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Suck Pet: A DomCo Story

The DomCo stories are filled with a lot of odd little side characters, like Cindy, Honey Cunt, Valerie or Harmony. All of these characters have their own stories. Sometimes it's fun to take a look at what put those characters into the positions that they are in at the time of the story. One of those characters is Suck Pet, the girl who trains Kayla when she starts work at DomCo. With the next Korrupting Kayla book coming, it seemed an appropriate time to go into a bit of backstory on Master Johnson's slutty assistant. One day, perhaps she'll get a full story of her own. For now, I hope you'll enjoy the story of the girl that was once Samantha.

This story contains themes of nonconsent

Suck Pet from Korrupting Kayla by Tori Hamlin

Samantha had several complaints about her new job at DomCo.

“I had to take my panties off all day!” she complained after her second day at work.

“According to your boss,” her father said, “You threw your panties away, like some kind of slut.”

“They were wet!” Samantha cried. “They make me drink this stuff that makes me get… wet. I don’t like that place. It’s weird.”

“Sam,” her mother said, shaking her head, “Every office has a little good-natured hazing. They’re a giant company and they do important work. They’re all over the TV and the radio. Do you honestly think a place like that is up to no good?”

Her father had nodded and agreed, adding, “I don’t want to hear anymore of this quitting talk. You’re going to get a solid resume at this place, or you’re going to find your own place to live.”

Samantha had cried that night, and every night since. She did not tell her parents about the special training programs she had to listen to at night, the calming music that lulled her to sleep and then woke her up with dirty thoughts in her head and a wet pussy. She did not tell them about all the pornography that the company made her watch as part of her job. She didn’t inform them about the vibrating cock on her chair. She certainly didn’t tell them about today’s embarrassing task, in which she’d had to design a new seating chart for the bullpen she worked in. Her boss, Master Johnson, instructed her to arrange the women in the bullpen so that the ones with the “biggest, sluttiest udders,” were closest to his office door.

In order to complete the task, she’d had to go to all thirteen women she worked with and get accurate measurements of their breasts. Then, she’d had to make them all move seats according to the new chart, and to tell the women with the smallest breasts that they were being moved to the back because they were worthless. She’d cried in the bathroom afterwards.

On her third day, Master Johnson wanted a new seating chart. This time, he wanted the women with the “biggest, sluttiest udders, and the wettest cunts,” closest to his door. This wasn’t an easy thing to do, as she had to physically examine each woman’s bare, wet cunt with her finger and compare it against the others. Then, she had to refer to their breast size to determine the seating positions. It was awful. After lunch, she had to ensure that she’d gotten it right, per Master Johnson’s instruction.

Again, she stuck her fingers into each of her coworker’s cunts, ensuring they were just as wet as they had been that morning. Two of them had needed to trade places. She, then, had to tell them that if they didn’t want to move again that they would need to ensure that they were as wet, if not wetter, each day.

On her fourth day, Johnson asked each of her coworkers to rate Samantha’s kissing skills, which they did by putting their tongues into her mouth for two minutes, while Samantha fingered their cunts. For each woman that did not orgasm from this, Samantha was treated to two public swats on her naked ass. None of the women orgasmed. Samantha had trouble sitting for the rest of the day, the pain dulled only by the vibrating cock on her chair.

At the end of the work week, each of the male employees on her floor was asked to write a paragraph describing what they thought of when they looked at Samantha’s nude cunt. In order to do this most efficiently, they gathered the male staff in a meeting room. They placed Samantha at the head of the room, while a camera displayed an enlarged image of her bare snatch on the big screen. She stayed like this until each of the sixteen male staff members had completed their paragraph.

Master Johnson posted the finished work in the bullpen, alongside an image of Samantha’s wet fuckhole. Her female coworkers, then, voted on which one they liked the best. The winning entry read, “The slippery, compact lips of the slut’s rape tunnel are cock-hardening. A cunt as wet as this is just begging for a long, thorough fucking as often as possible. Frankly, it should be embarrassed and ashamed at just how teasingly excited it is. A whore slit as dripping wet as this one should be publically slapped and then repeatedly pumped full of baby juice.”

At the end of the day, Master Johnson took a photo of Samantha’s tear-streaked face, next to the pinned image of her cunt. He made her set the image as her desktop background. She was then made to read the words, over and over, as he masturbated, until he pushed his cock into her mouth and ejaculated onto her tongue. By the time she got home, her parents were irate.

“You’re sucking off your coworkers, now?” her father berated her.

“What? I didn’t!” Samantha wailed.

“Your manager says otherwise. He phoned and told us about you giving one of your coworkers a blowjob!” her mother sputtered.

“No! I… I didn’t want to! They made me!” Samantha argued.

“An office full of professional, white-collar workers made you suck a penis at work?” her father asked, rolling his eyes in disbelief. “Well, now if you want to keep your job, they’re going to have to put you through some sexual harassment course.”

“But I didn’t do anything!” Samantha argued, sobbing.

“Well, you’re going to take this course,” her mother stated. “Otherwise, you can handle whatever lawsuit for harassment they bring against you on your own.”

Samantha cried at the unfairness of it, and then cried harder while her father spanked her naked ass.

“You’re absolutely soaked,” he said with disgust. “Maybe this course is going to be the best thing for you, you little slut.”

Samantha went to bed that night with her ass stinging once again.


On Monday morning, Samantha boarded a company shuttle for “sexual harassment training,” along with a half dozen other young women. The drive to the site of their training took quite some time, during which Samantha learned that all the other girls had their own horrible stories.

“Master Weiner made me jerk him off while his secretary licked my pussy and told me that if I didn’t make him cum before I did, he’d have me photocopy pictures of my twat and email them to all my contacts,” explained Jenny.

“Master Blackock made me call all my ex-boyfriends and have them rate my blowjob skills while I sucked his cock,” said Becky.

“Master Rod made me masturbate on a webcam tha