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Altering Annika, Chapter Three

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Chapter Three: Adapting Annika

It had been a long day, but Davis knew that he couldn’t risk sleeping. Thus, he stayed in the chair, but turned out the lights and set the camera up to trigger from motion. Then, he dozed.

The phone chimed only a couple of hours later and he picked it up. Annika was up and making a beeline for the steps, with the blanket wrapped around her near-nudity. Davis watched her pass by the camera and then he waited. The basement door creaked open. A moment later he could hear Annika in the kitchen.

The refrigerator door opened, and he listened to the sounds of her pulling out food, and then more sounds as she opened drawers. Though she tried to be quiet about it, the noise carried across the quiet house. The sound of a garbage bag rustling came next and Davis knew it was time. He rose from the chair and strode to the kitchen entrance, then leaned in the doorway and observed her stuffing the food into the bag. On the counter was also a set of expensive silver, which had been in his family for a long time.

He clicked open the phone and dialed three numbers. At the sound of the click and the tone, Annika’s gaze shot toward the doorway, and she went white. Davis turned the phone screen toward her, showed her the number on the screen, and moved to press the call button.

“No!” Annika squeaked.

“I’ve caught a burglar in my home,” Davis said. “I should really report this.”

Annika looked at the bag and the silver, guilt plain on her face.

“I’m sorry,” she muttered.

Davis’s finger hovered over the button as he asked, “So, what was your plan? You were going to steal my food, my family’s heirloom silver, stash it until I booted you out? Or were you just going to sneak out of here tonight with it?”


“Let’s play this out. The moment I realize you’ve stolen my shit, I call the cops. I have video evidence of it,” he pointed to the camera in the corner, “and I can accurately describe the thief. Let’s say you go pawn off that silver and get, maybe, 100 bucks for it. That’s enough to get you some clothes and a little food. What next? Now, you’re a thief, homeless, and broke. Seems a bit worse than just being homeless and broke.”

Annika reddened. Of course, she hadn’t thought past stealing the things and getting some money for them. It had probably seemed like a good idea in her pretty, stupid head. Having it explained to her, though, made it sound every bit as dumb as it was.

“You want to go, you’re welcome to. You’re not exactly a prisoner here. I haven’t forced you to do a single thing, and I never will. I’m not some psycho, kidnapping fucker. Go on, girl. Roll on out of here. I’ll keep the blanket, though.”

He held out his hand for the blanket. Annika looked at it in despair and pulled it more tightly around her.

“I… I’m sorry,” she said again and hung her head.

“Apology accepted. I won’t report your intended theft. Now, my blanket, please?”

Her lip quivered and her shoulders trembled as another bout of sobbing threatened to spill forth.

“Tell you what,” Davis said, and Annika slowly raised her head, a mixture of horror and hope in her eyes. “I’ll give you a choice.”

Annika sniffled and choked on a sob. She didn’t seem fond of making choices.

“Now, I said I’d put you up for one more night, and I’m a man of my word. Then, you repaid my hospitality by trying to rob me. Now, you can be on your way, and you can keep the blanket. But I’m going to call the cops and tell them about the homeless girl that robbed me in the middle of the night. Or I can honor my agreement to let you stay another night, but I’m going to discipline you for being a thieving, half-naked slut.”

Annika wiped at her eyes with the blanket, looked at the food in the bag, then out the window into the night.

“I’ll… I’d appreciate it if you’d let me stay another night,” she grumbled.

Davis nodded and said, “Alright. Now, let’s be about that discipline.”

“Can’t I just go to bed? You’re already making me sleep in the basement.”

Davis shook his head and reminded her, “I’m not making you sleep in the basement. You’re choosing to sleep in the basement because it’s a better alternative to sleeping outside on the street. The basement is what I’m offering you, out of the kindness of my heart. You also chose to stay, which carried with it the choice of submitting to discipline.”

Annika choked on another sob and asked, “What are you going to do?”

Davis pondered this for a long moment as he watched Annika twist the blanket with trepidation. It was not that he needed to ponder it. It was, simply, that Annika’s uncertainty was very cute to watch.

“Tell you what,” he said and Annika groaned. “I’ll give you a choice. I know damn well how you hate a spanking. You always did. Clearly, the one I laid on you earlier didn’t work. So, we can repeat that exercise again, only it’s gonna be twenty swats on your naked cunt,” Annika cried into the blanket and shook her head, “Or you can go down to the basement and watch the TV.”

Annika gave a shudder and peeked over the blanket with red-rimmed, puffy eyes.

“But… Don’t make me watch that, please!” she squeaked.

“The spanking it is, then,” Davis concluded.

“No!” Annika snapped. “I… I mean… I’ll watch it.”

“Alright,” Davis agreed. “You head back down. I’ll be right there.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Why, what?”

“Why are you going to be there?” she asked.

“I’m not. But if you’re going to watch it, you’re going to do it the way I tell you to. Now, go.”

The confusion and misery on her face were a delight as she brushed past him and trudged back down the steps. Davis made a quick jog upstairs, unlocked his bedroom door, and dipped inside. Inside the nightstand, he found what he needed. He returned to the basement, where Annika had turned on the TV. She held the remote in her shaking hand, standing with the blanket wrapped around her. He handed her a pink vibrator.

“What is that?” she asked, looking at it suspiciously.

“Lesbos don’t use vibrators?” he asked. “I just assumed… Maybe that’s just a porn thing. Don’t know. You’re going to use one, however.”

“I know what it is,” she snapped. “Why do I have to use it?”

“If you’re going to watch the porn box, you’re going to masturbate to it. People don’t watch porn for sheer entertainment. They do it to get off.”

Annika shuddered and complained, “But I don’t want to watch it, and I don’t want to… to do that!”

“The spanking, then,” Davis concluded.

“But… Fine,” she said, growling unhappily.

She took the vibrator.

“Good. Now, you just settle into bed and get to vibrating your twat to the porn box. You can keep the blanket on. I’m not doing this to get my jollies or get off to you. The best way to deal with a kid that’s got no respect is to make them do something embarrassing. I think Dr. Phil said that. Or Dr. Spock. One of those geniuses. Anywho, I’m sure it’s not going to be a picnic to get your cummies to the kind of shows that are on the porn box, but that’s the point of discipline, right? You’re not supposed to like it.”

“You’re so gross!” Annika whined.

Davis shrugged and said, “I’m not the one that’s naked and about to masturbate to degrading bimbo porn.”

Annika reddened and her eyes flicked to the stairs. Davis saw the debate in her eyes, wondering if it wouldn’t be better to go sleep on the street. Davis flicked open his photo album and scrolled to his favorites. He clicked one and turned it so that Annika could see it. The photo was from years ago when he’d been a young man working the docks. He’d snapped a picture of it on the phone to preserve the memory. He’d never imagined, though, that he’d be using it this way. The photo showed his younger self, alongside two larger men. Behind them, dwarfing the three men, stood a massive hulk of a woman that Davis suspected had been part ogre.

“That’s Butch,” he pointed to her. “She called herself that. I’m sure you can see why. Anywho, when you get to the shelter, that’s the kind of woman you want to make nice with. Consider this bit of advice a freebie, because I like you.”

Annika sat down in the dog bed and fumbled with the remote.

“I’ll wake you for breakfast,” Davis said and walked up the steps.

In the living room, he brought up the camera app and watched Annika masturbate under the blanket. He could see the misery on her face on the small screen. The porn box had been one of those ideas that seemed like a good addition to the man cave. It contained hundreds of hours of downloaded porn clips, Davis’s favorites going back years. Annika wouldn’t find any lesbian porn on it, but there were a great number of videos that contained two women. Sometimes more. In most of those, the women were rather unkind to one another, but that was what he liked. Nothing quite like a good gender betrayal to beat one off to.

Davis cast the app to the TV and sat back to fondle his cock. Annika was clearly not enjoying the sight of whatever was on the screen but, as the time passed, that began to change. He figured it wasn’t the images of women being gangbanged or holding each other down so that men could faux-rape them. It was, likely, just her body’s natural response to the stimulation of the vibrator.

Getting her sexually confused cunt to get excited by degrading straight porn wasn’t the hard part. The difficult work would be getting her mind to accept that she liked it. In the process, she might break, but that wasn’t a Davis problem. Breaking her was going to be just a step. Adjusting her, then rebuilding her the way he wanted, was going to be the reward.

On the TV, Annika shook, trembled, and then she orgasmed. He could see tears glistening on her cheeks as it happened. He’d never believed that Annika was actually a lesbian. She might have a preference, but her actual orientation wasn’t consequential. For now, he simply enjoyed the sight of her orgasming to the porn. Tomorrow, there would be more choices for Annika to make, and with each one she would continue to realize that she was doing it to herself.


Annika quickly shut off the porn box after she orgasmed. Davis hadn’t specified a point at which she could stop watching the porn, so she made the decision that cumming was the proper place to stop. Davis didn’t dispute this.

He left the motion sensors on the camera active and napped for a few hours, before showering as Annika slept in the dog bed. He gave her three hours of rest and then awoke her at five in the morning. When he nudged the bed with his foot, she poked her bleary eyes out of the blanket and gave him a pleading look.

“Rise and shine,” he said. “I’ve got breakfast going and you’ve got chores to do.”

“Chores?” Annika croaked.

“Did you think I was just going to let you laze around all day, watching porno until I show you the door tomorrow? No. If you’re going to take advantage of my hospitality, you need to do something to contribute.”

Annika groaned.

“Up, up,” he prompted.

Annika, reluctantly, pulled the blanket around herself and wobbled to her feet. She cast a glance at the locked bathroom.

“Tell you what,” Davis said, following her look, and Annika whined. “I’ll give you a choice. I can let you use my bathroom, but you’re gonna give up my blanket and my bed tonight. Or, you can piss outside like a real homeless girl, after which I’m going to spank your ass again for pissing on my lawn, but you get to keep the bed, the blanket, and I’ll even take you out to get a few clothes today. That way, when you go down to the shelter tomorrow, you won’t have to do so looking like a bare-cunted slut.”

Annika looked at the bathroom door, then down at the dog bed, and pulled the blanket around herself.

“There’s always the third option,” Davis added. “You can leave right now, with everything you came here in. Every decision you make is yours.”

“Can I please have some toilet paper?” Annika asked.

Davis considered this and said, “Tell you what,” and Annika gave a frustrated growl. “I’ll give you a choice. I can let you have a roll of paper to do your business, but you’re gonna do it on the front lawn and leave the blanket here. Or, you can get creative and find your own method to clean yourself, and you get to do it in the backyard and keep the blanket.”

Annika hung her head and began to trudge up the steps. Davis followed. He watched her go out the back door and then watched through the app as Annika relieved herself on the grass. He watched her consider using the blanket once more to wipe herself, but then she made a different decision which was more delightful. She worked off her bra and used it, instead. Rather than putting the pissy garment back on, she put it into the dumpster before she came back inside. Davis, sitting at the table, felt his dick harden.

Annika entered the kitchen flushed with humiliation, the blanket covering her nudity, and fumbled with a chair.

“Let’s get that spanking out of the way,” Davis declared and stood.

“Please,” Annika pleaded.

“Tell you what,” he said, and Annika looked as if she wanted to bang her skull on the tabletop in frustration. “I’ll give you a choice. You can forgo the spanking. However, there will come a time when you want that bathroom, and it’s not gonna be to take a pee. When that time comes, I’m going to ask that you do your business on the grass and that you clean up your mess. Again, you can get creative about how you do that. Or, you can take your licks and, when that time comes, I’ll allow you to use my bathroom and my toilet paper.”

Annika paled and stood up immediately.

“Now, go grab that vibrator from the basement,” Davis instructed.

“What?” Annika asked.

“Oh, I didn’t mention? Gosh, darn it. Right. Since you wanted to be a difficult bitch about getting your butt whacked, you’re going to masturbate while I give you your whacks. The whacks are going to continue until you manage to get yourself off.”


“Let’s think this through,” Davis proposed. “You can walk out the door right now, butt-naked, with nothing. Unless you want to go get those rags you came in with. That’s a choice you have at any moment. I will do nothing to stop you. You’re not a prisoner, Annika. You came to me and asked to stay here. In so doing, you’ll be giving up a bed, a blanket, a day of being fed, and new clothes. In order to have those things, you will do some chores, and you will get your ass paddled for pissing on my lawn. You will, also, vibe your twat while I’m delivering your paddling to your behind. So, what will you choose? Breakfast is cooling.”

Annika looked at the warm food on the stove, the blanket around her naked body, and then she brushed past him angrily and started down to the basement. Davis took a seat in the living room and waited. When Annika returned, she looked at the toy in her hand and Davis could see her consider if she might be able to beat him with it. She decided she could not. Instead, she obediently lay across his lap.

Davis pulled the blanket away and Annika began to sniffle with humiliation at, once more, showing him her naked ass. Even worse, she was going to masturbate in front of him while he spanked her like a child. She clicked the vibrator and the electric hum filled the silence. She, awkwardly, held the thing against her pussy.

Davis grinned inwardly at the futility of that. She had her legs pressed tightly together, unwilling to show him her cunt. If she tried to get herself off like that, they’d be here all day. Davis didn’t mind. He had two hands. One of those hands came down with a crack on Annika’s ass.

“Ow! she screeched, and the vibrator slipped out of her hand to fall to the floor.

Davis allowed her to retrieve it with a shaking hand and she tried, once again to masturbate with it. Her second attempt proved no easier, though Davis had no trouble delivering another hard whack to her reddened bottom.

“Ow!” Annika yelped again and kicked her legs.

Once more, she dropped the toy.

“I can’t!” she whined. “It’s… It’s impossible!”

“Pick it up and give it here,” he instructed.

Annika picked it up and handed it to him.

“Best you let me take care of this. Now, open your legs.”

“What?” Annika blurted, incredulous.

“Well, if you can’t vibe your twat yourself, then I’m gonna have to do it for you. I suppose it’s good for the dexterity and all, but a touch inconvenient.”


“Tell you what,” Davis cut her off, and Annika kicked her legs again in frustration. Davis delivered another whack on her bottom, and she shrieked. “I’ll give you a choice. You can do it yourself. Based on the examples we’ve seen, we could be here all day. Now, I don’t mind. It’s not my ass on the line. Or, I can inconvenience myself and do it for you, but you’re going to repeat a special phrase for me while I give you your whacks.”

Annika, reluctantly, parted her legs. Davis couldn’t really see her cunt well, but that didn’t matter. Eventually, they’d become intimately acquainted. Of that, there was little doubt. Annika just had to keep making the choices that would get her there. He pressed the vibrator to her slit and Annika gave a small moan, which she couldn’t quite hide. Davis suspected that the spanking wasn’t quite the punishment he’d intended. When he ran the vibrator through her slit, then pulled it back to look at it, his suspicions were confirmed. It was wet.

He pushed the toy back against her cunt and slowly ran it between her lips. Annika drew her arms in, and her body gave a small shake. He hesitated on the next spanking, working her up a bit with the toy to get those good feelings rolling through her. While he held the vibrator against her button and watched her squirm, he delivered the line.

“Repeat after me: I’m sorry for being a stupid, homeless slut, Sir.”

Annika didn’t repeat the lines. Her legs kicked a little bit and her butt squirmed. Davis gave her a good whack and broke her pleasurable wiggling.

“I’m sorry!” she wailed.

He pressed the vibrator harder to her clit and gave her another slap on the other cheek.

“Why are you sorry?” he asked.

“For… being a stupid, homeless slut!”

“Sir,” he corrected and gave her another slap.

“Sir!” she added.

“Again, please,” he instructed and slid the vibrator up her gash.

“I’m sorry… for being a stupid, homeless slut,” he pushed the toy into her cunt and she shrieked, “Sir!”

Her legs kicked again.

“Continue,” he directed and smacked her again.

“I’m sorry for being a stupid, homeless slut, Sir!”


“I’m sorry for being a stupid, homeless slut, Sir!”

Davis relented and toyed her cunt for several minutes, bringing her to the brink as she repeated the words. Ten minutes passed, then fifteen, and Annika was wiggling and pushing her cunt against the toy. The phrase had shortened in that time, but Davis did not correct her.

“I’m… a stupid, homeless… slut, Sir!” she gasped. “I’m… a stupid, homeless… slut, Sir!”


Annika orgasmed in his lap. He clung tightly to her ass cheek with one hand and continued vibrating her twat as she came and mumbled, “I’m… a stupid… homeless… slut!”


Davis hadn’t actually spanked her that much. It was only ten good whacks. He’d spent most of the time just toying her cunt and making her cum, delivering a good crack to her ass just to remind her that she was supposed to be disciplined. In truth, he’d really just wanted to hear her admit that she was a stupid slut as often as possible, while his erection poked her stomach. Despite letting her off easy, Annika still stood, rather than sat, to eat her breakfast. Davis had even given her a glass of water to go with it, generous and caring man that he was.

After breakfast, Davis set Annika about her chores. He kept a tidy home, but it never hurt to avail oneself of a maid when the opportunity arose. And so, Annika cleaned toilets and floors, swept carpets, and dusted every window and shelf in the house. While she did, Davis submitted some work, then sent notice that he’d be out unexpectedly for the rest of the week, and possibly the next. Though it was tempting to watch the cameras and witness Annika’s humiliation at doing chores in the nude, he’d promised he wouldn’t peek. The fact that he’d vibrated her naked pussy to orgasm only a short time before, hadn’t diminished her embarrassment at being nude in front of him, however. That was alright. Davis was patient.

He allowed her the use of the shower once more, once the chores were complete.

“Just because you’re a stupid, homeless slut,” he said and watched her flush with rage and humiliation, “doesn’t mean I want to be seen in public with a dirty, homeless slut. Clean up and I’ll get you some of your mom’s leftover clothes to wear.”

Annika sputtered, “You had my mom’s clothes this whole time?”

“Of course. She took a lot, but I guess my dog took up the rest of the room.”

“Can I have them?” Annika asked, and then added, “Please?”

“Absolutely not. They aren’t yours. I’m going to loan you an outfit, but if she comes back, I’m not going to have her start in on me about having given away her shit. It’s her shit. She’s welcome to it. You are not.”

When Annika returned from the shower, covered in both the towel and the blanket, Davis had a set of clothes ready. Annika wasn’t quite the same size as her mother. There was a twenty-year difference, after all. For one, Annika had bigger tits. She, also, had a slimmer waist, as she’d never had a child and didn’t have any of her mother’s middle-aged weight. The first complaint about the clothes was the lack of underwear, as Davis had expected.

“I can’t go out in this without panties!” Annika complained.

“Why not? You’ve done pretty well around here without them so far.”

“This skirt is too short,” she complained. “If I barely move, I’ll be showing off!”

Davis considered this and said, “I’ll tell you what.”

Annika quickly shut the bathroom door. Davis chuckled. When Annika finally came downstairs, Davis was more than pleased by her discomfort. The top he’d chosen tied around the neck. It was white and trimmed in black around the small ruffles that graced the sides of her tits. Her breasts were pressed together and looked like two melons packed into a space that was far too small for them. This was because the top was intended for a woman who had tits half the size of Annika’s.

The matching skirt was so short that the bottom of her ass was hanging out. The skirt wasn’t quite her fit but had a tie around the waist in addition to the elastic band. On her feet, she awkwardly staggered in a pair of glossy, black boots with a thick four-inch heel. The outfit wasn’t one that was designed to be worn in public. It was one of those things Annika’s mother had picked up from a sex shop but never worn for him. On Annika’s body, the outfit was downright trashy.

“Do I have to wear this?” she whined. “I can barely walk in these. My mom’s feet were bigger.”

“You don’t have to wear them,” Davis said. “You’re choosing to wear them because you want new clothes. If I’m going to buy you those clothes, the stipulation is that you wear the outfit. You can, also, choose to stay here and be naked under a blanket, until you leave tomorrow. Or, you can choose to leave at any moment. At some point, I’m hoping that you’ll understand that life is filled with choices. They are not always the best choices, but they will be yours. Some people will attempt to take away your free will. I’m not one of them. Now, shall we?”

Annika followed behind, her shoulders sagging and head down, bumbling in the slutty shoes.


Annika sulked the entire ride to the mall, and then hesitated when it was time to get out of the car. Clearly, she did not want to wear the ridiculous outfit in a public place. There was not a single person that could look at her in it and not think slut.

“I can’t do it,” she whispered. “Davis, I can’t do it.”

Davis thought for a moment and then said, “Tell you what,” and Annika groaned, but she couldn’t bring herself to open the door. “I’m going to ask you one question. If the answer to that question is negative, then I will take you back home, let you pick any outfit that’s left to wear, and then I will buy you seven outfits of your choosing. You can, also, stay under my roof for one more night. If, on the other hand, the answer to my question is affirmative, then you’ll walk in there dressed as you are. Of course, there is always the third option, but since that outfit doesn’t belong to you, you’re not taking it with you.”

Annika looked uncertain. Then, she asked, “What’s the question?”

Davis grinned and said, “lift yourself off the seat.”

Annika looked at him curiously, suspicious, but she inched herself up off the seat, pulling the skirt over her crotch.

Davis looked at the seat and said, “The answer is yes.”

Annika looked down at her seat, where a small wet smear from her cunt glistened on the leather. She quickly sat back down, crossed her arms under her tits, and blushed. Davis opened the door, rounded the car, and then opened hers. Annika stepped outside.

It was amusing, he thought, to watch her alternate tugging the front of the skirt down to cover her cunt, then the back to shield her ass. Her skin glowed with a nice red tint as Davis led her to his first choice of store. The store was named Fresh N’ Fun, and it was a new addition. Posters in the windows declared that it was a grand opening and proudly displayed the store’s name. The text below read, “A DomCo Company.”

Annika seemed less enthusiastic at the offerings than did Davis. The store was separated into sections. In one corner, a sign hung from the ceiling indicating “Dark and Dirty,” while a second quarter of the large space was for, “Tiny and Tantalizing.” Still, a third section was marked, “Fertile and Flirty,” while the final section was, “Pretty in Pink.” It was to this last that Davis took Annika.

The offerings in this section were all bubblegum pop, pink, white, and reeked of brainless bimbosity. Annika gaped at them in horror.

“Seriously?” she whined.

“Did you bring any money of your own?” Davis asked.

He was surprised when her flush deepened even further. She was nearly as pink as the girly clothes around her.

“These are disgusting,” she said, plucking at a pink tube top with white trim.

“I think they’re just adorable,” Davis said.

Annika followed behind him as he studied the clothes. He handed her a glossy, pink, vinyl mini skirt and a white top with a deep neckline and a pair of big, pink kissy lips on the front. Annika looked ill. His second choice was a PU leather mini dress, also in baby pink. Annika nearly choked when she had to tell him her size.

Next, he selected two pairs of glossy heels, one in pink and the other in white. He led her to the dressing rooms. Annika tried on the two-piece outfit, showed him as instructed, and he approved. The dress, also, met with his approval. He purchased the clothes for her and they started back to the car.

Annika got stares from everyone, tottering along on the precarious heels, her skin flushed, consternation plain on her face. It was pushing lunch time now, so Davis veered toward the food court of the mall. He set the bags at one of the tables and had Annika sit with them. Then, he ordered Chinese and brought it back to the table. He only had one tray.

Annika looked at it and smacked her lips. Davis took a bite and Annika made a small, pathetic whine, much like a dog begging from the floor. Davis raised a brow as he swallowed.

“You said you’d feed me today,” Annika whispered.

Davis nodded and replied, “I fed you breakfast. I didn’t specify how many times I would feed you.”

“That’s not fa––”

“Tell you what,” Davis cut her off.

“Oh my God,” Annika said and put her head in her hands.

“Seeing as my generosity, apparently, knows no bounds, I’ll feed you two more meals today. If I do, you’re going over to that hair place,” he motioned with his fork, “and when you come out, you’re going to be a blonde with extensions. This whole,” he gesticulated with his fork at her hair, “whatever that is you’ve got going on? It isn’t cute.”

“Or?” Annika said.

Davis nodded and said, “Or, I can not feed you twice more today, and our agreement stands as-is.”

He waited. And he ate.

“Does that food include drinks?” Annika asked.

Davis grinned and said, “Now you’re learning. Yes. You can also have drinks.”

“And the bathroom?” she asked.

“Don’t push it, vagrant.”

He did not mention that he had no control over the mall restrooms.

“Okay,” Annika said.

“What would you like to eat?”


Goddamned hair was expensive shit, Davis thought, as he settled Annika’s bill almost three hours later. He tipped the stylist well, in addition, because the results were fantastic. Annika was far less thrilled by the results. She preferred dark and dreary in almost everything. Black hair, black clothes, rips, holes, and screaming lesbians making music. Long blonde locks and bubblegum pink bimbo suits were the antitheses of everything she loved. Her displeasure––No. Her pure, unadulterated hatred of the hair was written across her pretty face as plain as it if had been scrawled with black marker.

As Davis led her back to the car, making her carry the bags, he watched her body vibrating with rage. At the end of this journey, he surmised, she’d either leave, be broken, or she’d murder him in his sleep. She didn’t speak to him on the way home. Not that he expected her to.

“I want you to put on the pink dress and the pink heels,” Davis instructed.


“So that we can go out to dinner tonight. You did want to eat dinner, right?”

“Yeah, but… I just thought we’d eat here.”

“Seeing as I’m a generous fellow, I thought I’d at least treat you to a nice meal before you go tomorrow. Sort of a, I don’t know, a farewell to the good old days. With you and your mom both out of my life for good, it’s kind of like starting a whole new chapter. I mean, life holds so much promise and the future looks bright. It might be time to start planning my next move. Maybe even a real move, you know, get out of this town and head for warmer climes. Beaches, mountains. There are so many possibilities.”

Annika looked as though she might vomit. Davis clapped her on the shoulder and said, “Don’t look so glum, kiddo. You’re young. Life’s your oyster. You’ve got your own way to go and possibilities of your own. It’ll be like an adventure! Which shelter will be the one for the next night? Will you be a stripper, a hooker, the next porn princess? Which rapist is the father of my baby? You see? Adventure. Excitement. What? Why are you crying, Annie?”

Annika was crying, shaking her head, and sobbing into her hands. Davis pulled her in for a hug and patted her new, shiny bimbo hair.

“Now, now,” he shushed her. “With that new hair and the clothes you liked, you’re going to look, easily, ten times cuter and more rapeable. Why, if I were a betting man, I’d wager you’ll have yourself a good pimp in under a week. I’d even be daring enough to say that with a face as pretty as yours, he won’t even be keen to slap you too hard. Wouldn’t want to leave a mark, you know?”

Davis’s method of consolation, heartfelt as it was, did not abate Annika’s tears.

“Anywho, why don’t you go put on that dress and the pink heels and we’ll get going. You may want to dry up those tears, though. No one likes an unhappy bimbo.”

It took Annika some time to dry her tears before she put on the dress and the pink heels. Davis had to help her walk in the spiked heels. He’d taken the time to make himself look––were he to be honest––quite dapper. He admired Annika’s breasts spilling over the top of the embarrassing dress, while she looked out the window vacantly.

The establishment was a nicer one, not something that one needed to be waitlisted for, but a solid four stars. While he took water with his meal, he let Annika order two glasses of wine before he cut her off.

“It wouldn’t do to go out into the big scary world with a hangover, would it?” he reminded her.

Annika didn’t reply, but stared at the table, picking at her food miserably. She’d only eaten half of it. Despite the gawking of the other patrons and staff, Annika didn’t even have the presence of mind to be properly humiliated by her current state of dress. She was far too focused on imagining the horrors that awaited her on the morrow. Davis, however, thought the meal was excellent.

He had the server box up the remainder of Annika’s food and, in the car, he set it on the back seat and remarked, “You can take that with you in the morning. My little parting gift.”

Annika had no reply. She stared out the window on the drive home. It was just after seven in the evening when they returned to Davis’ house.

“What a day,” Davis said with a stretch and a yawn. I don’t know about you, but I’m bushed. Why don’t you go hit the hay and I’ll wake you early.”

Annika, hanging her head shuffled toward the basement. She dragged the blanket behind her on the floor. Davis settled himself in front of the TV to wait for her despair to take over. It happened more quickly than he thought.

More than once over the thirty minutes, he was tempted to watch the camera app. The anticipation was nearly unbearable. Instead, he dozed on the couch with the motion sensors set on the camera. He snapped up when they triggered.

The sound of the basement door opening was soon followed by the clack of heels against the hardwood floor. The steps quieted as Annika walked across the carpet. She stood in front of him with wet cheeks and red eyes, the most pitiful look of defeat on her face. She fell on her knees and put her face into his lap and cried. Davis was certain that she could feel his hard cock.

He rested his hand on her new hair and stroked it kindly as she blubbered.

“Please,” she finally pleaded. “Please don’t make me go!”

Davis continued to stroke her hair.

“I can’t go to a… a shelter! I don’t want a pimp! I can’t do it. Please!”

Davis continued to stroke her hair.

“I’ll… I’ll do all the chores,” she offered. “I’ll clean everything! I’ll make food and… and mow the grass. Just, please, don’t make me go!”

Davis, at last, lifted her head.

“Tell you what,” he said.

“No,” Annika whispered.

“I’ll give you a choice.”

Annika made an incomprehensible noise.

“This house is one where people contribute. Now, if you can make a contribution, I’ll give you one week to stay here and prove it. During that week, you will follow my rules. If you do not want to follow my rules, then you are welcome to leave. Tomorrow, we’ll discuss those rules. Then, you can make your decision.”

Annika put her head back into his lap and cried a muffled, “Thank you,” and then added, “Sir.”

Davis patted her kindly and sent her back to the basement. It was time to start making some adjustments.


Like the sound of this story? Grab the finished book in the shop. Altering Annika is the story of a girl's choices, made in desperation, and the changes those choices bring to her life and her sexuality. 26,000 words and 7 chapters.

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