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Korrupting Kayla, Part Eleven

Chapter Seven: The Good Mother

Following her duty as a cleanup girl for the slutty pop icon, Kayla spent the rest of her day in Media and Marketing at her new workstation. Kitty rolled out her chair for her and she was unsurprised to see that the seat of it was equipped with a vibrating, rubber cock. Once she’d sat on the thing, Kitty took a small chain attached to the desktop, pulled up Kayla’s shirt, and attached the chain to one of her nipples with a small clamp.

Kayla screeched as the clamp bit down on her sensitive nub, but Kitty wasn’t finished. A second chain attached to her other nipple, bringing a fresh wave of painful tears to her eyes. Still, Kitty wasn’t done. She pulled a third chain from the chair and affixed it to Kayla’s clit, which was one of the most painful experiences of her life.

As she sobbed from the pain, the vibrating cock in her cunt contrasted it with pleasurable feelings, which were enhanced by the Obsequium rush from the collar. Only once she was chained to the chair and desk, did she receive her next assignment. Seemingly unconcerned by her tears and discomfort, Kitty provided her with instructions.

“You’re going to record an audio version of the pamphlet you created,” Kitty explained, scooting a studio microphone in front of her. “Just click the start button when you’re ready to record and the pause if you need to stop.”

“It hurts!” Kayla whined.

“Don’t worry about that,” Kitty said dismissively. “Just focus on your cunt and say the words on the screen. Nobody will mind if you cry a bit. It will just make it more authentic. The post-production guys will clean up anything that’s too messy.”

She left Kayla with her task. Grimacing with pain, Kayla moved the mouse and brought up the sound recorder. In the corner of her screen, she saw three small windows. They were camera feeds. The first was trained on her tear-streaked face, from the webcam atop the monitor. The second was focused on her tits, while the third was under her desk, fixed on her crotch.

For the rest of the day, she tried to ignore the painful clamps, which was impossible, but the vibrating cock did provide some distraction. She even managed to cum in her chair at least twice. The first time she did it to herself, as the pain and pleasure had simply become too much. She lightly bounced on the fake cock, careful not to tug too hard on her clit leash, until she came.

She was halfway through the second page of the pamphlet, when the first of her coworkers stopped by to “congratulate” her on her work, by masturbating himself onto her hair. He did not introduce himself by name. Rather, he simply unclipped one of her nipple chains, which sent a surge of painful sensation back into her tit, then spent the next few minutes openly groping her boob and jerking his cock, until he spattered her hair in cum.

Soon after, a second man stopped by to introduce Kayla to his penis. He gently turned her face to him, despite her being mid-sentence in her recording, and pushed his cock into her mouth. The microphone continued to capture the sounds of her gagging wetly on his angry thrusts, and then her choking as he poured his jizz into her mouth. She decided to leave the recording and just start the last sentence over.

When it happened for a third time, Kayla took it upon herself to attempt to perform a solid blowjob. She inhaled the stranger’s dick and tried to copy the techniques she’d seen in Super Suckers: One Minute Ball-busting Blowjobs. She didn’t quite get him there in under a minute, but it couldn’t have been much longer before he hosed her face in forceful jets of cock cream. She finished her recording while watching her cum-spattered face on the webcam. By the time her day ended, she had three new reviews and an S.Grade of B.

Kayla was not enthusiastic about going home at the end of the day. Marie had sent half a dozen messages and called three times over the weekend, but she’d only told her mother that she was staying with a friend. When she wasn’t able to reach Tiffany after work today, though, she drove home with a sick knot in her stomach. What new horror, she wondered, awaited her at home?

She drove with her wet panties on the passenger seat and her Haloes showing her that her cunt was still very hot. While she navigated the streets, she pondered her living situation. With a regular paycheck coming in, her dream of getting away from her crazed family was within reach. With the potential for bonuses, if she continued to toe the line, having her own place was not just a possibility. She could have it.

There would be no more nights filled with constant porno, and no further molestations from her mother. She’d never have to reluctantly or unwillingly suck Professor Miles’ cock again, or have her brother masturbate on her panties. It was more than appealing.

On the other hand, she had knowledge that she didn’t previously. What was happening wasn’t Marie’s fault. It wasn’t Rich’s fault. There was a monster who had invaded her home. The monster had driven her father away, and he’d warped the rest of her family through his mind games. Whatever Miles’ true intentions were, she didn’t feel that it would stop if she left. Leaving would be abandoning her mother and brother to whatever the Professor’s plan was.

Not for the first time, she wished that her head would clear and allow her to think through the problem rationally. That, however, she knew would never happen again. The horniness, the Obsequium, the brain scrambling she’d been put through, all of it was wiping away her ability to make logical decisions. Most decisions were being made, as the company wanted, by her cunt.

She edged her car into the driveway and looked at the place that had been a home not so long ago. Now, it seemed like a prison run by a lunatic. A madhouse. The things that happened here were as disturbed as everything in her life. The pull of having her own sanctuary from that madness warred with her diminishing sense of what was right.

Kayla touched the collar and picked up her panties from the seat. She did have one advantage, she thought, that she hadn’t had on the day her father left. She was becoming a company girl. She was becoming a slut. They couldn’t manipulate her any longer with that. She’d made the choice to be it. It wasn’t much of an advantage, but it might be just enough.

She got out of the car and strode to the door. Inside, the living room lights were on but the only person she encountered was Professor Miles. The studious-looking man in his brown jacket glanced up from his book when she entered. Cumhole met his gaze and shivered. It was like staring down a snake.

“Good evening, Cumhole,” he said with that satisfied smirk that she hated.

“Where’s my mom?”

Miles nodded his head toward the stairs and said, “I don’t think you’ll want to disturb them.”


“She’s a bit busy showing Rich all the things a good mother does for her children.”

Kayla’s mouth worked, but no words came out. He couldn’t mean it.

“Why are you doing this?” she blurted, unable to contain the question.

Miles glanced toward the stairs and then said, “Why don’t you have a seat?”

Kayla took the armchair as far from him as she could get.

“I suppose,” Miles mused, “that there’s no reason for duplicity amongst coworkers.”

“You?” Kayla whispered.

Miles nodded and said, “I’m actually here, Kayla, because of you.”

Kayla did not correct him, but asked, “Why?”

The Professor set his book aside and said, “My task was to direct you toward the very place that you, coincidentally, ended up in on your own. Whatever else I’ve done, well, that’s just a bit of fun along the way.”


“Because you’re special. A special slut. When the 69th floor decides it’s time for you to know, you’ll know. Until then, this,” he waved his hand over her home, “this is my amusement. Now, don’t give me that cute, angry look you get and stamp your foot. I’ll move on, eventually. There will be new assignments and, quite frankly, your mother’s starting to get boring.”

“Are you… going to fix her?”

“Fix her? She’s not broken. She’s been fixed. Your brother, too. Trust me. They’ll be much happier this way.”

He casually breathed on his glasses and wiped them clean, then added, “She’s learned her true place in the world, and he’s found his. What’s a woman’s place, Cumhole?”

Kayla knew the answer. Even now, the company was in her head. They were, likely, watching all of this and hearing it through the Haloes. They could see inside of her body, hear every word, see what she saw. They own everything. They owned her.

“Beneath a man,” she whispered.

Miles nodded.

“And that’s right where your mother is. That is her natural place, just like it’s yours.”

He stood up and rounded the coffee table to stand near her.

“Do you want me to leave?” he asked.


“I will when it’s time. You see, you and I are both little cogs in a big machine. We have that in common. They don’t just own you. They own me, too. There’s just one thing that separates us in the hierarchy.”

Miles unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Kayla’s eyes fell on it as he took another step toward her. Then, he was right in front of her and she looked up into his smug, stupid face.

“You’re a girl,” he said and put his dick on her trembling lips.

Kayla did not want to open her mouth. Sucking off strange men at work, allowing them to masturbate on her hair, even clipping her own clit to a chair was preferable to willingly opening her mouth for Miles. Only, she did it. This was her place. The company told her so. The pamphlet that she’d created told her so. The words in her head and the heat in her cunt, all told her that this was her place. Miles spread her soft lips apart with the head of his cock, put his hand on her head, and Kayla began to cry.


Enjoying the story so far? Catch up on the entire novel, Korrupting Kayla, Book Two before the release of Book Three!

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