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Cucking Brian: Panties on the Door, Guest Post by Lisa X Lopez

Since everyone seemed to love Katrina's Addiction and The Virgin and the Slut, luscious Lisa Lopez has offered this episode from her serial series, Cucking Brian, fantasy stories in which Lisa is the hot protagonist. For you slutty girlfriend lovers, this should hit that kink. If you visit her site, she's currently offering her second book, The Beauty of Broken Things for free for a limited time.

If you like this type of content, follow her for her upcoming release Kyle's Conquests, which is a lengthy book detailing the reluctant seduction of three female friends at the hands of a dominant gym trainer and his sexy assistant. I'm also co-authoring with her on the upcoming novel Matriarchy, a dystopian femdom story.

Despite it happening often, Brian never felt prepared for the sight of a strange car in the driveway. Today, he was equally unprepared. The black sedan, parked behind Lisa's car brought a humiliated flush to his cheeks and got his cock hard, the way it always did.

Brian had known, from the first night he'd taken Lisa out, that their relationship would not be an exclusive one. Having never been with a sexually liberated woman like the gorgeous Latina, though, Brian had been willing to take a chance. He'd been enamored with her dark hair and piercing eyes, and more so by the sway of her hips when they danced and the way she'd moved his hand to her ass so invitingly and made him squeeze it, while she snaked her tongue into his mouth.

He'd been the recipient of envious looks as he held her and kissed her, Lisa having no qualms whatsoever about publicly displaying her affection. Her body moved against him sensually, hot and speaking of temptation with every movement, getting him hard with nothing but the feel of her tongue in his mouth and the heat of her through her sexy dress.

"I really like you," she'd said, "but I always want you to remember that I don't belong to anyone. I'll never belong to you, either."

Brian had gulped and swallowed, unsure exactly what it had meant, but his dick was so hard that it hurt, and he had to have her. Lisa had taken him home that night, to her home, and she'd given herself to him in ways he'd never imagined. Lisa wasn't just passionate. She delighted in every act of sex, from the seduction to the touching, to the kissing, the licking, the sucking, and then she'd fucked him like she owned him.

That had been two years ago, and now Lisa did own him. She owned his heart, and she owned his cock. She owned it so wholly that Brian didn't just tolerate Lisa's dalliances, they excited him. Lisa was just that goddamn sexy. Whether he was fucking her himself or watching the way she fucked others, it was heartbreakingly erotic. Lisa never kept a boy toy for more than one or two uses, but she kept him, had kept him, for two years. She was loving, but mockingly cruel when she wanted to be.

Today, she wanted to be. He knew it from the moment he let himself into the house and, his cock straining his pants, he quietly climbed the steps. The symbol of today's cruelty was evident the moment he topped the stairs and looked at the bedroom door. Hanging from the handle was a pair of Lisa's panties, and not just any pair. They were the black and purple thongs that had been one of the anniversary gifts he'd given her this morning. Two years, today.

"I'm going to wear them all day," she'd said, her eyes twinkling as she slid them up her bare legs, "and when you get home, they'll be soaked with my pussy on them for you."

Brian, flushed, with Lisa lovingly sucking his cock, had imagined pulling them down her legs tonight, himself. Instead, in typical Lisa fashion, the words had come with a twist. Brian stepped quietly down the hall and unhooked the panties from the door handle. This, too, came with an added cruelty. Rather than leaving the door open for him to watch, the door was shut.

Brian burned, holding up the panties. They were wet from her pussy. He touched his cock through his pants and laid a hand on the door handle. Carefully, he tested it. It was locked. Fuck. She was torturing him on purpose. Brian played back the last week in his head, looking for something he'd done wrong to warrant such a punishment, but nothing came to mind. It was just Lisa being cruel, then.

He placed his ear against the door, straining. Goddamn it, he wanted to watch! He could hear a masculine groan and the sounds of Lisa's lips gliding wetly over someone's cock.

"The fucking mouth on you," he heard the man remark, "Fuck…"

He should be enjoying it, Brian thought, Lisa's mouth was heavenly. The things she could do to a cock with that mouth were a gift. He heard her giggle sexily around his cock as she sucked it. The voice, he thought, was familiar but he couldn't place it.

"Sucking your cock is a lot more fun than sucking my boyfriend's," he heard her say, loudly enough that he could hear it clearly.

Brian shivered at the humiliating comment and wondered if she knew, somehow, that he was here, listening.

"You're so much bigger," she said, "Can I fuck it, now? Can I put it in my pussy and fuck it before my boyfriend comes home?"

"Yeah," the man agreed.

Brian heard a bit of shuffling, the bed creaking, and then Lisa moaned loudly in pleasure.

"Fuck, that's good," she hissed, "Fuck, I love that cock."

Brian heard her purring and the sound of lips smacking wetly, hotly, slowly, for several minutes, punctuated by the odd little moan from his girlfriend. Finally, the kissing stopped and the familiar sound of the bed, their bed, his and Lisa's bed, creaking came muffled through the closed door. Lisa groaned and began to pant, her breath coming in sharp, hot little gasps.

"Fuck me… Fuck me…" she said, her adorable little accent lending an deeper sensuality to the words.

Brian could imagine the scene, one that he'd been on the receiving end of many times, and one that he'd also watched just as many. He could picture Lisa's tight, round bottom, gripped firmly in her lover's hands as he lifted her up and down on his cock. He could see, in his imagination, the curve of her back and the long, black hair swishing softly as she rode that big dick.

Perhaps she was in control right now, grinding her beautiful, shaven pussy on him as he held her hips or squeezed her breasts. Was she taking him for a ride, using his cock for her pleasure? Was he dominantly holding her body to his chest, his arms around her, knees bent, thrusting into her warm, wet sheath?

"Huh… huh… fuck!" Lisa hissed, then purred as she came for the first time.