

“Huh… huh… “ Kara breathed, and then, “hmmm… Fuck!”

The girl’s eyes rolled back in her head as her pleasure centers overloaded. Her hand in Jenna’s hair was tight as she held her face against her spasming pussy.

“Gah! Fuck!” Kara cried again as she rode out her pleasure, the long-held release finally breaking through, consuming her Obsequium-filled body.

Jenna lapped at the pouring cream from her pussy, her own head light and foggy as she thrilled at being able to give Kara this pleasure. Some part of her mind compared the feeling to what she’d done for Lucas, and again it felt different. This wasn’t for a challenge. This act was pure and right, accompanied by a sexy thrill at having done it for another girl, but so, so right. As Kara continued to buck against her sucking lips and squirming tongue, Jenna knew, with certainty, that she was going to do this again. She would do it a lot!

When her orgasm subsided, Kara pulled Jenna up to her and devoured her mouth, hot tears on her cheeks as she thanked her without words, caressing her excited body. For long minutes, they lay this way, mewling, kissing, stroking and cuddling together, until Kara slid between her legs and returned the favor, only minutes before she would be required to return her to the belt and the game.

As the lock on the belt clicked shut, there was some part of her that was silently grateful to Edge for the one good thing that it had brought into her life. For all the horror, the uncertainty, the teasing and the challenges, the game had brought her something that she might have otherwise missed. Kara. Had she never been roped into this ridiculous world, she’d have graduated, gone on with her life, and in time Kara would have been some memory, just another girl from high school that she’d done a project with in a science class. As they shared a conspiratorial grin, though, each of them flushed and well-fucked, she knew that Kara was much more than that now.

Kara made them breakfast, and they sat on her bed, giggling and chatting happily, as though their lives were normal, while they watched TV. For the first time since being forcibly inducted into Edge, Jenna felt human. There was still the invasive fog in her head, the hot feeling of arousal between her legs, the pervasive teasing from the belt, and the dizzying, seductive glow from the Obsequium she was drinking with her breakfast. Otherwise, she felt like a normal girl enjoying the first day of summer vacation with a friend.

The feeling, however, did not last long. Kara brought her out of her happy moment with a dose of reality, asking, “Have you decided on some challenges?”

Jenna swallowed her toast and set her plate aside.

“I’ve added some to the queue, but I was hoping you’d give me your opinion on what I should do. You’re so good at combining them to get more than one done at a time,” she explained.

“Yeah,” Kara agreed, “Show me what you have. Maybe we have some of the same requirements. It might be fun to do some together, right?”

Jenna felt a wave of relief at the idea of not having to do them alone. She couldn’t remember anything in the rules about teaming up being forbidden. In fact, she knew that at the higher levels, there were teams. One day, she might even be invited to one. She swiped up her challenges and instructed Erin, “Share my view with Kara.”

Jenna’s challenge screen appeared in Kara’s Haloes, where she brought up her own and shared the side-by-side view. She browsed through the challenges Jenna had added to her queue, comparing them with her own.

“These are some good choices,” Kara remarked, then smirked, adding, “You’re feeling bold, huh? Haven’t even been fucked and you’re thinking about getting gang banged?”

Jenna colored, saying, “Well, there’s a lot of potential rank in it.”

Kara nodded, agreeing, and said, “I’ve got the same one, but my minimum requirement is six. You know, if we teamed up on this one, that would give you a triple rank up. You can add in Spread the Love, and Switch Hitter, and come out of it with some great extras. Oh, and we can get this one done, too!”

Kara tapped at another challenge.

Team Player: In concert with another player, submit a Halo recording of yourself providing sexual satisfaction to a minimum of six persons. Orgasms may be obtained through any chosen means. This challenge is not gender-specific.

Reward choices:

-Cash prize of $2,500. Additional bonus cash prize of $250 per person serviced over the minimum requirement of six.

-Rank up. Additional bonus rank for each additional six persons serviced over the minimum requirement of six.

-One week freedom.

Bonus chance: Provide a live stream of the event for other players.

Bonus reward: Level Ten item choice.

Result of failure: 72 hours with Cum Bucket designation. Geolocation active. Available to all players.

Consolation prize: $500

“Since we’re going to be doing six people anyway,” Kara explained, “we may as well get another rank out of it. Shit! This will be great!”

Jenna wasn’t sure that “great” was the proper adjective to describe being reluctantly gang banged by six strangers, but she did agree that the extra rank was important.

“Should I even ask where we’re going to find six people to do this with?”

“Challenge pool,” Kara said, adding the new challenge to both of their queues, then bringing up another screen.

The list contained hundreds of entries, each of them preceded by an acronym such as, “LFG,” which Kara explained meant, “Looking for Group,” or “LFS,” which stood for, “Looking for Service.”

She filtered out those looking for groups, then narrowed down those that were nearby. This left a handful of entries that were, “Looking for Service.” Kara checked these and found two that she seemed satisfied with. The first was a group put together by a player, who also had eight friends hosting a party just off a local college campus. Kara checked his profile, noted his rank of thirteen, and checked his trust score. Jenna followed the process, taking mental notes. The guy had an average rating of close to five stars, some of the reviews from other girls stating that he’d been filthy, but he wasn’t mean and kept his friends in line.

“I don’t get it,” Jenna said, “If the people with higher ranks can do whatever they want with us, why do they care about a trust score?”

“Well, think about it like this,” Kara said, tapping and swiping to send a message to the player, “If you have a low score, sure, you can still go out and hunt down other players to do whatever you want with them, but there are lots of other girls out there that are actively seeking men to complete challenges with. Sure, there’s girls that are into being treated like shit, but most of them aren’t. They’re like us. They didn’t ask for this shit. They’re trying to deal with it. Given the choice between someone you know is going to be a dick to you, or someone who will make the experience enjoyable, which do you choose? So, if you’re a horny college boy, do you want to go out hunting for pussy, or do you want pussy actively looking for you?”

Jenna nodded, “Yeah. I guess that makes sense.”

Kara sent her message. Within seconds an incoming call popped up in her Haloes. She answered and the ghostly avatar of a young man wearing a polo shirt and khaki pants appeared in Kara’s room.

“Hey, girls,” the avatar said, “Thanks for the message. You’re looking to get some challenges done?”

Kara nodded and Jenna assumed the man could see her avatar on his end.

“We need no less than six people, any gender,” Kara explained.

Despite all the weirdness that Edge had thrust into her life, hearing Kara talk so casually with a strange man about arranging a gang bang bordered on ludicrous. The man’s avatar grinned.

“I have myself and eight friends, all guys, tonight. They’re all gonna be eager to fuck, and they’re gonna want it dirty. Don’t worry, though, it’s not our first rodeo. They’ll behave, and if you have ground rules, like no cum swallowing or you don’t do anal, they’ll respect it. Just let me know what you need to get your challenges done, and I’ll make it happen.”

Jenna listened to Kara and the man work out the details, then lost the thread of the conversation as the belt worked her into a lustful frenzy that had made her need to lie back on the bed in a fit of moaning that had Kara glancing at her sidelong, face flushed. The intensity of the cunt teasing left her panting and sweating on Kara’s sheets. The absurd fact that this was fairly routine and normal was not lost on her as she recovered.

“You okay?” Kara asked, closing the call.

“Yeah,” Jenna answered, rubbing at her locked cunt.

“I can’t unlock you again today,” Kara said, “but if you need to cum again…”

Forty minutes later, having successfully orgasmed twice from having her asshole fucked with one of Kara’s toys, Jenna sipped a new bottle of Obsequium as she sat in the passenger seat of Kara’s car. Her keyholder pulled into a parking space at a nearby cafe, where they ordered breakfast. Though her head was warm and foggy, Jenna felt about as normal as she was able, chatting over coffee and pancakes. As she was finishing her food, though, a man suddenly stopped at their table. The two of them looked up at him. A glowing nameplate floated over his head, showing a rank of fifteen and a username of, Lixit.

Jenna paled, and Kara set down her fork with a small sigh as the man grinned down at them maliciously.

“Ladies,” he said, “My, my. What good fortune to find two sluts together at just such a time as I was thinking about how nice a good dick sucking would feel.”

Jenna looked about the restaurant, but no one was paying them any attention, the clatter of plates and glasses masking their conversation.

“I live just across the street. Come with me,” he instructed, “I’ll get your bill.”

“How gracious,” Kara said flatly.

The man picked up their ticket, went to the counter and paid it, and then came back, tossing down a small wad of cash on the table for the tip. Kara just shrugged at Jenna’s look of disbelief. Obviously, this was not the first time that Kara had been picked up in public for use by a higher-ranking player. They followed the man out of the cafe, wordlessly, and across the street to a little duplex. He let them in and closed the door behind them. He motioned for them to follow him into the living room, where he shrugged down his pants.

“On your knees, sluts,” he instructed.

Kara immediately complied, and tugged Jenna’s hand. She followed suit, her head spinning at the fact that she was about to suck off a complete stranger.

“Don’t worry, newbie,” he said to Jenna, “it’s good practice. Pretty little cock sucker like you, you’re gonna get a lot of use.”

The man shucked off his boxers, freeing his engorged prick and stepping forward, bringing the hot tool an inch from Jenna’s quivering lips.

“Open up, baby,” Kara said hotly, “Let the nice man push his cock between your sexy lips.”

The man smiled at her dirty words, saying, “Now that’s nice. Your friend here knows what she’s doing.”

Jenna parted her lips, allowing the strange man to rest his cocktip on them. She snaked out her tongue and licked at the tip, her eyes looking upward as Kara fondled his balls with her hand. She guided the head of his cock into Jenna’s mouth.

“Good girl,” Kara said, “Just wrap those wet lips around it. Get lots of practice, baby. You’re going to need it for tonight.”

Jenna groaned around the man’s cock, her body giving a small shake as she thought about the coming evening. Nine men were going to use her and Kara together. Two days ago, she’d never even touched a penis, and today she was going to take at least ten. Her sex-addled mind barely registered this as wrong, though. Her whole body was so warm and tingling with pleasant feelings that as the man pushed the length of his cock into her mouth, she felt a trickle of cunt honey leak through her belt.

Kara groped her tits through her top, kneading them gently, while the man slowly fucked his hard prick along the length of her squirming tongue. He gave satisfied little grunts as his pumping hips worked his shaft back and forth, working up a thick lather of saliva in Jenna’s mouth.

“You’re a natural cock slut, bitch,” the man said, “the fuckin’ eyes on you.”

“That’s so good, baby,” Kara whispered and kissed her neck, “keep looking at him. They love to see your sexy eyes showing them how much you love cock.”

The man pulled his wet penis from her mouth and fed it to Kara, who opened up with enthusiasm and swallowed it to the base, holding the length of it in her throat, making wet, squelching sounds around it as the thick tube plugged her airway. Jenna wiped spit from her mouth with the back of her hand and watched her keyholder gently grope the man’s heavy testicles, rolling them in her hand. Kara bobbed her head and Jenna could see her tongue working around the throbbing stalk.

The man reached for Jenna’s head and guided it toward his nuts. Jenna played her tongue around his balls for him as Kara continued sucking, slurping loudly and moaning around his cock.

“Such a sweet little dick sucker,” the man said, then extracted his tool and pushed it back in Jenna’s mouth.

Kara licked her lips, her eyes misty as Jenna looked first at her, and then back up to the man. She felt Kara’s hand on the back of her head, gently urging her to fit more of the stranger’s penis into her mouth. Jenna allowed her friend to push, forcing more of the rigid length in, until she felt the flared head bump the back of her throat. She heaved at the unfamiliar feeling, but Kara held her firmly in place as she choked, coughed spit around the man’s cock, and inhaled through her nose.

“Can you feel it, baby?” Kara asked, “Can you feel that dick aching to cum?”

“Hmm!” Jenna hummed. Just like Lucas, she could feel the dick in her mouth quivering, jerking on her tongue, and she knew he was going to cum.

“Are you gonna feed the slut your cum?” Kara asked the man, “Do you want to paint her sexy face with it?”

“Fuck yeah,” the man said softly.

He jerked his cock free of Jenna’s mouth, long ropes of saliva trailing from his wet cock head to her lips. He stroked the mess along his shaft, inches from Jenna’s teary eyes, and then gave a groan as hot bursts of jizz shot forth and struck Jenna between the eyes, making her flinch. Another blast caked her tongue, and then a third coated her upper lip. The man wiped the last few drops onto her tongue. Kara turned Jenna toward her and licked the globs of cum from between her eyes, then kissed her, sucking the man’s reward from her tongue as she groped her breasts roughly.

Jenna’s pussy positively ached at the naughty treatment. She couldn’t understand why this turned her on so much. Was this just the effects of the fuck haze she lived in, or was there something inside of herself that actually enjoyed this? In either case, the feel of Kara’s tongue in her mouth, her warm lips, and her hands on her body had her body on edge and wanting more.

The man sat back on the couch, idly fingering his soft cock as he watched the two of them making out on their knees. Once Kara was satisfied that the entirety of the jizz was taken care of, she helped Jenna to her feet. A new review appeared in her Haloes, making her feel like a used slut, which on reflection, she was.


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