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Suck Pet: A DomCo Story

The DomCo stories are filled with a lot of odd little side characters, like Cindy, Honey Cunt, Valerie or Harmony. All of these characters have their own stories. Sometimes it's fun to take a look at what put those characters into the positions that they are in at the time of the story. One of those characters is Suck Pet, the girl who trains Kayla when she starts work at DomCo. With the next Korrupting Kayla book coming, it seemed an appropriate time to go into a bit of backstory on Master Johnson's slutty assistant. One day, perhaps she'll get a full story of her own. For now, I hope you'll enjoy the story of the girl that was once Samantha.

This story contains themes of nonconsent

Suck Pet from Korrupting Kayla by Tori Hamlin

Samantha had several complaints about her new job at DomCo.

“I had to take my panties off all day!” she complained after her second day at work.

“According to your boss,” her father said, “You threw your panties away, like some kind of slut.”

“They were wet!” Samantha cried. “They make me drink this stuff that makes me get… wet. I don’t like that place. It’s weird.”

“Sam,” her mother said, shaking her head, “Every office has a little good-natured hazing. They’re a giant company and they do important work. They’re all over the TV and the radio. Do you honestly think a place like that is up to no good?”

Her father had nodded and agreed, adding, “I don’t want to hear anymore of this quitting talk. You’re going to get a solid resume at this place, or you’re going to find your own place to live.”

Samantha had cried that night, and every night since. She did not tell her parents about the special training programs she had to listen to at night, the calming music that lulled her to sleep and then woke her up with dirty thoughts in her head and a wet pussy. She did not tell them about all the pornography that the company made her watch as part of her job. She didn’t inform them about the vibrating cock on her chair. She certainly didn’t tell them about today’s embarrassing task, in which she’d had to design a new seating chart for the bullpen she worked in. Her boss, Master Johnson, instructed her to arrange the women in the bullpen so that the ones with the “biggest, sluttiest udders,” were closest to his office door.

In order to complete the task, she’d had to go to all thirteen women she worked with and get accurate measurements of their breasts. Then, she’d had to make them all move seats according to the new chart, and to tell the women with the smallest breasts that they were being moved to the back because they were worthless. She’d cried in the bathroom afterwards.

On her third day, Master Johnson wanted a new seating chart. This time, he wanted the women with the “biggest, sluttiest udders, and the wettest cunts,” closest to his door. This wasn’t an easy thing to do, as she had to physically examine each woman’s bare, wet cunt with her finger and compare it against the others. Then, she had to refer to their breast size to determine the seating positions. It was awful. After lunch, she had to ensure that she’d gotten it right, per Master Johnson’s instruction.

Again, she stuck her fingers into each of her coworker’s cunts, ensuring they were just as wet as they had been that morning. Two of them had needed to trade places. She, then, had to tell them that if they didn’t want to move again that they would need to ensure that they were as wet, if not wetter, each day.

On her fourth day, Johnson asked each of her coworkers to rate Samantha’s kissing skills, which they did by putting their tongues into her mouth for two minutes, while Samantha fingered their cunts. For each woman that did not orgasm from this, Samantha was treated to two public swats on her naked ass. None of the women orgasmed. Samantha had trouble sitting for the rest of the day, the pain dulled only by the vibrating cock on her chair.

At the end of the work week, each of the male employees on her floor was asked to write a paragraph describing what they thought of when they looked at Samantha’s nude cunt. In order to do this most efficiently, they gathered the male staff in a meeting room. They placed Samantha at the head of the room, while a camera displayed an enlarged image of her bare snatch on the big screen. She stayed like this until each of the sixteen male staff members had completed their paragraph.

Master Johnson posted the finished work in the bullpen, alongside an image of Samantha’s wet fuckhole. Her female coworkers, then, voted on which one they liked the best. The winning entry read, “The slippery, compact lips of the slut’s rape tunnel are cock-hardening. A cunt as wet as this is just begging for a long, thorough fucking as often as possible. Frankly, it should be embarrassed and ashamed at just how teasingly excited it is. A whore slit as dripping wet as this one should be publically slapped and then repeatedly pumped full of baby juice.”

At the end of the day, Master Johnson took a photo of Samantha’s tear-streaked face, next to the pinned image of her cunt. He made her set the image as her desktop background. She was then made to read the words, over and over, as he masturbated, until he pushed his cock into her mouth and ejaculated onto her tongue. By the time she got home, her parents were irate.

“You’re sucking off your coworkers, now?” her father berated her.

“What? I didn’t!” Samantha wailed.

“Your manager says otherwise. He phoned and told us about you giving one of your coworkers a blowjob!” her mother sputtered.

“No! I… I didn’t want to! They made me!” Samantha argued.

“An office full of professional, white-collar workers made you suck a penis at work?” her father asked, rolling his eyes in disbelief. “Well, now if you want to keep your job, they’re going to have to put you through some sexual harassment course.”

“But I didn’t do anything!” Samantha argued, sobbing.

“Well, you’re going to take this course,” her mother stated. “Otherwise, you can handle whatever lawsuit for harassment they bring against you on your own.”

Samantha cried at the unfairness of it, and then cried harder while her father spanked her naked ass.

“You’re absolutely soaked,” he said with disgust. “Maybe this course is going to be the best thing for you, you little slut.”

Samantha went to bed that night with her ass stinging once again.


On Monday morning, Samantha boarded a company shuttle for “sexual harassment training,” along with a half dozen other young women. The drive to the site of their training took quite some time, during which Samantha learned that all the other girls had their own horrible stories.

“Master Weiner made me jerk him off while his secretary licked my pussy and told me that if I didn’t make him cum before I did, he’d have me photocopy pictures of my twat and email them to all my contacts,” explained Jenny.

“Master Blackock made me call all my ex-boyfriends and have them rate my blowjob skills while I sucked his cock,” said Becky.

“Master Rod made me masturbate on a webcam that didn’t show my face. He made me invite my dad and my brothers, and then tilted the camera up to show my face, after they were all jerking off to me,” Linda cried.

“Master Dickens convinced my mom that I should only be allowed to watch porno when I’m at home,” Melissa complained.

“Master Roundhead paid my dad to take away my bras, and then slapped my tits every morning because I was showing off,” Mallory whined.

“Master Butch made me get my nipples and clit pierced,” Selina cried. “When my mom found out about the piercings, she called me a whore and kicked me out. Now I have to sleep in a dog bed under Master Butch’s desk.”

Samantha listened to all the other girls tell their stories as the shuttle drove them, and by the time they arrived, she was flushed and embarrassed by how wet her cunt was. She hadn’t even been drinking her Obsequium, but it was still whorishly wet and left a wet smear on the seat.

When they filed off of the shuttle, they were all confused to see the site of the conference. Samantha had been to summer camp a few times when she was younger, and this place reminded her of that. That is, if concrete walls had surrounded summer camp. The place was little more than an empty field, dotted with trees. A bunk house sat, lonely, in a flat patch of grass, while a large lodge dominated the western half of the cleared land.

While they were still looking about in confusion, two men took Samantha by the arms and led her away. The other girls murmured in fright.

“Wait! Where are we going? What did I do?” Samantha asked, panicking.

The men didn’t answer. They led her a few feet away, and then another man tore off her clothes and threw them on the ground as Samantha cried.

“No tears, now, little slut,” the man said calmly, tilting her chin up to his jovial face. “This is your natural state. A slut should always feel vulnerable. You’ll learn.”

More men herded the other girls toward the lodge like cattle while they quaked and sniffled. On the bus, Samantha felt like they had bonded over their shared humiliation. Now, she was naked, and they were not, and all of them looked askance at her as they passed, like she was some kind of pariah.

The men led Samantha in behind the other women. The six girls were seated at a round wooden table, in the center of which was a lazy Susan. The men holding Samantha fastened her wrists behind her back with a soft cord and then hefted her onto the table and placed her on the spinner. Samantha, sobbing, wanted to ask what was happening, but it was clear that there were no answers coming.

The man who had torn her clothes seemed in charge. He joined the girls at the table as they all looked down, avoiding his gaze and the view of the naked girl on the table.

“You’ve had a long drive,” the man said. “Before we start the training, we’ll have lunch. There’s a bit of a catch, though. If any of you want to eat, you’ll only eat by our rules. The rules are, basically, whatever I say they are. Today’s rule is that you eat nothing that hasn’t been in that girl’s cunt first.”

He indicated Samantha, who sobbed harder, and there were whimpers around the table from the other girls. Two of the men brought out trays of vegetables. Samantha watched as they laid out cucumbers, carrots, pickles, squash, and apples. For the rest of the mealtime, they spun Samantha about on the lazy Susan, while the other women pushed vegetables up her cunt. They stuffed them into her like she was little more than a communal dipping tray, useful for nothing but flavoring their food and providing decoration as they ate.

At the end of the meal, the man returned.

“You will address me as, Sir,” he instructed. “During your training, you will not speak unless asked a direct question or required to answer one. Should you need to address any member of the training staff, you will do so by begging like a proper bitch.”

Sir pointed at Becky and said, “You, girl. Show me how a proper bitch begs.”

Becky looked at him and then the other girls in confusion. She looked like she was going to speak, but then caught herself. Sir gave her an approving nod, but said, “If you can’t come up with a proper bitch begging in three seconds, you’ll be the next naked slut on the table.”

Becky got on her knees immediately and sat up like a dog, holding her hands out like little paws.

“Amusing!” Sir said, and then to the rest of them, “That is a proper bitch begging. Should you need to ask a question, follow… what was your name, slut?”

“Becky,” Becky whispered.

Sir continued, “Your name is Bitch Melons,” and then to the rest of them, “Should you need to ask a question, follow Bitch Melons’ example.”

Becky sniffled but didn’t get up.

“Did you need to ask a question, Bitch Melons? Or do you just enjoy being a slutty little puppy?” Sir asked.

“May I go back to my seat, Sir?” Bitch Melons asked.

“You may. Good girl.”

Becky Bitch Melons returned to her seat. The men brought out bottles of Obsequium for the girls to drink and Samantha felt grateful. At least she could blame the wetness of her cunt on the red drink now, rather than the feeling of being humiliatingly used like a table decoration. As the girls uncapped their bottles, Sir stepped up on the table and the other men provided the girls with vibrating toys.

Sir unzipped his pants, extracted his cock, and pushed it into Samantha’s mouth as he spoke.

“Put those toys to work,” he commanded. “I want to see every one of you watching… what was your name, slut?” he asked Samantha.

Of course, Samantha could not answer with his dick in her mouth.

“Your name is Suck Pet,” he declared, and then to the others, “I want to see every one of you watching Suck Pet perform her function. Your goal is to orgasm before I do. If you don’t, instead of sleeping in a bed tonight, you’ll spend it with your tits on a pumping machine.”

He fucked Samantha’s mouth, then paused and added, “I’d suggest you not cry. Your tears make me want to cum,” then to Samantha, “If you don’t make me cum before they do, you don’t get any clothes back tonight.”

Samantha began to eagerly suck his cock as the girls masturbated to her degrading, forced blowjob. Samantha fucked her own face on his cock sluttily, pulling out every remembered blowjob technique from the vast array of filthy porn she’d been watching at work this week. She choked herself on it, forced the fat head of it into her throat, massaged his glans with her throat muscles, and tongued the underside of his veiny erection. She fondled his balls and moaned around his cock, looked up into his evil eyes, and tried to plead with him to feed her.

All throughout her attempt, she heard girls panting, their pussies wet and gushing, the vibrators humming, as they got themselves off to the sight of her begging for this strange man’s cum. One by one, they orgasmed, until only Selina was left. She was crying, tears of horrified disgust rolling down her cheeks as she watched Samantha suck cock.

Sir’s penis jerked in Samantha’s mouth, and she knew he was close. She kept up her vigorous assault on his cock and his breathing quickened, deepened. But then Selina gasped and came on her toy. A second later, a hot wash of sperm coated Samantha’s tongue. She sobbed at the defeat, which only made Sir grab her head roughly and fuck his spurting cock into her mouth. The wet squelch of her overfull mouth became the only sound in the room as the vibrators fell silent. The girls all watched as he fucked her face and cummy drool poured from her mouth to run down her chin and coat her naked tits.

Sir pulled his cock from her mouth and wiped it in her hair, then handed her a bottle of Obsequium. She drank it gratefully, washing down the cum. They then herded away the rest of the girls to another room. Sir led Samantha behind them.

The room was dimly lit and contained chairs that looked like comfortable theater seats. They put each of the girls into a chair and affixed their wrists and legs with straps. The men lifted their skirts and pushed fake cocks up their wet fuckholes, then placed earbuds into their ears. They placed Samantha in her own seat, only hers was like a backless posture chair. Sir put a blindfold over her eyes and a set of earbuds into her ears.

The rest of the girls watched a series of “educational training videos,” while the earbuds played in their ears. When the sounds entered Samantha’s ears, she recognized them as similar to the training programs she’d had to listen to each night as she slept. The familiar whine of a training program started, the terrible oscillating pitch that she knew would be followed by horrible and degrading words, masked by soothing music.

They were the words that she’d begun to unconsciously associate with herself. Slut. Whore. Fuck toy. Bitch. Cunt. Rape bait. Cock socket. She’d never actually heard the words in the music, but every time she came out of the trance the programs put her into, the words were there. They were there when she looked in the mirror or when she saw her picture.

This program was new, though. She didn’t know how she knew it. The weird whine in her ears just didn’t sound like the one she listened to at night. Before long, she found her mind drifting in that pleasant, calming haze that the programs induced. Then, someone put their cock into her mouth, and she sucked at it. The relaxing music played, and Samantha felt her shoulders and body relax. The cock in her mouth fed her a hot helping of cum, which she swallowed, and then another one fucked her mouth.

How long this lasted was not something that she was aware of. Her entire awareness was the music, the cocks that continually pumped cum into her suckhole, more music, another cock, more cum. Finally, the music faded, and the tone began again, in reverse this time, pulling her mind out of the warm cocoon and forcing it back into reality. The blindfold came off. Samantha licked her lips, tasting spit and cum.

Someone handed her Obsequium, and she drank it. The red drink gave her body a pleasant, calming tingle, almost like being back in the cocoon. If she hadn’t known what was in the stuff, she’d have actually been happy to drink it. Only she knew, and that knowledge tainted the pleasurable effects. She watched the other girls as they sedately lay in the chairs, while the men unstrapped them and removed the dripping wet toys from their cunts.

Following the training session, they led the girls back out to the dining table. A hearty meal of proper food was laid out on the table and Samantha’s mouth watered. She’d had nothing all day but Obsequium and sperm. All the other girls had at least gotten vegetables flavored with her cunt honey. Sir led Samantha to the table and sat her down.

“You’ve been a very good girl, Suck Pet,” he said and stroked her hair. “This meal is for you.”

The other girls looked at her jealously as she sat down. Samantha looked at Sir for approval, sure that this was some kind of trick. Nothing DomCo did was out of generosity. There was always a catch, something that would humiliate her or make her feel horny and ashamed.

Sir grinned and nodded, understanding her hesitancy.

“This is your meal,” he said. “You can choose to share it with the others. If you do, you’ll likely win their favor. You won’t win mine. In fact, if you share it, I’ll slap your cunt once for every girl here. Just remember, they all betrayed you. They treated you like a serving dish, pushed vegetables into your cunt, and masturbated while you had your mouth raped. Do they deserve this food?”

Samantha thought about that. This was only the first day of training. She did not know how many more days there were. There would be more choices to make, further betrayals. Samantha knew it would happen. In the end, though, whose approval was worth more? A group of sluts or Sir’s? Samantha reached for the utensils. Sir stayed her hand.

“In order to eat,” he said, “You just need to tell me your name.”

Samantha looked at the girls, the food, and then at Sir.

“My name is Suck Pet,” she said.

“Good bitch,” Sir said approvingly.

The girls all had to sit with her at the table, quietly, while she ate the delicious food. They hated her, she could see. She’d won some kind of favoritism by giving in, by accepting the name, by being the only naked slut amongst them. It hadn’t been her choice, but none of them cared. She was a traitor.

When Suck Pet finished her meal, the men came and threw the rest of the food into the garbage. There were quiet groans from the other hungry girls. The men returned with the vibrators once more and handed them to all the girls, including Suck Pet.

“One of you is going to be raped,” Sir said.

The girls all whimpered but didn’t outright object.

“The only question is, which one of you will it be?” Sir said.

He pointed to Selina and said, “You, girl,” and Selina paled, looking as if she might start crying, but Sir asked, “Which one of you is it going to be?”

Selina looked around at the other girls, her mouth working, but no sound coming out.

“Quick, quick,” Sir said, “or it’s going to be you.”

“Her!” Selina blurted and pointed her finger at Suck Pet.

Suck Pet blushed angrily.

“And you?” Sir asked, pointing to Mallory, “Who do you want to get raped?”

“Her,” Mallory said, and pointed at Suck Pet.

Down the line Sir went, asking each of them in turn. Bitch Melons, the last girl in the line, nominated Selina. Selina glared at her angrily.

“I think we have a winner!” Sir declared.

Suck Pet got on her knees and held her hands up in a bitch beg.

“Yes, Suck Pet? Do you have a question?” Sir asked.

“Please don’t!” Suck Pet pleaded.

“That doesn’t sound like a question. It sounds like you think you shouldn’t be raped. Is that the case?”

“Yes!” Suck Pet said.

“Suck Pet,” Sir said, “Do you think I actually care about your thoughts? Calling them thoughts is, in fact, lending them too much credence. Thinking implies that some degree of logic, sense, and processing went into the words that came out of your mouth. Since the only useful thing that comes out of your mouth is the disgusting dribbles of spit and sperm that I put into it, I’m going to remind you this once that I do not give one… single… fuck… about your thoughts. What I do care about is how warm, wet, and tight your pussy is. I care about how much you yelp and squeal when I squeeze your tits. I care about the tears you produce when my cock is up your ass. By the time you leave here, that is what you’re going to care about, too.”

Two of the men picked her up and pinned her to the table. A third spread her legs and pushed his cock into her wet hole, while Suck Pet struggled and began to cry.

“Get those vibrators going, girls,” Sir ordered. “I want to see every one of you cumming as often as possible. Think slutty thoughts, because if you haven’t cum three times by the time each man here has had his turn with Suck Pet, you’re up next.”


They led away Suck Pet and the other girls to the bunkhouse. Her tits were sore from being squeezed and slapped, while eight of the men had fucked her. Her pussy felt battered, and it hurt, despite the Obsequium’s effects. Two of them had gone at her asshole and it stung. Even so, she’d orgasmed more than the girls who had masturbated to her rape.

The men put the girls to bed, and even this was humiliating. The girls all stripped naked, and the men took away their clothes. They put two girls in each bed, but they had to sleep in a 69 position and were bound together, so that they couldn’t move. They strapped Suck Pet in on top of Selina, who sobbed as the rapists’ spermy loads dripped from Suck Pet’s abused cunt into her face the entire night.

Since there were seven girls, though, Mallory was chosen to sleep in a bed with one of the men. They listened to her quiet sobs all night as he fucked her, then to the sounds of her orgasms, and finally her pleading to be fucked again.


Two months later, Suck Pet returned to work at the DomCo office. Her blonde hair was styled and cute. Her skirt was so short that everyone could see the cheeks of her firm ass, and the slit of her wet pussy when she bent over. She displayed her large tits lewdly in a V-neck top, through which her nipples were clearly visible. She looked like rape bait, but that was the point.

Suck Pet knew that her role in life was to provide entertainment for men. If they wanted to shove her against a wall and fuck her, then she’d be wet for it, struggle, but ultimately, she’d orgasm and thank them. When there was a hard cock that needed sucking, well, that was her name. She took up her position as assistant to Master Johnson, her pussy soaked at the thought of the next reluctant slut to come through the DomCo doors.

They’d be like that stupid girl that had once called herself Samantha. They’d be like the girl who had cried from a few spankings and having to go without panties. That girl would never have eagerly spread her legs for her father to rape her. That girl would have been distraught when her mother left because of it. Suck Pet, though, knew that life was better this way. It was so much easier to just be a willing fuck toy, rather than have all those conflicting feelings and silly thoughts about consent.

Now, she walked into the bullpen, sipping Obsequium, and knocked on Master Johnson’s door. He called her in. Suck Pet rounded the desk, got to her knees, and bid her master a good morning with her mouth. As Johnson’s hand rested on her head, enjoying her loving cock worship, he showed her a photo.

“This is our newest Scout recruit,” he said. “She’ll be starting tomorrow, and I want you to train her the right way.”

Suck Pet acknowledged the command with a hum around his cock and looked at the photo. The girl was about eighteen, with large breasts and fine, curly brunette hair. She had a look of general embarrassment that made Suck Pet’s pussy even wetter. She could already imagine how good that cute little face was going to look, covered in cum.

“Her name, right now, is Kayla,” Johnson said. “But we’re going to change that.”

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