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Tempting Trevor, Part 2

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Chapter 7: My Little Brother the Peeper

Trevor did, in fact, think about big tits. The day at the mall, being surrounded by so many hot girls, had the natural effect of giving him a raging boner. He relieved it at his computer. He consciously avoided any of the fauxcest videos, but many of the girls he focused on seemed to have dark hair and big, bouncy boobs. That was ok, though. They were just porno girls who had hot bodies, and they just happened to have dark hair.

Once he’d sprayed his cum, he spent the rest of the evening playing video games, sending the odd text to Mary just to ensure she was doing ok. She was resting. Good. The afternoon turned to evening, and the evening turned to night. Well past midnight, he finally resigned himself to sleep. Stacy hadn’t come home by the time he drifted off. Man, college life must be just one big all-night party, he thought.

In the morning, the day seemed to repeat itself. The sounds of Stacy’s yoga music drifted from the living room as he came downstairs. He entered the room.

“Morning!” Stacy said, her back to him as she stretched, then bent, pushing her ass out toward him.


“Come on,” she invited him, “we’ll make a yogi out of you yet.”

Trevor went through her instruction. This was actually really cool, he decided. Relaxing, calming. At the end of it, he felt more… balanced, he guessed.

“Thanks, sis.” He said, accepting a towel from her and mopping his forehead, “I’m liking this.”

“Me too! I didn’t really think I’d like teaching it as much as I do, but you’re a good student. Quick learner.”

He took a seat on the couch and checked his phone, which he’d remembered to silence this time.


“Hmm?” He grunted, responding to a message from Mary.

“I don’t want to impose, but, well… I was hoping that I could use your computer again. If it’s not too inconvenient.”

Trevor stiffened, but tried not to show it.

“Uh, yeah… sure. I’m gonna shower and watch some TV, so whatever.” he said, his eyes on his phone, though he wasn’t really looking at anything.

“Thanks.” Stacy said happily.

Trevor watched out of the corner of his eye as Stacy’s ass wiggled away out of the room. He gave it a few minutes, and then showered. I