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Reared in Birchbark Falls: Breeders Edition (ePub+PDF)

Reared in Birchbark Falls: Breeders Edition (ePub+PDF)

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Note: The Standard Edition of this story can be read completely free on this site. This edition is only for those that want to read the additional three chapters of incestuous insemination.


Jim's got a worry or two in his life, and both of them are on account of his daughter Allison. The girl's got an ass that a man will put a ring on her finger for and dedicate his work to. Were his wife not with The Lord, she'd be the one to train Allison right in the Godly way of making her butthole ready for what's right and proper.

Jim's wife, though, has been called home for many a year, leaving this dutiful father to see to the task of adjusting Allison's anus himself. With a little help from above, as well as a chastity belt, butt plugs, dildos, some hardcore porn, a few rubber cocks, and a father's manly erection, Jim will have his girl reared just right.

Kinks served: Incest, reluctance, chastity, anal, anal, more anal, orgasm denial, humiliation, impregnation

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