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Reared in Birchbark Falls: Breeding Allison

What'sis? Yer wanting a helping of familial baby batter? Well, daddy's here t'help. Way back when, in the days when folk were more like to give ya' a kind word on the street, rather'n a middle finger, the standard edition o' a little story 'bout the town o' Birchbark Falls popped out ma' noggin. I reckon it's 'bout time to give up Allison's pussy fer a fatherly breedin' at no charge. If yer not up t'speed on the original Asstastic Fantasy of Familial Bumfuckery that is Reared in Birchbark Falls, ya' can find this wacky bit o' incestuous oddity by clicking here. This here's the final three chapters that were included in the Breeder's Edition.

Allison from Reared in Birchbark Falls

Chapter Ten: The Blessing

Allison, lay on her side, her father’s hand tightly cupping her breast. It was Monday morning and Allison needed to go to school. However, her father was determined that she would attend with a load of his spunk in her asshole. Jim was, therefore, balls deep in his girl’s anus once more.

Wearing her dildo gag, Allison moaned and mumbled, drooling into her pillow as her father gently eased the length of his swollen cock in and out of her young asshole as Allison wiggled in his tight grip. She’d been the recipient of many orgasms these last few weeks, but none so powerful as what she’d experienced from her first butt fucking the previous evening.

She was sure that it had something to do with the fact that she’d been made to wear the belt for three days, denied orgasms, and been continually aroused. The end result, though, was one she’d very much enjoyed. Her fear of having a real cock in her backdoor had been replaced with a needful longing to have her anus stuffed with an engorged cock shaft, which her father was more than willing to provide.

As Jim plumbed the depths of her anus once again, slowly fucking the length of his penis into his daughter, Allison was on the verge of cumming again. Her father quickened his strokes, filling the room with his grunting, Allison’s mumbled squeaks of pleasure, and the wet sucking as her teenage asshole sucked at his cock. There was, unfortunately, a time limit at play, and so Jim dutifully filled his girl’s anus with his morning load.


Once breakfast was served, Jim plugged Allison’s ass once more to hold in the morning gift, after which she was locked into the belt.

“Now you’ve had that cum that ya’ were lookin’ to get so bad, you’ll be wantin’ another. That’s your cunny talkin’ and yer not gonna give in to its temptation,” Jim explained, “We’ll have it off when yer home, where I can decide how and when ya’ get another one.”

Allison was not happy about this, sulking, but she did not complain. If she were to make a fuss, she knew, her father might make her wear the belt all week. Three days had been awful. She did not want it to go on longer. Her father sent her off to school as the belt vibrated her twat.

While his daughter attended school, Jim drove his truck into town to deliver some new furniture to the general store. After unloading his cargo, he made a stop in at the church for a talk with Father Lincoln. He found the Father in his office.

“Jim,” Father Lincoln said, rising to shake his hand over the desk.

“Father,” Jim said, shaking it.

The Father offered him a seat.

“What’s on your mind today, Jim?” Father Lincoln asked.

“Father, I come to ask fer yer blessin’ and guidance on a matter that’s weighin’ on my heart,” Jim said.

“Of course,” The Father replied, nodding.

“You know I been teachin’ my girl about the rightness of a woman’s shame, as well as the proper way a woman’s to serve her husband.”

The Father nodded.

“I lost my Sarah some years ago, you’ll recall,” Jim said.

“God rest her soul,” The Father added.

“I got no sons, and I got no wife, but I do important work here in town. It’s work I’d like to pass on to my own, but all The Lord seen to bless me with, thus far, is my Allison. It ain’t a woman’s work, what I do,” Jim said.

“Of course, not,” Father Lincoln agreed, “The path of the carpenter is a holy one, the same shared with Jesus. The Lord’s blessed you with an important gift.”

“That’s good’o ya’ to say, Father. Good, indeed, and I’m a fortunate man to have been given that skill. I been real hard at work, too, on Allison. The girl’s a fit and proper little butt slut. I felt it first-hand.”

“She gave it willingly?” Father Lincoln asked.

“Course, Father. I’d never!”

“Of course,” Father Lincoln agreed.

Jim continued, “Father I come to ask yer blessin’ on a path toward birthin’ a son or two. My girl’s as ready for breedin’ as one’o Farmer Pembroke’s mares and, frankly, I’d like to do the deed myself. I know it ain’t common in the big cities, but it also ain’t unheard of, even here in town.”

Father Lincoln leaned back and considered this. After a moment’s thought he came to a conclusion.

“Jim,” he said, “It certainly isn’t unheard of, both in the Good Book and in our town. Why, Charles Grassley and his late widow were siblings. Marybeth and Sue Ellen are, even now, receiving their father’s instruction on the proper pleasures, just as your Allison. Dominick Jones has sired his four children on his daughters, all of them healthy as a calf. I shouldn’t say that it’s a problem, enlightened as Birchbark Falls is. Just as Allison came to you willingly for her anal pleasures, so must she come willingly to this.”

“Of course, Father. Of course. There’d be no other way. I love my girl like I loved my Sarah.”

“God rest her soul,” the father said.

“Thank ya’ Father. Ya’ been a great help,” Jim said, shaking his hand again.

Chapter Eleven: Permission ta' Breed Ya

The day of wearing the vibrating belt to school, after the joys of her overwhelming orgasms, was torture on Allison’s young pussy. She arrived home desperate to have the belt removed and her daddy’s cock pushed into her anus, if only it would let her cum. Sadly, her father had other plans.

Allison was made to do her homework before anything else. She did it, naturally, with the rubber penis in her bottom, affixed to the chair, but the belt remained on. Furthermore, Jim placed a strap across her lap, locking it under her chair, so that Allison was not able to bounce her bottom on the toy in order to cum from her ass, in the way she’d been trained to do.

“You’ll have that cum when I decide yer good n’ ready,” Jim explained, and returned to his workshop until it was time to make dinner.

Allison, having completed her homework, waited at the table, squirming her bottom on the toy in an attempt to get her release, but it wouldn’t happen. Before making dinner, Jim toileted and showered his daughter, removing the belt. Holding his daughter from behind, his penis between her legs, where it slipped maddeningly between her young pussy gash, Jim soaped her body and spent several long minutes squeezing her breasts and tugging at her nipples. The hot spray of the shower pelted Allison’s skin as she trembled in his arms, the length of his cock sliding back and forth between her spread lips, until she thought she was going to lose her mind.

Still, she was not allowed to cum. Instead, she was put back in the belt for the duration of dinner, then made to do the dishes. Her chore complete, she met her father in the living room.

“Dad, please! Please, can I cum? You can give me a proper butt fucking, all you want.” Allison begged, fidgeting adorably.

“You’ll have that butt fucking and yer cum when I decide it’s fer yer good,” Jim said, “but ya’ need to learn that it’s only at my say so.”

Allison did not want to hear this, but she had little choice. Jim instructed her to kneel, then pushed his cock into her mouth, holding her head in his large hands and masturbating himself for a few minutes with his daughter’s mouth. Slick and hardened, he turned the girl around, removed the belt, and Allison thrilled at the chance to cum.

Her father had her sit on his cock, the length of his cock shaft sliding into her warm anus, until her soft ass cheeks settled against his lap. Jim turned on the TV and began a new series of instructional porno. He held Allison tightly to his lap, his cock stuffed deeply into her rectum, but he did not fuck it. Instead, he had Allison watch the new videos while he groped her breasts and rubbed maddeningly at her cunt.

The new videos all featured young women, Allison’s age, and in each video, the girls were being fucked in their teenage pussies by older men. The common theme, she learned was that every man deposited his load into the girl and then had her keep it inside. The girls were being bred, she realized, recalling her father’s words from the start of her training. Yer cunny is for breedin’ and yer ass is fer pleasin’.

With a sick feeling in her stomach, Allison realized where this was going. Her father was going to breed her pussy. She’d been trained in her womanly duties to please a future husband, but the thought that she’d be inseminated at some point had never occurred to her. The videos, though, did something inside her, made her feel hotter and more confused, because her asshole was stuffed with her father’s cock and one hand was tugging her nipples as he stroked her wet cunny with the other.

“I had me a chat with Father Lincoln today,” Jim said suddenly, “and got God’s permission to breed ya’.”

Allison moaned in a mixture of arousal and distress.

“It’s yer choice, though,” Jim explained, continuing to fondle her body, “I ain’t gonna put no baby in ya’ that ya’ don’t ask fer.”

“I don’t… I don’t want that,” Allison said.

“That’s just fine,” Jim said.

Jim took up a voice recorder and switched it on.

“Now, I want you to repeat after me while we watch the movie,” he instructed.

Allison, her head in a warm fog of intense horniness and craving her release, did as instructed.

“Cum in my cunny, daddy,” Jim said.

Allison whined, but she repeated the words into the recorder.

“I want your baby, daddy,” Jim said, and she repeated the words.

“Please breed me, daddy,” Jim said.

Allison repeated the words as her father played with her cunt, pushing her toward an orgasm.

“I am my daddy’s breeding slut,” Jim instructed.

Allison sniffled, unsure where this was going, but her eyes were intent on the sight of yet another girl being filled with a big load of cum, and her pussy was spasming with an impending orgasm.

“I love daddy’s gift in my cunny,” Jim said and frigged her engorged little button.

Allison repeated the words, breathily, as she orgasmed, but just as it hit her Jim slapped her cunt, hard, and Allison screeched, the pain of the slap cutting short the rush of pleasure that had just started to consume her.

“Ow!” she cried and then Jim resumed punishing her clit again with his fingers.

“Say it again,” he said gruffly.

Allison shook and began to orgasm once more, saying, “I love daddy’s gift in my cunny!”

Jim slapped her cunt again, harder, killing the pleasure once more and making Allison begin to sob. Now, he put his arms around her and held her to his chest, his hands on her breasts, squeezing them as his daughter sobbed quietly in confusion, her eyes devouring the sight of yet another girl squealing with the pleasure she was denied as she was filled with jizz.

Until they went to bed, Jim kept Allison on his lap, his penis deep in her rear entrance, touching, squeezing, and teasing her body. By the time they made for bed, Allison was flushed and trembling with need from the taboo torture. Before getting to sleep, though, Allison was put back into the belt, sniffling as her father clicked the lock shut, then fitted with her dildo gag.

Jim, then placed a set of earbuds in her ears, attached the small recorder to them, and put the recording on a loop. He lay behind her, as he’d done so many times before, then slid the full length of his cock back into her tender young bottom. Allison groaned and attempted to hump his cock, but Jim was having none of it. The belt vibrated, making her father’s cock jerk erratically in her asshole. He groped her breasts with his hand as they lay together in the darkness, and then the sound of her own voice, breathy with caged lust and her need to cum, began to play on a loop in the earbuds.

“Cum in my cunny, daddy… I want your baby, daddy… Please breed me, daddy… I am my daddy’s breeding slut… I love daddy’s gift in my cunny…”

Chapter Twelve: Breed me Daddy

During the night, the vibrations of the belt through Allison’s thin walls caused Jim to ejaculate into her anus. He kept his soft cock lodged in her ass, though, even as Allison squirmed against him with her need to orgasm. It was a hard thing not to give it to her, but there was a legacy to think of. The girl needed to have her thoughts adjusted a bit was all.

Allison barely slept and, when she did, she dreamed of the pleasurable feeling of her father’s cock sliding between her cunny lips, and the way she’d cum when his hot semen splashed into her tight little entrance. All the while, the words she’d said repeated, over and over in the darkness as Jim squeezed her breast and the belt vibrated her twat. Her father’s cock hardened once more in her ass at some point and, just before they awoke for another day, a second load of daddy cum erupted into her stuffed butthole.

Before Allison left for school, Jim repeated his showering of his daughter, running the length of his stiff prick between her aroused lips, coating them with her girl cream while he fondled her breasts. Then, he put her back in the belt and sent her off to school.


Allison was tired all day, but she found no rest when she returned home. Instead, there was homework, which was done once more with the rubber cock in her ass, tied to the chair. After dinner, she was cleaned again as Jim pleasured his cock with her soft, wet pussy lips and groped her breasts. Then, it was time for another round of porno.

With her father’s cock up her ass, she watched the girls orgasming, moaning and crying out from the pleasure of having their pussies filled with cum. Jim repeatedly groped her tits and stroked her cunt, bringing her to the edge of an orgasm, denying her, then repeating the process. By the time they went to bed, Allison still hadn’t been able to cum.

Once more, the sleeping arrangements were repeated, but this time her father did not put the belt on her. Instead, he bound her hands to the bedpost with a length of soft cord and placed the headphones in her ears. Her voice began to play, aroused, horny, sounding very excited as she told herself that she wanted her father to breed her. Jim lay behind her, fondling her tits as he slowly worked his cock through her dripping slit. Allison moaned around her gag as her father teased her cunt with his erection.

Jim took care to rub his throbbing cockhead against her clit, the splashing sounds of his daughter’s shame wetly coating his penis. Allison whined as the voice played in her ears throughout the night, the feel of his warm, stiff cock slipping wetly through her teenage sex. Jim paused every now and again to part her folds with the head of his cock, nestling it inside her entrance, where it pulsed hotly, reminding his daughter that she need just say the words and it would fill her cunny, giving her the pleasure that the girls in the video had received for their capitulation to being bred.

That was frightening, though, as her first butt fucking had been frightening. Only, it was frightening because of the implications. Her ass was for pleasure. No matter how many times her father delivered his warm cum into her round bottom, nothing would happen.

Her cunny, though, was a whole other matter. She’d give in, allow him to plaster her gripping fucktunnel with his seed, and then her belly would swell. She’d become a mother and a sister at the same time and it was confusing, scary. For two days, though, she’d been indecently aroused, unable to cum, her mind locked on the singular need for release. She’d watched dozens of girls get their pleasure, their release, from being impregnated.

Allison understood, beneath the confused, intense horniness, that her body was already beginning to betray her. The sight of those hot, warm pussies being filled with fatherly seed were becoming associated with her need to cum. It had happened throughout her anal training. Whenever she watched one of the videos, in which a girl had her anus stuffed with cock, she immediately became highly aroused.

The same thing was happening now. She was tired and horny, her mind like mush. There was barely anything in her thoughts but the need to cum. Still, she couldn’t bring herself to say the words.

Throughout the entire evening, Jim kept up his gentle stroking of his daughter’s cunt, even when she finally did fall asleep from exhaustion. Her rest, though, was not meaningful. There was little comfort in being gagged and tied to a bedpost, while a hard cock rhythmically stroked between her highly aroused sex and her tits were constantly squeezed and tugged.


For the entire rest of the week, Allison endured this. Each evening was spent watching the creampie porno, her father’s cock fitted snugly into her anus, while he stroked and fingered her cunny. Each night she either wore the belt with Jim’s cock up her ass, or she was bound as he pushed his cock along her slit. In either case, the sound of her voice played all night long in her ears.

“Cum in my cunny, daddy… I want your baby, daddy… Please breed me, daddy… I am my daddy’s breeding slut… I love daddy’s gift in my cunny…”

By Friday evening, Allison broke. She knew, at some point, that it was going to happen. She couldn’t fight it. Her cunny was driving her insane with its need, its temptation. She hadn’t orgasmed for five days.

She swept into the house, flushed, agitated, and trembling. She found her father in his workshop, carefully sanding a bartop for one of the drinking holes in town.

“Dad!” she cried, sweating and shaking, “Please… I… Please!”

Jim rounded on her and raised a brow.

“Please what?”

“I… I need… Please breed me, daddy,” she said.

“There’s a girl,” Jim said with a smile, “Wasn’t so hard now, was it?”

“Please!” Allison begged again.

“You go in and get started on that homework,” Jim instructed, “After supper we’ll see to yer breedin’.”

Allison returned to the house, the belt vibrating her cunt, and began to do the sloppy homework, unable to concentrate on it.


Jim kept up the torment of his daughter’s needy cock tunnel through another long shower, after dinner. As he stroked his pole between her legs and groped her breasts, he had her repeat her words.

“Cum in my cunny, daddy… I want your baby, daddy… Please breed me, daddy… I am my daddy’s breeding slut… I love daddy’s gift in my cunny…”

At last, he judged it time and had Allison towel off her nude body. He took her into his bedroom, where he mounted her chest and pleasured his penis with her mouth until his babymaker was stiffened appropriately for the task. Allison, her skin flushed with desperation to cum shuddered as her daddy parted her legs and slapped his cock wetly against her pussy. He played his cockhead against her aroused little button, making her buck her hips and whine as she panted, her eyes pleading.

“Now, this might have a bit of sting to it at first,” Jim said, “but that’s just yer cunny takin’ its first dose’o cock. You’ll do just fine after that.”

Allison nodded and bit her lip, her tits heaving with anxiousness. Jim placed the head of his cock at her entrance, the wetness and warmth of that unfucked little hole gripping tightly about his flared head as he eased it into her opening. Allison gripped the sheets at the now familiar feeling of her daddy’s throbbing crown just inside of her.

Jim adjusted his angle and his cock slid easily between Allison’s honey-coated folds. The vision of it was so erotic that he paused for a deep breath. His daughter’s breeding hole looked so beautiful, stretched as it was around the first two inches of his jerking penis. The excitement and the feeling of a woman’s pussy around him was like returning home from a trip to the city. He slowly eased in further, making Allison gasp, a ripple of pleasure and fear running up her body.

Again her father pushed his cock deeper, to the point that it met resistance. Allison went rigid with the anticipation of pain. Jim put her legs around his waist and then leaned over the girl, taking one of her breasts into his mouth and sucking on it as he pulled his cock back, then eased it in again. For a passionate few minutes he did this over and over, spearing her teenage cunny with his cockhead to that little barrier, his tongue on her nipple and lips locked around it.

Allison, lost in her need, gently humped her pussy against his cock. Jim drew back and then gave a single thrust that made Allison squeak, once, sharply, and then he paused. Half his cock in the girl, he held her and allowed her to adjust to the feel of a man’s dick spreading her virgin hole open. Allison, after the days of teasing, was wetter than any pussy Jim had ever had the pleasure of fucking. She shook and trembled panting in his arms.

Again he withdrew his cock and then pushed it gently into her, slowly easing the full length of it inside her spasming, aroused cunny. Allison gave a long guttural groan as the head of his cock pulsed deep in her fucktunnel.

“Ya’ did good, girl,” Jim said, breathily.

Allison glowed with pride and then her face became a mask of pleasure, her mouth opening into a wide O of ecstasy as Jim began to slowly fuck his dick into her teenage sheath with short strokes. Allison squealed, just like the girls in the videos, cumming around her father’s dominant cock as it stirred up her insides in a feeling that was so unlike having her bottom reamed. She gasped at the intense pleasure as the base of his cock bumped against her clit, their bodies grinding together.

Allison’s back arched off the bed as Jim began to feed the full length of his fatherly cock into his little girl, her legs locked around him and arms gripping his muscled shoulders. Her father’s big dick stroked wetly in and out of her tightly gripping cunt, the wet walls of her sex milking his shaft, begging him to inseminate her. Allison continued to writhe and moan under his body, cumming again as he rhythmically stuffed her so full of her daddy’s cock, paving the way for her imminent impregnation.

The consequences of that were, currently, lost on Allison, whose mind was consumed with the overload of pleasure from between her legs, the constant waves and bursts of pleasure erupting in her body and brain. The entirety of her world seemed to be the wet smacking of her father’s penis into her shamefully wet cunny, and the starbursts of pleasure in her head as each thrust of that cock spurred her on to another orgasm.

She felt the erratic jerking of her father’s cock inside of her now, and she knew that he was going to release his gift into her cunny, to knock her up and breed her soft, young body. The fear of that, though, was overridden by the intense pleasure of another orgasm that made her body shudder as the first of many blasts of her father’s cum exploded into her cunt. Allison bucked again, grunting as a second shot rocketed into her womb, followed by a third and a fourth.

Her father groaned with relief as he emptied his day’s load into his girl. He could imagine the spirit of his wife smiling down from beside The Lord, her own pleasure shining on her face as he took the first steps toward breeding Allison’s young pussy. Spent, he lay with his cock buried in the girl, ensuring that his legacy stayed trapped within her.


The feeling of Allison’s warm young cunny had been so invitingly pleasant that Jim, only hours later, pushed his erection back into her for her second fatherly cunt cocking. They’d napped a bit, Jim cradling the girl in his arms just like the many nights they’d spent together so far. When he’d become erect, while groping her teenage melons, he’d happily slid the length of his penis back into her for another good go.

With endurance on his side, he pumped his daddy cock back into her from behind, making Allison’s body shake with the intensity of his rough humping into her devirginized womb. Her father’s incestuous cock made Allison squeal and shake as she grunted and came around his penis, certain that it wouldn’t be long before he’d knocked her up.

In the morning, she was awakened by her father mounting her from behind as she lay prone, exhausted. She came awake blearily as he fucked the length of his cock between her cum-soaked lips until they’d both orgasmed. Her father, then, took one of the plugs and pushed it into her cunt.

“To keep that baby batter in ya’,” he’d explained, and then made her put on her panties to hold the plug in her twat.

Allison ate breakfast in the nude, after which she was allowed to remove the plug and shower. She did it, of course, nude with her father groping her tits. This interaction, naturally, led her father to pull her back into the bedroom, where he bent her over once more and rutted his cock into her, while he pushed her face into the mattress. He kept her naked, after this, squeezing her tits and touching her, even pushing his tongue into her mouth for a long time.

After lunch, her daddy was back between her legs, pushing them back to her tits on the bed as he fed her teenage pussy his stiff inches, roughly battering her fuckhole as Allison squealed and came on his cock. Another warm load of cock juice filled her hole, and then the plug went back into her cunt.


It took an entire long, hard week of incestuous inseminations for Allison’s father to successfully breed her cunny. She cried when she found out, not because she’d be birthing her father’s child, though. She’d come to love the feeling of her daddy’s thick cock in her pussy. Now that she was pregnant, she knew that her pussy wouldn’t be seeing use until it was time for another breeding. She was correct, too, as that same night Jim returned to finding his rightful pleasures in the depths of her teenage anus, secure in the knowledge that his legacy, his trade, would pass from father to son.

He didn’t know, for sure that the child would be a boy. If it were not, though, he looked forward to the next breeding season. Allison’s snug little cunny, he thought, was so very enticing, though, that he might have to just take a little pleasure from it now and again through the pregnancy.


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