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Tempting Trevor, Part 3

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An hour later, Trevor nervously sat on his bed staring at the door. His poor penis was so hard just thinking about what was about to happen. When had he become such a pervert, sitting alone with a hardon, waiting for his sister to come in and jerk him off? He told himself it was for a good cause. He was learning how to be a good lover. It wasn’t just for him. It was for him and Mary.

The door opened, and Stacy let herself in. Trevor was slack-jawed as his sister approached, casually texting on her phone, as though she was not dressed only in a bra and panties, preparing to play with her brother’s penis. She stood in front of him, ignoring him as she typed. Trevor’s eyes wandered up and down her body. Finally, she put the phone aside and put her hands on her hips.

“You should probably take off your shorts.” She said.

Trevor nodded and quickly stripped himself. Stacy crawled onto the bed, and lay on her side, head resting on one of his pillows. She patted the space next to her. Trevor joined her. She took his hand and placed it on her heart, then did the same with hers.

“Get your head in the right place first, just like we practiced.”

Trevor shut his eyes and got into his mental space again.

“Good.” Stacy said. “That’s so good, baby.”

His heart calmed, became steady, and then he felt Stacy’s lips on his. He kept his eyes closed and recalled the first lesson, taking things slow, teasing her mouth with his, until he felt her little tongue snake out and begin to explore his mouth. His hands went to her hip, where the thin fabric of her panties stretched across her warm skin.

“I want you to touch me, just like that. We’re going to combine both lessons, this time. Remember your breathing.”

Trevor nodded, and let his hands roam over her body. Stacy cupped her hand and let saliva pool into it, then made a fist and grasped his penis. She kissed him again as her hand began to stroke his cock. Trevor made his circuit on her skin, up her back, to her neck, down her arm, back again, tracing her curves lightly as she jerked his cock.

“That feels so good. I love the way you touch me.” He said in her ear, and felt her quiver under his touch. He felt proud of himself for remembering his lesson.

“I love your cock so much.” She whispered back, and stroked him faster. “Were you thinking about last night?”

“Yeah… “

“You shot cum all over your sister, didn’t you?”

“Yeah… “

She fisted his crown until she felt his body tense, and then stroked down and gripped his shaft, her fingers playing lightly with his balls.

“You did so good.” she said. “You held off for so long, even when I was being a naughty tease.”