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Tempting Trevor, Part 4

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Chapter 18: Couples Therapy

The morning’s yoga lessons, normally relaxing, could not shake Trevor’s trepidation about what was to come. It was a curious mix of feelings, he thought, being both terrified and incredibly horny. As he went through the forms with Stacy, he marveled at how relaxed she was. Then, his sister was an admitted slut, he now knew. Having sex with a couple together was probably something she’d already done. There was something different about today, though. Previously, after their lessons, Stacy had basically brushed aside any traces of them ever happening, until she roped him into the next one. Today, she had a giddy sense of excitement about her.

Because last night wasn’t a lesson, he thought. It was just for pleasure, and it was nasty. It was incest. Even after Stacy had left the room, carefully cleaned his new toy, and given it back to him, he couldn’t shake the feelings he was having. He really was becoming a pervert, imagining what it would be like to really feel his cock in Stacy’s pussy. His sister might be a slut, and even enjoy what they were doing together, but she’d made it pretty clear that there was a line she wasn’t going to cross, so he had to respect that. Still, if was torture of the most pleasurable kind.

Now, though, he was faced with this new dilemma. If his own girlfriend wouldn’t fuck him, and Stacy wouldn’t fuck him, was he condemned to a life of being cockteased and jerking off into a rubber pussy molded to feel like his sister’s? Would he never get to experience real sex? Stacy’s friends had been forward about the fact that they’d be willing, but then he’d just be a cheater. Why was having a penis so difficult?

“You can let it go now.” Stacy said, snapping him out of his thoughts.


“Dude, you’ve been holding that pose for so long your leg’s about to give out.”


He let his leg down and shook his head.

“Sorry.” He said.

She gave him a sly grin and asked, “Something on your mind?”

“Just thinking. You know.”

“Do you need to go upstairs and fuck your sister to take the edge off?” She asked, making him blush.

“That’s not funny.”

“That was hilarious!” she said, and pulled him into a hug. “I know. I’m just a horrible tease. You hate it.”

His cock lurched against her leg, indicating that he did not, in fact, hate it.

“Go wash some of that stink off before Mary comes over.” She instructed.

He nodded and did.

The sight that greeted him when he went out to the pool was one from his fantasies. For a moment, he only stood and stared. Stacy and Mary were already in the