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October Roadmap: MILFs & Korruption

Hello everyone! So sorry to have gotten a late start on October with the roadmap. In fact, I've got a lot of apologize to make, I suppose. Running late has been the theme of my life for the last few months, it seems. Things in my personal circumstances have really been cutting into my writing time. Without going too in-depth about personal stuff, it's related to the care of aging family members. Anyone that's gone through the same knows how draining it is in every way. Anyway, I'm putting in every minute I can to keep on putting the new stuff out, so here we go!

In the September Roadmap, I talked about a joint production between myself and Lisa X Lopez. Family Business is finally here, about a week later than I hoped it would be. This project was a massive effort, and I'm really pleased with the result for our first go at it.

Is it perfect? No. Is it good? I think so! Doing it taught both of us a lot, and we have a whole mess of things to improve for the next time we do it. There is no definitive date on when that might happen, but I have no doubt we'll do something like this again. Having the chance to see one of my stories come to life in a visual format has been a long-held dream.

Given that my chances of seeing The Second Place sister made by a Hollywood studio are less than zero, an aspiring erotic artist has to start somewhere. Fortunately, I have the perfect friend to do it with! Aside from being a totally hot MILF, Lisa is ridiculously kinky and creative. I couldn't have asked for a better person to drop into my life to move this journey along for the both of us.

If you want to get more from Lisa, check out her website or all her links here. She's really one of the best upcoming creators out there.

If you'd like to check out what we've done with Family Business, read the release post here, or the story here.


I know that this is the one that everyone is actually waiting for, and I'm cranking away on it with every free moment. My hope is to have it out by the end of this month. Realistically, it will be a November release, but I will do my best to get it published before.

Kayla Three will start tying together the DomCo stories, and will include a lot of appearances by characters from the series. It will primarily follow Kayla and Tiffany, who are now separated from one another through their roles within DomCo. They'll be getting back together soon, but after their recent experiences they're not quite the same silly girls they were when we began the journey with Korrupting Kayla.

Carly, from Kayla Two will also be back and, of course, she's still being used and degraded constantly by her coworkers. Poor Carly. Whether it's being raped by lesbians, used as the office cum toilet, or forced to masturbate to her own unwilling orgasms, you can bet that things just don't go Carly's way.

At the end of Kayla Two, we saw the return of the girls from Edge. We were also introduced to a weird bald Stephanie Hamlin, who seems to have lost her shit. Kayla Two will feature the return of the Hamlin Twins, as they delve into the mystery of crazy bald Stephanie, alongside Angela from Doppelgänger, and Erin from Love, Lust, and Erin.

Then there's the titular Traitor's Council. Vicky and Kayla are gathering the remaining daughters, converting them to the cause, and putting their unique skills to work for DomCo's march toward global domination. Through bribery, blackmail, manipulation, and personality modifying tech, the daughter's of the late Arthur Helms are in for a life-changing set of experiences.

Speaking of Arthur, what the fuck's with the weird Halo ghost of the old man? A downloaded copy of Helms he may be, but his ambitions do not end with simply being a Halo ghost. Arthur has bigger plans for himself, his offspring, and his company. Plans that will shape the destinies of more than one world.

What started as the tale of two sisters all those years ago will soon end with a massive tale of world-altering domination. And the history of that world will be written by a horny gang of teenage fucktoys. Coming soon!


Ready to dive into a recent release? Check out one of the titles below!

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