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Twelve Days in Christmas, Ch. 2-8: (Guest Post by Lisa X Lopez)

The second edition of Lisa X Lopez's Twelve Days in Christmas. Read part one here. Though it's not the site's usual kinks, I believe in sharing excellent writing and promoting good authors, especially when they're fresh and getting started. Lisa has some darker kinks coming down the line, too. Her versatility makes her one of the best new erotica authors to watch out for.

December 14th: Marcy

Waking up with her brother’s tongue stroking wetly through her pussy was, possibly, the best way Christmas could think of. She played at sleep and let him lick and suck at her, while his hands slid beneath the pajama top to touch her breasts. When he sealed his lips around her button, though, and began to flick his tongue around it in little circles, there was no more playing. She ground her pussy against him and sighed happily, giggling as he worked her toward the perfect morning orgasm. Then it came, and she shuddered, her legs giving small kicks as the pleasure brought her around.

Her hand found his, still beneath her shirt, and covered it. There was something so erotic about feeling his hand on her breasts, covering it with her own through the layer of cloth, resting it there as he gently squeezed her. He continued licking slowly up and down her slit, apparently in a mood to return the long and luxurious oral pleasure she’d given him the night before. The moment was perfect and she couldn’t break it with words, so she only moaned softly and enjoyed the long, thorough tongue fucking.

After bringing her off again, Brad moved up her body and kissed her, sharing the reward he’d extracted from her. His naked cock, hard and hot, pressed against her pussy. Just the slightest inkling of consent and he’d push it into her, fill her up and fuck her. He’d make slow love to her, she knew, feeling the mood. It was torture on herself not to give him the go ahead, but it wasn’t time. That would ruin the build-up and then she’d let him fuck her every day. Instead, she broke the kiss and cupped his cheek, closing her legs.

“I loved that,” she said. “Thank you.”

“Any time,” he said, his voice gruff, excited, but a bit annoyed at having been denied.

“I need to shower,” she said, “and I’m going to do it alone. I need to go out with the girls today.”

Brad let her go, looking down at his hardon, then at her with a pleading look.

She shook her head teasingly and said, “I like you this way. My game, my rules. Don’t you dare empty those balls on your own.”

Brad groaned as she stood up and stretched, shaking her hair and giving him an enticing view of her ass as she bent over to retrieve the pajama bottoms. She tossed them to him, then stripped off the shirt, standing naked in front of him, then tossed him the clothes.

“Do some laundry for me, will you?” she asked, and ran for the shower.


When she was dressed, Christmas crept into the laundry room, where Brad was putting clothes into the washer. She glided in behind him and slid her arms around his waist, nuzzling the back of his neck. Her hand snaked downward, into his pajama pants, and found his half-hard cock.

Brad groaned as she stroked it for him, getting it hard again in moments. She continued to stroke him, her fist around his length, jerking him delicately.

“When I come home, I could suck it for you again,” she whispered. “You could let your little sister suck your cock, like a filthy little pervert. Would you like that?”


“You could put me on my knees and push your big cock right into my mouth again.”


She stroked him faster. “You could fuck my mouth really hard, like a pussy, since I’m teasing you so bad. Do you want that? Do you want to choke me with it and make me do it for you until you cum?”


“Cum for me,” she begged, her tits pressed into his back. “Cum for your little sister and you can do it. You can use my mouth like a wet little hole for your cock.”

Brad’s penis jerked, and he groaned, cumming into her hand, his pants, as he leaned against the washer. Christmas withdrew her hand and licked it, watching him as he slowly turned around.

“You have some more laundry to do,” she said, sucking on her finger. “I’ll be home later.”

Brad gasped and then said, “What… about your car?”

“I’m taking yours,” she said, grinning. “You don’t mind, right?”

He shook his head. She leaned up and kissed him on the mouth.

“Don’t you go getting yourself on the ‘good’ list. I need you to be really naughty, alright?”

He nodded, swallowing, and watched her walk out the door, his keys jingling in her hand.


The town’s main street had grown over the last four years, Christmas noted, as she strolled down the sidewalk with Sasha and Leah. Many of the same old businesses, town staples that had been installed for decades, stood alongside newer ones. Some of these, she noted, were familiar corporate names that had been present in the big city. Ella’s Homespun Fashions stood next to a Gap store, and a Starbucks sat across the street from The Roost, a family-owned cafe and coffee bar. The two of them seemed to have a healthy rivalry going, too, as each store had their own sign claiming to be able to produce their own “twist” on the other’s favorite drinks.

On every other lamppost, Christmas saw, were signs advertising this year’s holiday activities. The middle school would be putting on a performance of A Christmas Carol, while the dance school that Christmas had attended was doing The Nutcracker. Then, there was the annual pageant, a fundraiser for the benefit of the Christmas Scholars Program, which provided scholarships for college.