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New Production: Family Business

In the September Roadmap, I mentioned a joint production between myself and Lisa X Lopez, which was supposed to be out in September. I don't think either of us realized exactly how much work it would be, so I apologize that it's a little later than expected.

Family Business Cover Art featuring Lisa X Lopez

Family Business is the first in an experimental production collaboration with my good friend, Lisa. Since opening the site, one of the things I've touched on repeatedly is my need for telling stories. I love experimenting with different mediums to do that. My first love will always be writing, and that's the basis for a good story. Translating that story into other forms, however, is something I have always wanted to do.

That's where my friendship with Lisa has come in. Lisa's unique talent as a storyteller extends beyond the printed page. Not only is she a total bombshell MILF, but she's wildly creative, kinky, and willing to put her body on the line for the sake of erotic art. That makes her the perfect partner for what I do over here. Honestly, she is one of the greatest blessings I could have ever asked for, both as a fan and as a collaborator.

When she approached me about this project, I was in from the first word. I've been dying to see one of my stories expressed in a visual medium. You've seen that in the last year through various forms. I've done illustrated stories using AI art, and I've commissioned pieces from HentaiArtist2000 for some of my characters. I've dabbled in video trailers, small video stories, and captions.

Family Business was the chance to take it to another level. Is it perfect? It is not. Neither Lisa, nor I, are directors or filmmakers. We're working on art that we love, and learning how to make it better each time. When we do something like this again, we'll learn from the mistakes we made on this first attempt, listen to the feedback from all of you, and do it better the next time.

Because of the experimental nature of this production, I'm giving away this story as a free read. If you'd like to go further and check out what we've done together, grab the companion pieces in the shop! Here's a breakdown of what's included, and how to get it.

The finished story is 9,000 words, and you can read it here. There are three versions available in the shop. The Story Edition, Deviant's Edition, and Video Edition.

The first package, the Story Edition, is available here. The Story Edition contains the full text of the story in ePub + PDF. You also get the photobook version, and all of the image files used in the photobook. That's over 80 images. The photobook itself is 84 pages.

The second package is the Deviant's Edition. This is the full package, which includes everything from the Story Edition, as well as the finished video story. The video story runs 40 minutes, and is a live-action production of Family Business, starring Lisa and @BaldBill.

The video story is not porn in the typical sense. This is truly a video story, but is completely explicit, including graphic sex, language, voice work, etc. In the end, though, you will find it a different kind of experience to watching porn, as story is the primary driver. The video preview is posted below.

The video file for this project weighs in at 3GB, making it too large to host on the site. When you purchase the Deviant's Edition, it includes a download link to the file host on Google Drive. Simply copy the link and download your file. Nothing else needed. If you've tried the Story Edition and just want to snag the video, pick up the Video Edition in the shop!

As this is the first production we've done of this kind, Lisa and I would greatly appreciate your feedback on it. Please stop back in on this post or the story post and leave comment, send a message, or leave an anonymous vote on the poll. As always, you have my sincere gratitude for continuing to visit the site, show your support, and help with the production of erotic art like this.


Ready to get reading and watching? Read the full story here!

Pick up the companion pieces in the shop!

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