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Freaky Friday with Lisa

This week's Lisa contribution covers the spectrum of taboo relationships, brainwashing, and cuckolding in various forms. Enjoy the latest mini releases from Lisa!

From Bully to Stepdad: A Summer Camp Romance

Your Mom was "The Blowjob Girl" in college

Your Wife is Committed to Helping the Homeless

BBC Dildo Play

Lisa' Father Convinces to Join S.L.U.T.

Mom gives the best birthday presents...

Your bully and your family's separation issues.

Lisa the good Christian neighbor

Lisa takes a job at her father's research company

The Storm: Episodes 1-6


Enjoying Lisa's content? Tune in each week for her free releases. If you need more, check out Lisa's links or her VIP for tons of other content!

If you'd like to explore our collaborative effort, the first production is available now!

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