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Edge, Chapter Thirteen: The Gang's all Here

Jenna from Edge by Tori Hamlin

The ever-present haze of arousal in her head could not repress the feeling of disbelief Jenna felt as Kara drove them across town later that same evening. Nine men were going to initiate her into the world of raunchy sex, and she was going to do it alongside another girl, who had just unlocked her from a chastity belt that constantly edged her. She was, also, on a near orgasmic high from guzzling down some kind of mystery drink filled with God only knew what. Perhaps the strangest thing, though, was that she was excited about it. Scared, yes, but the feeling of unease was secondary to the imagined pleasure her body would be receiving.

On some rational level (as much as rational meant anything in this state) she understood that the excitement was partially artificial, induced by the Obsequium and lusty fog that living on the cusp of an unattainable orgasm produced. There was another part, though, that was coming to enjoy the sexy feelings created by her confined pussy and the addictive warmth of Obsequium. Some of that was, also, Kara. Having sex with another girl was something that she absolutely enjoyed, and there was nothing artificial about that. When she glanced sidelong at her keyholder, her eyes tracing the barely concealed curves of her body, and the memory of that body hot and naked against her own, she immediately grew even wetter and more excited than usual.

Not only had she developed this strange feeling of attachment and caring for Kara, but when the girl was there with her, as Jenna did things with men, she had this confusing, seductive, and filthy way of making Jenna feel like what she was doing was right and good. When the strange man had used his rank to coerce them into sucking his cock, Kara’s dirty prattle had made Jenna want to pleasure him. Her naughty words, the feelings they created while the man had pumped his length between her sealed lips, seemed to awaken some, previously unknown, desire in her to want to perform the lustful act. It had been the same with Lucas. Whatever it was that Kara did to her, Jenna knew that she liked that, too, and that it was not something artificial. It was her inner slut.

Kara pulled the car into an off-campus home as evening approached. The warm, night air tickled Jenna’s bare pussy beneath the ridiculously small skirt she wore, and the sense of freedom from the belt felt incredible. Kara held her hand comfortingly as they strode up the walkway to the place, where the door opened before they could knock. The player Kara had been in contact with stood in the doorway, a wide and welcoming smile on his handsome face. He should be smiling, Jenna thought. He had two very wet and eager sluts, driven by the intense need to cum, and ready to take on a group of his horny friends for the chance at orgasms and virtual rewards. What a fucking life.

As he ushered them in, Jenna noted a rank and nameplate hovering over him in her Haloes. Rank thirteen. His username read, NoCreeperz.

“Don’t worry, girls,” the man said, “You’re in good hands. None of that dick shit like those WAT fuckers here.”

“WAT?” Jenna asked, looking at Kara. It was the second time she’d heard the acronym, now.

“Women are Things,” Kara said, “Total misogynistic pieces of shit. They don’t care about trust score. They just live to hunt. They stay within the rules, but just.”

“Assholes,” the man agreed, then added, “You can call me Justin. None of these dudes are on Edge, but I get them so much free pussy that they don’t dare step out of line.”

Free pussy, Jenna thought. She was a free pussy. Her free pussy was very wet. She sipped from her bottle of Obsequium, the pleasant tingles sparking across her body as they followed Justin down the hallway and into a large living area. Eight of Justin’s friends sat on the two long couches, watching a basketball game. In the center of the room, they’d placed a queen-sized bed. Jenna’s heart raced at the sight of it, the situation becoming very real as every man in the room turned to look at the two girls who were about to service them.

Jenna noticed, then, that there was a third girl, who stood in the corner of the room shaking. The girl, also, had a nameplate over her head, showing a rank of one and a player number. Jenna looked at Kara, nodded toward the girl, and Kara shrugged. Another girl looking to complete her challenge, she guessed. The girl looked terrified. As Justin led Kara toward the men, making introductions, Jenna found herself drifting away toward the girl. She reached out, touched the girl’s arm, and she flinched back. When she looked at Jenna, her eyes were red and puffy.

“Hey,” Jenna said kindly, “You okay?”

The girl glanced at the group of men, swallowed hard and said, “Yeah. It’s just… I’ve never done something like this.”

Jenna nodded, “Me either,” she said, “How long has it been since they got you?”

“A week,” the girl replied.

“You did enough to rank up a level. What did you do?”


“It’s okay,” Jenna reassured her, “We all did things we didn’t think we could.”

“I sucked my brother’s cock,” the girl said, blushing.

Jenna only nodded, then asked, “I know that it’s tough. You can’t avoid it forever, but if you don’t want to do this tonight, you don’t have to.”

The girl shook her head, “If I don’t, it will be worse. The failure penalty…”

She trailed off, and Jenna nodded, understanding. A week of enforced denial, plus Cum Bucket designation and Free Use, not to mention the monetary loss. Yes, this was not a challenge to fail.

“Can you afford to lose $250?” Jenna asked.


“If that was the only penalty, could you do it?”

The girl nodded hopefully. Jenna swiped up her inventory and grabbed the Hall Pass. She flicked it toward the girl, who caught the item and read the description.

“Are you serious?” the girl asked, disbelief written all over her face.

“You can have it, if you don’t want to do this.”

“You… you mean it?” she asked.

Jenna nodded.

“I thought I could do it,” she said, “I really thought I could. That many of them, though. I can’t!”