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Altering Annika, Chapter Five

Previous Parts: One, Two, Three, Four

Chapter Five: Altering Annika

Davis roused Annika early the next day and gave her another recipe card for his preferred breakfast. She accepted a roll of toilet paper, pissed in the backyard, nude, with the blanket around her, and put on her apron to fix breakfast. When she asked if she could listen to the MP3 player while she cooked, Davis did not deny her. While she worked on breakfast, he did some of his own work and shot the odd glance at the cameras, where Annika swayed her ass to the sound of bimbo pop in her earbuds.

She still flushed and wouldn’t look at him while they ate, but he did note that she squirmed and bounced in her seat more than the day before. When she’d cleared the dishes away, rinsed them, and added them to the dishwasher, she went to the living room without being asked. Davis followed her in and she, blushingly, handed him the vibrator and lay across his lap with her naked ass up and her legs parted.

Today, he repeated the same routine of questions, while he toyed Annika’s pussy. First, he opened with a good, hard slap to her ass, followed by a quick stab of the vibrator against her clit that made her wail and then jerk. He moved it through her slit, which was already quite wet from her stint on the dildo chair, and played it along her gash for a few minutes to work her into a bit of a slutty haze.

“You know the rules today, Annie,” he said. “I’m going to ask you some questions and I want you to tell me the truth. Do you understand?”

“Yes!” Annika said and wiggled her hips to edge the vibrator harder against her cunt.

“Your pussy was wet when you went into the store, wasn’t it?”


Davis pushed the toy inside her opening and held it there.

“Why was it wet?”

“I… I don’t know,” she said.

“You know the answer,” Davis said. “You just don’t know that you do. Do you want to know the answer?”

He fed the vibrator deeper into her cunt and she bucked as he angled it just right to hit that special spot.


“Say your words.”

“I’m a… stupid, homeless slut, Sir!” she said.

Davis pushed the vibrator into her and laid a hard smack on her bottom. Annika made a noise halfway between a squeal and a moan.

“That’s the answer,” Davis said. “Do you think you’re a stupid slut?”

“I… Yes!”

Davis spanked her again, harder, and she howled, kicking her legs. She sniffled.

“That was a lie,” Davis said. “You don’t think you’re a stupid slut, do you?”


“Why did you lie?”

He pulled the toy out and mashed it against her clit as he palmed her reddened bottom.

“I don’t… don’t know,” she squeaked.

Davis spanked her again and she jerked on his lap and moaned.

“Why did you lie?”

“I… so you’d… you’d spank me,” she croaked.

He held the toy on her clit, gripped her ass with one hand, and rubbed her asshole with his thumb.

“Why did you want me to spank you, Annie?”

Annika rolled her hips, pushing her ass against his thumb and her cunt against the toy.

“I don’t… don’t know,” she whined.

“Say your words.”

“I’m a stupid… homeless slut, Sir!”

Davis made little circles on her asshole with his thumb and held the vibrator steady as she shook.

“That’s the answer,” he said again.

“Why was your pussy wet at the store?”

“I’m a stupid, homeless slut, Sir!”

“Why do you want me to spank you?”

“I’m a stupid, homeless slut, Sir!”

“Do you want me to make you cum, Annie?”



He pushed the toy back into her cunt and slapped her ass again.

“Ow! I’m… I’m a stupid slut!” she screeched.

He fucked the toy in and out of her, gently at first, and then with a bit more speed, until she was humping his lap.

“Are you a lesbian, Annie?”

“Ah! I… I don’t… Oh, God!”

She started to cum and Davis gave her a lighter smack.

“Ugh!” she grunted and continued to tremble in his lap. Her pussy gushed girl cum onto the hand that held the vibrator deep in her cunt.

“Good girl,” Davis said.


Davis handed Annika his keys and a credit card, which she took with a suspicious look. She was dressed, once more, in the pink dress and pink heels.

“You have two appointments today,” he explained. “This is me trusting you. Can I trust you?”


“You need to go see the dentist. You’ve been favoring the right side of your mouth since you ate that sandwich the first day you showed up. Something is bothering you, and I want you to get it taken care of. You have an appointment in an hour. After that, you’re going to get your nails done. If you come back with those shitty, black nails, the next appointment I’ll make is for bigger tits.”

Annika nodded, her face pale.

“This is a list of laundry supplies we need,” he said, handing her the list.

She didn’t question why she hadn’t picked them up the previous day.

“Lastly, I want you to stop by that store at the mall again. Since you haven’t proven to be completely useless yet, you’ll need some clothes for a few more days. It means more to carry when you leave, but at least I’ll have done my part in sending you out of the nest on a good foot.”

“I’m… I’m really trying,” she whispered, shuffling her feet and looking at the floor, her hands behind her back.

Davis had to give it to her. She was getting the cute part worked out.

“I know,” he said. “I’m rooting for you.”

Annika turned to go, turned back, gave him another peck on the cheek, and tottered out the door. Perplexed, Davis set about his own work, changing out the bathroom door locks for the new ones.


Annika returned in the late afternoon with the laundry supplies, a filling in her tooth, and a pleased smile on her face.

“Look!” she exclaimed and stuck out her fingers to show Davis her nails.

Her nails were the same shade of pink as the dress. Davis made a show of examining them, turning her fingers this way and that.

“Looks good, Annie.”

“I got the clothes, too,” she said and slung the bag on the table.

“Why don’t you show me after you get your workout in,” Davis suggested. “I’ll pick one out for you to put on after your shower.”

“Um, okay,” she agreed.

Today, Davis introduced her to pilates. He had a program set up on the Annie channels. He supplied her with another sports bra and shorts, this time with an intact crotch, as well as the vibrating egg. Annika blushed, but she took the egg and went to change. She listened to the DomPod once more as she followed the workout program. Davis cast the occasional peek into the room and she seemed to be rather sprightly about the exercise.

Once she’d showered again, Davis having left one of the bathrooms unlocked for her, she returned to the living room in the towel, with the shopping bag. He took a seat on the couch as Annika showed him the clothes, eager to have his approval. Her first pick was a lace cami top, also pink, with a small bow right between the tits. This one, she paired with a pink and white gingham skirt. The second choice was a pink corset dress. Her third was a pink, striped, button-front mesh top with a skirt that matched. Davis imagined her in it, with the mesh just transparent enough to hint at the succulent tits beneath the top. The final piece was a white scoop neck crop top in blush and a pleated mini skirt.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“All nice choices,” he said. “Good girl.”

Annika blushed and twisted her foot.

“Why don’t you make us dinner and I’ll decide, alright? You pick what you want to eat.”

Again, she planted a quick peck on his cheek, blushed, and hurried from the room. Following dinner, during which Annika couldn’t seem to sit comfortably on the rubber cock, Davis selected the lace cami and gingham skirt. Then, it was time for an hour of reading with the egg buried in her pussy, followed by two hours of TV.

Before he returned his bimbo to the basement, Davis presented Annika with another choice. She followed him to his office.

“You did great with dinner and the clothes were good picks,” he said. “I’m going to let you pick a treat.”

Annika looked suspicious.

“The basement’s a little chilly, so you can pick one of these two things to make it a little more warm and homey.”

Her first choice was a rolled-up area rug. It wasn’t a large rug, but it would cover the space near the dog bed well enough. The second pick was a space heater.

“Now, here’s the real choice,” he added.

Annika made a noise.

“You can have the rug, but that carries with it the additional requirement that you sleep with the egg in, and you leave the porn box running from now, until the time you leave. If you pick the heater, then you’re going to wear this every night when you go to bed.”

He produced a pink butt plug, with a sparkly heart on the end.

Annika’s eyes went from the rug to the heater, to the butt plug.

“What if… what if I don’t take either of them?”

Davis grinned.

“Then that shows me you aren’t interested in comfort and I’ll make no further attempts to see to your comfort.”

She twisted her hands in the short skirt for another moment, considering, and then said, “I’d like the rug, please.”

“Good girl.”

And, so, Annika went to bed that night with the vibrating egg in her pussy, while she masturbated to the porn box. The sounds of the porno continued to play, even after she orgasmed twice.


For the next three days, this cycle repeated itself with little change. Annika would awaken with the egg in her pussy, fish it out, and then piss outside. Donning her apron, she made breakfast, ate it stuffed full of rubber cock, and then she received her spanking for being a grass-pissing, homeless slut.

Davis continued to question her during each spanking session. The actual spankings were less frequent, however, and the sessions consisted, mainly, of Davis pleasuring her cunt with the vibrator, while Annika told him that she was a stupid slut. Davis did give her the spankings, as she wanted them, and she always orgasmed from them. Each session, however, ended with the same question.

“Are you a lesbian, Annie?”

The first time, Annika made the customary reply. Davis held her on the brink of a powerful cum, then asked the question.

“Are you a lesbian, Annie?”

“I… Yes!”

Davis spanked her hard and Annika orgasmed.

Each day, Annika did exercises on the bike, pilates, or jogging around the block. Davis insisted that she do so while wearing the sports bras with the cutouts for her nipples. She did so, reluctantly, and when she returned she practically reeked of slutty arousal.

Throughout the day, she came to Davis when she needed to toilet, and he would unlock a bathroom for her. Every morning, however, she had to pee outside like an animal. When she was not cooking or exercising, she cleaned while wearing the maid costume, read from the magazines and cookbooks, or watched the Annie channels on TV. She did the laundry, as well, and spent most of the day with the earbuds in and the egg in her pussy.

On her fourth spanking session, Davis asked the question.

“Are you a lesbian, Annie?”

“I… I’m… Yes!”

Davis whacked her ass and she orgasmed.

On her fifth spanking session, Davis asked the question.

“Are you a lesbian, Annie?”

“I… I don’t know!” she cried.

Davis pushed the vibrator into her cunt, spanked her, and she orgasmed.

On the sixth spanking session, Davis asked the question.

“Are you a lesbian, Annie?”

“Oh, fuck! Please! So… close!”

“Are you a lesbian, Annie?”

“I… I don’t know!”

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

Annika wailed, “No!” and then she orgasmed without being spanked.


It was Annika’s final day in the house. For six days now, she’d been kept in a constant state of slutty arousal. She ate every meal with a fake cock in her pussy. When she rode her bike, she did so with a fake cock in her. When she had no fake cock in her, she had a vibrating egg in her cunt. Each morning she was spanked, while she called herself a stupid slut. She only wore clothes fit for a brainless Barbie doll, and slept each night in a dog bed, but only after cumming to degrading hardcore porn. The porno played all night and the egg vibrated her cunt, resulting in little restful slumber.

Every day, she listened to bimbo brainwashing subliminal messaging and watched only mindless, trashy TV shows with no substance, or programming fit for a domesticated homemaker. Her only other source of information was gossip magazines, celebrity rumor mills, teeny-bopper fashion, or cookbooks. Davis could see that the lack of sleep and the constant sexual conditioning had left her in a state of total, slutty confusion.

After delivering her morning spanking, he again asked her the question.

“Are you a lesbian, Annie?”

“I don’t know!” she readily admitted.

Davis teased her cunt for long minutes, edging her and working her to the brink several times until she finally pleaded.


He pushed her to the brink once more. By now, he could tell just when she was going to go over. He got her there and asked the next question.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

“I... don’t know!” she said and started to cry as she orgasmed.

“Good girl,” Davis said.

Now, it was time to move to the next stage.



Like the sound of this story? Grab the finished book in the shop. Altering Annika is the story of a girl's choices, made in desperation, and the changes those choices bring to her life and her sexuality. 26,000 words and 7 chapters.

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