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Reared in Birchbark Falls

Note from the weird fucker what wrote these words'o wisdom:

The town of Birchbark Falls has many a tale to tell. They're the tales 'bout a Godly sort of people, raisin' theirs in a way that's right n' proper. This here tale's what I'm fixin' to call the Standard Edition of this asstastic fantasy of familial bumfuckery.

If'n yer the kind that fancies takin' a longer journey, delvin' deep into the slippery wet hole of familial breedin', well, ya' might consider the Author's Definitive Edition, Reared in Birchbark Falls: Breeders Edition. The Breeder's Edition contains three additional chapters dedicated to the incestuous insemination of Allison.

Not yer thing? S'alright. Ain't nobody forcin' ya' to take a helpin' o' fatherly baby batter in yer cunny. You just get yer pleasures with this bit of daughterly butt humpin'.

Chapter One: The Town of Birchbark Falls

The town of Birchbark Falls was a small dot on the map, far from the eyes of big city folk, a sleepy place of nigh 1,000 souls. It was the kind of town where the birth of Farmer Pembroke’s latest calf was the news of the week, and a town in which the two churches loved and hated one another in equal measure. Birchbark Falls was a conservative place, populated by a god-fearing sort of people that flew the American flag with pride, spoke of the President with reverence, and said the name ‘New York’ as though it were the pinnacle of the civilized, modern world.

In the town of Birchbark Falls, lived Allison and her father. Allison’s Father, Jim, was a helpful sort of man, the kind of man that the neighbors could count on to fix a faulty dryer, lend a tool without a question, and to never ask for anything in return. He was the hard-working sort of man that was quick to give the Widow Bess a ride into Main Street, or to drop a nickel into One-Legged Bill’s bucket on the corner, in exchange for nothing but a tune on his harmonica. Jim would do these things, because that was what neighbors did, by God, and not a soul in the town would ever say that old Jim couldn’t be counted on to do right by his neighbors.

If there was one true worry in his life, for Jim it was his daughter, Allison. Jim had kept this worry in his heart for many a year, for he knew that one day, someone was going to put their cock in his daughter’s ass. That time was fast approaching too, Jim knew with certainty. Allison was eighteen years old, now, and a right beauty that took after his late Sarah (God rest her soul) in every way.

Those ways included Allison’s jiggling, enticing, perfectly formed behind. His Sarah had had such an ass. Sarah though (God rest her soul) was no longer here to rear her daughter properly in the ways of bumfuckery, the ways in which a man had an expectation of. Many a night had Jim sought the comfort and warmth of his late wife’s plump and welcoming backdoor and it was a certainty, Jim knew, that a good, proper rogering of the woman’s asshole had kept him on the straight and narrow for all the years The Lord had blessed them with.

Jim dreaded the day that Allison would, herself, take a husband, only for his daughter to find that she could not meet with the man’s expectations that her butt be a ready receptacle for his penis. Worse yet, he imagined his daughter taking a trip into the big city, as youngsters were wont to do, only to end up getting her wires crossed about the joys of a good butt-loving, because some uncaring city boy assaulted her virginal butthole before it was good and ready for proper use.

So it was, with a sense of duty, that Jim set about taking the task of adjusting Allison’s ass upon himself. And, with the Lord’s help, he’d have her anus ready for proper fucking by the time she was wed to the right man.

Chapter Two: A Little Swat Ne'r Hurt No One

Allison was expected home directly after school, where she was to do her schoolwork first, before anything else. A dutiful girl, Allison followed her father’s rules to the letter, because that was what good daughters did. In the town of Birchbark Falls, a man’s house was his dominion. So, The Lord had decreed, and so it was.

Allison’s father, Jim, came in through the back door of the house and washed grease from his hands. He dried them, pulled a chair from the table and sat. Each time he sat at the table Jim ran his hands lovingly over the wood. He’d crafted it himself, as with most of the furniture in the house. His work was all over the town, too. If there was wood that needed carving or carpentry that needed done, Jim was the man the town came to.

“How’s that homework comin’, darlin’?” Jim asked.

“Almost finished, dad,” she said, scribbling on her paper, giving the eraser the occasional, adorable chew.

“You come see me in the front room once you’re done. We got some things that it’s about time to talk about.”

Jim stood up, ruffled the girl’s hair and took a seat in the front room, taking up his whittling knife and block of wood. It wasn’t long before Allison joined him. Allison wore a cute summer dress, picked up for her by her father on one of his trips into the city. The pretty dress was dotted with cornflower blue petals, in the same color as Allison’s eyes, and the honey yellow of the fabric was a perfect match for her hair. The dress, though, was a couple of years old, and though the girl loved it, she’d gained the gorgeous curves of a woman and pushed the fit of the cloth to its limits.

Jim could see this in the way that her breasts strained the neckline, the swells of her cleavage spilling temptingly over the top. Her legs were longer, too, leaving the once-modest dress invitingly short, enticing a man to dream of the treasures hidden beneath. Allison sat next to her father.

“Honey,” he said, setting his tools aside, “You’re of an age where it’s time that you should get to know the facts of being a woman.”

“Dad,” Allison groaned, “they tell us about birds and bees in school. You ain’t gotta go all into that.”

Jim nodded and said, “There’s only so much a public schoolhouse can tell you, girl. What with all the separation of church n’ state. Fact is that there’s a good deal they ain’t gonna teach you. Your dear mother, God rest her soul, woulda been the one to, rightly, instruct you. Seein’ as The Lord saw fit to call ‘er home, though, that task is up to me.”

Allison blushed. She did not want to have a talk about this with her father. She was dutiful, though, and her father’s word was second only to The Lord’s.

“Allison, there’s important things a girl needs to know in order to make a fit wife. Now, I won’t have any man in town say that I didn’t raise you proper or that I was delinquent in my duties. You understand?”

“Yes,” Allison agreed.

“Good. Now, it ain’t gonna be easy. I’ll tell you that straight. I ‘spect there’s gonna be some hollering and cryin’, and you’ll probably fight like a cat with me. What you gotta get right, though, is that it’s for your own good. A man’s got expectations about a proper wife. Any man worth his salt, the kind of man that works hard and provides for his own, is owed the bodily pleasures that a good wife provides. Someday, that’ll be your responsibility. you hear what I’m saying?”

“I… I guess so,” Allison said, blushing.

Jim nodded and continued, “Good girl. Now, what I’m talkin’ ’bout here is your bottom.”


“Your bottom, honey. That ass of yours is the kind that a man will put a ring on your finger for and dedicate his work to. You got that ass from yer mother.”

“God rest her soul,” Allison muttered.

Jim nodded and continued, “Now yer mother had the way of it. She understood that a woman’s cunny is fer breedin’ and her ass is for pleasin’. You gotta get that in yer head, too.”

“But… but I don’t-”

Jim cut her off, “You listen now! As yer father, it’s up to me to see you through this, starting right now. I want you to shuck off that dress and lay yourself over my lap.”

Allison paled and she protested, “No! Why?”

“So, I can paddle your bottom,” Jim explained cooly, “That’s the first step. A man’s got a right to spank your ass when it pleases him.”

“But I didn’t do anything wrong!” Allison argued, standing up.

“It ain’t about doing something wrong,” Jim explained, “If you did wrong, I’d show you the back of my hand. You ain’t never felt it, cuz you’ve been a good girl. Don’t you start makin’ me raise it to you now.”

“I don’t want to get a spanking!” Allison argued.

“Like I told you,” Jim said, shaking his head, “I ‘spected there’d be some squallin’ on your part. Now you mind me and get that dress off.”

Jim raised his hand in warning. Allison, never having been disciplined, complied. Blushing, she pulled the dress off and stood before her father in her bra and cotton panties, her hands covering her large tits. Jim’s cock twitched at the sight of her, so like his Sarah. God rest her soul.

“Now, come and lay on my lap so we can practice.”

Allison lay across his lap. She could feel his penis hard in his pants, poking her tummy. Jim rested one hand on her bottom, gripping it tightly.

“You did sure get your mother’s bottom, girl. You’re gonna make a good man mighty pleased, one day. Now, you just relax. I ain’t gonna go hard on you this first time. We need to toughen up your butt for what’s to come. Now, you’ll probably squeal a bit, but that’s natural. It ain’t meant to feel good fer you. It’s meant to please a man. You hear me?”

“Yes, Sir,” Allison mumbled.

Jim raised his hand and brought it back down, lightly on her ass. Allison flinched but it hadn’t hurt.

“Ya' see? Nice n’ easy.”

He repeated the motion with a little more force, this time causing a sharp crack as Allison’s bottom jiggled.

“Ow!” she squeaked, more in surprise than pain.

“That’s good. You just holler all you need to.”

He spanked her again, harder, and this time left a red handprint.

“Ow!” Allison shrieked and kicked her legs.

Jim spanked her other cheek with the same force and Allison yelped again.

“How… how many times are you going to do it?” she asked.

“As many as it takes,” Jim said, and spanked her again.

Allison yelped and on the tenth slap on her behind she began to sniffle with pain and humiliation.

“Good girl,” Jim said, “It’s right and proper that a woman should be shamed by the needs of her cunny. I can see right now that yer cunny is feelin’ its shame,” Jim said, referring to the small wet patch in the crotch of her panties.

“Can we stop now? Please? I don’t want anymore,” Allison whined.

“Girl, you got to learn that it ain’t about yer wants. A woman’s wants are for the pleasure of her man and the glory of God. Yer good for makin’ babies, keepin’ the house and satisfying yer man. If what’s satisfyin’ is to spank yer bottom, then you’ll thank yer man and ask for another? You got that?”

He spanked her again.

“Ow! Yes!”

“That ain’t how you show yer father respect, now, is it?”

He spanked her again.

“Ow! Yes, Sir!”

“That’s better. Now, I’m gonna tell you a little trick that your mother used, during those times that I got my pleasure from spanking her cheeks.”

He spanked her again and Allison wiggled in his lap, sniffling. Jim took her hand and pulled her panties to the side, placing her fingers against her moist pussy.

“You go ahead and rub your cunny while I have my way. Soon as you can get yourself a cum, we’ll call tonight’s lesson complete.”

“No! That’s… it’s wrong!”

Jim spanked her again, twice on each cheek. Allison started rubbing her cunt, ashamed by the wetness she felt. That shame was right and proper, though, her father had said. She should feel her cunny’s shame.

After several more spankings, each harsher than the last, Allison did finally manage to cum from rubbing her cunt, shaking and bucking, while her father held one of her reddened butt cheeks in his hand and she cried.

“Good girl,” Jim said, soothingly, stroking her hair, “You did good.”

He pulled Allison’s panties down her legs and took up a bottle of some ointment from nearby.

“Now, I’m gonna work this into your cheeks, alright? You just keep on rubbing yer cunny.”

Allison did as instructed, gently pleasuring her twat as her father smeared the cooling ointment into her sore ass. Jim took his time, admiring the redness and the roundness of her bottom. It had been so very long since he’d held a woman’s ass in his hands, let alone spanked it. His cock was sinfully hard in his pants, straining. There was work to be done yet, though, before Allison was ready for that. He smeared another dollop of the ointment onto his fingers and parted her ass with his other hand.

Gently, he began to smear the stuff around his daughter’s anus as she rubbed her cunt. He could feel her body tensing as she approached her orgasm. Jim was a man who understood what it was to pleasure a woman’s ass, and Allison was going to receive the full benefit of his experience. He pushed the tip of his coated finger into her asshole just as she reached her peak and Allison wiggled her bottom against it, her anus accepting his finger readily as she sobbed and orgasmed in confusion.

Chapter Three: Plugged for Pleasure

Allison was awakened early by her father the next day and instructed to present herself, bare-assed, for another spanking. The soothing ointment had done its work and, though her bottom was a bit sore, it didn’t really hurt. Still, Allison was not looking forward to another spanking. She did as she was told, though, and lay across her father’s lap, trembling.

“You did real good, girl. You took your lickin’s and brought out the shame of your cunny, just like a proper woman. We’ll have this ass of yours ready for a good fuckin’ any time, now.”

“Yes, Sir,” Allison grumbled, averse to having her ass made ready for a good fucking.

“Now, start bringin’ forth your shame by rubbin’ yer cunny,” Jim instructed.

Allison rubbed her twat, waiting for the first spanking, and then it came. She hollered loudly at the slap, then began to cry by the third. On the seventh, she orgasmed, her eyes filled with humiliated tears.

“There’s a girl,” Jim said, “Ya' see? Just rub yer cunny and it’ll make it all better. Keep on rubbin’.”

Allison continued to rub her twat, while Jim poured more of the ointment into his hands and began to gently coat her red ass with it.

“Now, daddy’s got a little plug to put in yer bottom for ya’. I ‘spect you to wear it all day, you hear? You’ll thank me for it in the end.”

“Yes, Sir,” Allison said as she sniffled and rubbed her cunt.

Jim took up another bottle, this one of slick lubricant, which he poured a few drops of onto Allison’s anus. Spreading her ass open, he took up a small silver plug and began to rub it against her asshole, working the lube around her hole. He added another few drops, then pushed the pointed head of the plug, gently into her butthole.

“Ow!” Allison yelped.

“Quiet down, now. It ain’t even going in yet. You just rub your cunny and let me do my work.”

Allison resumed rubbing her twat. Jim added another few drops and returned to working the plug slowly into his daughter’s ass, watching with satisfaction as her little hole opened up on each small push. Allison began to groan and wiggle her ass as he continued lubing, pushing, until Allison was ready to cum. When she did, squeaking with the pleasure of her orgasm, Jim pushed the head of the plug into her ass. He watched the little hole swallow it to the base, contracting around the small plug and trapping it inside his daughter’s virgin ass.

Allison groaned and continued to rub her cunt. Jim pulled her hand away from it, replaced it with his own, and vigorously frigged Allison’s excitable little fuck button until she wiggled and squirmed in his lap.

“There’s a girl. You go on and get yer cum for daddy’s fingers. Yer doin’ good,” Jim assured her.

As Allison orgasmed on his lap, he gave each ass cheek one more good slap, which made Allison screech, and then pushed two of his fingers up her cunt, gripped the plug in his other hand, and finger fucked his daughter to one more orgasm that left her sniffling and trembling in a confused mixture of pain and pleasure.

“You go and put your panties on,” he said, “and if you need to take that plug out for any reason, I ‘spect to see it in again when you get home. That clear?”

“Yes, Sir!” Allison said, running from the room, her cheeks flushed and ass stinging.

Chapter Four: Shame O' Yer Cunny

Allison did not like wearing the butt plug to school. The plug was uncomfortable when she sat down and found herself constantly wiggling in her seat, which made the plug rub the insides of her anus. The feeling, also, caused her shame to trickle out into her panties all day. By the time she got home she was desperate for her father to allow her to remove it. She, also, found herself looking forward to rubbing her cunny for the release, even if it meant a spanking.

Jim was pleased with her for keeping the plug in all day, and more pleased at the flush in her cheeks and the way her hands drifted to her cunt in the desire to rub it. As with the day before, he lay Allison over his lap and commenced spanking her ass as she wailed and rubbed her cunt. After a few good whacks to her backside, Jim assisted her with his fingers once more.

“Now, I let you do this yerself on account of this is all new to ya’,” he explained, as he sawed his fingers into his daughter’s wet snatch, “Eventually yer gonna need to learn that ya’ can’t just go rubbin’ yer cunny all willy nilly, whenever you get the urge. It’s right and proper for a man to decide when and how you get yer cums. A woman that’s just gettin’ em whenever she pleases is just givin’ in to sin. If yer all tuckered out from pleasurin’ yer cunny, how do you ‘spect to have any left to give yer man?”

“Yes, Sir!” Allison said as Jim punctuated his latest pearl of wisdom with a sharp slap to her ass.

“That cunny nectar pourin’ out of you is shameful. It’s the sin of Eve, what drove her to accept the forbidden fruits from the devil. Only reason for it is to juice you up for makin’ babies. You hear me, girl?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Now, you want to get your cums from it, you need’ta learn how to ask proper, like an obedient woman.”

“Please, daddy,” Allison whined, “Please may I… have my cums?”

“There’s a girl,” Jim said, “It’s a start. You won’t be callin’ yer husband daddy, though, will ya’?”

“Please, Sir,” Allison repeated, “Please may I… have… my cums?”

“That’s the way, darlin’,” Jim said approvingly, and rubbed her fuckhole until Allison’s orgasm was imminent.

Her bottom wiggling delightfully, Jim pressed on, then popped the plug from her asshole as the orgasm took her, making Allison squeal and shake. He gave her two more hard smacks with his fingers in her cunt, approving of the way her tight hole gripped them pleasantly.


Over the next few days, this process repeated itself, with the addition of video instruction. In the morning, Allison received a few good spankings, followed by the insertion of increasingly larger butt plugs. While they went through this process, Jim would play porno videos consisting of nothing but anal sex, making Allison watch them and only allowing her to cum when the men in the videos ejaculated into the girl’s anuses.

The plugs, she would wear to school, where she would wiggle about as they rubbed her insides. Once she was home, her father would remind her of a woman’s shame, while masturbating her cunt for her, making her watch anal porn, then delivering a harsh spanking. Only then would he rub her with the ointment. At night, she would sleep with the butt plug in.

On the fourth night, Allison orgasmed from the spanking without having her cunt touched, as she watched the porno. The following morning, she came when Jim pushed the new plug into her anus. This, he decided, made her ready for the next step.

Chapter Five: The Proper Use O' Yer Ass

It was Saturday and Allison did not have school. Still, her father woke her early and delivered her morning spanking. Allison cried less, now, her ass having gotten used to the pain of being slapped. She still didn’t enjoy it, but her mind had begun to associate being spanked as part of what was necessary for her to cum. Therefore, she met the spankings with a mixture of hesitancy and anticipation.

After her spanking, during which she orgasmed to her father’s approval, Allison was instructed to clean up. Once she’d showered, she returned to her father. Rather than laying her across his lap, though, he instructed her to bend over the couch. He turned on the porno and had Allison watch the long series of girls having their asses licked and fucked.

Allison bent over the couch, prepared to receive yet another spanking. Instead, what she received was her father’s tongue in her asshole. Jim parted her cheeks and spent long moments licking her anus, pushing his tongue into it, and rubbing her cunt with his hand. After Allison orgasmed from it, he extracted his tongue, issued another spanking, and repeated the process until his daughter came again.

“That’s good, honey,” he said, “Yer learning. We’re gonna do this until you can get yer cum without me rubbin’ yer cunny.”

It took until mid-afternoon and by the time Allison managed to orgasm, purely from having her asshole rimmed, she was very tired. Jim lubed up her anus once more, replaced her butt plug, and then allowed her to nap. After dinner, though, the lessons began again.

“What you done so far,” Jim explained as Allison lay across his lap, his fingers buried in her cunt, “That’s a start. A man’s got a right to put his cock into your ass and fuck it, though. That’s the whole reason we’re takin’ steps to get yer bottom opened up. Elsewise, some knucklehead without a lick’o sense is going to shove his willy into your behind, rough and hard. That’ll make you holler something fierce if ya’ ain’t ready. Daddy wants to make sure that don’t happen to ya’. Understand me, girl?”

“Yes, Sir!”

While the porno played, Jim carefully extracted the plug from his daughter’s lubed asshole, giving her cunt a good, slow fingering as he did so. Allison whined a bit, as she still didn’t care for the feeling of her anus spreading widely around the newest, largest of the plugs. She did, however, give him a small orgasm when it came free.

“Now, you can holler and kick if you need to, but yer gonna get yer butt fucked with this here fake cock.”

Jim showed the eight-inch-long dildo to his daughter.

“It’s too big!” she protested.

“It ain’t too big. Yer ass is good and res… resil… it’ll stretch open good and then just go right back to being tight. If yer ever gonna be a proper wife, yer gonna have to hurt a little. You think a marriage is all smiles n’ sunshine? It ain’t. Sometimes it’s a right cock up the butt,” Jim lectured.

He put the dildo to her lips and instructed further, “Now you just wet that a bit with yer mouth while I grease up your butt a bit more.”

Allison took the dildo and reluctantly sucked on it, watching the anal porn, while Jim applied some further lube to his daughter’s resiliant butthole. He carefully worked his finger into her anus, pushing some of the lube into her tight hole, then repeated the process, as Allison moaned, until his finger was easily sliding in up to his knuckle.

For good measure, he pushed a bit more in and then began to gently massage Allison’s anal passage with the tip of his finger, while she sucked the dildo, her eyes intent on the closeup view of a woman’s lewdly stretched asshole on the TV. Jim continued his ministrations with his finger, using his other hand to frig his daughter’s fuck button, until Allison orgasmed again with the entirety of his finger in her bottom.

He took the toy from her, slipped his finger slowly out of the girl’s ass, and then fisted the dildo with more lube. With his fingers buried in her twat, Jim began the process of training his daughter’s butthole to take cock. Allison whimpered and sniffled as the toy, nearly three inches around, began its journey into her pliable little ass passage.

Jim was slow with her, delicately feeding the length of the thing into her virginal hole, pulling it back a bit, and then pushing it deeper. Jim took up a new instrument, a small white vibrator with a rounded head and flicked it on, pressing the toy against Allison’s engorged clit. Allison squealed in surprised pleasure and her ass began to wiggle. Applying gentle pressure, Jim allowed his daughter’s own excited humping to push the dildo further into her ass.

With just over half of the toy stretching her teenage butthole, Allison orgasmed again with the vibrator on her clit. She kicked her legs and moaned into the couch cushion, but Jim was intent on getting this first step accomplished and he didn’t relent. He kept the buzzing toy on his daughter’s cunt, running the rounded head, with its small protrusions, up her slit.

Allison squealed again at the sensation, wriggling like a fish on his lap as he held the toy and applied more pressure.

“Daddy, it hurts!” Allison complained.

Jim ignored the protest and returned the vibrator to Allison’s button, which relieved some of the pain and made her begin to thrash her way toward another orgasm. The toy sank deeper, until it had gone six inches into her rectum and Allison grunted like an animal and came again. Still, Jim didn’t relent. He knew that Allison believed she had limits, that her body couldn’t give him another orgasm or take another inch of plastic cock up the ass. But Jim knew differently.

Jim’s wife (God rest her soul) had been the kind of butt slut that a man deserved, and Allison wasn’t going to disappoint her mother. His daughter would learn the proper use of her ass, even if Jim had to fuck it himself. Such was the dedication of her father, the love he had, and strength of his faith.

Chapter Six: Suckin' with Yer Butt Stuffed

Allison had to wear the big plug during the night, but the following morning was a Sunday and that meant that Allison and her father attended a Godly service at their local church. The day of worship, though, was not an excuse to skip out on Allison’s anal training. Allison received her necessary spanking, laying over her father’s lap as he rubbed her cunt, watching the anal porn and sucking on her dildo, until she achieved an orgasm. Only then was breakfast served.

During breakfast, though, Jim suction cupped a small rubber cock, this one only five inches long, onto Allison’s chair. Having lubed the girl’s anus liberally after her spanking, he instructed his daughter to, first, kneel before the chair and suck on the fake penis, while Jim, doing his fatherly duty, knelt behind her and pushed his fingers into her cunt. When Allison moaned around the cock and spurted girl cum onto his fingers, she was allowed to stand.

Jim handed her the bottle of lube and ordered her to fist the fake penis with it, to ensure that it would slide easily into her backdoor. Allison did it, rubbing the lube into the cock under her father’s watchful eye, Jim nodding approvingly. This task done, he instructed the girl on how to position the cock at her anus. Allison squeaked at the intrusion of the toy in her butt, but after some humping up and down, she managed it, slowly sinking down until her bottom touched the wood of the chair and she groaned at the fullness in her rectum.

Jim served breakfast, taking his customary seat across the table.

“Now, you give yerself a good bounce on that cock. Yer gonna need to get yerself a cum before we leave for church,” Jim instructed, spearing a sausage link.

“What if I can’t?” Allison asked, sitting up an inch, wiggling her bottom, and then sitting back down.

“I ‘spect you’ll not have trouble with it. But if ya’ can’t, then I’ll give your cunny a good spanking before we go.”

Allison began to hump the fake penis with more vigor, as she did not like the idea of having her cunny spanked. It was difficult, trying to eat, while simultaneously fucking her bottom with the toy. The fullness and the wetness of her shame, pouring from her cunny, made Allison feel dirty. She knew that this was the way she was supposed to feel, but it didn’t make it any easier. The rubber cock, though, each time her bottom hit the wood of the chair, seemed to press against something inside of her that did begin to feel very good.

Jim gave her an approving nod as Allison, at last, began to cum in her chair with the fake penis in her bottom.

“Ya’ did good, girl. Why, I’d even say that yer mother took longer to learn that than you,” her father said.

“God… rest her… soul,” Allison mumbled, her tits heaving.

“Ya’ did so fine,” Jim said, “That I’m gonna give you something special before we plug that butt of yours fer church.”

Jim stood, rounded the table, and sank to his knees. He scooted Allison to the edge of her chair, sliding the suction cupped cock along with her, and then he proceeded to tongue fuck her cunt. Her father sucked at her gash and her excited little fuck button, lapping up the sweet girl honey of her shame as it poured from her aroused fuckhole. Allison squealed at the amazing pleasure of it, gripping the edges of her chair until she squealed and came again.

Jim wiped at his face, saying, “Now, don’t you get used to that. That’s a special treat for when you done real well. It’s not to be ‘spected of yer man to have concerns fer yer pleasure. A good man’ll be sure you get yer cums when yer obedient, but it ain’t some kinda right that yer entitled to.”

“Yes, Sir,” Allison said, breathing heavily.

Before leaving for church, Jim pushed the big plug back into Allison’s asshole before she was allowed to put on her Sunday best. Before they left the house, though, Jim had one more addition for her wardrobe.

“What is that?” Allison asked, her eyes wide and terrified.

“This here’s a dildo gag,” Jim said, holding an odd contraption that consisted of a fake cock and a strap.

“But… I don’t want to wear that!” Allison argued.

Jim shook his head and said, “Girl, ain’t ya’ been listenin’ to a word I said? It ain’t about yer wants. What are yer wants?”

Allison fidgeted and repeated her lesson, “A woman’s wants are for the pleasure of her man and the glory of God. I’m good for makin’ babies, keepin’ the house and satisfying my man.”

“Right. There’s a great deal of satisfaction fer a man in that mouth’o yers. I’d say nearly as much as yer bottom. This here,” he dangled the gag, “is a lesson in the right’o yer shame and the readiness of yer suckhole.”


“Don’t you ‘but’ me, now. Just imagine if I’da took that fake cock and jammed it up yer butt without all the trainin’ we done. That’d make ya’ squeal like a cat on fire. This here’s the same. Ya’ want some shit fer brains young man to go pumpin’ his meatpole into yer throat, like one of Farmer Pembroke’s ruttin’ studs? Well, you just don’t listen to me and see what happens. You’ll be chokin’ and spittin’ around that cock like you took yer drink down the wrong pipe. Is that what ya’ want?”

“No, Sir,” Allison said.

“Good. Now open up.”

Allison opened her mouth and allowed her father to push the dildo gag into it, gagging as the fake cock tickled her throat. Her teeth bit down on the base of it and Jim put the strap behind her head, covering it with her hair.

“Hts mbrthg!” Allison mumbled.

“Allison, ya’ can’t make proper words what with yer mouth all gagged. Best ya’ just stay silent, as is right and proper fer a woman,” Jim instructed.

Allison’s eyes filled with shameful, embarrassed tears as her father drove them to church. She did not want to have to face half the town with a dildo gag in her mouth and butt plug stretching her anus. When they arrived, Jim escorted his daughter into the building with the Sunday crowd to glares, snickers, and some nods of approval at Allison’s predicament.

Jim shook hands with many of the townsfolk, explaining, to Allison’s humiliation, that he was giving his girl a lesson in the rightness of a woman’s shame.

“Mighty fine,” said Mr. Trent, the general store owner.

“It’s right and proper,” agreed the Widow Bess.

The pastor, Father Lincoln, nodded and said, “The Lord’s work, Jim. Right out of Corinthians.”

“The women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says. If there is anything they desire to learn, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church,” Jim quoted, loudly, to the approval of many nearby townsfolk.

Allison mumbled an amen around her gag.

For the entirety of the service, Allison squirmed uncomfortably in the pew, the butt plug rubbing her insides and drool leaking from her mouth and into her breasts. She could not, of course, sing the hymns, but she did mumble around the gag to make an attempt, as she did not want The Lord to be displeased by her neglecting to sing His praises. By the time the service ended, the constant stream of drool had soaked the front of Allison’s white dress, leaving streaks, where the material had become nearly transparent and now showed her bra.


During their lunch at the kitchen table, Allison was, once more, made to hump her rubber cock until she orgasmed. Thankfully, she did not have to wear the gag for the continuation of their lessons in the living room. Instead, she was spanked as she watched the anal porn, while Jim fingered her twat to another orgasm. Then, her father brought the kitchen chair in and had his daughter plug her anus with the rubber cock.

While his daughter bounced her poor bottom on the toy, watching the porn, Jim read to her. The Bible had many a lesson to convey on the submissiveness of a woman to her husband or father, and so Jim imparted these important lessons. He did so with his penis exposed, making Allison watch it as the porno played. Periodically, he would push his penis into her mouth, keeping it there until Allison was able to achieve an orgasm from her self-induced butt fucking.

The fourth time he pushed his cock into her mouth, and on Allison’s seventh orgasm of the day, Jim ejaculated into her mouth while he groaned and held her head tightly in his hand.

“You swallow that seed, now,” Jim instructed, “That’s a gift. It’s not to be spilled or wasted.”

Allison followed his instructions. Her first semen injection was followed by another passionate twat-sucking from her father, while Jim groped his daughter’s tits, providing Allison’s eighth orgasm. The girl was weary, Jim could tell, and so he cuddled her on her bed, his arm around her, his hand latched onto her breast, and allowed her to nap. He even allowed her to forgo the butt plug, just this once.

Chapter Seven: Spank Yer Cunny

Having had her anus filled almost constantly for the last week, Allison felt a bit empty without her plug.

“Even the most well-adapted butthole needs itself a rest now and again,” Jim explained, “But that don’t mean we stopped teaching ya’.”

Allison was happy to give her sore bottom a rest for the remainder of the day. However, as her father promised there was a great deal more to learn. For the benefit of both lessons, Jim introduced a new series of videos. In these, Allison was made to watch as the girls either rode fake cocks with their assholes, while sucking on men’s cocks, or the girls were fucked in their bottoms, while sucking on men’s cocks.

Jim explained the necessity of this as he cradled Allison’s head in his lap and pushed his penis into her mouth.

“It’s a man’s Godly duty to show hospitality to his guests, to offer ’em what he’s got and ask for naught in return. Just as Lot offered his own daughters to that ragin’ mob’o idol worshipers. Yer gonna need to learn to provide comfort to more than one man, in the event it comes to pass.”

“Gluk,” Allison replied around his penis, though it was difficult to wholly concentrate on her father’s lessons, as she was required to keep her eyes on the porno while Jim idly rubbed her twat with his thick fingers.

Allison was required to stay in this position, her father’s arm cradling her head. Jim masturbated his cock with her head as Allison attempted to soak in the importance of using her mouth and anus, in concert, to prepare for the eventuality of pleasuring her future husband and his guests. Fortunately, she wasn’t required to do much, other than keep her mouth tightly sealed around her father’s cock while he gently rocked his hips and fucked his cockhead between her lips.

Jim continued to stimulate her cunny as he did this, keeping Allison wriggling and on the point of an orgasm, which he wouldn’t let her have. She began to whine with need after an hour of this treatment. Sensing his own orgasm approaching, Jim picked up the pace on his daughter’s aroused fuckhole, forcing her to orgasm at the same time that he released his jizz into her mouth. Allison trembled and bucked, her ass wiggling as she came, which made it hard to swallow the gift from her father’s jerking penis, but she managed.

Jim continued to gently rub her cunt throughout the evening, though his cock never left her mouth. He continued the important lesson, while Allison continued to ingest the pornography, gently suckling at his soft cock. The pleasure of her submissive mouth around his cock did, after a time, cause it to harden again. As the night wore on, he was able to provide another gift to his daughter, ensuring that she reached her orgasm at the same time once more.

He felt it important that Allison receive positive reinforcement for drawing forth his seed, and to begin to associate her orgasms with this action. In the week of training, thus far, his girl was on the right track. Almost invariably she could orgasm from her spankings, now, as her mind had begun to pair the feeling of having her bottom slapped as a necessary step in achieving her own pleasure. The insertion and removal of the plug, too, occasionally resulted in an orgasm.

Following her second feeding, Allison was quite tired. The porno had been playing for nearly four hours and her father had had his penis in her mouth for that entire duration. Jim prepared his daughter for bed by putting the dildo gag back into her mouth, which had raised a bit of a ruckus from the girl.

“Daddy, my jaw is sore,” Allison complained, “I don’t want to wear the gag to bed.”

“Yer just not used to having yer mouth full, darlin’. Once ya’ wear the gag enough that jaw’ll stop gettin’ sore,” Jim said.

“But it’s weird. I don’t like it!” Allison balked.

Shaking his head, Jim pulled the girl over his lap and issued a hard slap to Allison’s cunt. The wet smack of his hand against her creamy twat made Allison screech and wiggle, but Jim put his hand firmly on her back and gave her a second swat. Allison cried and quickly said, “I’m sorry, Sir!”

“There, there, girl,” Jim said, soothingly, “Yer just a notch feisty is all. It’s good to have a li’l fire in ya’. Just can’t be going around thinking a girl can make decisions for herself is all. Now open up and put the gag in, else you’ll wear it to school tomorrow.”

Allison complied, quickly, opening her mouth and allowing him to push the dildo gag into it.

“I’m sorry that I had to spank yer cunny,” Jim said, “but we’re doin’ what needs to be done to secure yer future and what’s right ain’t always easy.”

He pushed two of his thick fingers into Allison’s twat and slowly pleasured it, while his other hand came down on her bottom. Allison groaned and kicked her legs, her bottom wiggling. Jim provided her obligatory bedtime spanking until Allison squealed and her pussy gushed on his fingers. Jim, then, rubbed her fuck button as he worked the plug back into her anus, ensuring that she came again once it popped into her bottom.

With his girl ready for bed, he lay with her, groping her breast as Allison tried to fall asleep with the uncomfortable gag in her mouth. While she drifted off, Jim cuddled closely with her, his hard penis between her legs. The length of her father’s cock slipped, easily, back and forth between the wet lips of Allison’s virgin pussy. The friction of his cock on her highly aroused little hole made it even harder to fall asleep, because Allison felt like she was going to cum again.

Her father’s engorged cockhead kept bumping against her clit each time he sawed his cock through the soaking gash of her cunt lips, her small, stiff nipples pressed against his hand on her breast. Allison began to grind her cunny against his shaft, pushing her bottom back against his hips, trying to get one more cum before she fell asleep. Jim’s bloated cockhead slipped into the entrance to her young pussy, and Allison came, the tight entrance to her fucktunnel gripping her father’s crown as Jim, himself, ejaculated onto her warm, wet hole.

Her father made no comment about this as Allison shuddered and shook in his arms, her pussy lips parted around the head of his jerking cock. He simply held her and continued to pour forth a torrent of hot semen into the spasming entrance of the youngster’s pleasure sheath. Finally, the flow of jizz stopped, but Jim continued to allow her cum-soaked pussy to cradle his cock lovingly. Allison lay panting in the darkness, gagged and plugged, as her father’s cock softened between her lips.

Chapter Eight: A Splash O' Daddy's Cum

Allison was thankful that she did not have to wear the gag to school. However, two of her friends, Marybeth and Sue Ellen did have to wear dildo gags to school. The two blushing girls, sisters, were also adorned with painful little clamps on their braless nipples. Though they wore their uniform shirts over them, the devious little clamps were embarrassingly apparent through their white, button-up tops. Allison did attempt to ask if their father was tutoring them, as well, in the Godly ways of serving a future husband, but she received only unintelligible mumbling in reply.

Fearing that her father might also apply clamps to her nipples, Allison was silent about the incident when she returned home. Upon arriving home Allison was met by her father, who put her over his lap and removed her panties. Allison gritted her teeth through her necessary spanking, orgasmed loudly under her father’s hand and his fingering of her twat, and then he removed the plug from her anus.

Before she could begin her homework, though, Allison was required to kneel before the rubber cock on the chair and suck on it, while her father rubbed her twat to another orgasm. Only then was she allowed to take the rubber cock into her bottom, in order to sit at the table and do her homework. Homework was quite difficult to concentrate on with her bottom stretched around the rubber toy and her shame leaking onto the chair, but Allison did manage to complete it.

While Jim fixed them dinner, he instructed her to rub her cunt and bounce her asshole on the toy, until she was able to orgasm. As she worked at it, vigorously fingering her little button, there came a knock at the door. Allison stopped rubbing, flushed.

“I’ll get that. You just keep on goin’ until you get yer cum,” Jim instructed.

Allison did not want to fuck the cock with her bottom while there was someone at the door, but the memory of having her cunny spanked and the fear of disappointing her father, The Lord, and the memory of her mother soon overrode her shame. The shame was only right, and what’s right ain’t always easy, her father had said.

The visitor at the door turned out to be Mathias Jenkins from down the road. Allison could hear her father talking with him at the door, and then the sound of their voices coming toward the kitchen. She froze. Should she continue? Her father had instructed her to continue. Allison did not want Mathias Jenkins to see her rubbing her naked twat with a rubber cock in her ass, but her fear of the cunny spanking, and The Lord’s disappointment, made her continue.

“I’m just in the midst’o dinner,” Jim said to Mathias, as they entered the kitchen, “Stay and have a plate, if yer inclined, and I’ll grab that wrench for ya’ after.”

“Obliged, Jim,” Mathias said.

He paused at the sight of Allison fucking a rubber cock as she masturbated her cunt at the kitchen table, but only for a moment.

“This here’s right and proper of you, Jim,” Mathias said, nodding his head toward Allison.

“It’d be neighborly of ya’,” Jim said, “If you’d cock the girl’s mouth fer me while I finish dinner.”

“Right neighborly’o you, too, Jim,” Mathias said in thanks.

The man extracted his cock and then, to Allison’s surprise, he pushed it into her mouth. Allison squealed and tried to pull away, but Mathias held her head firmly with his hands and masturbated himself with her face. Allison, impaled on the rubber cock, had nowhere to go.

“Settle yerself, girl,” Jim said, pointing a wooden spoon at her, “Didn’t we just cover this lesson last evenin’?”

Allison settled. Having Mathias’ penis suddenly fill her mouth had been shocking, but her father was right, of course. She’d spent four hours learning about the value of sharing what a man has with his neighbor, while she suckled her father’s penis. She mumbled an apology around her neighbor’s cock and allowed him to use her face, while she commenced bouncing on the rubber cock and punishing her fuckhole with her hand.


Allison was made to eat her meal with the rubber cock up her ass and was not allowed to leave the table until she could successfully orgasm without stimulation to her twat. She was still at it after her father lent his wrench to Mathias Jenkins. When Jim pushed his penis into her mouth and applied gentle pressure to her breast, squeezing it and tugging on Allison’s hard nipple, the orgasm came. Jim rewarded his daughter with a thorough tonguing of her cunt, but he did so in the living room as Allison lay atop him, watching the porno.

He positioned Allison in a 69 position and slowly fingered her tender young anus while he sucked at her cunt and Allison provided a daughterly sucking to his cock. This lesson continued until Allison orgasmed, with Jim’s finger in her bottom and his semen coating her tongue. Allison swallowed his gift as she humped her young pussy against her daddy’s mouth, riding his invading digit with her asshole, and then Jim continued the lesson until Allison was able to harden his cock once more.

Just as on the prior evening, Jim cuddled his daughter in bed, her anus plugged and the dildo gag in her mouth. Laying on her side, her father’s large hand tightly adhering to her braless breast, Jim’s cock once more began to saw back and forth between her legs. The hot pleasure of his cock length, slipping back and forth gently between her spread cunt lips made Allison’s shame pour forth to coat his rod for an easy passage.

His daughter ground her ass back against him and moaned quietly around the gag while Jim pinched and tugged on her nipple, easing his hard inches back and forth, back and forth through the warm crease of her young sex. His fat, pulsing cockhead rubbed gently against her tiny button with each pass, making Allison squirm with need as her cunt honey smeared along his shaft.

Having deposited his cum into Allison’s mouth, her father’s cock had a great deal of endurance. Each time he felt her body shuddering with an approaching orgasm, though, he would stop his movement, resting his throbbing crown just inside of her entrance, where it would pulse between her splayed lips pleasurably, his daughter’s warm folds hugging it with incestuous desire.

Once the girl had calmed, Jim resumed his slow thrusting, coating his cock with Allison’s creamy daughter juice, playing with her hardened tit nub, the full roundness of her pliable, young breast encased by his palm.

Allison’s body trembled with the need for an orgasm, the gentle but insistent friction of her father’s hard cock making her moan and shake in his arms. Jim’s own state was fast approaching, too, the welcoming lips of his girl’s young cunny having invigorated his penis. He nestled his cockhead just into her warm sheath once more and discharged a hot splash of daddy cum into her. The first hard shot of his ejaculation pushed Allison’s tortured young pussy over the edge, and she pushed back against his invading cock, the gripping entrance of her cunt squeezing tightly about her daddy’s spurting head, while she mumbled around the gag and orgasmed.

Chapter Nine: Proper Bumfuckery

Through the next few days, the routine became the norm. Allison, upon returning from school, was made to fuck the rubber cock with her asshole while doing her homework, as well as through the evening meal. Without touching her cunt, she orgasmed as Jim put his cock into her mouth at the table. They would, then, retire to the living room. Here, Allison would watch the porno while hardening up her father’s cock with her young mouth, as Jim devoured her virgin snatch.

Unlike that first night, though, he would lap at her juicy box while pushing the large rubber cock into her anus, ensuring that Allison orgasmed multiple times with the entirety of the toy in her rectum. It took only until the third night of this for the entire eight inches of the fat toy to fit wholly into his daughter’s asshole. Each night, Jim would then cradle the girl, lovingly masturbating his cock with her pussy gash, fondling her breasts, and warming her cunt with a large discharge of his fatherly gift.

On the fourth night of this exercise, while Allison shook and wriggled with the need to orgasm, her father’s cock sliding through her embarrassingly wet slit, Jim said, “You done real good taking that rubber cock, honey. It’s about time you got a proper rogering from the real thing.”

Allison moaned and humped his cock, desperate to cum.

“Yer gonna need to ask fer it, though. Do you think yer ready to have your bottom fucked?” Jim asked.

Allison shook her head, afraid of getting a real cock, her father’s cock, pushed into her young anus.

“That’s alright. Ain’t no one gonna make you take it, lest you want to. Til you do, though, you ain’t gettin’ no more cums.”

Allison whined and began to hump against him more vigorously. Jim withdrew his cock, making his daughter wiggle her hips needily. She could feel his hard, wet penis nestled between her butt cheeks, where it stayed as her father continued to palm her breast. Flushed with her desire to orgasm, Allison began to sob.

“Now, now, don’t you go tearin’ up. Remember what we talked about. A good man’ll be mindful of yer pleasure, but it ain’t some right that yer owed. There ain’t no Second Amendment about a girl’s right to cum.”

He pushed his cock back between her legs and resumed stroking the length of it along her slit, until Allison panted around her dildo gag and whined, on the verge of an orgasm. Jim would not give it to her, instead pulling his cock out again and letting it rest between her cheeks, until the imminent pleasure began to fade. This action continued throughout the night and Allison slept very little, flushed and horny, unable to cum.


The following morning, after receiving her morning spanking, swallowing her father’s gift, and then having the plug inserted into her anus, Jim introduced his daughter to her latest bit of training.

“What is that?” Allison said, looking at the weird leather and metal thing in her father’s hand.

“This here’s a chastity belt. Given that yer all worked up and ain’t had no cum since last night, chances are yer gonna give in to temptation and go rubbin’ yer cunny once yer at school.”

Allison blushed, because she had been intending to do just that. She’d imagined hiding in a bathroom stall and quickly rubbing her cunny to an orgasm to get her release.

“No! I don’t want that! Please!” Allison argued.

“Now you listen here,” Jim said sternly, “Until you ask for a proper butt humpin’ you ain’t gettin’ no cums. Since I can’t watch ya’ at school, yer getting put in the belt until ya’ get home.”

Allison, still, did not want a proper butt humping. She’d taken the big rubber cock into her anus, all the way, more than once this week, but the idea of having a real cock and a naked man pumping his length into her asshole made her afraid. She didn’t want to do it.

“Don’t make me spank yer cunny again,” Jim warned.

Blushing, Allison complied, allowing her father to put the belt on her and lock it around her waist. Allison squealed with distress as the thing began to vibrate gently against her twat, increasing her arousal, but denying her relief.


Allison did not, at all, like wearing the belt. It was uncomfortable and embarrassing, even if no one else could see it. The vibrations kept her pussy so on edge that it was nearly impossible to concentrate on school. The addition of the large plug in her bottom only made it worse. Still, when she saw her two friends, Marybeth and Sue Ellen, with their clamped nipples, teary eyes, and dildo gags, she felt thankful that she wasn’t humiliated in such a way.

When she returned home, the belt did not come off right away. Once she’d accepted another gift of semen from her father’s cock, he helped her to remove the belt, and then observed her as she toileted and showered, which Allison found humiliating. Then, he put the belt back on.

The butt plug stayed in her anus as she did her homework, certain that it would be a mess. Jim, after dinner, pleasured his cock with her mouth. Allison’s head in his lap, she watched the anal porn as the belt vibrated her twat, whining and sobbing with need while her father slowly pumped his cock into her mouth and occasionally jiggled the plug in her anus.

She wore the dildo gag again that night, but the belt stayed on, teasing her aroused fuckhole all night and keeping her awake. In the morning, Jim assisted her with her toileting and showering once more, this time joining her in the shower and washing her tits, cunt, and ass himself to ensure that she wasn’t tempted to touch her sinful cunny.


By Sunday morning, Allison was so tired and horny, not having cum for three days while her cunny was mercilessly teased by the horrible, vibrating belt. Her father would not even allow her to achieve an orgasm from having the large rubber cock fucked into her asshole, ensuring that he stopped each time to keep her aroused, confused, and desperately horny.

The two of them attended church service, Allison wearing her dildo gag, butt plug and the belt. Allison spent the remainder of that day as she had so many others, recently, with Jim’s fat cock in her mouth, watching the porno, and having her anus fucked by the rubber cock. By the time dinner ended, though, Allison crumbled. She needed to orgasm. The need was so great that nothing else mattered. It was impossible to think of anything but her cunny.

“Daddy,” she said, after dinner, “I… I need a proper butt fucking. Please! Please, Sir, may I please have my cums?”

“If it’s what ya’ really want, we’ll see ya’ get it. Is that what you really want?”

“Yes! Please!” Allison begged.


Jim released her from the belt and brought her to the bathroom, where he observed her again, and then got her into the shower. Allison was not familiar with the term “enema,” but she soon learned that it was a humiliating experience that she found disgusting, and it made her cry. Jim assured her, though, that it was right and proper to clean her out for a proper anal reaming. Once the process was complete, her father took her to her bedroom.

For quite some time, Jim sucked at his daughter’s creaming hole, careful not to allow her to orgasm, which was not an easy feat given how worked up the girl was. Jim knew his way around a woman’s pleasure, though, and made certain that Allison could never reach her peak. Once his daughter was bucking and flushed once more, Jim mounted her chest and spent a goodly while pumping his hard penis between her lips as he held her wrists in his hands.

Finally, Jim gauged it was time. He coated her well-trained butthole in the lube, and then spent several long minutes working the stuff into her anal passage with his fingers and the rubber cock. Allison wiggled and shook, moaning into the mattress with her need to cum, her mind utterly blank but for the want of that long-denied orgasm. At last, Jim judged her butthole ready to receive his fatherly erection.

He mounted his daughter and parted her rounded cheeks with his hands, admiring her puckered anus, the delicious hole that he’d come to love as much as the rest of her. This, he thought, was the culmination of those long weeks of work. His girl would go into the world, a proper woman, with a butthole ready for use by some unnamed future husband. That man, he knew, would one day shake his hand as he asked permission to take his daughter’s ass in the blessing of marital union. Until that time, though, Jim would ensure that Allison’s ass stayed ready.

Jim coated his cockshaft and placed the head of his dick at Allison’s anus, cautiously inserting the spongy crown and giving an experimental push that parted her precious hole around his head. Allison groaned but she was used to this now, having taken the large, rubber cock with relative ease over the course of the last few weeks. Jim gave another push and her asshole opened up for him, enveloping the head of his penis and closing over its cap snugly, welcoming him in.

Allison’s legs trembled at the intrusion, and she began to breathe heavily, her body shaking. Jim gave another nudge, working an inch of his length into her backdoor, the slick lube and her days of practice easing his passage into her anus. Allison’s legs began to kick a bit as Jim fed more and more of his cock into her butthole, until half of his length had found its way into her rectum. Here he paused to allow her to adjust to the feel of a hard, throbbing shaft of real cockmeat.

He eased back an inch, then pushed forward, sliding his cock down the tunnel of her ass as her silky walls squeezed him tightly. Allison groaned under him, wiggling her bottom, her legs kicking. Another push sent five inches of his fatherly cock into her, leaving but two inches to go.

“That’s real good, darlin’,” Jim said soothingly.

A final slow thrust of his cock put the entire length of it into her tender backside, and then Jim’s balls slapped lightly against her gushing cunny. Allison gave a long, guttural moan of pleasure at the feeling of the pulsing cock buried in her butt. Jim rested again, wholly taken with the warm, cozy grip of his daughter’s anus massaging his penis. It had been far too long since he’d had the pleasure of a good butthole sucking at his cock and it was heavenly to feel it again.

Allison squirmed and wiggled, her legs trembling. Jim pulled his cock back an inch, and then pushed again, making his daughter groan into the mattress. His pace was slow and gentle as he repeated this, falling into a rhythm, holding Allison’s arms to the bed as he began a slow, deliberate fucking of her teenage bottom. The long days of practice had done their work and, soon, Allison’s adjusted anus was taking him with ease as she moaned and humped her ass back against him, breathing raggedly, sweating and panting her way toward her orgasm.

Jim increased his pace, just slightly, withdrawing more of his length on each stroke, ensuring that Allison began to feel the full, measured inches of his cock plundering her insides. With her father’s cock to the balls in her contracting anus, Allison had her first analgasm on a real cock, grunting like an animal as the days of teasing finally found their release. She sobbed with relief as the pleasure finally consumed her mind, humping her father’s penis, driving it into her asshole.

Jim, certain that the girl could take it, spread her legs further apart with his knees and commenced a proper rogering of his daughter’s welcoming behind. His strokes were long and hard now, pushing Allison up the mattress by centimeters on each inward thrust, his daughter grunting and then orgasming violently around his prick, her entire body convulsing as his hard knob bumped at her insides and the length of his cock rubbed every inch of her ass shaft.

Her fourth orgasm finally milked the cum from her father’s taut nutsack. Jim plunged the full length into her spasming, twitching bottom in a good, final thrust of fatherly butt-loving, coating his daughter’s rectum in a hot wash of daddy cum that had Allison grunting and humping his penis, looking for another good cum for her own cunny. Sweating and huffing into the mattress, Allison lay prone as her father kept his softening cock in her ass.

He rested, gently pumping his softened cock in her, his cum filling her asshole, squishing wetly around the tightness of her cock-stuffed anus. The feel of his daughter’s gripping, squeezing asshole was, in every way, like his Sarah’s (God rest her soul) and as Jim’s cock began to harden again, he knew that Allison’s mother was looking down on his good work, feeling the pride at what a well-trained butt slut their girl was becoming. It had been a difficult thing, made no easier by going it alone, without the aid of a good woman, but Jim felt a sense of accomplishment.

He wouldn’t feel pride in his work, for that would be sin, but he could feel a sense of rightness in his daughter’s butthole, knowing that he’d done his Godly duty in preparing her for life as a fit and proper wife. As he resumed his reaming of her asshole, feeling the incessant humping of Allison’s pliable, soft butt cheeks under his weight and the pleasurable groans of want for her father’s penis, Jim lost himself in the feeling and considered the future.

He’d done the work, put in the effort and the time to make his girl a proper ass slut. It was only right that he reap the rewards of that work and the glory of burying his cockshaft in her eager teenage asshole. He considered, though, the long days ahead, the days in which Allison was gone and wed, when there would be no one in the home and no sons to carry on his name and his trade. Perhaps, he thought, as he pounded his new erection into Allison’s squealing young body, there might be more wifely duties he could teach her.

The girl was of a prime age to begin breeding, after all. Jim considered this carefully as he recalled the heavenly warmth of Allison’s creamy cunny lips, the blissful feel of her loving young entrance, where for many a night he’d nestled his glans to release his gift. All the work he’d put in, thus far, had made his daughter a respectable bumfucker. He surmised that with just a bit more training, and a blessing from Father Lincoln, that Allison could, indeed, bear him the sons that were so important to his legacy.


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