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Edge, Chapter Eleven: Rank Up

Jenna from Edge by Tori Hamlin

Every moment of Jenna’s life just seemed to grow stranger. An hour after submitting a video of herself sucking off a stranger, a message appeared in her Haloes stating, “Submission approved. Challenge complete!”

She watched a little reward chest appear in the corner of her right eye, which she tapped, and a little explosion of color erupted as her rewards filled the screen. The money was deposited to her account. Her rank increased to one, which startled her as a triumphant horn sounded in her earbud, and then a Universal Key was added to her inventory with a 48-hour duration. For the first time since this whole business began, she felt an exultant thrill. She’d done it!

She swiped open her inventory and took the key in her hand, watching it glow golden in her fingers. The key, though, was a virtual object. Her belt was a physical thing. Even as she wondered what she was supposed to do to unlock the belt, the options appeared in her vision.

“Apply Key to Self,” read the first, while the second read, “Return to Inventory,” and a third offered, “Transfer to Another Player.”

Jenna paused, remembering Kara’s words. It’s its own kind of torture. Her heart sank, thinking of Kara and her challenge, the pain and the torture she’d endured for a long week. She sighed and returned the key to her inventory. No. She wouldn’t use the key for herself. Kara deserved it. She’d never have been able to complete the challenge without her, she knew. Kara’s solution had proven the easy way to do it. Kara had saved her, again.

Jenna swiped away the inventory screen and brought up the list of newly unlocked challenges befitting her new rank. She’d given a lot of thought to the weird life she was now stuck in. There were great rewards out there for players who complied, and the more she progressed, the greater freedom over her own destiny she’d obtain. Having successfully sucked off her first boy, too, and then having been anally dominated by her keyholder had taught her things about herself, as well.

Perhaps it was only the influence of the belt and the Obsequium, but the rush of sexual excitement from taking that strange cock in her mouth, using her inexperienced tongue and lips to pleasure it, until it fed her a gooey reward, had been exciting and pleasurable for her, too. Then, surrendering herself to Kara, hearing the filthy words out of her mouth as she made her cum from her ass was, even now, making her pussy ache for attention. Of course, her pussy was always aching for attention these days, so perhaps it was the fog of arousal that was constantly with her which was making her enjoy these things. In either circumstance, it wasn’t going to change, so there were only two choices. Fight and lose or capitulate and be rewarded.

The introductory challenges were now gray and locked, no longer valid for someone of her rank. The new challenges, she saw, were similar but a step up in what they required, forcing her to choose something that would push her just a bit further from her comfort zone. As though she’d ever considered performing sexual acts on strangers within her comfort zone, she thought. She scrolled through.

Switch Hitter: Submit a Halo recording of yourself providing oral satisfaction to another player of the same gender. Target can be someone known to you. Oral satisfaction can be achieved from any part of the body, as long as the target experiences orgasm.

Reward choices:

-Cash prize of $1,500

-Level 2 item choice

Bonus chance: Provide satisfaction to a player previously unknown to you.

Bonus reward: $500

Result of failure: 24 hours with Cum Bucket designation. Geolocation active. Available to all players.

Consolation prize: $100

She now knew that multiple challenges could be taken at once, and if she chose wisely, she could actually fulfill different aspects of them while doing others. She added the Switch Hitter challenge to her queue. That was an easy one. Kara would certainly let her go down on her after she completed her own challenge, and Jenna had to admit that she was very curious to see what it would be like to repay her keyholder for the many orgasms she’d allowed her recently.

She read down the list, which contained some of the same types of challenges as the initial rank, including self-imposed chastity or self-denial in front of an audience. Those she shied away from, but she did need something else that would get her rank up.

Spread the Love: Submit a Halo recording of yourself engaging in penetrative sexual congress with a person of the opposite gender. Target can be known to you. Oral sex does not fulfill challenge requirements. Orgasm for one or both parties must be achieved for challenge completion.

Reward choices:

-Cash prize of $2,000

-48 hours freedom

Bonus chance: If the target is unknown to you, Rank up.

Result of failure: 24 hours with Free Use designation. Geo-location active. Available to all players.

Consolation prize: $100

This challenge she stopped at and read it again. She thought of Kara’s handsome brother. She’d already given him a blowjob, and she was sure that he’d be open to the idea of doing more. She toyed with her hard nipples and imagined what it would be like, giving herself to him, taking that cock as her first, to see what real sex would be like. The thought was not unpleasant in the least, she found, and wished that she could play with her pussy while she daydreamed.

She pulled her foggy mind out of the fantasy with a mental effort. It might be pleasant, but the only thing she’d gain was some money or a couple days of freedom from the belt. Rank was the most important thing, she decided. She added a star next to the challenge, tagging it as a possibility, and then felt bewildered that she was contemplating giving her virginity to a stranger in exchange for a virtual rank up. Fucking Edge.

The Gang’s All Here: Give yourself freely to a group of three or more persons for sexual use for a period of no less than one hour. This challenge is not gender specific. At least two persons must be previously unknown to you.

Reward choices:

-Cash prize of $5,000. Additional bonus prize of $1,000 per person serviced over the minimum requirement of three. Additional bonus prize of $200 for each additional hour of service beyond the one-hour requirement.

-Double Rank Up. Additional Rank up for every three persons serviced over the minimum requirement of three.

Result of failure: One week enforced denial. Cash loss of $2,000. 24 hours Free Use designation. If orgasm results from Free Use, an additional 48 hour enforced denial penalty will be applied.

Consolation prize: $500

Jenna read this challenge over, and then again. This was, by far, the most complicated one she’d seen. If this was a rank one challenge, she shuddered to think of what the later challenges held in store. The rewards, though, were phenomenal. Her cunt itched as the belt sent wave after wave of pleasure through her suddenly, making her grip the desk as her body quaked and she bit her lip to hold in a moan. The waves kept coming, making her sink in her chair and hold on, tossing her head back as the peak of a tremendous orgasm hovered just out of reach. Of course, the fucking thing stopped just before she could reach it, though, and she was forced to slump in her chair, breathing in ragged gasps until her heartrate slowed.

Slowly, her thoughts turned back the idea of being used by a group for their sexual pleasure. That was a bit extreme, but as she kept looking at the rewards, she found herself giving it serious consideration. Double rank from a single challenge, and it was only for one hour. Of course, she had no idea where she would find a group of people, at least two of which were strangers, to have sex with her for an hour. Still, she starred it and moved on.

Grope Toy: For the length of one film, offer yourself to be freely groped by other viewers. This challenge is held at a location which will be disclosed upon acceptance of the challenge, and at a scheduled time. During this challenge, oral sex cannot be declined.

Reward choices:

-Cash prize of $2,500

-Rank up

-Level 5 item choice

Result of failure: 24 hours with Cum Bucket designation. Geo-location active. Available to all players.

Consolation prize: $50

This challenge, she decided, certainly bore consideration. The thought of sitting in a dark theater, allowing anyone that chose to grope her body or put their cock in her mouth was making her wet. Was it just the Obsequium, she wondered, or was she actually getting excited thinking about the anonymous hands in the dark touching her body? It would be like the strangers, she thought, touching her in the dark, teasing her to the point of cumming. She shook her head, trying to dispel the warm fog, but it didn’t work. The strangers had been frightening. What they’d done had filled her with terror. And, she had to admit, a certain excitement. Jesus! What was happening to her?

She starred the challenge and moved on, resolving to talk with Kara tomorrow and get her opinion. After adding a couple of others that involved rank, and didn’t seem too extreme, she tiredly crawled into bed naked, her cunt wet and hot as she fantasized about groups of strangers touching her or taking their pleasure from her body.


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