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Reared in Birchbark Falls: Breeding Allison

What'sis? Yer wanting a helping of familial baby batter? Well, daddy's here t'help. Way back when, in the days when folk were more like to give ya' a kind word on the street, rather'n a middle finger, the standard edition o' a little story 'bout the town o' Birchbark Falls popped out ma' noggin. I reckon it's 'bout time to give up Allison's pussy fer a fatherly breedin' at no charge. If yer not up t'speed on the original Asstastic Fantasy of Familial Bumfuckery that is Reared in Birchbark Falls, ya' can find this wacky bit o' incestuous oddity by clicking here. This here's the final three chapters that were included in the Breeder's Edition.

Allison from Reared in Birchbark Falls

Chapter Ten: The Blessing

Allison, lay on her side, her father’s hand tightly cupping her breast. It was Monday morning and Allison needed to go to school. However, her father was determined that she would attend with a load of his spunk in her asshole. Jim was, therefore, balls deep in his girl’s anus once more.

Wearing her dildo gag, Allison moaned and mumbled, drooling into her pillow as her father gently eased the length of his swollen cock in and out of her young asshole as Allison wiggled in his tight grip. She’d been the recipient of many orgasms these last few weeks, but none so powerful as what she’d experienced from her first butt fucking the previous evening.

She was sure that it had something to do with the fact that she’d been made to wear the belt for three days, denied orgasms, and been continually aroused. The end result, though, was one she’d very much enjoyed. Her fear of having a real cock in her backdoor had been replaced with a needful longing to have her anus stuffed with an engorged cock shaft, which her father was more than willing to provide.

As Jim plumbed the depths of her anus once again, slowly fucking the length of his penis into his daughter, Allison was on the verge of cumming again. Her father quickened his strokes, filling the room with his grunting, Allison’s mumbled squeaks of pleasure, and the wet sucking as her teenage asshole sucked at his cock. There was, unfortunately, a time limit at play, and so Jim dutifully filled his girl’s anus with his morning load.


Once breakfast was served, Jim plugged Allison’s ass once more to hold in the morning gift, after which she was locked into the belt.

“Now you’ve had that cum that ya’ were lookin’ to get so bad, you’ll be wantin’ another. That’s your cunny talkin’ and yer not gonna give in to its temptation,” Jim explained, “We’ll have it off when yer home, where I can decide how and when ya’ get another one.”

Allison was not happy about this, sulking, but she did not complain. If she were to make a fuss, she knew, her father might make her wear the belt all week. Three days had been awful. She did not want it to go on longer. Her father sent her off to school as the belt vibrated her twat.

While his daughter attended school, Jim drove his truck into town to deliver some new furniture to the general store. After unloading his cargo, he made a stop in at the church for a talk with Father Lincoln. He found the Father in his office.

“Jim,” Father Lincoln said, rising to shake his hand over the desk.

“Father,” Jim said, shaking it.

The Father offered him a seat.

“What’s on your mind today, Jim?” Father Lincoln asked.

“Father, I come to ask fer yer blessin’ and guidance on a matter that’s weighin’ on my heart,” Jim said.

“Of course,” The Father replied, nodding.

“You know I been teachin’ my girl about the rightness of a woman’s shame, as well as the proper way a woman’s to serve her husband.”

The Father nodded.

“I lost my Sarah some years ago, you’ll recall,” Jim said.

“God rest her soul,” The Father added.

“I got no sons, and I got no wife, but I do important work here in town. It’s work I’d like to pass on to my own, but all The Lord seen to bless me with, thus far, is my Allison. It ain’t a woman’s work, what I do,” Jim said.

“Of course, not,” Father Lincoln agreed, “The path of the carpenter is a holy one, the same shared with Jesus. The Lord’s blessed you with an important gift.”

“That’s good’o ya’ to say, Father. Good, indeed, and I’m a fortunate man to have been given that skill. I been real hard at work, too, on Allison. The girl’s a fit and proper little butt slut. I felt it first-hand.”

“She gave it willingly?” Father Lincoln asked.

“Course, Father. I’d never!”

“Of course,” Father Lincoln agreed.

Jim continued, “Father I come to ask yer blessin’ on a path toward birthin’ a son or two. My girl’s as ready for breedin’ as one’o Farmer Pembroke’s mares and, frankly, I’d like to do the deed myself. I know it ain’t common in the big cities, but it also ain’t unheard of, even here in town.”

Father Lincoln leaned back and considered this. After a moment’s thought he came to a conclusion.

“Jim,” he said, “It certainly isn’t unheard of, both in the Good Book and in our town. Why, Charles Grassley and his late widow were siblings. Marybeth and Sue Ellen are, even now, receiving their father’s instruction on the proper pleasures, just as your Allison. Dominick Jones has sired his four children on his daughters, all of them healthy as a calf. I shouldn’t say that it’s a problem, enlightened as Birchbark Falls is. Just as Allison came to you willingly for her anal pleasures, so must she come willingly to this.”