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New Title: The Good Daughter

Yikes! I know it's been a while since the last book came out. Too long, really. The good news is that life's starting to settle a bit, so I'm starting to get back to work on new material. A lot of you are waiting on Kayla 3, which I've been plugging on for nearly a year now. Sadly, this is not that book.

Given what life's been like the past year, I needed to break away from Kayla for a bit and dive into something completely unrelated in order to finish up Kayla. So, I set it all aside and pulled up a little idea I'd had lurking for a while.

This one's a filth-fest from page one to the end. You won't find any whacky sci-fi or gadgets here. This one's grounded in the good old-fashioned world of sibling rivalry: that of girls just being plain mean to other girls. In true Hamlin fashion, it's a tale of two sisters, with some other family members thrown in.

Alicia is a bit of a brat. She's a pretty girl, popular, and more interested in parties than her education. Her younger sister, Camilla, is the opposite. She's the good daughter. Camilla's a nerd. She likes school, science, and books. Camilla is also a tremendous pervert.

When her older sister's partying ways land her on academic suspension, Alicia is a hair away from pissing her father off and ending up on the streets. She can't let him find out about her latest screw-up, or she's sure to wind up homeless, running from rape gangs.

Camilla, though, has discovered Alicia's troubles. All she needs to do is hand over the notice from Alicia's school, and her sister's life is ruined. But Camilla won't do that. Not if Alicia agrees to do one little dirty thing for her.

The problem now is that this one thing puts Alicia in Camilla's pocket. As the days pass, not only does Alicia find herself at the mercy of Camilla, but others in her life. Her teachers. Her boyfriend's father. Her neighbor. Everyone has a degrading, humiliating, and perverted demand from Alicia.

Sure, she's on track to pull her grades out of the dumpster, thanks to Camilla. But when the semester ends, who will she be?

This story is a full-length novel, set in the universe of Playing with Toys, a place filled with unkind people. As such, it features cameo appearances by the reprehensible Dr. Carol Keller and Rebecca. And as with all things Toys, don't count on a happy ending. Enjoy.

Length: 51K words

Chapter Headings:


2. The Good Daughter

3. Academic Suspension

4. Teeny Face Bangers

5. Findr

6. Academic Discipline

7. Modern Art

8. Alicia's Anus

9. Normal

10. Clinical Study

11. Operant Conditioning

12. Invasion of Privacy

13. The Merciless Machine

14. Matters of Size

15. Cleanliness

16. Peer Review

17. Dr. Keller

18. Udders

19. Sex Object

Chapter One: Failure

Alicia sat nude in her sister's computer chair and watched the slut on the screen suck cock. Three fingers deep in her cunt, she worked to get off before the timer on the desk ran out. She couldn't do it. There wasn't enough time. The nipple clamps were too painful on her tits, and the one squeezing horribly on her clit made it so hard to orgasm.

Tears ran down her cheeks, and sniffle snot oozed over her lips. Her tongue flicked out to wet her mouth, and she tasted the sniffles, mingled with the salty remains of the semen on her face. Forty-six seconds left.

In her ass, a vibrating buttplug buzzed away. If it weren't for the clamps, that bit of added sensation might have pushed her over the edge. It had happened before, during class. This time, it wasn't going to do the job.

Camilla stood over her shoulder, her excited breathing audible over the sounds of the wet sucking coming from the speakers. Her sucking. She was the slut on the screen, and the dick in her mouth belonged to a man she didn't even know.

"You can do it, Ali," Camilla whispered in her ear. "You can do it. You don't want to have to shower with Mr. Blake, right?"

Alicia groaned and caressed that special spot in her pussy that should have gotten her there, but it just wouldn't happen. The pain and the three fingers were too much. Had it been one finger, she could have done it. She was sure. Three was too much. Her pussy was too tight, and the extra digits were more painful than pleasurable. Twenty-two seconds.

On the screen, the administrator from the homeless shelter grabbed a handful of her tits and forced the length of his cock between them. She cried out in pain and flinched back, but he wasn't having it. He held her in place as she squirmed, drool running from her mouth in sticky strings that spattered her tits.

"Here it cums, bitch," the man said. "Ah, fuck! Here it comes!"

Thirteen seconds.

The man tossed his head back and groaned as he ejaculated across her tits. Alicia vividly recalled how cheap and used she'd felt, like she was nothing more than a wet hole and a set of tits for him to use as a masturbation aid. The first ropes of his cum ran down into her belly, but before he'd finished, he pulled out of her cleavage and splattered her face with a third and fourth blast.

Four seconds.

She was going to fail. It was inevitable. Still, she kept going. It was so close, despite the pain. The camera in Camilla's hand captured the stunned, flushed look on her face as she peered up, coated in streaks of gooey white.

The timer hit zero.

"Good girl," the man said and rubbed his cockhead across her lips.

Alicia came.

"Oh, no," Camilla said. "You were so close."

But Camilla didn't sound unhappy about her sister's failure. There was a hint of laughter in that taunting voice. The whole thing, after all, had been Camilla's doing.


Ready to begin Alicia's descent into depravity? Pick up the finished novel in the shop today!

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