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Altering Annika: The Conclusion

Previous Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Chapter Six: The Roommate

“You’ve done pretty well, kid,” Davis said over dinner, as Annika squirmed on the rubber cock. “The place has never been so spotless. Your cooking’s definitely improved and you’re even a dab hand at the laundry. I’m inclined to offer you one more week to get your shit sorted out.”

Annika stopped squirming and she started to cry.

“Now, don’t go all mushy on me. I’m not saying it’s a permanent thing. I’m just saying that I like your effort and effort deserves a chance to shine.”

“Thank you,” Annika bawled, wiping her eyes with her napkin. “Thank you!”

Annika went to bed that night, as she always did, masturbating to the porn box. When she awoke the next morning, things were different.


After taking her morning pee in the yard, Annika returned to the kitchen and made breakfast. Davis sat at the table, admiring her perfect, round ass in the apron. It was seven in the morning. The doorbell rang and Davis went to answer it.

When he returned, he was talking excitedly with someone else. Annika turned, blushing, to hide her bare ass. Davis rounded the corner, accompanied by a young woman. The woman had short, black hair, much like Annika had once had. Her clothes were like a sexy, put-together version of the kind Annika might have once worn herself. That is to say that they were dark, purposely distressed, but clearly not done by her own hand. Her leather crop top fit snugly across her breasts, which were smaller than Annika’s, and her black, tight jeans had holes in the knees. There was a small stud in her nose.

Annika thought the girl was cute and sexy. She was just the kind of girl that Annika would have liked. And Annika hated her. The girl hadn’t done a thing, other than walk around the corner, but Annika despised her. The girl made her already confused pussy feel even more confused. The girl was in her kitchen and Davis had his hand on her back, which also made Annika’s pussy even more confused, because, why should she care if Davis touched some girl.

Her kitchen? Yes. Annika had been preparing all the meals, doing all the cleaning, all the laundry, and keeping the house for Davis and herself. She thought of this place as her kitchen. She’d even reorganized the pantry and drawers to better suit her. It was her kitchen and this… dark-haired little pixie slut had just waltzed in here as if she belonged in it, and Davis’ hand was on the small of her back. It wasn’t fair.

“Annie, this is Kella,” Davis said. “She’s a friend of mine and she needs a place to hole up for a bit, so she’s going to be staying in the spare room. Would you fix an extra plate, please?”

“In… in the spare room?” Annika said, balling her fists.

The pixie slut was going to stay in Annika’s old bedroom?

“Yes, in the spare room. Most of the time,” Davis said and chuckled.

Kella slapped his chest and grinned, saying, “You’re so bad!”

The pixie slut quickly crossed the room and put her arms around Annika, drawing her into a hug and putting her lips on Annika’s cheek in greeting.

“It’s so nice to meet you,” she said.

Annika stiffened and said, “Hi.”

The stupid girl even smelled good.

She broke away and touched Annika’s hair, saying, “I love your hair! You look like a total Barbie doll. It’s adorable!”

Davis took a seat at the table and cleared his throat. Annika got the message, but she was unwilling to turn around and expose her bottom to the girl. When Kella turned, though, Annika quickly grabbed the tray of strawberry-filled velvet crepes from the counter, carried them to the table, and set them heavily on it.

“These look delicious, Annie,” Davis said. “Are those Morrocan baked eggs over there?”

Annika nodded, her lips pressed in a tight line.

“Oh, I’ll get you some,” Kella said and stood.

“No!” Annika snapped and retrieved the eggs, unconcerned that she had to show the pixie slut her ass to do so.

She brought the eggs back, put some on Davis’ plate, then her own, and then set the remainder on the table without serving Kella. Now, however, she faced a dilemma. She had to sit on the fake cock to eat breakfast, and that meant doing it in front of Kella.

This prompted her to think further ahead to the rest of the day and the coming… however long pixie slut was going to be here. The girl was going to witness her special time with Davis, in which he gave her a spanking and made her cum. She would see Annika in the slutty outfits, and Annika doing her exercise. She would see the dildo on the bike and Annika’s nipples in the cut-out sports bras.

What if the girl went into Annika’s room? Wait. Room? No. The basement. The girl was the one staying in Annika’s room, only it wasn’t Annika’s room. It was Davis’s room and he was offering it to pixie slut, while Annika slept in the basement, surrounded by bimbo posters and porno. Oh, God! The girl might go in the basement and she’d think Annika was some kind of slut.

Only, she was a slut. A stupid, homeless slut that pissed outside like an animal. Oh, shit! Kella might watch her piss in the grass like a dog! But, Annika slept in a dog bed, and she pissed outside like an animal. Did that make her a dog? A bitch? She felt light-headed as it all spun through her confused, jumbled-up mind. Davis stood and helped her to sit. He helped her to sit on the rubber cock and, as she did, she looked at Kella’s face, that stupid, pretty face, and she orgasmed on the rubber dick and began to cry.

“Ho-lee shit,” Kella remarked.

“Good girl,” Davis whispered in her ear.


Annika’s utter misery was palpable all through breakfast, but Kella seemed very chipper and flirty. Afterward, Annika did the dishes like a robot, fuming, as Davis took the pixie slut upstairs to the spare room. He did not come back down to give Annika her spanking, which made her irritated and uncomfortable. This was supposed to be their time together, when Davis would ask his questions, Annika would tell him that she was a stupid slut, and then he’d let her orgasm from the spanking. The arrival of the pixie slut had thrown Annika’s entire routine into chaos.

Without the routine, she had no idea what to do with herself. How was she supposed to go about the cleaning without her morning cum? It wasn’t fair. Annika puzzled through it, decided that Davis might just be getting the girl settled in, and she retrieved her maid costume to have it ready. Any minute, he’d come down and give Annika her spanking. She just had to be patient.

Only, Davis didn’t come down. There was a fit of giggling and then a yelp, followed by a crack of a hand on flesh. Annika flushed, humiliated, and angry. Was Davis giving Kella the spanking? Annika’s spanking? Straight in off the street, that black-haired little… skank was getting Annika’s spanking? The sound came again, and the girl yelped and then giggled. Yes, Davis was spanking her in Annika’s old room. It wasn’t fair!

Annika crept to the bottom of the steps and listened. The crack came again, followed by a moan. Annika crept up the steps until she was halfway up.

“Oh, shit!” Kella exclaimed and then she moaned.

Davis groaned and said, “Goddamn, I needed that.”

“Fuck me,” Kella said. “Fuck me good, daddy.”

Annika stifled a gasp. The bed started to creak as Davis fucked the girl. The sounds of their combined moans and dirty talk came through the open door. Annika sat on the steps, unconsciously rubbing her pussy as she listened. Her skin burned with the feeling of rejection, but her pussy was so wet.

She thought about what Kella looked like naked, with her trim body spread out on the bed. Was her pussy bare? Was her shaved pussy tight and snug around Davis’ cock? How did it feel inside of her? Oh, God! She was going to cum. She was going to cum, thinking about Davis’ cock! And then she did.


Since it did not appear that Davis was going to administer her spanking, Annika dutifully put on the maid costume and set about cleaning the house. She did so with a sense of uncertainty and anxiety, as her pussy hadn’t been given its release. Rather, she did her chores with the vibrating egg in, as required, which further added to her agitation.

When she cleaned the upstairs bathroom, she listened to the sounds of Kella sucking on Davis’ cock. The pixie slut must have been doing a fine job, too. Davis told her that she was a good girl, while the sounds of her wet sucking echoed into the hallway and further, to the bathroom. Annika wiped at her eyes as she cleaned, listening to those words, distraught. Kella wasn’t a good girl. Annie was a good girl.

She imagined Davis stroking the pixie slut’s hair as he told her she was good, a good girl for sucking his cock. Annika’s hatred deepened. Davis didn’t even like short, black hair. He liked long, blonde hair, like Annie’s. He liked to pet her hair and tell her she was good. It wasn’t fair.

By the time Annika finished the upstairs cleaning, Kella was squealing and moaning as Davis fucked her again. Annika, trembling with rage, peeked into the bedroom. She could see Davis’ muscled back and his bare ass. Kella’s lean legs were kicking in the air as Davis fucked his cock into her. His rhythmic thrusting soon had Kella’s legs shaking as she moaned, and then they wrapped around him as she came. Kella was getting another orgasm? Annie hadn’t gotten hers from him all morning, but Kella had gotten at least two, and she hadn’t done anything to help with the house. That should have been Annie’s orgasm. It wasn’t fair!

Annika did her exercise, trying to forget about the ache in her cunt by listening to the DomPod. This wasn’t an easy thing to do, as it was bike day and she had to pedal for an hour with the dildo in her cunt. Her stiff nipples poked through the holes of the sports bra as she worked up a sweat, and the subliminal messaging further reinforced the fact that she was a needy, brainless fuck toy.

After her workout, she took her shower and dressed in the pink corset dress. She crept down the steps with her hair damp, while the sounds of Kella being fucked once more echoed down the hallway. For an hour, she read one of her magazines, and then it was time to make lunch.

While she worked in the kitchen, Kella appeared, wearing only a tank top and a pair of black, satin panties. Her approach was stealthy, and Annika had the DomPod earbuds in while she cooked. She jumped in surprise when Kella put her arms around her waist and kissed her neck. Annika snapped out of her stupor and yanked the earbuds from her ears, blushing because Kella had no doubt seen her naked bottom in the apron.

The pixie slut stood too close, so close that Annika could smell her sweat and the hint of perfume she’d walked in with. Annika’s confused, vibrating twat, muddled her thoughts further.

“That smells great,” Kella said. “I’m totally starved. God, that man’s an animal! Can you believe that he made me cum six times?”

Annika shook her head and flushed with jealousy. Six times? Davis only let Annie cum twice at most with the vibrator. Otherwise, she had to wait and do it herself when she watched the porn box. It was so unfair!

“Love the apron,” Kella remarked, then reached around Annika to pluck a French fry from a nearby plate.

She popped it into her mouth with a saucy wink and went to sit at the table. Davis entered only a moment later and sat next to her.

“That burgers and fries?” he asked.


“Nice pick, Annie. Great fuck fuel.”

Kella gave a stupid giggle and slapped his arm.

“As if you need it,” she said.

Davis put his arm around her and they kissed. Annika turned back to the food, her cheeks red, her naked ass forgotten. She served Davis a hamburger and fries, then set the remainder on the table with a displeased thump. Kella, unperturbed, served herself. A low, needy whimper escaped Annika’s mouth as she sat on her rubber cock.

“You get your chores done?” Davis asked as he dug into his food.

Annika nodded.

“Good girl,” Davis said, and Annika’s heart soared.

He hadn’t forgotten! Annie was still a good girl. She hadn’t sucked his cock for him, but she was still good. Only, Kella was a gooder girl, she supposed because Kella had gotten to cum six times, while Annie still had a shamefully wet, horny cunt.

Davis and Kella kept sharing little flirty looks over lunch, and he’d ask her questions about things she liked. When the topic of music came up, Kella mentioned that her favorite band was one called Carpet Munchers.

“I’m not a fan, myself,” Davis said and shrugged, “But Annie likes them, don’t you?”

“I… No,” Annika said. “I don’t.”

And it was true, she realized. When she thought about that misfit band of screaming lesbians, spewing their man hate, she felt uncomfortable. Maybe Annika liked that music, but Annie didn’t. Annie liked to listen to autotuned Barbie dolls with bouncing tits, who had songs written for them because their true value was their shallow, bimbo looks. That thought, too, gave her pause, because something about it didn’t seem right. Annika liked them? Wasn’t she Annika? Annie? Why was she thinking about them in a before and after context?

She knew that she was Annika, but at the same time, she was not Annika. Annika was a difficult bitch, with stringy black hair, who argued a lot and got into trouble. Annika wasn’t good. Annie was a good girl. Annie was helpful and dutiful and contributed to the household. Annika just took things and wasn’t grateful. Annie gave back. Annika was a lesbian, but Annie was a… a… she didn’t know.

She picked at her food, oblivious to Kella and Davis jabbering, and felt like her head was as confused as her pussy. When she looked at Kella, or smelled her, it made her pussy feel good, but her mind recoiled from it. When she thought about laying across Davis’ lap, getting her spanking, or she thought about his hard cock pressed against her belly, it also made her pussy wet, but her mind recoiled from it.

Only, she’d sat on the stairs and masturbated just this morning and she’d orgasmed thinking about Davis’ cock. Or had she been thinking about Kella’s shaven pussy? She couldn’t remember. Everything felt so jumbled.

Davis and Kella finished their meal, and Davis retired to the living room. Kella made to take the dishes from the table, but Annie quickly stood up. The dildo slid wetly from her fuckhole.

“I’ll get those,” Annie snapped.

Kella shrugged and set the dishes back down, then went to join Davis in the living room. When she finished rinsing and putting the dishes into the washer, Annie crept into the living room. Davis and Kella sat on the couch, watching TV. Davis looked up as she entered, unsure of what to do with herself. She supposed she could read more. She needed to memorize more recipes, after all. TV wasn’t an option, and she’d already done her workout. Only, nothing quite made sense, because she hadn’t gotten her spanking, and that just made everything else seem like it was off. Davis beckoned her in.

“Did you need something, Annie?” he asked.

Annie did need something. She flicked her eyes to Kella, who watched the TV in her tank top and panties.

“I… I don’t know,” Annie said.

“Did we miss a step today, princess?” he asked.

Princess. The word made her knees weak. Annie was a princess. She was good and she was a princess. A pretty, blonde, cute princess. She felt herself nodding. They had missed a step, and it was a step that would put everything right.

“Why don’t we take care of that?” Davis suggested and patted his lap.

Annie’s eyes flicked to Kella again. This step wasn’t right, because Kella was here. This wasn’t a thing that happened with the three of them. This was something that she and Davis did together because Davis knew that she was a stupid slut who needed her spanking and her cummies. With Kella here, it wouldn’t be special. It would just be humiliating.

“Kella, would you mind if I have a little time with Annie?” Davis asked.

“Oh, yeah, sure,” Kella agreed. “I’ll just lay down for a bit. You can come up and fuck me after!”

She threw him a wink and he chuckled, then swatted her bottom on her way out. Annie blushed once again. Once Kella had gone up the steps, Davis beckoned her in again. Annie approached cautiously, like a frightened deer. Davis patted his lap and reached for the vibrator. Obediently, Annie removed the apron, baring her full nudity to him, and lay across his lap.

Davis gently rubbed and squeezed her bottom, then flicked on the vibrator. Annie opened her legs. Davis held the vibrator in one hand, but instead of pushing it against her pussy, he ran his finger through her wet slit and coated it with her arousal. Annie wiggled and moaned. Then, he put the vibrator against her cunt and laid a hard, cracking spanking on her ass.

Annie yelped and wiggled her ass. Davis pushed the toy inside of her. She wiggled and moaned, trying to hump the toy, but Davis firmly held her ass cheek and worked the toy in and out of her.

“What is it, Annie?” Davis asked. “You seem a little upset, princess.”

“I… I don’t know,” Annie admitted.

“You don’t like Kella?”


“Why don’t you like Kella, Annie? You don’t think she’s cute?”

He drew his hand back and spanked her again, making her moan. This was right. This was what was missing. She needed the questions, the spanking, the reminder that she was a stupid slut.

“She… she gets to stay upstairs and…” Davis pushed the toy deep into her cunt and she kicked her legs. “And she… she gets to stay, but she… she doesn’t help.”

Davis palmed her bottom, and his thumb rubbed her asshole. The vibrator twisted in her cunt.

“Kella helps in other ways, right?” Davis asked.


“Kella does other things around the house, that I can’t do with you. Because you’re a lesbian and you don’t want me to fuck you. Are you a lesbian, Annie?”

He rotated the vibrator to hit her special spot and Annie began to tremble violently.

“Are you a lesbian, Annie?” he asked again.

“I don't… I don’t know!” she cried.

“Does Kella make your pussy wet?”

He angled the vibrator to deny her the orgasm but keep her stimulated.


“Did you masturbate while I was fucking Kella?”


“What did you think about? Kella’s pussy, or cock?”

“I… I don’t… I don’t know!” she blubbered.

Davis pushed the vibrator against her spot once more and Annie began to shake and kick her legs, huffing into the cushion.

“Would you like me to fuck you, Annie?”

“I… I…”

He held her on the edge a moment longer and asked again.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Annie?”

Annie trembled and whispered, “Please!”


She broke into a pitiful sob and then said, “Please…” again. Davis pushed her over as she begged, “Please… fuck me!”

“Good girl.”


While Annika lay in the dog bed, masturbating to the porn box, Davis handed Kella a stack of money.

“That was so much faster than I imagined,” he said. “I figured she’d at least go a couple of days before she broke down, but I guess she’s more of a slut than I imagined.”

Kella took the money, counted it, and said, “This is more than we agreed to.”

“I threw in a bit extra since you had to cut your hair and dye it,” Davis explained.

“Thanks! You sure you don’t want me to hang around a few more days and get her even more confused?”

Davis shook his head.

“Nah. I think she’s in a good place. I’ll iron out the kinks.”

Kella nodded and handed him a card.

“If you know anyone else, we’re always happy to help confuse and manipulate!” she said.

“I’ll definitely keep it in mind.”

He glanced down at the card, which read, “CAMGIRL: Confusion and Manipulation Guaranteed in Real Life. A DomCo Company.”

On the back were Kella’s name and number. Davis fucked the girl again before he went to bed.


Annie awoke and set about her usual routine. She pissed on the grass, then made breakfast, expecting to see Kella join them at the table. Instead, the pixie slut gave Annie a kiss on the lips, and said, “My ship’s come in. Stay cute, Annie!”

Then, she left the house. Annie’s confusion only deepened. She returned to her cooking. Davis came in behind her and put his arms around her waist. Annie giggled and flushed as one of his hands groped a boob, and the other slipped beneath the apron. His finger pushed into her wet pussy. He held her to his chest, jilling her cunt and squeezing her breast as he whispered in her ear.

“She’s all gone, princess. It’s just me and you now. Does that make it better?”

“Yes,” Annie moaned.

“Would you like to say your words for me?”

“I’m a stupid… slut, Sir!” Annie gasped as his thick finger burrowed into her cunt and his hand rubbed against her clit.

“You’re such a good girl, Annie.”

Her legs shook from the praise. Davis removed his finger and allowed her to finish breakfast, flushed and horny. After they ate, Annie’s life once more felt normal and she beamed with happiness. She hummed her favorite Bratty Britt tune to herself, as she did the dishes. Davis waited in the living room for her, but he didn’t deliver her spanking there. Instead, he took her upstairs, to his own bedroom.

Annie fidgeted adorably as she removed her apron and lay across his lap on the bed. He took up her toy and worked it through her soaking pussy as he stroked her hair.

“Are you glad that Kella’s gone?” he asked.


Davis pushed the toy into her cunt.

“You see? You had nothing to worry about, did you? Did you think I’d pick some black-haired little carpet muncher over you, princess?”

Annie moaned and said, “I… I don’t know.”

“I don’t have to do that now, do I?”

Annie shook her head as Davis fucked the toy in and out of her pussy.

“Because you’re my good girl, aren’t you?”


He pressed the vibrator deep, rotating it to get her shaking, and then laid a hard smack on her ass that made her gasp and shiver.

“You’re daddy’s princess, isn’t that right?”


Davis palmed her ass in one hand and pushed the toy to her special spot.

“Are you a lesbian, Annie?”

“N… No!”

He held her on the edge.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”


Davis rolled her from his lap onto the bed and pulled off his sleep shorts, freeing his cock. Annie looked at it for the first time, her eyes wide with anticipation and wonder. Davis moved between her legs and looked down at his new, blonde, slutty sex doll, eagerly awaiting her first real cock. He positioned himself and gripped one of her hips in his hand. With the other, he guided his stiff prick to her pussy.

His cockhead parted her wet folds and then slid inside her tight opening. Annie’s perfect pussy molded around his cock, slippery, hot, and so wet. She drew in a sharp breath and looked between her legs, where her mother’s former boyfriend gently fed the length of his cock into her. His free hand grabbed her breast and squeezed it. Annie let out a long moan of pleasure as more inches of his cock slid into her.

Davis pushed himself to the balls inside of her and then leaned in, gathering his sex doll into his arms, putting his arm around her neck to press her to his body. He groaned hotly into her ear and drew his hips back, then felt her tremble as he gave her his full length again. His pace increased, only slightly, working his cock back and forth in her sexy little sheath.

Annie began to make little gasping noises as he slowly fucked her pussy and held her against him. Her arms encircled his neck and she held on, her hips rocking up to meet his thrusts.

“Say your words, princess,” he whispered.

“I’m… a stupid… slut… Sir,” Annie breathed.

“Good girl,” Davis whispere,d and Annie came on his cock.

*** Chapter Seven: Tell You What

The last thing that Davis expected to see upon opening the door, was a dirty woman with unwashed, stringy blonde hair, who smelled as if she hadn’t bathed in a week. The woman’s face was set in a scowl of displeasure, but her anxiety and desperation hung about her like a cloud. The woman held a leash in her hand and the leash was attached to the collar of a large, German Shepherd.

Davis’ heart soared at the sight of the dog, who began to whine and tug at the leash when it saw him. The woman released the leash and the dog stood on its hind legs, nuzzling its head against his chest as he laughed and scratched it behind the ears.

“Oh, shit,” he exclaimed. “I missed you, boy!”

The woman made to enter the house as if she were a contributing member of its household. But Davis barred the door.

“Where do you think you’re going, dog thief?” he asked, fixing his glowering countenance on the woman.

“Don’t fuck around, Davis. Look. I’m sorry. I just needed some time and––”

“And you needed my money and my dog for it?” Davis asked.

Annie appeared in the hallway, curious about the commotion. The woman took in the sight of her, wearing a pair of glossy, pink heels, a mini skirt, and a pink crop top. Her long, blonde hair spilled loosely down her shoulders, and around her neck was a thin, pink collar with a small tag that read, “Annie” in sparkly rhinestones.

“Who the fuck is that?” the woman exclaimed.

Davis cast a look back at Annie, who stared at the woman with equal confusion. He gave one, sharp, barking laugh.

“Why should you care?” he said. “You don’t live here. Thanks for bringing the dog back.”

He began to close the door.

“Davis, wait!” the woman cried.

Davis waited.

“I… I don’t have anywhere else to go.”

Davis considered this for a moment and then said, “There’s a pretty decent homeless shelter downtown. If you start now, you might reach it before it gets dark.”

He closed the door. For a moment, the woman pounded on the door. The dog, now greeting Annie, wagged its tail as she scratched his head. Davis began to walk away, and then the pounding ceased. A moment later, a harsh, racking sob issued from the other side. Davis paused, then returned to the door. He opened it, to find Annika’s mother sitting, slumped, on the porch, with her head in her hands. She looked over her shoulder and gave him the most pitiful look she could. It was, basically, how she looked in general.

Davis stood in the doorway, looking down at her, and then he said, “Tell you what. I’ll give you a choice.”



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