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Tempting Trevor, Part 4

Chapter 18: Couples Therapy

The morning’s yoga lessons, normally relaxing, could not shake Trevor’s trepidation about what was to come. It was a curious mix of feelings, he thought, being both terrified and incredibly horny. As he went through the forms with Stacy, he marveled at how relaxed she was. Then, his sister was an admitted slut, he now knew. Having sex with a couple together was probably something she’d already done. There was something different about today, though. Previously, after their lessons, Stacy had basically brushed aside any traces of them ever happening, until she roped him into the next one. Today, she had a giddy sense of excitement about her.

Because last night wasn’t a lesson, he thought. It was just for pleasure, and it was nasty. It was incest. Even after Stacy had left the room, carefully cleaned his new toy, and given it back to him, he couldn’t shake the feelings he was having. He really was becoming a pervert, imagining what it would be like to really feel his cock in Stacy’s pussy. His sister might be a slut, and even enjoy what they were doing together, but she’d made it pretty clear that there was a line she wasn’t going to cross, so he had to respect that. Still, if was torture of the most pleasurable kind.

Now, though, he was faced with this new dilemma. If his own girlfriend wouldn’t fuck him, and Stacy wouldn’t fuck him, was he condemned to a life of being cockteased and jerking off into a rubber pussy molded to feel like his sister’s? Would he never get to experience real sex? Stacy’s friends had been forward about the fact that they’d be willing, but then he’d just be a cheater. Why was having a penis so difficult?

“You can let it go now.” Stacy said, snapping him out of his thoughts.


“Dude, you’ve been holding that pose for so long your leg’s about to give out.”


He let his leg down and shook his head.

“Sorry.” He said.

She gave him a sly grin and asked, “Something on your mind?”

“Just thinking. You know.”

“Do you need to go upstairs and fuck your sister to take the edge off?” She asked, making him blush.

“That’s not funny.”

“That was hilarious!” she said, and pulled him into a hug. “I know. I’m just a horrible tease. You hate it.”

His cock lurched against her leg, indicating that he did not, in fact, hate it.

“Go wash some of that stink off before Mary comes over.” She instructed.

He nodded and did.

The sight that greeted him when he went out to the pool was one from his fantasies. For a moment, he only stood and stared. Stacy and Mary were already in the pool, their lips locked together, making out in their bikinis. Trevor crept to the steps of the pool and glided down them slowly, as though stalking prey that might flee at the slightest sound. The two girls turned to him, breaking apart as he entered the pool.

Stacy leaned in to whisper something in Mary’s ear that made her cover her mouth and stifle a giggle. She turned her to face Trevor, resting her chin on Mary’s shoulder, her hands sliding possessively across her belly. Mary’s new suit was, surprisingly, the more revealing of the two that Stacy had purchased for her. It was barely two pieces of fabric over her naked body. Despite the chill of the pool water, Trevor felt himself responding to the two half-naked girls.

Stacy released Mary, and she waded toward him, embracing him, and giving him a kiss on the lips. There was none of the spark-filled sensuality behind it that Stacy had, but it was pleasant.

“You don’t have to… “ he started, “I don’t want to make it weird for you.”

She shook her head, “I’m sorry, Trevor. I never meant for this to happen, and I want you to know that I really do love you. Just because I don’t want to have sex with a man, doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

Stacy joined them and said, “It’s only going to be weird if you two make it weird. You’re overthinking it. Sex isn’t scary. It’s fun. Come here, baby.”

Stacy took Mary again and slid her arms around her neck, putting their foreheads together and looking into her eyes. Then, she pushed in and kissed her as Trevor watched. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected to feel, but what he did feel was a sense of excitement, like he was a voyeur watching these two in an intimate moment. The two girls were clearly into each other, touching and kissing. He could see their excited breathing. It was a far different reaction from his girlfriend than when he kissed her. Mary held her hand out to him, and he came.

She stepped back and watched as Stacy switched her attention to Trevor. They looked at one another for one, awkward moment, and then Stacy planted her lips on his. She was reserved, as though she’d never done it before, and Trevor played it the same way. He felt Mary behind him, embracing him from the back, running her small hands over his chest as Stacy kissed him.

Stacy’s tongue slid into Trevor’s mouth, and Mary let herself moan. The two of them looked so sexy together, like they were meant to share this kind of experience. Their bodies were perfect, and they were both beautiful. Stacy pulled Mary back and switched again. Rather than standing like a stooge, though, Trevor asserted himself, taking full advantage of the moment. He cupped Stacy’s big tits from behind and groped them as his sister sucked on his girlfriend’s tongue. Stacy moaned her appreciation into Mary’s mouth. Stacy rubbed her ass against his cock, and from his over-the-shoulder view, he could see his sister’s hand under the water, rubbing Mary between the legs.

“Your boyfriend loves my big tits.” Stacy said to her. “Those big hands of his are turning me on as much as your warm little pussy, baby.”

Mary gasped at Stacy’s dirty talk. Even though she’d had sex with Stacy twice, now, it was still so exciting hearing it. Stacy tilted her head back and made out with Trevor again, while maintaining her motion between Mary’s legs. Mary marveled at her talent, to be able to divide her attention like that.

“I’m going to fuck your girlfriend, baby.” She said to Trevor, “Do you want to watch me make your girlfriend cum?”

“Yeah… “ Trevor readily agreed.

“Can I take you both inside?” Stacy asked, pulling Mary closer and stroking her hard nipples through her suit. “Can we go upstairs and all be wet and naked on your bed, so we can fuck?”

Mary, uncharacteristically reached behind Stacy’s neck and pulled her down to kiss her, reaching up to molest one of her tits, while Trevor played with the other. He slid his other hand down Stacy’s body and rubbed her slit through the bikini bottoms. Stacy moaned happily. Apparently, the word ‘fuck’ was just what they both needed to really get going.

The three of them left the pool with towels wrapped around them, and made a quick dash up to Trevor’s room. While he quickly flipped through music, and selected some sexy random playlist, the two girls were already dropping towels and discarding their suits as they tongue kissed and touched. This was going so much better than Stacy had expected. She’d been sure there would be awkwardness, and that she’d have to shepherd the two of them through clumsy fumbling, but there was none of that. Trevor she could understand, but Mary was a surprise, even after Stacy had twice seduced her. The little girl was on fire.

Mary surprised herself with her ferocity. The moment she’d seen the two siblings tongues touch, it was like someone had lit a flame between her legs. There was something so sexy about watching her boyfriend being seduced and pleasured by the girl she’d given herself to, and the added fact that his own sister was getting him hot, the way she’d done to her, was like a powder keg of sexual energy. Being with Stacy had excited her beyond belief. Being with the two of them was even more so.

Trevor returned to his position behind Stacy and cupped her naked breasts in his hands. Mary covered his hands with her own, sending a shock through all three of them. Stacy finally pulled herself away, and lay on the bed. Mary turned to Trevor, got on her knees, and tugged his shorts down, coming face-to-face with her fears for the first time. Her eyes went wide with shock at the size of it, every bit as frightening as she’d dreamed. She couldn’t imagine how that thing was supposed to fit into her. For a moment, her nerve faltered. Then, Stacy was there to save her.

Stacy hooked her legs around Trevor's, and turned him toward her.

“Tell your boyfriend to come shove his big cock between my tits, little girl.” Stacy ordered.

A hot knot of something dirty and exciting grew inside of Mary at those words. Little girl. She was a sexy lesbian with a little girl body, compared to Stacy. She couldn't step up and be a woman for him, so a real woman had to do it for her. Her hot boyfriend had to get his cock off with his own sister, because Mary wasn't able to do it for him. It was humiliating, but so strangely erotic.

Mary stood up and gripped Trevor’s naked ass. Her small hands ran over his chest and she looked up at him.

“I know how much you need this. Go fuck your sister’s tits.” She said, adding sister in just to make it a little naughtier.

Trevor needed no further prompting. He straddled Stacy’s chest and pushed her tits together to form a nice channel to fuck his cock into. She heard, from behind Trevor, the sound of Mary spitting into her hand, and then she shocked them both by reaching around, and smearing the goopy mess into his cock shaft.

Trevor groaned as his girlfriend touched his penis for the first time.

Stacy said, “Fuck yes! Rub that spit into his dick so he can fuck my tits. That’s so fucking kinky!”

Mary got to her knees, and sucked on Stacy’s nipples as Trevor’s cock bobbed closer to them. Then, the little redhead squeezed Stacy’s tits together so Trevor could fuck them, again delightfully shocking the two of them. Stacy felt proud. Whatever switch she’d flipped in Mary ramped her up to full-blown slut mode. Mary moaned out loud as Trevor pushed his cock between Stacy’s breasts. The little girl spit on his cock again, and returned to sucking on Stacy’s nipples.

“How does it feel to fuck those big tits, baby?” Stacy asked, staring up at her brother.

“So good… “ he said, as he rested one hand in Mary’s hair. A week ago, if someone had told him that his shy girlfriend would be mashing his sister’s breasts together so he could fuck them, he would have died laughing. Today, it was reality, and it was wonderful.

“Your boyfriend loves my tits, baby.” Stacy said, putting her hand on Mary’s neck. “He can’t fuck your tits, can he?”

“Mmm mmm.” Mary agreed, trembling, her mouth full of nipple.

“He can’t fuck your pussy either, can he?”

“Mmm mmm.”

“Because his girlfriend wants pussy, huh?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“Your girlfriend’s a sexy lesbian that only wants pussy.” Stacy said to her brother. “Can I eat your girlfriend’s pussy for you, baby? Will you let me suck her pussy, please?”

Trevor surged forward and pushed his cock into Stacy’s teasing mouth.

“Suck on this first.” He said, completely overcome.

Stacy’s eyes widened in momentary surprise, and then smoldered as she looked up at him as though she’d won. He saw the look, knew it for what it was, and that she was right. He couldn’t take it anymore. He had to know. He had to know what that hot, sucking, filth-spewing mouth felt like. It was heavenly. Mary seemed just as surprised as Stacy, but then she was rubbing her twat as Trevor fucked his sister’s mouth and Stacy’s hands were gripping his ass, encouraging him.

Stacy lost sight of Mary as Trevor pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, his hand in her hair. Then, she felt the girl’s tongue between her legs, just as she’d taught her, lapping, sucking and fucking with her fingers. Stacy humped the girl’s face as her brother humped hers. Trevor was panting now, grunting like an animal as he pushed his control to its breaking point. Stacy was so hot. This was so fucking nasty! Being face-fucked by her own brother while his pussy-whipped girlfriend denied him sex so that she could lust after cunt was a near-10 on her slut-o-meter. She moaned around Trevor’s thrusting dick and came on Mary’s face.

“Ooooh fuck!” Trevor said, and held his spurting cock in Stacy’s mouth, forcing her to drink his cum or drown in it. She swallowed, shot after shot of incestuous semen, her eyes rolling back in her head as her own depravity set off fireworks in her brain. Trevor pulled his dick from her mouth with a huff and fell back on the bed, his hand over his face, breathing hard. Mary was up in a shot, burying her tongue in Stacy’s mouth, groping her tits while she licked out Trevor’s remaining sperm.

Did not expect that! Stacy thought, swapping the filthy snowball back and forth between them as she cupped the little girl’s ass in her hands and gave Mary her full attention. Now that Trevor was sated, he would have to watch his girlfriend surrender. And surrender she did, climaxing hotly on Stacy’s expert tongue three more times before she finally tapped out.

Trevor’s bed was a wet mess of chlorine, pool water, and bodily fluids as the three of them lay naked together cuddling. Stacy lay in the middle of the two naked lovers, right where she felt she should be.

Chapter 19: We’re Not Gonna Fuck


Well past midnight, Trevor lay on his bed working through his tangled emotions, and the long-term implications of what this odd new quirk in his relationship meant. What was a relationship? It was something that worked for everyone involved. It met their physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual needs. It made them happy. Mary made him happy emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Sexually? That was different. They wouldn’t have sex, but he couldn’t deny that watching her be sexually fulfilled by another woman wasn’t enjoyable. It had been. In that way, it was sexually fulfilling. He, though, would not be having sex with her, which was not fulfulling.

Mary had shown him, though, that she wasn’t completely unwilling to do things with him sexually. He remembered how hot it had been watching her spit on his cock, stroke it, and get him ready to enjoy an illicit boobjob from Stacy. She’d still kissed him, touched him, and become submissive to a girl that she perceived as hotter and more adequate to slake his lust than herself. That had been oddly arousing. He’d felt powerful in that moment, and as a wise man once said, power is the king of all words.

Throughout this whole experience with Stacy during the past week, she’d been leading him. She had been powerful. She still was. Stacy had become like a drug, whispering those enticing, pleasurable promises of carnality and wanton abandonment into his ear as she led him down the seductive road of sexual gratification. She’d done the same to Mary. That shy, reserved girl that had been afraid of wearing a swimsuit, only a week ago, was now a submissive pussy slave that enjoyed her own sexual inadequacy, and was even excited by the idea of hotter women giving her boyfriend the pleasure that she denied him.

Was this how Stacy felt, he wondered. Was this what it was like being a slut, living in a constant state of near-arousal, waiting for the next perverted boundary you could cross, and always searching for something a little more taboo to feed that ever-growing need for pleasure? If so, he had to admit he liked it. He liked it a lot. Yes, Stacy was a drug. His sister was a masterful cock-teasing dealer of the most wonderful feelings he’d ever experienced, and he was hooked.

Stacy wasn’t a long-term fix for his relationship, though. A couple of months from now, she’d leave and go back to college. There would be no other woman for him and Mary, and that was now the lynchpin that their relationship depended on. In order to keep it going, and fulfilling for the both of them, they would always need a third person to make it work. The idea was too overwhelming to think about at the moment. For now, he would take what was offered and explore his burgeoning sexuality.

A soft tap made him sit up. The devil was at the door, and he already knew he was going to let her in.

“Come in.” He called.

The door creaked open and Stacy let herself inside, locking it behind her to signal her clear intent that this was not just going to be a sibling chat. He’d invited a cum vampire into his home, and it was an invitation he knew he’d never rescind. Everything about Stacy was the physical manifestation of a wet dream. Her skin was a flawless golden tan. That softly swaying black hair swished back and forth playfully with every light step she took, inviting you to just curl it in your fist, yank it back, and hold it tight while you took your pleasure from her.

His sister wore the tiny black set from the previous evening, making her large breasts swell invitingly. Those succulent, perfectly rounded globes of soft, pliable flesh fit her body to a tee. His eyes trailed down her flat, toned stomach, to the hidden treasure of that delicious sex between her legs, the source of his ultimate curiosity, and the one unexplored boundary that he was continually denied. He snapped his eyes back up to her face, which was in every way as incredible as the rest of her. Her lips, soft and thick, were like her Swiss Army knife for bringing her victims to heel. That wide, sexy mouth could completely invade your mind, filling it with so many animal ideas that everything you’d ever believed about morals, right and wrong, was slowly eroded to the point that nothing mattered to you anymore, except the things that only Stacy could give you. Once those ideas were in your mind, she’d use that mouth on your body in ways that made you beg to surrender to her, plead for her to control you just so that you could keep on being fed more filth and feel more pleasure.

She stood in front of him, her legs parted slightly, treating him to the visual stimulation of her sexy figure, and then knelt on his bed and crawled up it like a jungle cat. Trevor licked his lips, his eyes watching the deep cleavage encased in the bra as it jiggled so temptingly. Every worry and jumbled up concern he’d had in his head a moment ago seemed to vanish like so much smoke, replaced with that now-familiar longing to have Stacy’s honeyed poison rotting his brain and feel her hot, sensual manipulations of his body. She hadn’t even spoken a word in the few seconds she’d been in the room, but he was already hypnotized by just the thought of what could happen, and the memory of what already had.

She laid down and cuddled up close to him so that he could feel the heat of her, and said, “I had so much fun today. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.”

She kissed his neck, sending a shiver through his whole body. He slumped down, until he was on his side in the familiar position that had started his first lesson, looking into her eyes.

“Stacy… “ he began, fully conscious of having something important to say, but the nearness of her made it difficult to think of anything but touching her, and the feel of her tongue in his mouth. He blinked, then continued, “Thank you for everything.”

She beamed and reached out to stroke his cheek with the back of her hand. Trevor’s heart swelled with a feeling of love at the touch, even though he knew it was more the kind of touch one might give to a beloved pet. Without another word, she closed the gap between them, and those terrible, wonderful lips were gently pushing against his own, wet and soft, hungry, but teasing. There wasn’t even the mention of a lesson this time. No. This time, it was just Stacy taking him. Stacy was horny, and Stacy wanted to play with him. It was just for pleasure. It was incest. Trevor did not care.

Stacy broke their kiss and threw her head back, exposing her neck. On some instinct he didn’t know he possessed, Trevor felt that he should kiss it, so he did, sucking at her neck just below the chin. He felt a hot exhalation of breath in his hair as she gasped.

“Right there, baby.” She said, “That’s so nice.”

He moved his hand to the back of her neck and traced his fingers from behind her ear, down to the catch of her bra, fumbled with it as he devoured her, and then it snapped free. He was learning, and allowed himself a little rush of pride. He moved one of the straps aside, working his touch down her arm as he pulled it free, and then palmed her naked breast as his lips sought hers again. This time, he took the initiative, and slipped his tongue into her mouth. Her little nipple yielded to his gentle pinch and Stacy moaned into his mouth, then he slid along her breast, down her side to her hip and toyed with the hem of her panties.

He broke their kiss and pushed her onto her back, taking hold of the other strap of the bra, pulling it off, and casting it away. Stacy’s dark hair splayed wildly across his pillow, and there was a look of pleasant surprise on her face as he took on a more dominant role this time, his newfound confidence urging him on.

He latched his mouth onto her right breast, sucking with his lips while gently nipping at her nipple with his teeth.

“Oh, fuck, baby… “ Stacy hissed. “That’s so good!”

Emboldened, Trevor hooked his fingers into her panties, and gently slid them down, releasing her breast, and kissing his way down her firm stomach, his hands sliding down her naked sides until they reached her legs. His mouth reached its goal, and planted little kisses on her shaven mound. He peeled the panties down the rest of her long legs, and tossed them aside, then went to work. Stacy’s hands found his hair and stroked her lean fingers through it playfully as he lapped and sucked at her sweet pussy.

“That’s so hot, baby.” Stacy said. “This is so fucking hot! You love your big sister’s pussy, don’t you?”

He hummed into her wet quim, making her tremble with the added sensation.

“I love your sexy tongue in me.” She cooed, toying with his hair. “I want you to do this to me every day. Please, baby? Can we be naked like this and play with each other every day?”

“Mmm hmm!”

“You make me so fucking hot, Trevor! You make me think about fucking all the time, and I can’t stop. Your sister’s such a hot slut that all she thinks about is fucking her own brother. Is that too nasty, baby?”

Stacy humped her wet pussy against his face, making it difficult for him to keep up the rhythm he was working on her clit, while his fingers curled into her in the hopes that he could make her cum the way he had before.

“Yes! Fuck, yes! Just like that! Oh, fuck… fuck, baby! You’re gonna make me cum so… mmm… so hard… just… like… haaah! Aaaah! Ooooh fuck… I want your dick so bad!”

Trevor’s actions were suddenly and wetly rewarded with a powerful orgasm that had Stacy locking her legs around his head and fucking herself against his tongue as she groped her breasts, pinching and tugging at her nipples as she let the burst of pleasure wrack her body.

Trevor pried her legs apart, driven by instinct, no longer content with being teased by Stacy’s hands. Still quaking with the aftershock of her intense orgasm, Stacy’s eyes were closed. Trevor lined his cock up with her sexy little slit and pulled her legs back. Stacy’s eyes flew open in surprise, and then her mouth made a little O as her head bent back. Trevor pushed his full length into her in one long, slow motion, parting her wet lips around his cock, groaning with pleasure as his sister’s long-denied cunt yielded to him.

For a moment, Stacy just stared into his eyes, a look of utter astonishment on her face, but then it passed and her hands were on his back, pulling him down to her, legs wrapping around his waist and pulling him in. She kissed him hard, licking and sucking her own taste from this mouth, then broke away and met his wild eyes.

“Do it!” She hissed. “Fuck! That cock feels so good! Do it, baby.”

Trevor pulled his cock back out just a few inches, and sunk slowly back into her warm sheath supporting himself with his fists on the bed. He lowered his body, feeling Stacy’s big breasts mash against his naked chest. He nuzzled her neck and for a moment worked on getting into his mental space, his breathing slowing, getting under control, fighting against the urge to cum into that amazing feeling around his penis.

“Oh, fuck!” Stacy breathed. “Fuck, that’s so sexy! Why did it take you so long to fuck me, baby? I’ve been wanting it since I came home, but you wouldn’t fuck me.”

He began to move his hips, beginning a slow, rhythmic pumping into his big sister.

“Your pussy feels so good, Stacy!” He groaned. “God, you’re so tight!”

“This is so dirty, Trevor. We can’t fuck. It’s so nasty… “

“So nasty… “ he agreed.

“I wanted it so bad, but it’s so nasty… “ She answered back. “You pushed your big incest cock into your slutty sister, and now I’m going to want it every day. Can we fuck every day like this, baby? Will you fuck your sister’s pussy every day, just like this?”

“Yeah… “

“We can be naked and play with each other every day, and your girlfriend can watch us fuck!”

“Fuck… yes!”

“You won’t even want to fuck that little lesbian anymore, because you’ll have your sister’s horny pussy any time you want it, won’t you?”

“Yeah… “

“I’ll give you family pussy whenever you're hard, baby. You can just take it. You don’t have to ask for it. I’ll be your sexy, incest fucktoy and you can pound this hot dick into me any time you want.”

Trevor’s pace increased as Stacy’s nails raked across his back, her seductive prattle painting the most wonderful images in his mind. In his imagination, he was already waking up with his cock hard and pushing Stacy against the wall, pounding his dick into her from behind. He was sitting on the couch, with her sexy lips wrapped around his hard shaft, and this time it was buried the full length in her throat until he came.

“That little dyke can eat my cunt after you fuck it so good. It’s the only way she’ll ever taste your hot cum, baby. Your girlfriend will only get what you leave behind after your cock is taken care of, and it will be so kinky!”

“Yeah…“ Trevor agreed, lost in his fuck lust as he put one arm behind Stacy’s head, and his other hand gripped her ass. He thrust into her harder, taking out the entire week’s frustrated teasing on the hot, gripping pussy that had been his sole fantasy for days.

“You can come back to school with me, and I’ll teach you so much more, baby. We can fuck so many hot girls and show them how to be little cock and pussy slaves just for us. You can have me every day, and we can share so much pleasure together. Please, Trevor… please come back with me, so I can have my brother's fucking cock every day!”

“Fuck… Oh, fuck… I… I’m gonna… “

“Do it baby! Oh, fuck, that’s so good! Cum in me! Don’t pull out! Fucking cum in your sister you little pervert. I want you to cum in me!”

Stacy fucked him back just as hard as he was fucking into her, their bodies slapping together with a repeated wet “thuk… thuk… thuk… thuk…” Stacy plunged her tongue into his mouth and held his head in her hands, squealing as she came, her pussy contracting around his pulsing cockhead. Trevor growled into her mouth as he came, his vision darkening at the corners as hard bursts of semen filled his sister. The two of them humped and pumped each other, lips smacking until Trevor’s cock wilted and slipped out of her.

Still, they stayed that way, touching and petting, Stacy holding his head against her chest. He could hear the excited rhythm of her heart, unafraid. His was the same, now. No longer afraid. No longer nervous. Stacy stroked his hair lovingly, practically purring. Of course, she couldn’t leave off without something utterly filthy coming out of her mouth, and it shocked Trevor more than anything he’d heard this week.

“Fuck, that was good,” she said, and added, “I think you’re an even better fuck than dad.”

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