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Korrupting Kayla, Part 5

Honey Cunt

Kayla took the elevator to the first floor, where she followed the signs to the cafeteria. The room was quite crowded, full of women in skimpy clothes. There were no men. Kayla thought that was a bit odd, but then everything at DomCo was a bit odd. She stood in line and waited, scrolling through her Facebook feed. After spending the entire morning looking at other girl’s profiles, she began to notice just how many risque photos people were posting. Seemingly every post she came across was girls in bikinis. Girls in lingerie. Girls with their tits falling out of their tops, or tiny skirts, booty shorts.

She looked at her own boring profile with last year’s yearbook photo. She’d worn an ivory sweater that covered her to the neck, and a little bow in her curly brown hair.

Compared with the mental image of what she must look like right now, the girl on Facebook was a stranger. Everyone else’s profiles had pictures of parties, beaches, road trips. Hers showed books, or drawings she’d done. It seemed silly. She looked at the other girls, many of which had their faces bent to phone screens, as well. She held her phone out, snapped a selfie, and uploaded it.

In the photo, her curly hair spilled about her shoulders, a stray lock covering one eye. It looked sexy. The ridiculous shirt stretched across her big tits, “Put a Baby in Me” clearly visible. Her cleavage looked mouth-watering, and her flat tummy begged to be kissed. She stared at the photo. The sexy girl had a vibrator in her cunt, and no one else knew. Her brother had jerked off his cock on her belly while her mother had rubbed her snatch, but no one knew. The sexy girl in the photo was her. She looked at the stupid girl in the sweater, a bow in her hair, and scoffed.

A moment later, she saw a comment on her photo from Tiffany, reading “OMG! You are delicious!” It received a like. Kayla moved through the line. By the time she took a tray, there were a dozen likes and comments.

“Kayla? When did you get hot?” *Liked*

“That’s so trashy. I thought you were better than that. :(“ *Unfriended*

“Holy mother of tits!” *Liked*

“Where did you get the shirt? That’s so hot!” *Liked*

“I would bathe in your sweat!” *Liked*

“What a f’in slut. So trashy.” *Liked & Unfriended*

She tucked her phone back in her purse, and put food on her tray, grabbed a bottle of Obsequium, made it to the cashier, paid, and took a table alone in a corner. She ate robotically, as she stared at the milling throng of half-naked women, wondering what her life had become. Less than two weeks ago, she was the girl in the ivory sweater. Now, she had a vibrator up her twat, and she’d had half a dozen orgasms before lunch. She tried to puzzle it through, sure that there was something strange about it all, but her head felt too warm and fuzzy to think too hard about anything.

At ten minutes past 1:00, she discarded her tray and started down to the orientation room. She was 15 minutes early. Her badge opened the door to the room, and she used the extra time to walk back to the restrooms. Again, her badge would not open the door marked “People”. She walked into the women’s room, relieved herself, and sat through two orgasms that left her shaky and sweating. She pulled her company-issued panties back up, sliding the vibrator back into her sopping pussy. Then, Obsequium in hand, she waited the last few moments at the table with her hands folded, and her study guide in front of her. At precisely 1:30, Honey Cunt entered the room and beamed.

“Hey!” She said merrily, “Your outfit is to die for, Sugar! That is so cute! Much better than those old rags you were wearing this morning.”

“Thank you.” Kayla answered sedately.

“Ready to start?” Honey asked.

Kayla Nodded.

Honey turned on the big TV, scrolled through the programs and then handed Kayla the remote.

“You can just leave the remote when you’re finished,” Honey said, “It will take about 2 hours. This program has some interactive components, so don’t doze off.” She grinned.

Honey left the room. Kayla aimed the laser pointer in the remote at the “Play” button, and the video began. The DomCo logo faded into the screen, followed by the familiar slogan. The screen flickered, and Kayla felt her vision blur for a second, then, there was a series of gentle waves accompanied by a pitched whine. It reminded her of the sound from her MP3 player. She felt relaxed and drank from her bottle. In the corner of the screen, white letters appeared, which read, “Insertion device detected. Connecting...Connected”. Kayla felt a small pulse from the vibrator in her cunt and jumped a bit in shock. She settled back down into her seat. Had the TV really just connected to the vibrator? Why?

A gorgeous blonde woman strolled onto the screen. Her tits were on display in a top that was far too small for her, and her long legs were like sex walking beneath her tiny skirt. She wore fishnet stockings and a pair of glossy, red heels that matched her lipstick.

“Welcome to orientation,” she said, her voice lusty, hypnotic. Kayla could have listened to her read ingredient labels all day and it would have sounded like sex. “Today, we’re going to cover workplace etiquette,” she said happily, and giggled.

The woman strode across the black background, heels clicking, ass swaying, until she stood in front of a tall man in a dark blue suit. The man’s face was offscreen. The woman had to look up at him.

“Proper workplace behavior is sooo important to the morale and well-being of every employee,” She said, “so in this lesson we’re going to cover some dos and don’ts to help you along. After all, breaking rules will get you disciplined, and no one likes that.” She grinned, ruefully, “Well, maybe not no one!” She winked, continued, “Now pay attention, as there will be a quiz!”

The scene faded out, and then faded into an office that looked similar to the bullpen in which Kayla worked. The blonde woman worked at her desk. The man in the suit called to her from his office. She got up and went to him. Kayla noted that the woman’s skirt seemed longer than before. It was almost to her knees. The woman went into the office, where the man turned to her.

“Kitten Tits,” He said, “I couldn’t help but notice that your skirt seems entirely inappropriate.”

“Oh,” the woman said, “I’m so sorry, Sir. I wasn’t thinking when I got dressed this morning. I’ve had so much laundry to catch up on.”

“Yes, I know that thinking can be very difficult for you,” the man said, “but rules are rules. You’ll need to be disciplined, and if you don’t have a change of clothes, we’ll find you something more appropriate.”

“I understand, Sir.” the woman said.

“Please bend over the desk,” the man instructed.

The woman did. The man pulled her skirt up over her ass. She wasn’t wearing panties. The man proceeded to spank the woman’s bottom several times, until it was red all over. She blubbered about it. Kayla couldn’t help but remember her own brief brush with the dress code.

“Now, I’ve taken it easy on you, since you didn’t wear panties. That was good. Let’s go find you something more appropriate for the office.”

The woman wiped at her smeared eyeshadow as they left the office. The video faded to black, and a question appeared on the screen.

“Workplace rules should be followed at all times. Select Yes or No.”

Kayla pointed the laser at yes and clicked. The word turned green. The vibrator in her cunt turned on to a very low setting. She gasped. It felt good. She drank from her bottle and felt warm and wet. Another question appeared on the screen.

“The woman’s attire was inappropriate for the workplace. Select Yes or No.”

Kayla selected “Yes”. The vibrator increased in intensity, and she parted her legs.

“The Master’s actions were inappropriate. Select Yes or No.”

No. The intensity increased, and Kayla squirmed in her chair. Fuck, it felt so good!

“Select the response that best fits the example:

1: I should be disciplined routinely for my own good.

2: There is no such thing as “inappropriate touching”.

3: Roles and rules are meant to be followed. I need to know my place.

4: I expect to be disciplined, however necessary, when I don’t behave properly.”

Kayla thought for a moment, but it was difficult with the vibrator thrumming in her cunt, pushing her closer to an orgasm. She tried to read the words again, decide what the right answer was. Her head felt like cotton, though, and she was sluggish. She just wanted to concentrate on the feelings in her fuckhole. She selected number 4 and was pleased when the answer turned green. The vibration increased.

A picture-in-picture window appeared in the corner of the screen. It showed her spread legs, the bold outline of her horny pussy lips easily visible in the tight shorts. Part of the word “Toy” was visible. Another window appeared and showed her heaving tits in the slutty top, and a third displayed her face, eyes glazed as the sensations in her pussy overwhelmed her body. The pitched whine started up again, and the word “Slut” flashed over her face on the TV. The vibrations increased. The word “Cum” flashed across the TV, and Kayla came in her chair. She could see her hips bucking, the wet spot in her shorts growing as she gushed slut slime into her panties. She moaned loudly, pinching her hard nipples through her shirt. The vibrations tapered off, until the vibrator settled to a barely detectable hum, once again.

The picture-in-picture images winked out. The scene faded back in. Kayla tried to sit upright in her chair and pay attention, but it was very difficult with her recent orgasm, and the continued vibration. The scene on the TV now showed the man and woman entering a closet filled with clothes, just like the one upstairs. The woman stood, naked from the waist down, as the man looked through the clothes.

“Get on the table, please, and spread your legs.” He ordered.

The woman did. The man put something that looked like a metal pair of shorts on the table. Kayla couldn’t see what it was, exactly. The woman spread her legs. The man fumbled about in some drawers beneath the table. The camera zoomed in on the woman’s spread cunt, and the man began to smear some sort of gel around her fuckhole, and then around her anus, then in her anus with his finger. The woman moaned and squirmed but didn’t stop him. The vibration in Kayla’s cunt increased.

Next, the man took a thick, pink vibrator and inserted it into the woman’s pussy. Kayla heard her moan as it filled her. Then, he made her hold her legs back, and he pushed a black buttplug into the woman’s asshole. She groaned loudly and squirmed back and forth, legs shaking, until the plug was firmly inside her butthole. The man turned the vibrator on, and the woman began to moan more loudly. The vibrator in Kayla’s cunt ratcheted up a notch, and she gripped the edge of her chair as she watched.

Oddly enough, the entire scene didn’t seem out of place to her now. She’d spent days completely surrounded and engrossed in hardcore porn everywhere she looked. This was just like being at home watching TV. The man fitted the weird metal shorts on the woman, and then locked them in place with a padlock.

“There we are,” he said, “That should teach you the value of proper dress.”

The woman began to cry, and then she orgasmed, and cried some more.

“Now, now,” the man said, “It’s only for a few days. You will probably piss yourself several times, but you’ll be better for it in the end. A bit of chastity will do you wonders!”

He helped the woman to stand, and then he slapped her face.

“None of those tears now, Kitten Tits. Rules and roles are meant to be followed.”

“Yes, Sir. I understand,” Kitten Tits said sadly.

The scene faded. Another series of questions began.

“The Master’s actions were appropriate. Yes or No.”


The vibrator intensified, and Kayla bit her lip, clamping her legs together as the feeling drove her crazy.

“Forced chastity is an appropriate disciplinary method. Yes or No.”


The vibrations increased again. Kayla was having trouble focusing on the words. Her pussy was on the verge of exploding again.

“I am a slut. Yes or No.”

The question threw her off. She wasn’t a slut. She was a good girl. She’d never even had sex...with a man. But, she was dressed in a slutty outfit with a pair of vibrating panties shoved in her twat. She watched porno all the time. She’d let another girl lick her pussy. She’d let a group of women use her body for their own entertainment. She’d done it to make money, like a prostitute. Her own mother had fingered her fuckhole until she came. Her brother had jerked off on her tummy. She’d orgasmed from being spanked, more than once. A countdown appeared on the screen. She had 5 seconds to select an answer. She didn’t want to know what would happen if she ran out of time, so she selected Yes.

The vibrator went crazy, and the picture-in-picture windows winked back on. Her face was a mess of sweat, a mask of pleasure. Her mouth hung open. She gripped the chair hard. Slut. Cum. She came. The vibrator wound down slowly, until it returned to the gentle purring. She lay her head on the cool table top for a moment, but the sound of another scene beginning made her sit upright.

She focused her bleary vision on the TV. The man sat at his desk. There was a strange sound from beneath the desk. Someone choking? It was hard to tell. A few moments passed, and then the man breathed a sigh of relief. A moment later, the woman crawled from beneath the desk, wiping her mouth. She still wore the chastity belt.

“Thank you, Kitten Tits,” the man said, “That will be all for now.”

Kitten Tits walked, shakily, from the office. The scene ended. The vibrations increased. Kayla wasn’t sure she could handle another orgasm so soon. Words appeared on the screen.

“Observation. What occurred in the scene:

1: Kitten Tits was eating lunch under the desk.

2: Kitten Tits was choking on her tears, because she had been naughty.

3: Kitten Tits was providing oral satisfaction to her Master.

4: Kitten Tits was shining her Master’s shoes."

The vibrations increased again, pushing Kayla toward her third orgasm within an hour. She read the answers again. Based on the sounds Kitten Tits had been making, it sure looked to Kayla like she was sucking the man’s penis under the desk. She certainly didn’t see any signs of lunch. It was probable that answer two was correct, though. Kitten Tits had been naughty, and she was crying. She could have simply been choking on her own tears.The vibrator increased. Kayla selected number three. She had to have been sucking his penis. She just had to be!

Kayla selected 3. The words buzzed an angry red. The vibrator stopped and discharged an electric shock inside her cunt. Kayla screamed, more from surprise than real pain. She yanked the terrible panties down her legs, the sound of her wet cunt audible in the quiet room as the vibrator slid from inside her. The TV screen flashed red and the words, “Insertion device connection lost. Reinsert immediately.”

Kayla held the panties and stared at them dumbly. The screen started a countdown. She had 30 seconds. What would happen if she didn’t do it? There was nobody to make her do it. There were no guards waiting to hold her down. Suddenly, the screen filled with images of her wet crotch, captured just moments ago. More images of her face as she orgasmed. Even more photos of her being spanked in the office. Her Facebook page appeared alongside it, with a progress bar as the images were uploaded.

Was this really happening? The photos were going to go on Facebook if she didn’t put the panties back on? Did she really want to find out? She quickly slid the panties back up her legs. 15 seconds. The vibrator slid back into her twat. At 5 seconds the words, “Connection Established” appeared, and the red screen went away. The words, “Resume Orientation?” appeared on the screen.

Shaking, Kayla walked to the break room and took another drink from the fridge. After a long swallow, she felt more relaxed, but she was shaken. Not only had she done something the company didn’t like, apparently, but they could do things to her to make her comply. It should have frightened her, she knew, but it was hard to feel afraid when her head and pussy were so hot. She returned to the table, sat down, and resumed her orientation.

It was nearly four in the afternoon when the orientation program finished. Kayla counted four more orgasms, and two shocks to her twat. She was a quivering mess, sweaty, her crotch soaked, her brain in a fog of lust and confusion. Numbly, she set the remote on the table and walked back to the elevator. She took it up to the lobby, where Honey waved her over to the front desk.

“Master Johnson asked to see you before you leave,” Honey said, “How was orientation?”

“Oh, it was... different.”

Honey gave her a knowing smile. Kayla trudged toward the elevator again and took it up to her floor. She entered the bullpen, crossed to Johnson’s door, and Suck Pet buzzed her in. Johnson sat behind his desk typing at the computer.

“Kayla,” he greeted her, “come in. I see that you did good work today. I was just reviewing your tagging before we send it over to Legal. Well done. You may have saved a lot of lives today. You should feel proud.”

Kayla had been so focused on not screwing up, and the vibrator in her cunt, that she hadn’t given much thought to the real people on the other end. She had gotten through 30 profiles in her few hours this morning. That was 30 men that she had helped prove innocent of a terrible crime. Johnson could see the impact of it sink into her muddled brain.

“I... I guess I hadn’t really thought about it.” she said.

“Well, think about it. You’re like a superhero. Good work.”

Kayla beamed. It felt good. Despite the weirdness of the place, she had made a real difference to people.

“Now, I just needed to give you a couple of things,” Johnson said, and handed her a little egg-shaped device, “This is synced to your MP3 player. We’ve downloaded new programs to it, and you’re enrolled as part of the consumer test program. Each night, during the study, you’ll put this device in your twat.”

Kayla looked up sharply, unsure she’d heard him correctly. Her brain felt like jelly, after all.

“In my… ”

“Your twat. Pussy. Yes,” Johnson confirmed, as though this were a completely normal request. He then handed her a tiny cube with a pinhole on one side, “This is a self-adhesive wireless camera. We’ll need you to put this in your room, where it will have the most visibility. We expect certain behaviors of all our employees. It’s not as sinister as it sounds.”

Kayla’s mouth hung open.

“The camera will connect wirelessly. You won’t need to do anything,” he concluded.

“But... That’s... I don’t… ”

“It’s all in the contract you signed,” He stated, “If you don’t like it, you can always leave. We’ll have to sue you for breach of contract and recoup the substantial cost of onboarding you, but nobody is making you do anything, other than what you’ve already agreed to.”

Kayla was stunned. All of this was in the paperwork she signed? Her head spun.

“Don’t worry so much, Kayla,” He said reassuringly, “We’re making the world a better place for mankind. Come back tomorrow, and help us change it.”

“O... ok.” Kayla agreed. She held the little egg and the camera, then put them into her purse.

“Off you go. Don’t be late!” Johnson said, grinning.

Kayla knew she wouldn’t be late.

Exhausted from her repeated orgasms, and with her head buzzing pleasantly, Kayla left the office. She called and chatted with Tiffany on the way home, which lifted her spirits. She didn’t tell her about the vibrating panties, which she wore even now. With the pleasant fog in her brain, and wearing them all day, she hadn’t thought to remove them. She sipped at a bottle of Obsequium as her addled brain convinced her that it was ok to wear slutty vibrating panties home.

When she stepped through the door, she could hear the TV on low. She crossed through the living room, where Rich was propped up on the couch, tapping at his phone while some big-titted slut in a tank top ran away from a monster on the TV.

“Hey,” Rich said, without looking up.

“Hey,” Kayla answered back, and started through the room to the stairs.

“Damn!” Rich exclaimed, noticing her for the first time, “I knew you were a slut, Kayla, but damn!”

Kayla flushed, remembering Rich’s penis spurting semen on her belly and panties last night. It was completely normal, the Professor had said. Nothing strange about a young man with an erection spraying cum onto his sluttily-dressed younger sister.

“Work made me wear it.” she explained and knew how weak it sounded.

Rich took her picture with his phone and Kayla huffed, disgusted. She turned and went up the stairs. Rich stroked himself through his shorts, looking at the picture. In her room, two slutty blondes were in a 69, while a ring of men stood around them and jerked their cocks until they ejaculated sperm onto the writhing lesbo whores.

Kayla set her purse down, grabbed new clothes from the closet, a fresh pair of panties, and went for the shower. Even though she’d cum at least a dozen times throughout the day, her pussy still felt very needy and horny. She resisted the urge to play with it, mostly because she was tired, and the warm water washing away the sweat and cunt juices felt wonderful. Once she’d finished and dried, she pulled her newest degrading shirt on, slipped on her panties and mini skirt, and then looked in the mirror. Her shirt read, “Tease”.

Picking up her phone, she looked at the photo she’d posted to Facebook earlier in the day. It had garnered a lot of attention, likes, and comments. The majority were from boys, and they were all complimentary. She was a hot slut. She was a fine piece of ass. Her tits were the stuff of legend. She was so yummy. The women were less kind, but there was a share of good ones, too. She decided that she liked the attention. She was a fine piece of ass. Her tits were the stuff of legend. She took another selfie, her hair damp, eyes shining, skin slightly red from the hot water. She uploaded it and strolled back to her room.

On the TV, the two blonde fucktoys were each riding a cock while they fondled and kissed each other. Their faces were a mess of sticky sperm, and more of the disgusting goo clung to their tits and smattered their hair. Kayla picked up her purse and pulled the little camera and the egg from it. She stared at the two devices in her hand. She’d signed a contract. She’d agreed to things that she had no idea about. She could leave and get sued by a gigantic corporation that would probably ruin her life. Or she could do what they said, get paid, and not have to worry about her crazy mother and the weird professor ever again.

She puzzled over it, weighing the options. She felt like an idiot. She’d signed a bunch of papers without reading them. What was the alternative, though? Work at a burger hut for minimum wage? Be the girl in the ivory sweater with a stupid bow in her hair, while everyone else showed their tits and had a good time with their life? So, Master Johnson wanted to jerk off to her while he watched a camera in her bedroom. Her own brother had jerked off on her. Boys from her school were probably jerking off to her Facebook picture right now. Everywhere she looked, it seemed like people were jerking off, sucking each other, fucking, spanking.

She’d wanted to be good. She really had. She’d tried so hard to be normal, but every time she wanted to be good, she did something slutty. And she enjoyed it. She liked it when Tiffany licked her twat and kissed her. She’d liked it when Honey had kissed her and felt her tits. She’d liked it when the older women had blindfolded her and made her cum. She didn’t want to like it, but she did.

Kayla sighed, peeled off the little strip of tape on the camera, and stood on her toes to put it in the corner of her room. She looked at the clock. It was barely seven in the evening, but she could hardly keep her eyes open. She got under her covers, the little egg held tightly in her hand. She slid the hand under her panties, and the egg slipped easily inside of her wet and horny cunt. The MP3 player waited on the charger. She took it off, put the earbuds in and turned it on. A moment later, the device chimed, and Kayla felt the little egg in her pussy begin to vibrate pleasantly.

The soothing audio began to play in her ears, the pitch changing a few times until it became a steady hum. The sounds of the two slutty lesbos on her TV became muted as the relaxing white noise invaded her mind, lulling her into a half-sleeping trance. She let the sounds flow through her, and soon she was half in a dream, vaguely aware of her body. A seductive voice, like Kitten Tits’ voice, began to whisper in her ear. Kayla listened, without really hearing.

“Slut. I am a slut. Whore. I am a whore. Fucktoy. I am a fucktoy. Compliant bitch. I am a compliant bitch,” as the voice whispered, the egg vibrated happily in Kayla’s pussy, making her feel relaxed and happy, “Tits. Fuck melons. Slut balloons. Funbags. Boobs...Breasts,” at the last word, the egg shocked her cunt, almost bringing her out of her hypnotic state. Kayla was conscious, on some level, of tears in her eyes from the shock, but a second later the vibrating continued, and so did the voice.

“Fuckmeat. I am fuckmeat. Rapetoy. I am a rapetoy. Fuckslut. I am a fuckslut. Cockgobbler. I am a cockgobbler,” The vibrations increased, and Kayla could feel an orgasm approaching, even as a tear rolled down her cheek, “Cunt. Cock pocket. Twat. Fuckhole. Meat tunnel. Cum trench...Vagina,” again, the shock. Kayla arched her back and more tears spilled from her eyes. This time, the egg kept vibrating, even as it shocked her. The confusing stimulus made her cum, while the pain made her cry. The hypnotic sounds in her head kept her conscious of the fact that she was being brainwashed, but it was all so pleasant that it felt ok.

“Slut. Whore. Fucktoy. Bitch. Fuckmeat,” The vibrations increased, spurring her to another orgasm, “Rapetoy. Fuckslut. Cockgobbler. Cum catcher. Cockhole...Kayla.” The last thing she recalled before falling asleep was the sound of her name, the brutal shock that accompanied it, the tears hot on her cheeks.

The batteries in the MP3 player had died some time during the night. When Kayla awoke to the sound of her alarm, she pulled her hand from her wet pussy and licked her fingers. The little egg had gone quiet. Kayla fished it from her excited cunt, nearly making herself cum in the process, and set the egg next to the MP3 player on her charger. She still felt very tired. The combination of repeated shocks to her cunt, the orgasms, and the hardcore pornography that had invaded her sleep after the MP3 batteries died hadn’t made for a restful slumber.

She began her routine of showering, and then picked out an outfit that she thought would be appropriate for the office. It consisted of a crisscrossed pair of black bands that held up her braless tits, and left her back nearly bare. Her belly was exposed, as were the mountains of her cleavage. Her skirt was a short, tight, glossy black faux-leather. She put on a tiny thong that slipped easily into the crack of her pussy and ass, then slipped on a pair of black platforms.

She crept down the stairs and helped herself to a bottle of Obsequium to start the day. When she turned around, Marie stood in the doorway in her robe. Kayla started, and then sighed.

“You scared me!” she whispered.

“I was home late from work last night,” Marie said, “So I didn’t get to see you. I just wanted to tell you to have a good day.” Marie hugged her, like a normal mother, and then ruined it by sliding her hands down to cup Kayla’s ass. She continued, “It’s good that you’re wearing panties again, honey, even if they are whore panties. Maybe you’re not a complete slut, yet.”

She kissed Kayla on the head and started to make coffee. If that was supposed to be a compliment, Kayla thought, it was a weird one. What the fuck had happened to her life? She drank from her bottle and left the house, her head already getting warm and fuzzy from the tasty drink.

When she arrived in the bullpen, ten minutes early for work, she stopped at Suck Pet’s desk. The girl greeted her warmly and buzzed her into Master Johnson’s office. Johnson sat behind his desk, typing. He motioned for her to wait, continued typing, finished, then looked up at her.

“Well, you’re better dressed today,” he commented, smiling, “and on time. Good girl.”

Kayla felt a little twinge in her pussy when he said that.

“Today you’re going to change up your research a bit. Suck Pet has your instructions, so just let her know you’re ready to get started. Before you go, though, I have one more thing for you.”

He handed her a new badge from his desk. Kayla looked at it and wanted to cry.

“We picked out a company nickname for you. Off you go, now.” He shooed her out of the office.

Kayla walked back out, staring at the badge.



S.Rating: 3.2%

F.Grade: N/A

S.Grade: N/A


Below this were 3 pictures. Her face as she orgasmed in the training room. Her wet crotch in the soaked shorts, where her slut nectar had poured out of her. Her tits, straining the tiny shirt that read, “Put a Baby in Me”.

Suck Pet looked up from her desk and asked, “Are you ready to get started?”

She took in Kayla’s distraught face as she stared at the badge.

“What’s wrong, Cumhole?” she asked.

Kayla didn’t respond at first, then she looked up. Cumhole. She wasn’t Cumhole. She was Kayla. The thought brought back a painful memory of her pussy being shocked. She shivered.

“Yes, I’m ready.” she answered, ignoring the question.

At the computer, Suck Pet brought up a new application. This one showed a Facebook profile for a girl named Angie Merit. Along with the profile were some images.

“Today, you’re going to work with the matching algorithm,” Suck Pet explained, “This algorithm is part of the pro-active anti-rape accusation database. There’s plenty of dirty sluts out there who might not have dating profiles and an abundance of evidence that clearly displays what whores they are. The algorithm searches uploaded files from all across the world and uses facial recognition software to match them to social media profiles. Your job is to be the human eye that connects the two.”

She brought up Angie’s photo. In the screen to the side, she brought up another photo of the same girl with her top off, fuck handles exposed, beer in her hand, and a man between her legs, eating her whore hole, his head under her skirt. Other people stood around and cheered. The computer prompted, “Is this slut Angie Merit?”

Suck Pet clicked yes. It was clearly Angie in the dirty photo. Then, she was asked to describe the photo. Suck Pet typed in, “College fuckwhore drinks beer while random stranger tongue fucks her slutty hole.”

The computer moved to the next photo of Angie at the same party. She lay on a table, her skirt pushed up to show her shaven rape tunnel, which was filled with a thick slab of man meat. Two other men ejaculated on her udders, while a fourth had his schlong buried in her throat. Suck Pet clicked to acknowledge that this, too, was Angie. She typed, “Blonde fuckpet spreads her legs to take fat pecker up her snatch, while being spooged on by two men as her suckhole is plugged with dick.”

The profile moved to the next one, and another image. Suck Pet moved from the desk, and let Kayla take over.

“The proactive activity ensures that the database is populated for future occurrences. If Angie ever tries to claim rape, we have a body of evidence that clearly shows how much of a cockstarved bimbo she actually is.” Suck Pet explained, “Think you got it?”

“I... I think so.” Kayla said.

She looked at a photo of a redhead named Kathy Turner. She wore a simple polo shirt and looked very sweet. The photo displayed next to her showed the same girl, bent over a picnic table. She was wearing a bikini, the bottom of which was pulled to the side. A tall black man pumped his penis into her. Her mouth was open in ecstasy. He held a fistful of her red hair in his hand, like reigns, as he rode her. Two more men stood behind him, presumably awaiting their turn inside Kathy’s not-so-innocent fucktunnel.

Kayla clicked to confirm Kathy’s whorishness, and typed, “Filthy redhead takes big dick doggystyle from black man, while other men wait to put their own dicks in her cum channel.” She was rather proud of the description. The hours of being subjected to hardcore porn as she tried to sleep had left her with a rather inventive vocabulary when it came to dirty words. She moved on.

For the next couple of hours, she matched up the photos, most of which were the same girls. The algorithm was quite good. There were a few that were only porn girls that looked similar, but Kayla could tell they were not the same girls in the profile photos. On the next profile, she froze. It was her profile. There was the yearbook photo in the ivory sweater. Along with it were five images. Three of them were pictures of her face as she orgasmed in her chair, just yesterday, in the training room. One was the sexy selfie she had uploaded while in the cafeteria. The last was a picture from the camera in her bedroom. She’d thrown off her covers, and her hand was busy between her legs as she masturbated in her sleep, her earbuds in her ears.

She got up and went to Mr. Johnson’s office, where Suck Pet looked at her questioningly.

“Can I go in?” She asked, wringing her hands.

Suck Pet spoke into her headset, and then waved Kayla inside. Johnson sat behind the desk.

“Cumhole,” he greeted her, “What can I do for you?”

“It’s... I’m on the computer!” She cried, clearly agitated.

Johnson tapped his keyboard, moved the mouse, and a moment later said, “Ah, yes. There you are. The system is smart enough to ensure that you get your own photos,” he explained, “unless you’d like them to go to someone else? We can certainly change the options.”

“No!” Kayla said hastily, “But...why am I on the computer?”

“Well, if you were acting like a slut, and there was a photo taken and uploaded to the cloud, then it was scanned and matched by the algorithm. I see here that you were having an orgasm in your chair during orientation. Very nice. This selfie photo seems rather naughty, in contrast with your profile information, and then you were masturbating your twat. All very naughty, I would say. Here, why don’t we do this one together?”

He patted his lap, and Kayla came around the desk. She sat on his knee, her warm pussy pressing against him. His hand rested on her bare leg.

“Is this slut you?” he asked.

Kayla sniffled, and clicked, yes.

“What is this slut doing?”

Kayla typed on the image of herself masturbating, “Horny brunette teen rubs her eager wet cunt while hardcore gangbang porn plays on her TV.”

“And this one?” Johnson asked, pointing to her orgasming face.

“Brunette teen with oversized fuck melons cums in her panties at work,” she typed.

She captioned her other photos and left the office fighting back tears. For the rest of the day, she took out her sorrows and anger on the dumb sluts that the computer showed her. Carrie Evans was a big-titted cow with a horny cumcatcher. Brianna Baker was a skinny cockpump getting reamed in her poop chute. Lana Reynolds was a fuckpuppet with fake melons being jizzed on in a dirty alleyway. As she drank more Obsequium, she became more aroused and distracted by the feelings in her own pussy. After all the orgasms she’d had the previous day, she was edgy now, having gone hours without one.

She’d been staring at photos of girls doing slutty things all morning, and her pussy was so wet and excited that she felt she could explode at the merest touch. It was while she was attempting to stay focused on labeling Mary Bradford a bubble-butted sperm receptacle, that she felt a presence just over her shoulder. She turned, and was faced with the hard, throbbing erection of Master Johnson.

Her manager stroked his cock openly in the bullpen, just inches from her stunned face. A second later, as her mind was still trying to register this fact, thick, ropy streams of cum shot forth and covered her face. More shot into her surprised, open mouth. She looked up at him with shocked, wide eyes. Master Johnson only rubbed the head of his cock on her lips, and walked away, closing the door of his office.

Kayla Sterns with cum facial: Korrupting Kayla

Kayla couldn’t believe that had just happened. No one else had seemed to notice, or they didn’t care. She ran from the bullpen down the hall, hot semen running down her face.

She darted into the women’s restroom, where she looked at herself in the mirror. There were thick globs of sperm on her cheeks, on her nose, her lips. She could taste the saltiness of it. She grabbed paper towels, wet them, and wiped at her face. It was while she was cleaning that she noted Suck Pet entering, spotting her in the mirror.

“Gosh,” she said, “you really took a big load to the face!”

Kayla looked at her darkly.

“It’s ok, Cumhole,” she said, hugging Kayla from behind, “It’s just a facial. You could just put it in your mouth and swallow the next time.” she suggested.

“Next time?” Kayla exclaimed, horrified.

“Well, sure. You’re super-hot. Of course, men will want to cum on you, in you. I’d cum on you if I had a dick!”

“My name isn’t Cumhole!” Kayla said defiantly, “It’s Kayla!”

Suck Pet slapped her across the face.

“Look, slut,” she said, her finger in Kayla’s shocked face, “You signed on, just like we all did. You need to get with the program, if you want to have any kind of life. Look at this place. Look at the money. Look at the sex. They... control... everything. What they don’t, they will. The better slut you can be, the easier they’ll make your life. If I were you, I’d go to Master Johnson’s office, tell him thank you for shooting his hot gooey load on your face, and ask if he’d like you to swallow it next time,”

Suck Pet’s hand shot beneath Kayla’s skirt and rubbed at her soaked panties.

“Fuck you’re wet,” she breathed, and kissed Kayla on the lips, her pink tongue gently licking the last traces of sperm from them, “admit it, Cumhole, you get off on it. You like it. You are a slut.”

Her fingers slipped inside Kayla’s panties, pushed them down. Her tongue snaked into Kayla’s mouth. Kayla’s pussy was so hot and ready to cum that she didn’t try to stop her. She came on the other girl’s fingers, moaning into her mouth. When Suck Pet was satisfied, she slipped Kayla’s panties the rest of the way off her legs and told Kayla to step out of them. The other girl sniffed them.

“I’m keeping these,” she said, and left the restroom.

Kayla, pantiless, cleaned up her wet pussy, wiped at her face again to make sure all the cum was gone, and then left the restroom. Suck Pet was already back at her desk as Kayla approached, and the girl gave her a knowing look as she approached the office door. She was buzzed in.

“Yes, Cumhole?” Master Johnson asked.

“Master Johnson,” Kayla said quietly, “I... that is... thank you for... for cumming on my face,” she flushed. She’d never said something like this to a man, but continued, “and next time... I’ll... swallow it for you... if you want.”

Johnson smiled and replied, “Thank you Cumhole. I’ll keep that in mind. You look very pretty with jizz on your cheeks. Now, I have an errand for you to run, please.”

He extended his hand, holding a small flash drive out for her. She stepped forward and took it.

“The office photo printer is down, so I’ll need you to run these over to the copy shop,” he handed her an index card, “these are the size and number of prints I’ll need. Could you see to that please?”

Kayla nodded, and Johnson shooed her from the room with a wave of his hand. She stopped in the break room, took another bottle of Obsequium, and departed for the copy shop. When she arrived, she handed over the flash drive, as well as the instructions for the prints. She stood fidgeting with her phone, while the shop employee eyed her hungrily in her slutty outfit. She took care not to move too much, as the tiny skirt already exposed quite a bit of her ass. If she moved too swiftly or bent over, her nude fuckhole would be on display for anyone.

She read through the comments on her recent photo posts, amazed at how many there were, until the employee called her up. He handed her a folder, which she took.

“The prints are paid for under your company’s account, Cumhole?”

Kayla flushed, her mouth working, but no sound coming out. Had they really put her company nickname on the account? The employee cleared his throat.

“Well... you come back again. Have a good day.”

He looked almost as uncomfortable as Kayla felt. She clutched the folder and hurried from the shop, humiliated. Some stranger had just called her Cumhole! She drove back to the office in a daze, her pussy wet and tingling, dripping fuck honey on her seat. She returned to Johnson’s office, where she handed him the flash drive and folder, then waited to see if her task was complete. He opened the folder and looked at the prints, then nodded.

“Well done, Cumhole. They look excellent,” he said.

He took a black 8x10 frame from a desk drawer. Kayla thought it a bit odd that he would keep photo frames in his desk, but then, there was nothing normal about DomCo. He slid one of the large photos into the frame, and then took a small, wallet size from the stack, then set them aside.

“The large one is to put on your desk,” he said, handing them to her, “and the other for your wallet.”

Kayla looked at the photo in horror. It was a very clear up-close photo of her shocked face covered in sperm. Her eyes flicked to Johnson, who had gone back to work.


“Is there something else, Cumhole?”

Kayla thought of being slapped in the face in the restroom. They control everything, she thought. Just be a good slut.

“Um, thank you for the photo,” she said, “it’s a lovely picture of my cum-soaked face.”

He smiled, delighted, and took another copy from the folder. The copy went into another frame, which he handed to her.

“A copy for your mother,” he said, grinning, “to hang on the wall.”

Kayla gulped and took the photo. Back at her desk, she propped the photo up on its stand, and then inserted the small one into her wallet. Suck Pet stopped by to admire the photo and commented on how pretty Cumhole looked with her lips dripping semen. Then, she showed Kayla her own photo from her first week. She didn’t look surprised. She looked happy with her face covered in cock goo. There was a dick in her mouth.

“Suck Pet, what do the numbers on the badge mean?” Kayla asked.

“Oh! You don’t know? Well, the first one is pretty obvious. It’s the size of your tits. The rest are all the relevant statistics for any female. S. Rating is your overall satisfaction rating, based on the average scores given by the people that fuck you. F. Grade is your Fuck Grade, how much fun you are when men fuck you. S. Grade is your Suck Grade, how well you suck cock and cunt. A. Grade is your Anal Grade, how enjoyable your ass is.”

Kayla felt a bit sick, but she was not surprised.

“What if you... you know...don’t have any experience?” Kayla asked.

“Then you’ll be a zero until you do. The lower your grade is, though, the more they’re going to put pressure on you, humiliate you, force you into situations where you’ll act like a slut. It’s why they put the Obsequium out everywhere. To keep us all docile and horny.” Suck Pet explained.

“What do you mean?”

“The Obsequium. It’s mostly sugar water, mixed with semen, a mild sedative, and aphrodisiacs. You can’t tell me you didn’t notice how wet your pussy is all the time?”

Kayla nodded, and her stomach turned as she looked at the bottle she’d been drinking from, and the one in Suck Pet’s hand.

“Don’t think too much about it. You like it, don’t you?”

Kayla nodded. She did like it. She liked how it made her feel, too.

“How come my S. Rating is 3.2? I haven’t done... anything. Except get my face splattered with cum,” she said quietly.

“Well, I rated you,” Suck Pet said, “The whole shy, innocent thing you have going on, even though you dress like a fuckslut, really turns me on. I like that you’re reluctant when you’re molested. It’s super-hot. Then, you cum like a whore and kiss like you’re in love. Also, you’re very submissive and do what you’re told, like you’re a little sex doll. You even cried a little bit, and that made my cunt really juicy. So, I rated you a 5 out of 5. They must have found someone else that got to play with your hot body, who rated you a little lower. Is there anyone else you can think of that’s used you?”

She said it so casually, that Kayla was momentarily stunned. She had been rated by the girl who had molested her in the bathroom. The girl who had made her wear vibrating panties and then remote controlled her orgasms for a whole morning. That little nugget slid to the back of her mind, and she tried to run through her sexual history. It was not extensive, having only gone back a couple of weeks.

Tiffany was an obvious one. Cole had kissed her and put his tongue in her mouth. The group of older women had licked, sucked, and fondled her all over. Her mother had spanked her, fingered her, rubbed her cunt, and made her orgasm a few times. Professor Miles had put his big finger in her pussy and made her cum after he’d spanked her. Then, her brother had ejaculated on her tummy and panties. She wasn’t exactly a porn star.

Suck Pet slid Kayla’s chair aside, and worked at her computer for a moment, bringing up an intranet page. The page was of her. In the corner were the same statistics on her badge, as well as her “company name”. The page contained all the images she’d just labeled of herself, as well as her Facebook photos, and the recent picture of her face covered in sperm. There was a link that read “ratings”. Suck Pet clicked on it. It had three entries.

The first one was Suck Pet’s, and it detailed her experience with Kayla, as well as the things she enjoyed about using her body. The second review was from Honey Cunt, who rated her a 4 of 5. Honey enjoyed her tits, and the way she kissed. She was not fond of the outfit Kayla had come to work in yesterday. The final entry was from Master Johnson, who rated her a 2. Kayla wasn’t sure why she felt hurt about that. Johnson saw a great deal of potential, but an unwillingness to go the extra mile to fulfill her purpose. He did like how pretty her face was, decorated with sperm, and also enjoyed seeing her cry as she was spanked.

“As you get more experience, your ratings will improve,” Suck Pet explained, “so don’t hold back. And when someone does fuck you, make sure you give them this link so that they can rate you.”

Kayla’s head swam. She took a big swallow of Obsequium, and felt the sedative calm her nerves. Her pussy was very excited, even though she felt that this was all so wrong. How did she end up being a literal corporate whore? Why was it simultaneously thrilling, but appalling? What choice did she have? The workday was coming to a close. She was hungry, having skipped lunch to go to the copy store, and her pussy felt very needy from all the Obsequium she’d been drinking. She put the computer to sleep and grabbed a two-liter bottle on her way out of the office.

Cum Target

In her car, she called Tiffany.

“God, I’ve missed you!” Tiffany Exclaimed.

“You, too.”

Right now, she missed the feeling of Tiffany’s tongue between her legs, the dirty things she said as she made Kayla orgasm, and the way her friend’s hands felt on her naked body. She squeezed her legs together.

“You wanna come over for a while?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes! I’ll be right there.”

Kayla wove through traffic, driven by her horny need. Her whole body was on edge, thinking only of the pleasure she would be experiencing when she arrived. She needed to cum so badly that it was almost painful. She bounced into Tiffany’s house the moment her friend opened the door. She pressed her lips hungrily against Tiffany’s, eliciting a shocked groan from the other girl. After what seemed like a long, sensual dancing of tongues, Tiffany pulled away to catch her breath, her face flushed.

“Well, damn!” she exclaimed, “That’s the way to say hello! Fuck, I don’t know what’s with you, but if you wanna lez off so badly, let’s take it upstairs where I can eat you properly.”

“Oh, God! I’m sorry,” Kayla said, blushing even redder than she already was, “I’m such a slut!”

Tiffany chuckled and grabbed her hand, tearing up the stairs. She tore Kayla’s clothes off and discarded them, her hands and mouth moving all over her body. Kayla was completely lost in the sensations. She’d never felt anything like it. Days of sexual tension, teasing, constantly being surrounded by pornography and filth, and fueled by the gallons of Obsequium she’d been drinking, had pushed her into a state of perpetual arousal. Right now, she wasn’t thinking of anything but the ache between her legs, and Tiffany was the cure. She needed to cum. If Cole had walked in right now, Kayla was sure she would have begged to be fucked.

Tiffany pushed her back onto the bed, and sucked at her nipples, running her hands down Kayla’s sides. Kayla wrapped her legs around the other girl and arched her back in pleasure.

“God, your tits are fantastic, Kayla!” Tiffany said and kissed her way down Kayla’s tummy.

Her tongue snaked out and slid up the length of Kayla’s slit, from her ass to her clit. Kayla’s brain exploded with joy at the feeling, and her whole body convulsed as she came. She was dimly aware that she was making noises, some of which were words, but they didn’t make sense. Her entire reality was the pleasure she was feeling from Tiffany’s tongue, lips, and hands, the warmth of the other girl’s skin, the sounds of her tongue working at Kayla’s sopping pussy.

After another series of orgasms, each a bit less intense, Tiffany pushed two fingers into Kayla’s cunt and began to work them against her G-spot. Then, her tongue was in Kayla’s mouth as she finger-fucked her, and Kayla was humping her fingers, ready to cum again.

“You look so hot when you dress like a slut, Kayla,” Tiffany whispered, looking into her fuck-glazed eyes, “I love playing with your pussy, so much, baby.”

Kayla gasped as she came again all over Tiffany’s fingers. Tiffany muffled her moans with her tongue, kissing her hotly as her body shook. When she, at last, relaxed she started to gain some semblance of coherent thought. She thought about how Tiffany would rate her. Satisfaction rating? Was Tiffany satisfied? She’d done all the work. Kayla hadn’t made her cum. F. Grade? Was she fun to fuck? She thought she was. Tiffany had told her she liked it. S. Grade? She hadn’t sucked Tiffany’s cunt, so that was a big F. A. Grade? Did that apply? She guessed it did in some ways. Did Tiffany want to put things in her ass? The slutty girls on her TV were always sticking buttplugs, strap-ons and sex toys in each other’s assholes. She knew that Tiffany would rate her well, if she asked, but she should earn it, right?

The words from her MP3 recordings came to her mind. Cunt sucker. Slit licker. Cumhole. Her body buzzed, electric, as she squirmed from Tiffany, then cautiously pushed her friend onto her back.

"Teach me how to do it, like you do," Kayla panted.

"Teach you?"

"To, um, suck your... your pussy"

Tiffany grinned, replying, "Wow! This is new. I guess, just do what comes naturally, and I'll help you along."

Kayla lay between Tiffany's spread legs and looked at her friend's bare sex. Her pussy was shiny and wet, the lips tight and compact, but engorged with arousal. Kayla trembled excitedly, her stomach squirming as she moved forward and stuck out her tongue. The slick, wet tip of her tongue quivered as she ran it up the length of Tiffany's soaking gash. Her taste buds tingled at the sweet taste of Tiffany's fuck honey, and she heard a sharp intake of breath.

"That's it," Tiffany whispered, "tease it up…"

Kayla followed her instructions, flexing her tongue along Tiffany's slit until she reaches the little hood hiding her clit, where she flattened her tongue and gently ran it in little circles against the sensitive button. Tiffany panted eagerly and pressed her cunt a little harder against Kayla's exploratory tongue.

She gave the clit a few more rotations, and then trailed down the outer edge of one side of Tiffany labia, then back up the other. She swiped her tongue left to right against Tiffany's clit, then slid the back of her hot tongue down her friend's slit.

"Fuck yeah!" Tiffany gasped.

Tiffany's cunt was soaking the sheets, now. Kayla slipped her tongue, experimentally, into Tiffany's depths, spreading her lips and snaking into her warm, gushing folds. She stabbed her tongue in and out, quickly several times, like she'd seen a dirty blonde slut do to her lover in "Leather-Lovin' Lesbos." Tiffany squirmed and moaned happily, bucking her skinny hips against Kayla's face. Kayla's tongue darted up to flick her clit again, and then quickly ran down her slit, back up, then she enclosed Tiffany's clit in her lips and began to work it over with the top of her tongue. Tiffany seemed to enjoy this immensely, but when Kayla slid two fingers into her friend's wet hole, Tiffany squealed in orgasmic bliss.

Kayla gently slid her fingertips on the underside of Tiffany's inner pussy walls as she kept her clit trapped between her pillowy lips, assaulting it with her tongue. She'd seen a girl squirt slut slime from her cunt in "Filthy Finger Fuckers" when a man dressed as a fake doctor had done this to her, over and over.

"Ooooh fuuuck!" Tiffany yelled, her body quivering, "don't…. don't... stop... fuck! Fuck! Fuckin'... cumming!"

Kayla continued the double-digit assault on Tiffany's inner walls with a come-hither gesture, and the simultaneous stimulation of her clit. She had one free hand, so she ran it up Tiffany's heaving stomach until she found her hardened nipple and squeezed it. She was rewarded with a gush of sweet fuck honey, as Tiffany humped her horny box against her face and came again, gripping her sheets. A few more thrusts of her wet pelvis later, Tiffany weakly pushed Kayla’s busy tongue away.

“No more…” she panted, “too good…Oh, God!”

Kayla stared up from between her legs, face wet and shiny with Tiffany’s cum and her own spit. Her breasts heaved with excitement at what she’d just done. She’d given head to another girl! Tiffany sat herself up and kissed the sexy mess from Kayla’s lips, devouring her own juices with her squirming tongue.

“You’re a natural carpet muncher, Kayla,” she said with a grin, “I give you an A+!”

Kayla blushed, but the mention of her grade brought back the knowledge that she needed to improver her score for DomCo.

“Tiffany,” she said, “would you, um, well…there’s this thing for work. It’s, like, a score I have. Could you, maybe, review me for it?”

“Review you?”

“It’s easier to show you.”

Kayla retrieved her phone from her discarded pile of clothes and pulled up her DomCo profile. She showed it to Tiffany, and watched her eyes scan the reviews.

“This is seriously fucked,” Tiffany commented, “But, kind of hot. You got spanked at work?”

Kayla nodded.

“Share the address to me,” she instructed, which Kayla did, and a moment later Tiffany’s phone pinged.

Kayla waited patiently as Tiffany tapped and tapped at her phone. Shortly thereafter, the page on her own device updated with a glowing 5-star review, increasing her S-Rating.

The review read, “This big-titted fucktoy may have never licked cunt before, but you sure wouldn’t have known it from the way she sucked my slutbox tonight! If I didn’t love a good, hard dick so much she would have turned me into her lesbo love slave with that magic tongue of hers. Add in those nimble little fingers, and this dyke had me creaming my sheets over and over to the point that I tapped out! 5 stars isn’t generous enough. The bitch gets 5 stars and one seriously throbbing clit.”

“Big-titted fucktoy?” Kayla quipped.

“Mega-mammaried mound muncher?” Tiffany suggested.

Kayla blushed.

“Bustily-blessed bimbo?”

“Ok. Ok!”

“Labia-lickin’ lesbo?”

Kayla rolled her eyes at Tiffany’s filth and said, “Thanks. I guess.”

“You know, if you need more reviews, I’m sure my dad would be happy to help.” Tiffany suggested with a lusty grin.

“You mean…”

“Uh, yeah, I mean,” Tiffany continued, “you’re not gonna stay a virgin forever, right? I can’t even imagine how hot it would be to watch that big cock of his stretch your pussy open! Can you just picture your legs wrapped around his waist while he pushes that throbbing slab of dick meat balls-deep into you? Fuck, I would love to watch that!”

“You want to watch your dad have sex with me?” Kayla said, shocked.

“Hell yes!” Tiffany agreed, “You’re super-hot, and just the thought of watching you get the holy fuck pounded out of you until you cum on your first dick makes me dizzy! Oh my God! Can I please watch?”

“You’re so weird,” Kayla said, “I love you, but you’re weird.”

“Just think about it.”

“I should get home,” Kayla said, “It’s my last day in Social Media Outreach tomorrow.”

“Ok, well, call me after work and we can hang out.”

Kayla nodded, picking up her clothes. After thoroughly washing Tiffany’s pussy from her face she drove home, sipping a bottle of Obsequium as she thought about how it would feel to be fucked by Tiffany’s dad, while her friend watched. By the time she arrived at home, her imagination had taken her down many different depraved roads, fueled by the constant tingle between her legs and the ever-present perversion that her life seemed to have become.

As she picked up her purse, the framed photo of her cum-smeared face came into view, sitting on the passenger seat. For her mother, Master Johnson had said. A cold feeling of dread worked its way into her gut, despite the warm glow of the sedatives and aphrodisiacs in her system. She was expected to give the photo to her mother, and she could just picture the reaction she was going to have. There was going to be a very hard spanking in her near future, as well as a string of ridicule about how much of a slut she was becoming. What if she didn’t give Marie the picture? How would DomCo know? They couldn’t, right?

Even as she thought it, there was a nagging doubt. They… own… everything, she heard Suck Pet say in her head. What was worse? A spanking which would probably just make her orgasm and humiliate her in front of her family, again, or the possible wrath of DomCo. Was it even a choice? She took the photo in her trembling hand and eased open the car door.

As had become routine, she found the strange people she lived with gathered in front of the TV, the sounds of some inane drama blaring out into the living room. Marie’s head rested in Professor Miles’ lap, and her hand idly stroked his crotch. Her brother, rather than watching the TV, watched his mother’s hand. Three pairs of eyes turned to her as she walked into the room

“Hey, honey,” Marie said, sweetly, like a normal mother, “how was your day?”

“Um, good,” Kayla said and shuffled her feet.

Marie’s eyes rested on the black frame in Kayla’s hand, and she asked, “What do you have there?”

“It’s… well, it’s… ” Her tongue felt like it was stuck in her mouth.

It’s what?” Marie asked, eyes narrowing as she sat up.

Kayla thought about DomCo, again. They own everything. She hung her head and, with a trembling hand, presented the photo to her mother.

“It’s for you,” she said, “to put on the wall.”

She felt hot, shameful tears as she glanced at the wall of family pictures, all of those including her father now replaced. Marie took the photo and stared at it. She studied it, but didn’t seem surprised. Kayla waited for the explosion of anger she was sure was coming. Instead, Marie just sighed.

“Well, I guess it is true. I expected as much.” She said, shaking her head disgustedly, then went on, “That nice man from your office called earlier–Mr. Johnson–and told me that you’d been acting out at work. He talked about how you’d masturbated at the office, and that you’d been wearing some kind of vibrating underwear to work.”

“But… ” Kayla started, but Marie held up a hand.

“Then, he told me about the racy photos you’ve been taking at work to post on Facebook, and this just fits right in, doesn’t it?”

“But I didn’t… ”

“No, no, Kayla. It’s ok. This is the life you want to lead, and we’re going to keep supporting you,” Marie went on, ignoring Kayla’s weak protests, “We’re going to be a supportive, modern, 21st century family. Hell, if boys can be girls and girls can be boys, and anyone just gets to decide they want to be whatever gender, or no gender, well this is freakin’ America, isn’t it?” She strode to the wall of photos, continuing her tirade, “You get to decide to be whatever you want to be! If that means you’re going to go through life letting men use your face as a cum target, well, we’re going to support your choices, and help you be the best cum target you can be.”

She took Kayla’s yearbook photo from the wall, the girl with the pretty sweater and the bow in her hair, and dropped it to the floor. In its place was now the shocked girl with her face coated in a glaze of semen, the tip of a man’s cock resting on her lower lip.

“There we are,” Marie said, “come and look everyone,” she beckoned over her shoulder, “come and look at my beautiful daughter. Doesn’t she look so pretty with her face covered in spunk? I could NOT be prouder of her life choices.”

Kayla clenched her fists at the sarcastic, biting tone. It was so unfair. The Professor and Rich had joined Marie at the wall, where they all observed the photo together, as though it were some work of modern art to be considered for meaning. For a few moments they stood in silence and just looked appraisingly at Kayla’s facial, before they returned to their seats.

“Oh,” Marie continued, “and apparently you have some sort of work assignment that you haven’t completed, yet? Mr. Johnson said it had to do with product testing. He suggested that we could help you if you’re having trouble, and that making a video of the testing process might be the easiest way to complete it quickly. Why don’t you tell us about it? We’re your supportive, loving family, and we’re happy to help.”

Kayla stared dumbly, wracking her brain, and then it clicked. The kit of sex toys that she was supposed to test. Her mouth worked as she tried to think of some excuse, while everyone watched her for some explanation.

“I can do it myself!” She said, quickly.

“No, no. Please, let’s just give you a hand and we’ll help you stop procrastinating. Come on, Kayla. What is it that you need to test? It will be just like when we had to film all those science experiments for your sophomore class, remember?”

Kayla did remember. This would not be at all like that. She sighed, shoulders sagging. It was pointless, she knew. Her mother wouldn’t drop the subject, and if she didn’t do the testing she’d probably face worse from DomCo.

“I’ll be right back.” She mumbled and retrieved the kit from her room. A moment later she was back, presenting the little black box to her mother.

Marie opened the case and looked over the collection of dildos and vibrators.

“Oh, well this will be fun, won’t it honey? Look at all the pretty things that you can stick in your bald, sticky, wet cunt. Here, come sit on my lap.”

Marie patted her knee, and Kayla shuffled toward her, shaking with anxious arousal. She knew that once she sat down, her mother would spread her legs. Her brother and the Professor would stare at her shaved pussy…no, her cunt. Good girls have pussies. Sluts have bald, sticky, wet cunts. They’d stare at her cunt while she let her own mother touch it with the toys. She felt disgusted with herself for wondering how the toys were going to feel in her very hot and aroused, teenage hole.

Kayla sat on her mother’s lap, and just as she expected, Marie pushed Kayla’s legs to either side of her own, exposing her soaking wet panties. Marie’s hand worked the panties down Kayla’s legs and bunched her skirt up higher, so that she was now completely exposed to everyone in the room. Kayla’s breathing quickened. She could feel her mother’s breasts pressed into her back.

“That’s just how you like it, isn’t it?” Marie whispered in her ear, “your bare cunt out there, no panties in the way, so everyone can see?”

Her fingers traced the inside of Kayla’s thigh, just a hair from her tingling box.

“Rich, make sure you record this for Kayla’s boss,” Marie said.

“Mom!” Kayla tried to protest, but then something hummed to life between her legs and she felt one of the toys press against her swollen, wet cunt. Her protest died on her lips, turning into a moan of pleasure as the sensations seemed to wind their way from her between her legs, all the way up her body.

Rich zoomed the image in closely to capture the perfect little peach of his sister’s cunt, that tight and delicate little slit glistening with arousal. His cock hardened in his pants as he watched Marie slide the slim, black vibrating toy through that slick slit, coating it with clear, sweet, teen cum.

Marie found Kayla’s opening and slowly pushed the toy inside. Kayla gasped, her body trembling, legs trying to close and capture that feeling. However, her legs remained open, parted on either side of her mother’s.

“You seem to really enjoy this one,” Marie said, “can you tell the camera how it feels, honey? Remember, you need to give details for your report. This isn’t just some slutty porno video you’re making. People at work are going to watch this.”

Kayla pictured Master Johnson sitting at his desk watching Marie shove a vibrator into her daughter’s snatch. He’d probably watch it while he put his penis into her mouth, and the image of her own degradation made her cum on the toy.

“Tell the camera how it feels, honey.” Marie reminded her.

“So… good… Oh, God! It feels so good!”

She was only slightly conscious of Professor Miles handing her mother another toy. This one was bigger, thicker, and had a little arm that extended from the top of it.

“This looks fun,” Marie commented, and pushed a button on the base. The shaft of the toy began to squirm like some kind of latex snake, and the tiny arm vibrated. The small silver toy was quickly replaced with the new one, and Marie slid the bulbous head into her daughter’s spasming twat.

“Ooooh!” Kayla moaned, relaxing back against her mother and spreading her legs wider.

The toy slid further into Kayla’s excited cunt, and then the vibrating arm rested against her engorged clit. Kayla’s body went rigid with the pleasure of the vibrations. Her constant state of arousal from the Obsequium and all the depravity that she was constantly surrounded by culminated in a massive burst of mind-blowing pleasure, and she shrieked unintelligibly. The sensation could have lasted only seconds, but her sense of time had been completely warped by this point.

“She really does have a slutty cunt, doesn’t she Miles?” Marie hissed, holding the toy deep inside Kayla’s quivering quim.

“Yes,” Miles agreed, “it seems you were right about her all along. Perhaps it’s not just a phase, but a state of being.”

He stroked his goatee casually with one hand, and his growing bulge with the other.

“What else do we need to test?” Marie asked.

The Professor presented her with a 3-inch diameter black butt plug. Kayla had seen this kind of thing in the “All-Access Anal Adoration” series on her TV, but the repercussions of what it meant for her were foggy. Her whole head seemed to be swimming with stars as the vibrating toy in her cunt squirmed about, and the arm on her clit continued to send waves of extreme pleasure throughout her being.

The Professor took a seat on the couch, and the next thing Kayla knew, her mother was pushing her off of her lap. Her buzzing head landed in the Professor’s crotch, and then she was rolled onto her front, big tits mashed against the couch, in the spanking position she was so recently familiar with. Still, Marie continued to slowly rotate the toy inside her cunt. Lost to the pleasure, Kayla allowed herself to be positioned and posed like a sex doll, her mind completely focused on the incredible feelings that had taken over her body.

“Rich, make sure to get a good view of your sister’s anus, now.” Marie instructed.

Kayla’s own secretions had left a slick, wet puddle down the crack of her ass, which Marie coated the butt plug with. The cone-shaped tip of the plug touched Kayla’s asshole, and then she felt her hole begin to part as Marie gently pushed the tip inside.

“Ugh!” Kayla grunted as the new sensation paired with the extraordinary feelings from between her legs.

Marie continued to push. Rich’s phone camera captured his sister’s ass opening just a bit wider as the plug began to sink in, then wider, wider, as the base of the plug reached her anal ring. Kayla gave a final groan as the plug popped inside of her. The camera caught the sight of her resilient teenage butthole accepting the plug, and then closing around the now firmly-fitted base. Kayla felt so full, now, like nothing she’d ever experienced. The feeling of tightness all throughout her lower body was incredible. She could feel the vibrating toy in her cunt through the thin wall inside her, causing the vibrations to continue inside her ass as the plug stretched her anus.

Professor Miles’ thick and rigid penis squirmed against her cheek, much as the toy squirmed inside of her cunt. She could feel the big organ jumping with excitement against her face, and she was barely conscious of herself drooling onto his slacks. Then, the Professor unzipped his slacks, reached in, and pulled his cock free with a sigh of relief. Through her bleary vision, she saw the long, thick slab of cockmeat spring free as though it were spring-loaded and gasping for the air of freedom. Freed from its confines, his heavy penis rested against her face, settling just under her nose. She could feel the heat of it against her upper lip.

Kayla orgasmed again, sweat beading on her brow as her curly brown locks fell into her eyes. The squirming, vibrating toy in her cunt had, now, obliterated any other thought from her mind other than the rising wave of her next cum.

“Go ahead, honey,” she heard Marie say, “we all know that she wants to have her face painted with semen. We may as well support her.”

Then, the head of the Professor’s penis was inside of her gaping mouth. Professor Miles moaned, but simply held the head of his cock just inside of her mouth. Some piece of her mind felt disgusted by the fact that this weird man’s penis was anywhere near her, but then the mantra of the training tapes from the last several nights reinforced the fact that this was fine. This was good. This was acceptable. She was just like the girl’s in the porno movies, with an open mouth and plump lips that were designed for pleasuring men’s penises.

Rich zoomed the camera in closely to his sister’s mouth, stretched so lewdly around the Professor’s pulsing cock. Miles cradled Kayla’s head lovingly, brushing her stray curls out of her eyes, his warm hand on her forehead as he firmly held her in place, slowly pumping his hips. The warm head of his penis slipped in and out of Kayla’s mouth while the stimulation of the toys brought her off once more. Her mind was in a whirl. She’d lost all sense of what was happening. There was too much going on, too many new sensations all at once. Then, she felt the plug pop free of her anus with a sticky, squelching sound.

At the same time, Professor Miles groaned and pulled his penis from her mouth. The angry, purple head flared and a powerful shot of semen rocketed forth from the tip, striking Kayla in her open mouth, followed quickly by another spurt that sprayed hot jizz across her nose, cheeks, into her hair. All of this caused another orgasm to rip through her young body. She heard herself shrieking something that resembled words, and then her body felt limp and her vision clouded.

A moment later, the vibrations in her cunt stopped and she felt very empty. The salty taste of the Professor’s cum in her mouth stayed on her tongue. She licked at her lips, and tasted even more of it. Her whole face felt wet with the cooling sperm, and she was so tired. Her brain tried to process what exactly had just taken place, but all she could recall was wave after wave of pleasure like nothing she’d ever felt. Despite it all, she began to giggle uncontrollably. What the fuck had she just let them do to her? Suddenly, she felt hot ropes of cum spray across her exposed bottom, and leak down the crack of her ass into her open slit. She knew that her brother had just jerked off on her, but she was too tired to care. She just accepted it. She was a cum target, just like her mother had said.

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