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Family Business

This story is a production experiment in partnership with Lisa X Lopez. Family Business is an experimental presentation of erotic fiction. It presents the story in three different formats, combining my writing with Lisa's visual skills to create a unique erotic experience! Below you'll find the full text of this story. If you'd like to go beyond the written text, you can access both the photobook and the video story. And, of course, the cover art features the star of the show herself. If you'd like to read more about the production of this experiment, check out the release post.

The photobook contains the full text of this story in a PDF document, alongside photos that depict the action happening in the text. Starring Lisa X Lopez and @BaldBill, the photobook contains over 80 images across more than 80 pages of erotic fiction for a truly unique type of read!

The video story is a 40-minute live-action version of the same story. Filmed, edited and produced by Lisa, this is the first Erotikinks story that's been brought to life by one of the hottest new adult content creators. While the video story does contain explicit imagery, this is not porn in the typical sense. Rather, it's like seeing the story unfold in a video format. There's really nothing like it out there. Is that a good thing? You be the judge!

Pick up the full package in the shop here on Erotikinks or on Lisa's website! Check out the preview for the video story and photobook below! As this is our first time doing something in these formats, your feedback is sincerely appreciated. Leave a comment, send me a message, write a review, or drop back in on this post and vote in the poll to let us know your thoughts.

Chapter One: Family Business

“Tell Daddy what you want,” Carlo said as he held the phone in his hand.

He trained it down on his mother, who was on her knees and sliding her hands up and over his legs. She wore a too-tight white top, which read, “Daddy’s Little Cumslut,” in bold red letters. Carlo’s eyes flicked up from the phone to the mirror on the wall in front of him. The reflection was a sight that had his cock as hard as the visual of his mother kneeling in front of him. It was her ass, in a pink thong.

“Do you want me to suck your dick, Daddy?” his blushing mother asked. “I wanna suck your dick.”

Goddamn! Those were words he could never tire of hearing, and words that he never imagined he’d hear coming from his mother’s mouth. Doubly so being directed at him! Lisa made little purring, happy sounds, like the real porn slut she was becoming, as she slipped her thick lips over his cockhead and took him nearly to the base.

“Good girl,” he said with a sigh, holding the camera as steadily as he could.

Of course, only a short while ago, this entire moment would have been inconceivable. In some ways, it still was. Lisa’s wet lips glided down his cock as he panned the phone camera around to capture his mother taking his length.

The money they’d make for this little video would be good, and while the income was reward, for Carlo the real reward was his mother. His bombshell mother was sucking his cock, dressed like a slut, and doing it not only for the money. She was doing it because she’d come to love it. And after the slutty head, he’d spread his mother’s legs, push his cock into her depths, and fuck her while the cameras rolled.

Chapter Two: The Rent

Carlo couldn’t have been more shocked by anything than he was by the sight of his mother, Lisa, dressed in a black miniskirt and matching tank top. It wasn’t the outfit itself that was surprising. That was actually rather tame.

What Carlo found shocking was his mother’s tits, so blatantly displayed in the low-cut top. His mother had an excellent set of tits. He’d peeped on them often enough, but to say his mother kept her charms hidden was like saying the Pope was a Catholic. That’s just the way it was.

Lisa wasn’t fond of showing off. In fact, he wasn’t even sure that she realized how ridiculously hot she actually was. Had she known, she might have used it to her advantage. But she didn’t use it or didn’t realize it.

The top was one of the most obviously sexy things he’d seen her wear, and it was cut so low that her perfectly round breasts were nearly falling out. Carlo stopped in the open doorway to her room with his mouth open. When she looked up, his mother’s cheeks were red with guilt, something that not many people would notice against her lightly tanned Mexican skin.

“Carlo,” Lisa said. “You’re home.”

Carlo cleared his throat, and the comment made him realize something else. His mother shouldn’t have been home, much less home wearing a sexy top.

“Um, so are you?” he said and made a conscious effort to avoid looking at her tits.

“It was… a bad day at work,” Lisa said, hanging her head and covering her face in her raven hair.

Carlo pushed his dirty thoughts away and sat on the edge of the bed with his mother, putting his arm around her shoulder. Lisa leaned into him, in the way he loved. The gesture, familial as it was, always produced a swell of pride. It was like he was the man of the house, the comfort. Her man. Ridiculous, but it was there all the same.

“Bad, how?” he asked.

And Lisa began to cry. That bad. For several minutes Carlo held her and let her cry, handing her the occasional tissue.

When she finally choked back the last sob and raised her head, she explained, “That… asshole fired me!”

“Mr. Brock?”

Lisa nodded. “He wanted to pay less for the same work. Said that he could get one of the new girls in the business to do it cheaper.”

Carlo couldn’t help but chuckle, despite the somewhat dire situation. Lisa didn’t use “bad words,” so hearing her use a term like, “asshole,” was another shock.

Things had been tough for the two of them, after Carlo’s father died. There was a little money from insurance, but Lisa had insisted it get put away to pay for college. That was where Carlo had been, before coming home to find his mother with her tits half out.

“You think it’s something else, though, don’t you?” he asked.

Lisa sighed and said, “I think he just wants me to be one of those… sexy Mexican maids. Those young girls do that kind of thing. Dress in the short skirts and stuff.”

“And your plan was… what? To show go back and show him a little skin to get him back as a client?”

Lisa blushed and said, “It sounds stupid, right?”

The thought came suddenly. In hindsight, Carlo would say it was inspired. In the moment, though, it came from his dick and the fact that he could see down his mother’s top, between the valley of her luscious globes. It was a half-formed thought, but it would accomplish two things. The first, and most important, was making his mother smile.

“Actually,” Carlo said. “It doesn’t. But I don’t think you should do it. You’re better than that.”

And Lisa did smile. She felt respected. She felt loved. She snuggled a little closer.

The second thing Carlo hoped to accomplish, was a nudge. Just a simple step in another direction, that just might lead two positive outcomes.

“Have you ever thought about doing any modeling?” he asked.

Lisa raised her head, cocked it, and frowned. It wasn’t an upset frown, but a quizzical one, as if she weren’t sure what to do with the question.

“Modeling?” she said.

“I mean, if you’re going to, you know, show a little skin like that you shouldn’t sell yourself cheap for some creep like Mr. Brock.”

“Sell myself?” Lisa asked, and the frown deepened.

Carlo winced inwardly. Poor choice of words.

“You know that’s not what I mean,” Carlo said with a sheepish shrug. “I mean, there are better ways to… to show how beautiful you are, without letting someone take advantage of you like Mr. Brock is trying to do.”

Lisa’s frown eased and curled up into something almost resembling a smile. She appreciated the compliment. Carlo held back a sigh of relief and bulled forward.

“There’s this exhibit at school,” he said. “For one of my classes. Photography. I was going to do a landscape, but I think if I could do something with an actual model, I might have a better shot.”

“Model? A shot?” Lisa said, now more curious.

Carlo’s education was something that she did deeply care about. Having none herself, and coming from a background in which working the field circuit was more important than education, there was little that she placed more value in than Carlo’s schooling. Anything he needed for school, he got. And he was counting on that.

The sudden inspiration, and the plan beginning to form, were not a lie. Carlo didn’t lie to his mother, and not just because of the childhood spankings that his ass so vividly recalled. He just didn’t feel as if he needed to. It had been the two of them for a lot of years now, and that kind of relationship didn’t leave a lot of room for lies.

It didn’t, however, mean that Carlo had to reveal the whole truth.

“The exhibit has a $500 cash prize for the winning photos. I know it’s not the kind of money we need, but if I did well, it would get me noticed, and I might be able to eventually do it as part of my other work.”

That other work was something Lisa also encouraged. She’d wanted him, initially, to pursue a degree in some lofty profession. A doctor. A lawyer. She had her own dreams of having him become the first one in her family line to achieve something.

Carlo wasn’t interested in doctoring or lawyering, though. Carlo was interested in films and photos. In particular, he liked the editing, and turning a raw piece into a finished production. He also enjoyed shooting the photos, and a nice camera had been something Lisa had splurged on for him.

“I don’t follow,” Lisa said.

Carlo pulled his arm from around her shoulder and ran it through his hair. “I could take a few photos of you in something cute, and enter them into the exhibit.”

Lisa screwed up her face and then laughed. “Photos of me?”

She looked down at her cleavage, blushed, and added, “Who would want to see photos of me?”

Carlo elbowed her in the ribs and said, “Mr. Brock?”

His mother rolled her eyes. “He’s a… a pervert.”

Carlo pasted on his most winning smile, the one that usually persuaded her to give him what he wanted, and said, “So, you’ll do it? I mean, it’s $500. I could win with you.”

Lisa looked down again and asked, “You really think so?”

Carlo nodded enthusiastically and crossed his fingers. For several tense seconds, she thought in silence.

“Okay,” she said at last, and Carlo slowly let out his held breath. “What should I wear?”

Carlo couldn’t help but grin.

Chapter Three: Innocent Mom

“How do I look?” Lisa asked, and Carlo looked up from the camera.

He managed to restrain himself from whistling. It wasn’t that his mother’s outfit was exactly hot, but it was slightly sexier than most things he’d ever seen her wear. The puffy, floral skirt ended above her knees, and her ribbed top hugged her upper body snugly. The neckline of the top was as cut low enough to show an abundance of titflesh, enough that Lisa was blushing as he looked her over.

“It looks… really cute,” he said with a slight catch in his voice.

Jesus. Don’t look at her tits. Don’t look at her tits!

He looked at her tits. Just for a second. Fortunately, Lisa was so self-conscious that she didn’t notice his wandering eye.

“What should I do?” she asked.

Loaded question.

Carlo cleared his throat and said, “Stand in front of that backdrop.”

He gestured to one wall, where he’d hung an abstract linen backdrop, in front of which sat a saddle-style stool. Lisa stood in front of the stool, fidgeting uncomfortably. Carlo frowned. She was too tense.

“Mom, what did you want to be when you were a little girl? When you grew up?”

Lisa tousled her hair, smiled, and Carlo snapped a photo. “An actress,” she said.

“Tell me about your favorite ones,” he said.

She did. They were glamorous women, sexy and smart, classic Mexican beauties like Thalia, Lucero, and Kate del Castillo. As she talked, smiling with the memories, Carlo snapped his photos. After a dozen, he stopped and waved his mother over.

“You’re so beautiful, mom,” he said as he played back the images. “With the light on you like this, you’re like a… a goddess. Like one of those actresses.”

The comment made Lisa titter, but her smile remained.

“They do actually look good,” she said. “Go back. There! That one is cute.”

Carlo nodded. The image captured her with a hand in her hair, pushing it back. Her smile was half-cocked, and her eyes were far away and shining.

“It’s great,” he agreed.

“Do you think it could do well in your exhibit?”

“Yeah. I think that could be one of them.”

“One?” Lisa asked.

“Um, yeah. I’ll need at least a dozen. You can’t have an exhibit with just one photo, right?”

Lisa shrugged and said, “I guess not. I don’t really know.”

“Do you have another outfit? Maybe something… a little bit sexier?”

Lisa looked down at her outfit, smoothed he skirt, and said, “Sexier? I don’t really have anything like that. Why does it have to be sexy?”

Carlo mulled over his next words, then said, “It’s about capturing natural beauty. Everywhere around us, you can find beauty in things that people don’t normally see. You can also find exceptional beauty in things that some people might think are mundane. Right now, you think that you’re mundane, Mom. But you have exceptional beauty, and I want you to see that.”

Lisa’s eyes held tears that she wiped away, and she said, “Your Dad used to say things like that. You’ve got that part of him. The… the wonder about things that I fell in love with. It made life seem like it could be an adventure.”

Carlo put his arm around her and hugged her to his chest.

“You’re talking like it’s about over. In fact, this thing,” he held up the camera, “could be the start of it. Life can still be an adventure. If you let me show other people what kind of beauty you really have, I think things might change for the better. What do you say?”

Lisa nuzzled her face into his chest, and Carlo had to force himself not to hold his breath. The gesture was erotic, even if she didn’t know it. He was only slightly grateful that she didn’t have her body pressed against his erection.

“What do you have in mind?” she asked.

“To get you a few outfits and do some more photos. I have a plan, but I need to show you something first.”

That something was Carlo’s pet project. Since getting the camera, he’d been putting it to use on less exciting subjects than his mother. The subjects, however, were chosen based on needs in the market.

By submitting thousands of photos over months to various stock photography sites, Carlo had begun raking in a small income. This allowed him to invest in some further equipment without bothering his mother about money. The photos were mostly lifestyle images, and the buyers turned them into advertisements, book covers, blog posts, and other media.

“You’re actually making money from it?” Lisa asked, astonished as she looked over his shoulder at the library of images.

“Not a lot, yet, but some. People will pay for good images and video. With an attractive woman in them, I know they can do better.”

Lisa put her hand on his shoulder and asked, “And you’d like me to be an attractive woman?”

Carlo covered her hand with his own.

“You are an attractive woman. I want to show you it’s true, and by doing so we can create great art together. Like a… a family business.”

“I guess,” Lisa hesitantly agreed. “We could try it. What is there to lose?”

Carlo shook his head and said, “Nothing. I know it’s not your acting dream, but if we really hit this thing hard, we could see a return on it quickly.”

Lisa’s hesitation was minimal.

“Okay. What do I need to do?”

Carlo couldn’t help but smile, but he did restrain himself from grabbing his aching cock.

“Just follow my direction. Are you up for a little shopping?” And before she could object to spending what little money she had, he added, “I’ll take care of it. We’ll use my photo funds and get a few pieces that will really work to start with.”

“Alright,” Lisa agreed.


That evening, Lisa was in better spirits than Carlo had seen her in… he couldn’t remember, actually. There had been some slight pushback around a few of the outfits, particularly the black lace lingerie, and the lacy white bra and panty set. A reminder that it was about art, though, and Lisa gave in.

“Just wait until you see the finished product,” he said, as clinically as possible. “You’ll see yourself in a whole new light.”

As Lisa laid out the outfits on her bed, bending over in the short floral skirt, Carlo got a glimpse of her white panties. And he was about to see her in the sexy lingerie sets. God! It was a fucking dream come true.

While that thought was making his palms sweat, the genuine look of girlish glee on Lisa’s face as she put the clothes on the bed was actually the greater reward. He’d been right in saying that it wasn’t her childhood acting dream, but for her it was like the chance to be a part of that long-ago childish dream. Her life hadn’t gone in that direction, but what Carlo was offering must seem like the best she could hope for. If he had his way, though, things were going to go much further.

“What do we start with?” she asked, standing back and looking down on the clothes.

It was tempting to put her in the black lingerie, but that felt like rushing it. In order for this to work, she’d need to be comfortable getting sexier with each step.

“The white top and pink skirt,” Carlo said. “With the big pink heels. That’s all we’ll do tonight.”

“Alright,” Lisa agreed, and picked up the chosen set.

“I’ll meet you in my room,” Carlo said, and reluctantly left to let her get dressed.

When she arrived, she looked every bit as cock-hardening as he’d know she’d be. The big heels added five inches to her height, and she was blushing at how short the pleated pink skirt was. With a bare tummy and the tight, white top hugging her tits, she looked like the Latina bimbo of his dreams.

“How does it look?”

“It’s adorable,” Carlo said, and pasted on his professional face. “Stand by the backdrop and let me adjust the light a bit.”

Lisa tottered over to the backdrop and posed with a hand on her hip, giggling.

“Tell me about when you met Dad,” Carlo instructed as he made adjustments. “What did you guys do for fun?”

Lisa talked again, about days that seemed so far long ago now. Days spent on the beaches of Playa del Carmen, or in the mercados. Afternoons and evenings riding peseros in Mexico City, exploring with her newfound love.

And as she remembered, Carlo snapped his photos, moving around her. Lisa was a natural, though she didn’t know it. She seemed to adjust and pose as he moved, almost without thinking, probably remembering those magazine photos of her youth.

The result, when it was finished, was excellent. The photos were a touch sexy, suggestive even, and Carlo captured a few low-angle shots that showed a hint of her panties below the short skirt. He held his breath as he showed them to his mother.

“Oh! I look… I look cute! I mean, it’s a little silly, but it is cute.”


Carlo tossed that night, his dick hard as he replayed Lisa’s sexy posing. The outfit hadn’t been full-on slutty. It had been sexy, but the hint at what lay underneath the tiny skirt and tight top were enough to keep him hard.

He could jerk off to the photos. He might, in fact. But right now he kept thinking to the next day, when his mother would pose for him in the white lingerie. It would be the least amount of clothing he could remember seeing her in. It was little more than a lacy bra and panties, actually.

Pushing back the covers, he slid out of the bed and padded to the hall. Maybe a snack to take the edge off and get to sleep. As he stepped out into the dark of the hall, though, a sliver of light fell across the carpet. It was coming from his mother’s room.

He crept, curious, toward the sliver. The door was ajar and there were sounds coming from within. Sexy sounds. Oh, God! With his hard-on leading the way, Carlo edged closer to the door, pausing inches away with his hands trembling.

He closed the inches and peeked carefully through the crack. Some inner voyeuristic instinct kept him from groaning out loud at the sight on the bed. His mother was still wearing the pink skirt and white top, but her panties were gone. And she was masturbating with a thick dildo.

Until this moment, he’d never thought of his mother pleasuring her own cunt. He’d fantasized about her, imagined having her mouth around his prick, or pushing himself into her, but the idea that might need to masturbate had just never crossed his mind.

As he watched her writhe in passion, pushing the big toy deep into her pussy, he rubbed his cock. His snack was forgotten. Lisa fucked herself harder, moaning loudly, and then she said the words made Carlo cum in his pants for the first time in his life.

“Oh, baby! Oh! Carlo, I need your dick!”

*** Chapter Four: The First Touch

Carlo looked his mother up and down with a sense of complete awe. After last night’s lucky catch in the hallway, it was impossible not to rub his cock through his pants as he admired Lisa’s body. Had it been lucky, though? Had she left the door open on purpose?

However it had happened, his mother was far more relaxed today than he expected, especially given her current state of undress. Lisa was next to nude in his room, wearing nothing but a white lace thong and matching bra.

As she admired herself in the mirror, Carlo did his best to keep his expression professional, disinterested. It was a battle of will not to salivate. He pretended to check the camera over again, but his eyes were trained on the mirror, where Lisa shifted side-to-side as she took herself in. Jesus, he could see her nipples through the lace!

“I think I have some ideas for this one,” she said.

“Oh? Um, sure! Be creative!”

“Are you ready?”

Carlo nodded as she turned toward him. He seemed to have lost his ability to speak. Lisa cocked a hip and rested her hand on it.

“How do I look?”

Carlo simply nodded again. Lisa smiled as she moved to stand at the foot of the bed and flipped her dark hair.

“How about this one first?” she said and climbed on the bed on her knees.

Carlo momentarily forgot that he was holding a camera, that he was supposed to be taking a photo and controlling the situation. Lisa bent over, on all fours, and stuck her ass out right in his direction.


“It’s… it’s so perfect,” he choked out.

“Anything you’d like to see differently, Mr. Director?”

Dazed, unable to stop himself, Carlo edged forward. Her ass was magnetic. He couldn’t not do it. With a shaky hand, he reached out, and placed it on his mother’s ass.

“Just put your head down,” he whispered, and trailed his fingers down the curve of her ass.

Lisa complied. He stepped back and raised the camera.

“That’s amazing,” he said and snapped a photo.

“How about this?” Lisa said, and stuck her legs out behind her, dangling them off the bed.

“Gorgeous,” Carlo said, and took the picture.

Lisa slid up the bed and got to her knees, pulling her hair up into her hands.

“Do you like me like this?” she asked.

“Yes. God, yes,” Carlo said in a breath, then added, “It’s a great pose. The photo will be amazing.”

“What about this?”

Lisa ran her hand up her leg and hooked a finger into her panties, tugging them slightly down one hip. Carlo groaned as he took the photo.

“I thought you said you’d never done this?” he said. “You’re a natural, Mom.”

“You really think so?” she asked as she pulled the panties a little lower.


Lisa lay on her tummy, put her legs in the air, and said, “What about this one?”

“Just one small change,” Carlo said, emboldened, and stepped to the bed.

He placed his hands on his mother’s legs and gently eased them apart.

“That seems a little naughty,” Lisa said with a giggle.

Carlo put his hands on her hips and pulled her ass up, so she rested on her knees.

“Very naughty,” Lisa said.

“Erotic,” Carlo said as he stepped back.

With Lisa’s legs spread, he could just make out her pussy through the thin lace panties.

“Just a little closer shot,” he said and moved in.

Lisa arched her back further up in response and his cock jerked. When he stepped back, his mother got to her knees and turned around, presenting him with a full frontal view of her enticing figure. Now, though, he had to look directly at her eyes as she watched him.

She flipped her hair back and forth, and said, “Will this do?”

“Oh, yes.”

He stepped back, swallowed as he looked at her nipples through the lace, and snapped from different angles. When he gave her the nod, Lisa stepped off the bed and returned to the backdrop, where she placed her hands on the wall, lifted a heeled foot, and pushed her ass out for the camera.

My, God! I touched that ass!

He quickly knelt, positioned himself, and captured her amazing ass for his project. And his spankbank. Finally, Lisa turned and placed her back to the wall. With the full light of the box lights on her figure, the transparency of the white set was on full display. Carlo could clearly see his mother’s pussy outlined in the panties. Another couple shots went into the spankbank.

As much as he wanted this to continue, there was an actual purpose to all of this. It wasn’t purely for his own benefit. This project was a way to dig them both out of their financial hole, and things had to move quickly.

“That does it for today,” he said. “I’m going to need to work on these and get prints for the exhibit.”

“You’ll show me the results?” Lisa asked.

“Of course. Come to the exhibit!”

Chapter Five: The Exhibit

All night and the next day, Carlo worked feverishly on the photos. It wasn’t that they needed a lot of editing. Putting aside the fact that it was his hot mother, Lisa was a beautiful subject. The bulk of the work came from deciding on which photos to use, and then giving them an aesthetic that would be like a signature for his work.

After going through several versions and variations, he had the right look. The final step was ordering prints, which he did at a local shop. He picked them up the same afternoon and took them over to his campus, where he framed the finished lot and put them into the exhibit hall for the next day’s unveiling and judging.

Lisa was understandably nervous to attend, knowing the other competitors, judges, and general public would be looking at her in sexy underwear.

“Models do this all the time,” Carlo assured her. “You aren’t the first woman to pose in her underwear for the sake of art. You’re probably the hottest, though!”

Lisa blushed and squeezed his hand. “You’re just being nice.”

Carlo shook his head and said, “Just wait until you see the reaction. Most students aren’t going to do something this… risque. They’ll do still life, portraits, lifestyle shots, or landscapes. We’re going to stand out.”

Lisa didn’t seem convinced, but she nodded anyway. She stood back from Carlo’s presentation, fidgeting with her hands, while they waited for the official word. When it came, her red blush burned through her tanned complexion at the stunning sight of her nearly nude body on display for all these eyes.

Carlo gave her a reassuring smile as he stood next to her work and beckoned her over. Clearly reluctant, Lisa came to stand next to him, but she couldn’t stop looking at the large photos.

“I told you,” Carlo said. “You’re amazing.”

Attendees and judges filed past on their way through the exhibit, pausing and taking in the finished work. Their eyes bounced from the erotic images of the lady in white, to the blushing woman standing nearby. And they smiled. They looked. They couldn’t stop looking.

“A beautiful image,” commented one.

“Interesting. Erotic art? What a lovely model.”

“Simply stunning.”

“Amazing form.”


“Well shot!”

When the time came to announce the winner, the judges conferred. There seemed to be some serious debate, and a couple of shaking heads. Others, though, seemed adamant. Carlo held Lisa’s hand as one man stood and moved to the front of the group.

“Thank you all for coming to this year’s student exhibit,” he said. “Each year, our talented young artists showcase their work as part of their grade. The academic recognition is accompanied by a small cash prize. Our hope is to foster creative endeavors, like this, in the hopes that these promising artists will one day contribute to the beauty of our world.”

He pushed up his glasses, cleared his throat, and continued, “The decision is never an easy one. How does one truly judge art, after all? Rather than simply say that this is good art, and this is not, we decide on our winner based on technical skill and uniqueness of the subject. This year, the winner is… Lady in White, by Carlo Ramirez.”

The man waved to Carlo and Lisa, who were equally surprised at the result. They’d done it. Carlo shared the look with his mother, who stared back with wide eyes. Her lips turned up in a smile and she released his hand, then gave him a gently push as the surrounding audience clapped their hands.

This time, the blush was on his cheeks as he moved to the front of the crowd to shake the hands of the judges. He accepted a check from the last, a pat on the back, and returned to his mother. As the runner-up was announced, Carlo could only stare at the check. They’d done it!


“Can we do more of them?” Lisa asked, practically bouncing in her seat as Carlo drove. “More photos? More exhibits?”

He chuckled at his mother’s enthusiasm, so unlike her.

“Absolutely,” he agreed. “In fact, I’ve got other ideas. We’ll need more outfits, but I already have the bones together.”

“What’s the plan?” she asked.

“A website. It will showcase your professional portfolio. It will be shots like the ones we took. They’ll be sexy, erotic, alluring.”

Lisa was quiet, her hands folded in her lap. She looked down, as if she hadn’t heard. Carlo frowned. He could sense her enthusiasm, but there was hesitation.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I like it,” she whispered. “I like it, but I… I want to do more.”


He nearly held his breath as Lisa toyed with her hands.

“What if I did it… nude?”

Holy fuck…

Carlo almost couldn’t say the word out loud. Over time, he’d been hoping he could broach the subject. Maybe a few months down the line, Lisa would be comfortable enough to think about doing a nude shoot. So soon, though? At her own suggestion?

The memory of her nighttime masturbation came back to him. The sound of her voice, panting, saying his name as she came. Had he been wrong about his mother all this time? Was there some kind of inner seductress, waiting to be unleashed?

“Nude?” he repeated at last.

“It seems… exciting,” she said. “And I want to do things that are exciting. I want to do things that most people don’t. Carlo, I spent all my youth doing safe things, like cleaning houses for rich people. If we’re going to do this, to really do it, I want to do things that will be exciting.”

Carlo took her hand and squeezed it. “If you don’t mind being nude in front of me,” he said, “then I’d love to do it. It would be a dream come true.”

Lisa laughed and slapped his shoulder. “You dream of your naked mother? You dirty boy!”

You have no idea…

Chapter Six: MILF

The shorts were very, very fucking short. Carlo stood ready with his camera, admiring the incredible vision that was his mother’s backside. He hadn’t even chosen the outfit. It had been Lisa’s idea.

Whatever these little photo sessions had awakened within her, Carlo was growing more thankful by the minute. He watched her wiggle her ass in the tiny shorts, a she stood in a pair of pink bimbo heels. And when she turned around, his already aching cock got even harder.

Across the tight white top was the word, “Brat,” in red letters. He should be focused on taking the picture, but that single word brought to mind a vision of his mother over his knee, receiving a well-earned spanking. Brat, indeed.

“Do you like it?” Lisa asked.

“Very much,” Carlo agreed and snapped his first photo.

The white panties had been one thing. They had an elegance to them, a quality that made his mother desirable, but in a way that had him aching to take her and make slow love. This getup was something else. It was slutty. There was no other word for it. It was a cocktease.

Lisa moved through poses, pushing out her ass, flattening her body against the wall to accentuate the sexy curves, before turning around to display her amazing rack in the tight top. Her body was a dream, and Carlo’s dick pushed so tightly against his pants that he thought it might break through. He let out a frustrated groan when his mother turned again and toyed with the shorts, slipping them down her hips.

“Is this hot?” Lisa asked, her voice husky and soft.

“So, hot, Mom,” Carlo agreed.

“It’s a little warm in here, don’t you think?”

“Not as hot as you are. God, Mom. You’re perfect!”

“You can take those off, if you need to,” Lisa said, eyeing his crotch.

Carlo was past the point of hesitation. It was as clear an invitation as he was ever going to get. He fumbled his belt open and slid the pants off his legs, kicking them aside. Lisa toyed with her panties and bit her lip as she watched. Was this actually happening? She was getting turned on?

“That’s better,” she said and stuck her ass out.

The tiny shorts came down, and suddenly she was standing before him in a tiny pink thong that might as well not even have been there.

“God,” Carlo muttered.

Only a few snaps later, Lisa called a pause and said, “I have one more I want to try.”

Carlo, flushed, could only nod. His mother left the room, but only a moment later she was back. She still wore the pink heels, but she’d exchanged the thong for a pair of skimpy black mini shorts. The top now bore a set of lips, the tongue out and licking suggestively.

“You like?” Lisa asked as she stood in front of the backdrop.

“That’s incredible,” Carlo said. “You’re incredible!”

Lisa went through a few more poses, front and back, before she moved to the bed. She crawled onto it, while Carlo snapped, moving around at every angle. He filled his camera with his mother’s curves, capturing her sensuality from every side.

It was when Lisa moved onto her back that both of their lives changed forever. The provocative poses she’d used before transcended the erotic in a heartbeat. Lisa lifted a leg and held it aloft in one hand, displaying her pussy to him. It was hidden in the tiny shorts, but not for long.

Sitting back on one knee, Carlo snapped pictures of her in the lewd position. Then, Lisa put her hand between her legs, rubbed her pussy through the shorts, and her fingers curled inside. Carlo held his breath, the camera shaking in his hand, and watched in awe as his mother pulled the crotch of the shorts aside.

He was suddenly confronted with her very hot and aroused, pussy, bare through his lens.

“Oh, my God, Mom,” he said in a quick breath.

Lisa seemed gone, taken over by her show. She ran her fingers through her pussy slit and moaned, pushing her fingers into it as Carlo snapped. For some reason, he couldn’t stop clicking the shutter. He fired off shot after shot, capturing the movement of her fingers across her cunt, her honey glistening.

He wiped sweat from his brow and peered back through the lens. If the suggestion to take off his pants had seemed like an invitation, what came next was undoubtedly so. Lisa crooked her finger in invitation as she rubbed her pussy with her other hand.

Carlo snapped another photo, then another, capturing the gesture. She did it again, and again.

“Carlo,” she finally said. “Get over here!”

Both of them had gone beyond common sense. He set the camera aside and, as if in a dream, slid to his knees and crawled up the end of the bed, between his mother’s leg. They were open in invitation, her fingers slipping wetly through her slit as she gazed down at his approach.

“Do you want to lick Mommy’s pussy?” she asked, her eyes glazed with fucklust.

Carlo didn’t need to reply. He simply did it, pushing his tongue between her folds. Lisa’s hand came down on his head as she sighed, wordlessly guiding him as he lapped at her cunt.

“You’re such a good boy,” she whispered. “Such a good boy to take care of your Mommy.”

Carlo groaned as he watched her over her mound. She pulled down the top, baring her naked breasts to him, as her heeled feet came to rest on his shoulders. She ground her cunt against his face as her body writhed.

“You’re so good to me,” she whispered. “You’ve always been so good. I want you to enjoy me, baby. I want us to have an adventure. Will you have an adventure with Mommy?”

Carlo hummed his agreement into her pussy and continued to lick and suck. How in the world had this happened? He’d figured on some long, drawn-out process of seduction that might one day allow him to see his mother nude. But this? What had she been hiding?

Once she’d been heated up by her son’s tongue, Lisa beckoned again and said, “Come up here!”

Was this it? Was she going to pull out his cock and demand he push it into her? Instead, she sat up on her knees and turned her back to him. She pulled his arms around her waist and placed his hands on her chest.

“Play with me, Carlo! Touch me.”

He slid his hands over her breasts, squeezing them through her top. God, they were as perfect as the rest of her!

“We can do so much,” she whispered as he nuzzled her neck, inhaling the scent of her. “I can show you so many things. Things I’ve only dreamed of.”

Lisa’s ass ground against his erection, rubbing his sensitive head through his boxers. Oh, shit! He wasn’t going to make it. He couldn’t stave it off. Every dirty fantasy he’d ever had flashed through his mind as he molested his mother’s perfect tits.

Every filthy imagined image of his sexy mother, spread open for him, taking him in, screaming his name, all hit him in the instant she ground her beautiful ass against his cock.

“Mom, I’m gonna—“

“It’s okay, baby. Cum for Mommy!”

“Oh, fuck!”

For the second time in his life, Carlo came in his pants.

Chapter Seven: The First Fuck

Carlo grumbled in his sleep as the bed rocked. He cracked a tired eye, closed it, opened it once more.

“Carlo,” Lisa’s soft voice said.

Had he passed out from cumming? That wasn’t possible. He cracked his eye open again. No. He remembered holding her close and falling asleep as she snuggled against him.

“Huh?” he whispered.

And finally, his eyes opened to the sight of Lisa in a black, tie-front top, leaning over his erect cock.

“Mommy needs to suck your cock,” she whispered.

Before he could respond, his dick was engulfed in a warm wetness like none he’d ever experienced. Not that he had extensive experience in a woman’s mouth. None of those, however, were his mother.

“Oh, fuck!” he groaned.

Lisa’s lips sank to the base of his cock. Her hands rested to either side of his legs. He lay stunned, watching this dark-haired goddess go to work on his prick, sucking, licking, swallowing him. This was beyond anything he’d hoped for only days ago. It was like he’d uncaged a cock demon, and now that she’d had a taste of him she couldn’t get enough.

He placed his hand on her head and gently pushed her back down the length of his cock. Lisa moaned around it happily. Her pace increased. Carlo knew it wasn’t going to last. How long had it been since he’d cum?

No matter. It was happening again. Lisa plunged her mouth down and sealed her lips around his cock as his grip tightened in her hair.

“Oh, God, Mom!”

“Mm hm!”

He shook with the ferocity of the explosion against her squirming tongue. Lisa swallowed it all, swirling her tongue around his shaft like a professional blowjob queen. How long had it been since she’d done this?

While he gasped with the pleasure, Lisa released his drained cock from her mouth and kissed his forehead.

“Go back to sleep, baby,” she said.


Carlo positioned his phone camera on a tripod, aimed at the bed, and checked the view. What a fucking view it was! Lisa was on her knees, wearing a set of black lace lingerie, with small flowers on the panties. A pair of black heels and black stockings made her look, from head to toe, like a dark seductress. And she was.

“Okay. It’s all set,” he said.

“Now this is adventurous,” Lisa said as she slid onto her tummy and propped her legs in the air, giving the camera a perfect view between her legs.

“Your idea, yet again,” Carlo said and hefted his camera.

Lisa crawled up the bed on her knees. “I told you, I’m full of them.”

“That’s not all you’ll be full of soon,” Carlo said and marveled that the words rolled so easily off his tongue.

“Is that a promise?”

“Jesus! What did you do with my mom?”

Lisa laughed and said, “I let her out. Should I put her back in a cage?”

The mental image that comment conjured was like Viagra. “It has a sort of appeal,” Carlo said.

“Dirty boy.”

“Look who I got it from.”

“Get the fuck over here,” Lisa ordered and swished her hair.

“Yes, Mother,” Carlo said and moved to the side of the bed.

His hard cock was already out and in one hand, while his camera was in the other. This morning, his mother was determined to make and “adventurous” documentary of her boy stuffing his prick into her for the first time. While Carlo had never planned on filming documentary footage, this particular adventure was one he was eager to take.

Lisa crawled to the edge of the bed and inhaled his stiff cock, bobbing her head back and forth down Carlo’s shaft while he held her hair in one hand. The camera, he trained down on her face, capturing the moment for their shared gratification.

“God, you’re such a good cocksucker,” he whispered.

Lisa purred around his cock and looked up into the camera. With her hot mouth caressing his cock like a warm, wet sleeve, Carlo quickly determined that he was not going to be able to continue holding the camera steady in his hand. His mother’s passionate sucking was just too much.

He set the camera aside, aimed as well as could be toward the action, and gathered his mother’s hair into his hands. Lisa hummed happily as he used it to guide her movements along his shaft, while little strings of drool spilled from her lips to coat her chin.

“I can’t wait any longer,” Lisa said breathlessly as she pulled his cock from her mouth.

Carlo gently pushed her back on the bed and pulled her legs apart. His mother’s pussy was hot to the touch, soaking her panties. With two fingers, he pulled those aside and placed his cockhead against her warm entrance.

“Fuck me!” Lisa hissed.

Carlo set his cock, took a breath, and pushed himself between her wet folds. This wasn’t his first time, but the sheer magnitude of what they were doing made it feel so. Only a few days ago, he’d been lusting after his mother. Now, he was slowly pushing each inch of his throbbing cock inside of her.

The woman he’d thought was a shy, reserved beauty, had in fact been harboring her own secret lusts. It had taken only her chance to open up a bit to unleash the sexual beast that had been dormant for so long. Her soft, brown eyes looked up at him as he took her, savoring each second of his first entry into her depths.

Then, he was in. There was nothing like it in his memory. The taboo pleasure of stuffing his whole prick into her mother’s cunt sent a near-orgasmic thrill up his body. Lisa shuddered in response, clearly feeling the same. He could only imagine how this looked on the camera.

“It’s so good, Mom,” he whispered.

Lisa pushed her cunt against him, insistent, and he pushed back, sighing with the feel of her gripping his shaft. They moved together, Lisa grinding her pussy against his gentle thrusts, her passion increasing with each passing minute.

Carlo could scarcely believe he’d even lasted this long, he was so keyed up. Looking down on his mother’s open-mouthed, excited expression, though, somehow kept his orgasm at bay. He needed to pleasure her first, to make sure his mother never needed another lover. He’d be everything for her.

Lisa gave a little squeal as he pushed her legs back and he began to pound his cock into her core.

“Fuck Mommy’s pussy,” she said and Carlo growled.

“Make Mommy take it!”

With each continued thrust into his hot mother’s welcoming pussy, Lisa’s dirty talk deepened. Whatever long-harbored fantasies she’d been holding inside burst forth in a torrent of filth that would have made a porn star blush.

“Fuck Mommy’s cunt”

“Mommy loves your dick!”

“Make Mommy cum!”

“You love fucking Mommy, don’t you?”

“You want Mommy to fuck your friends?”

And Carlo quickly reciprocated, injecting his own fantasies into their new shared reality.

“You’re such a slut, Mom!”

“Mommy’s got the best pussy!”

“I’m going to invite my friends. Have them take your mouth. Your ass.”

Then Lisa pushed against his chest and said, “Lay back. Mommy’s going to ride you.”

Watching her mount his cock, Carlo was certain that he was going to awake from a dream. His mother’s big tits were in his face as she sank down his shaft. He gripped her ass in his hands and squeezed as Lisa began to fuck herself on his cock.

“Oh, Mommy loves… to ride!” she yelled.

“God damn,” Carlo said as her cunt gripped him and her ass bounced on his lap.

She was like a wild thing, using him like one of her dildos, getting herself off with his prick. He’d had a few women before, but nothing compared to this. The years of bottled-up sexual energy culminated in one of the hottest, nastiest cock rides he’d ever witnessed. And having it happen to him, while it was being recorded forever, was enough to get his cum spiking up his shaft.

“Fuck Mommy’s pussy, baby,” Lisa cried. “Fuck Mommy hard! Oh, make Mommy cum!”

And he finally lost the fight against his orgasm. It was too hot, too intense. Lisa grasped his shoulders and rode him hard as he grunted and groaned, emptying his load into her. The shared pleasure seemed to last for ages, but after only the few seconds it actually took, Lisa clung to him. Her sweat-soaked body trembled in his arms as she planted kisses on his head.

“I think I like being an actress,” she said at last.

“Uh huh,” Carlo agreed as his head spun.

She caressed his bald head and whispered, “How do you feel about being my mean daddy?”

“Oh, my God…”

Chapter Eight: Homemade

It wasn’t a life of infinite wealth. But the real riches were in the bond. Lisa was a fantasy machine, her erotic ideas seemingly endless. Whatever facade she’d worn for most of his life, in the months following those first photo shoots, the incestuous goddess in her was fully on display.

It was beyond anything Carlo could have imagined. Seemingly nothing was off limits, and as the catalog of debauchery his mother came up with grew, so did their financial independence. Where Carlo had expected to spend months shooting slightly erotic photographs, building a portfolio of stock imagery that would one day provide a liveable income, Lisa had other ideas.

Her dreams of becoming an actress had come true, though not quite in the way she’d imagined all those years ago. Now, she played the neighborhood MILF, the seductive sister, or the bratty daughter. She was a dominatrix, a cheating wife, and, of course, a slutty mother.

Now, as Carlo gazed down on her with her mouth around his cock, wearing the “Daddy’s Little Cumslut” top and moaning like a whore, he too fulfilled his role. Yes, selling the video under their pseudonym would bring in a nice income now, but the real prize was the life they now had together. It was the moments between the raunchy, dirty sex. It was the quiet times, sleeping in her bed, brushing back her dark hair, and knowing that together they’d made a new life.


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