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Korrupting Kayla, Part 4

Suck Pet


Kayla awoke and showered, then pulled on another obscenely short skirt from her closet. The remaining tops were all more skimpy than what she’d already worn. She frowned, but resigned herself to her fate. She chose a cropped t-shirt that covered her tits, didn’t show any cleavage, but left her entire tummy bare. It strained to contain her bulging breasts, while also drawing more attention to them due to the two little smiley faces over each nipple. She was getting used to walking in heels, now. Strangely, she did not encounter anyone downstairs and she was able to get out the door without being harassed, spanked, or made to orgasm. It was about time she was due a break, even a small one.

After a good breakfast and Tiffany’s fawning comments about Kayla’s giant tits and overall “yummy” appearance, the two girls drove together to the DomCo office. They passed through the lobby, and took the elevator up once again. Things were much the same as the previous day, Kayla noted. As they made their way across the room, she was more cognizant of the leers she was getting from the other women, all of them lusty. She felt warm between her legs, and a bit flushed as Tiffany stopped in front of Mr. Weiner’s door. His assistant spoke into her headset and waved them through. Big Dick was dressed much the same as the previous day. When he looked Kayla over, she couldn’t help but notice the twitch of his penis in the tight trousers. He did not try to hide it in the slightest.

“Have a seat, ladies, please,” Dick said, gesturing to the chairs, “So, you’ve had some time to look over the contract and brochure?”

“Yes, Sir,” Kayla nodded, “I’d like to join the program.”

“Wonderful!” Dick said, his smile widening.

He pushed a button on his phone, and the assistant’s voice came over it, “Yes, Sir?”

“Sugar Tits,” Dick said, “Could you please get some forms for a Scout enrollment ready, please?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Kayla wasn’t sure she’d heard right. Had he called the assistant sugar tits? Dick made no mention of it, so Kayla let it go.

“Once you fill out the forms, we’ll get you down to intake, to get your employee badge and sign-on bonus.” Dick explained.

“Sign-on bonus?” Kayla asked.

“Yes. $200, and a gift assortment from our various departments, so you can start to familiarize yourself with some of the things we do. Normally, we encourage new hires to take the cash and get some clothes for the workplace, but it seems like you’ve already got that part nailed.” He smiled at her and went on, “unless you have other plans, you can start orientation this afternoon.”

“I don’t have any plans.” Kayla admitted.

There was a brief knock at the door, and then it opened. The assistant brought a tablet in, handing it over to Dick. He nodded, and she showed herself out. Dick examined the screen, tapped at it a moment, and then handed it to Kayla.

“Just fill in all the information on the forms,” he explained, “and when you finish you can give it back to Sugar Tits at the desk. She’ll take you down to intake.”

“I, um, thank you, Sir.” Kayla said, and held out her hand. He shook it across the desk, saying, “Welcome aboard!”

Tiffany and Kayla left the office, and the assistant --Sugar Tits-- stood up from her desk.

“Welcome to DomCo,” She said cheerily, “you can use one of the project rooms to fill out your forms. Just let me know when you’re finished.”

She showed them to one of the side rooms with frosted glass, and opened the door. Kayla and Tiffany took seats at the little round table in the middle of the room. The girl shut the door and left them alone.

Kayla couldn’t stand it. She had to ask.

“Did he really call her...Sugar Tits?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just a little nickname. We all get one eventually.” Tiffany explained.

“You too?” Kayla asked, shocked.

“Yeah. I’m Tongue Candy!” She said cheerily.

“That’s...weird.” Kayla said, giving her a sidelong glance.

“I think it’s cute,” Tiffany said, “I can’t wait to see what they come up with for you!”

Kayla felt a bit uneasy about that. She wasn’t sure she wanted a filthy nickname.

“Oh, don’t worry about it Kayla. So it’s a little unorthodox. It just makes the place more fun. Let’s fill out your forms.”

Kayla nodded, still not sure. What choice did she have though? She thought about the money, the benefits, being able to get away from her crazy home. That was more important than a demeaning nickname. She began filling out the forms on the tablet.

Some time later, Kayla returned the tablet to Sugar Tits, who scrolled through the forms. Satisfied by what she saw, she nodded, and tapped at the screen a few times. She set the tablet aside in a drawer, and got up from the desk.

“Right! Let’s take you down to intake, and get you a badge.” she said.

Kayla and Tiffany followed her to the elevator. As they descended, Kayla took note of the badge clipped to the hem of the girl’s shirt. She tried to read it as stealthily as possible.

Sugar Tits


S. Rating: 98.9

F.Grade: A

S.Grade: B

A.Grade: D

At the bottom were 3 small photos that showed Sugar’s naked breasts, her smiling face, and her bare fuckhole. Kayla had a dozen questions about what was on the badge, but couldn’t bring herself to ask. The elevator reached the designated floor, and Sugar Tits walked them down the hallway to a white door, which she knocked on.

“From here on, it’s employees only.” Sugar Tits said.

Kayla looked questioningly at Tiffany.

“Technically, I’m an independent contractor,” Tiffany explained. It’s ok. I can wait upstairs for you. We’ll go pick up your car, and you can come back for orientation.”

Kayla nodded. Tiffany gave her a hug, and went back down the hall. The door opened, and Kayla followed the assistant inside. They were ushered in by a man in a smart black blazer and tie. He wore small spectacles on his beakish nose, behind which were a pair of studious brown eyes. His eyes scanned her body quickly.

“Good morning, Sugar. New hire?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir,” Sugar replied, “This is Kayla. Kayla, this is Mr. Crown. Female Resources Administrator.”

“A pleasure,” Crown said, “You’ll be needing a badge then.”

“Yes, please.” Kayla nodded.

Mr. Crown took a tablet from his desk and tapped at it. He nodded at something, and then tapped for a moment more. He set the tablet down, picked up a tailor’s measuring tape, and stepped behind Kayla.

“Raise your arms, please,” he said.

Kayla did. He took her measurements. Kayla wasn’t sure why.

“Bust size?” He asked.

“What?” Kayla asked.

“Bust size. What size are your breasts?” he asked again.

“I... That’s…” Kayla stammered.

“Kayla, I need to have all of your information,” Mr. Crown stated, annoyed, “it’s part of your contract.”

“38D!” Kayla blurted and flushed.

“Thank you.” He said, and picked up his tablet again, tapped, turned the tablet and took a photo of her. He tapped at the screen for a few more moments, and then the sound of a printer humming to life drew Kayla’s attention. Mr. Crown pulled the badge from the ID printer and looped a plastic clip through it, then handed it to Kayla.

“Thank you. That will be all.” He said and shooed the girls toward the door.

Sugar took Kayla by the arm and led her back out to the hall, then toward the elevator. Bewildered, Kayla allowed Sugar to lead her into the elevator.

“Orientation begins at 1:00,” Sugar said, “when you return one of the girls at the desk can take you,” The elevator pinged at the ground floor, “Welcome aboard, again!”

“Um, thank you.” Kayla said and stepped off the elevator.

She found Tiffany chatting with the two girls at the front desk.

“Good to go?” her friend asked.

She nodded.

“Later ladies!” Tiffany said to the desk girls.

During the drive back to her car, Kayla studied the badge.

Kayla Sterns


S. Rating: N/A

F.Grade: F

S.Grade: F

A.Grade: F

At the bottom were 3 photos. Her face, an enlarged image of her shirt-covered tits, the two smiley faces over her nipples, and a picture of her crotch in the little skirt, a hint of panties showing.

DomCo Employee Badge

“What does all this mean?” She asked Tiffany, showing her the badge.

Tiffany gave it a glance, keeping her attention on the road.

“Don’t know,” she admitted, “aside from the obvious ones. He captured your likeness perfectly, though.” She grinned.

Kayla rolled her eyes.

“Did they give you a sign-on bonus?” She asked.

Tiffany nodded, saying, “$200, like yours, and an array of different products. I don’t know what they’ll give you. Mine was stuff oriented toward what I was selling.”

Soon, they pulled into the cafe, where they had a quick lunch. Kayla retrieved her car. She bid Tiffany goodbye, and told her she’d call her after orientation, then she drove back to the DomCo office. She made her way nervously to the desk.

“Um, hello,” she said.

“Oh hey! You’re Tiffany’s friend.” The girl stated.

“Kayla. I’m here for an orientation.”

“I’ll take you down. I’m Honey.” the girl introduced herself.

Kayla followed her into the elevator. Honey chattered on as the elevator descended, and Kayla looked at the girl’s badge, trying to gain more insight into what they meant.

Honey Cunt


S.Rating: 97.2

F.Grade: A

S.Grade: B

A.Grade: B

At the bottom of the badge was a photo of Honey’s bare tits, the nipples hard, red and excited, her face, flushed, and her nude sluthole. Kayla bit her lip, astonished, but trying to hide it. She felt uneasy again. The elevator stopped, and Honey stepped out. Kayla followed her down a hallway carpeted in neutral beige tones. Motivational posters lined the walls, showing cheerful DomCo employees.

Teamwork: A sultry light-skinned woman with big tits, her top low-cut. A name badge hung from the hem of her shirt, but Kayla couldn’t read it. She sat on the lap of a well-dressed man in the process of removing his tie. Several other men, also removing their ties, stood around her.

Loyalty: A seductive black-haired woman in spiked heels and a tiny skirt. She wore a choker around her neck. Or was it a collar? She looked adoringly into the eyes of a man with a suit coat slung over one shoulder, his other arm around the woman’s waist. The look on his face was...smug?

Progress: One side of the poster showed a brunette with thick glasses, her hair tied in a tight bun. She frowned disapprovingly, and her clothes were baggy and frumpy. On the other side, the same woman had her hair down, flowing around her. The glasses were gone. Her frumpy clothes had been replaced by a plunging V-neck shirt, which showed her ample cleavage. Her tight skirt hugged her hips, and she was on her knees, staring longingly up at a man in a suit, while he stroked her hair like a faithful pet.

Endurance: A blonde with long, lean legs sat on the edge of a table, her legs slightly parted. In front of her, another man in a suit, removing his jacket. Behind him, a long line of other suited men receded into the distance.

Kayla felt like there was something just a little off about the posters, but then she’d never worked in an office before. Maybe this was just the way it was. Honey stopped in front of a door that she opened by scanning her badge against a pad set in the wall. The door clicked open, and Kayla followed her inside. The room was clean and white, brightly lit with daylight bulbs. Two rows of long white tables spanned the length. On the wall to the front of the tables was a gigantic flat screen TV, next to which was mounted a large white board.

“This is one of our training rooms,” Honey explained, “Have a seat anywhere.”

She went to a cabinet and pulled a packet from within, setting it in front of Kayla.

“This is just a handout that covers the basics of company policy, and a study guide to go with the videos you’ll be watching.”

She set a pen on the table, and went to the big TV, turning it on. She tapped and scrolled through the giant touchscreen, bringing up an orientation program. She placed a remote on the table.

“There’re restrooms in the back room, as well as a kitchenette with snacks and drinks. Feel free to pause if you need a quick break. This is just the initial orientation video, so it runs for two hours. When you finish, just come up to the desk. We should have a schedule from Female Resources by then. Good?”

“I think so. Thanks.” Kayla said.

Honey left her to start the video. Kayla clicked the play button on the remote. Triumphant music began to play from the speakers mounted around the room, and Kayla was momentarily taken aback. The blue DomCo logo glowed on the screen, followed by the slogan “Building a better future for mankind.”

Kayla blinked as what looked like a single spliced frame flashed across the screen, almost imperceptible. Did she imagine it? A narrator began speaking, extolling the virtues of DomCo. The man’s deep voice was hypnotic. The screen flashed again. Kayla watched the happy employees hard at work. Women with big tits and tiny clothes working alongside men in suits, men in lab coats. Women taking notes. Women giggling as men stood behind them, rubbing their shoulders. Were the lights in the room dimmer now? Maybe they’d always been low. She couldn’t remember.

The narration trailed off, and the screen displayed the word, “intermission.” Kayla shook her head and clicked the pause button. The video timestamp showed one hour left. Had she really been watching the video for an hour? She could barely remember it. She looked down to see that she had scrawled some notes on her handout.

Subservience. Dedication. Reward.

She didn’t remember writing the words, or why she’d written them. She decided to get up to clear her head, and walked into the back room, looking for the restroom. She walked through the kitchenette and found the restrooms. She stopped short and studied them quizzically. One of the restrooms had no door. The sign on the wall read, “Women”. The other did have a door, which was shut. The sign on the wall next to this one read, “People”. Kayla tilted her head in confusion. Were they implying that women weren’t people?

She looked about, sure it was some kind of joke. She was going to find herself on YouTube later. She was people. She pushed at the door, but found it locked. Set in the wall, she found a pad like the one outside the training room, meaning it opened with a badge. She pulled her badge from where it was clipped to her cropped top, just below one breast, and scanned it. The light on the pad turned red, and the door didn’t open. She tried again. Red light. Maybe her badge wasn’t in the computer yet? That must be it. She was new. She looked about once more, embarrassed, and slipped into the open restroom. She got another surprise as she entered the restroom and found that none of the stalls had privacy walls. Everything was just open.

She studied the toilets, which were also a bit different. They were smaller, more compact, shaped more like a pedestal than a traditional bowl. She quickly lowered her panties and sat on the weird pedestal. Nervously, she relieved herself, and almost jumped off the toilet as she felt a spray of warm water spray between her legs. A moment later, what felt like a gentle tongue lapped at her cunt, and she stiffened. The apparatus cleaned her in a most pleasurable way, and it was only then that she noticed that there was no toilet paper. It wasn’t necessary. She stood up and pulled her panties back up. It was the strangest bathroom break she’d ever taken. She quickly washed her hands at the sink and fled the restroom.

In the kitchenette, she opened the refrigerator, and found it lined with bottles of some kind of red drink. The label read, “Obsequium.” She’d never heard of it. She was thirsty, though, so she took one of the bottles and twisted off the lid, giving it a tentative sip. It tasted slightly of cherry, with a strange tang to it that she couldn’t identify. It was good. She drank more deeply and took the bottle back to the table. She felt very warm and relaxed as she pressed the play button on the remote again and started the next portion of the training video.

The next segment of the video outlined the Scout program. The narrator’s hypnotic voice droned on over the clips of scantily clad women working at computers, displaying sex toys to groups of other women, waiting on groups of men in dark suits, who openly patted the women’s bottoms as they walked by. The women smiled and looked happy. Kayla’s body felt very warm and relaxed as she guzzled the Obsequium, her mind drifting pleasantly. Her cunt felt very hot, tingly, and wet.

She raised the bottle to her lips again, and noticed it was empty. She still felt thirsty, though. Without pausing the video, she dashed back to the kitchen and took another bottle from the fridge, came back, and resumed watching the video, while sipping from the bottle. More women modeled lingerie and swimsuits, others sat on the desks in the offices of Senators or Congressmen, powerful men, with their legs slightly spread as the men loomed over them, talking about...something. She wasn’t sure. Her head felt very good. Everything felt good!

The video came to an end, bringing with it the realization that another hour had passed. Kayla shook her head a bit, trying to clear it. The second bottle of Obsequium was empty, and she had to pee. She rushed to the restroom again, relieved herself, and then felt the warm spray of water. The apparatus began to clean her. This time, she wasn’t so quick to get up. It felt wonderful on her wet, excited pussy. Kayla relaxed and let the machine lap at her cunt until she orgasmed. After a moment, she got up on wobbly legs and pulled up her soaked panties, stumbling out of the restroom. She almost took another bottle of Obsequium, but decided against it. Honey had said she was welcome to the snacks and drinks, but she didn’t want to overdo it on her first day.

Taking her handout, she left the room and made her way back down the hall to the elevator. A moment later, she was in the lobby, approaching the desk, her body relaxed and tingling. Honey smiled when she saw Kayla.

“Hey there!” she chirped, “time sure flies, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Kayla agreed, dreamily.

“Female Resources sent up your schedule. I can walk you through it, get you your sign-on bonus, and you’ll be all set for today.”

“Sure. Thank you.”

Honey took a sheet of paper from the desk, and Kayla followed her to the elevator. They took the lift up to Mr. Weiner’s floor, where they exited into the bullpen. It was just after 3 pm, and a few of the seats were now empty. Honey brought Kayla to a desk with a computer.

“This will be your workstation,” she said, “number 16. You’ll be starting in Social Media Research under Mr. Johnson,”

Something in the back of Kayla’s mind giggled. Mr. Weiner. Mr. Johnson.

“Let’s introduce you,” Honey continued, and led Kayla to one of the closed office doors.

The assistant outside the door greeted them happily and spoke into her headset. The name on her badge read, “Suck Pet,” but Kayla couldn’t read the rest. The implications of the nickname didn’t seem so bad to her warm, fuzzy brain.

Honey opened the door as Suck Pet waved them in. Mr. Johnson sat behind his desk, wearing a dark suit, like the men in the video. He was young, perhaps in his early thirties. His square jaw was set in a kind, relaxed grin, and his dark eyes were sharp as he examined Kayla quickly.

“You must be my new hire,” he said warmly, rising and extending his hand, “Rick Johnson. You can call me Master Johnson, or Master J.”

“Pleased to meet you, Sir,” Kayla said and shook his hand.

“Sir works, too!” he said, and smiled wolfishly, gesturing for the ladies to sit.

“So,” he continued, “I see on your schedule that you’ll be starting in Social Media Research tomorrow. I’d like you in by 9am. We’ll start your morning getting you right to work learning the ropes, then an afternoon of orientation. You’ll spend your first week in this department, before we rotate you to the next. Now, I know that a week doesn’t seem like a lot of time to learn the job, but these first couple of months are just quick introductions to the various departments. It’s all part of the aptitude testing. We’ll be gauging how quickly you can pick up the skills, before narrowing the field down to only a few departments that you’ll spend significantly more time in.”

“That sounds good,” Kayla said, nodding, “I really appreciate the opportunity.”

“We’re always happy to welcome a new member to our family,” Johnson said, “and I can already tell that you’re going to be a perfect fit.”

This last he said while pointedly staring at her panty-covered crotch. It was only then that Kayla realized she’d been sitting with her legs slightly parted. The cozy feeling in her brain told her that it wasn’t such a big deal, so she ignored it. It made her feel naughty and excited.

Johnson continued speaking to her cunt, “You’ll be working under several different department heads over the next couple of months. It’s going to seem like a whirlwind, at first, but keep in mind that we’re all here to train you properly. You can come, and we’ll help you.”

Kayla couldn’t tell if the innuendo in the words was purposeful, and right now she didn’t care much. She felt too good, and this handsome man looking at her wet panties was making her feel very naughty. Ashamed, embarrassed, but it felt exciting. She couldn’t seem to close her legs.

He stood and extended his hand again. Kayla rose, shook it, noted that he was blatantly staring at her big tits as they strained the cropped shirt, and she blushed.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know you, Kayla,” he said, “I can’t wait to see how well you open up at the end of your training.”

Honey escorted her out of the office. The assistant, Suck Pet, entered the office right after them.

“He seems nice,” Kayla said, trying to make conversation.

“Oh, yeah!” Honey agreed, “All the Masters are super nice.”


“In most companies they’d just call them managers. The moniker is just part of the DomCo culture. The whole aggressive, dominant corporate thing they’ve got going on. Powerful men like powerful-sounding titles, you know? So instead of department managers, we have department masters.”

They stepped into the elevator and took it down. The lift stopped a couple of floors beneath them, and the two girls stepped off. They veered down another carpeted hallway with calming, neutral colors, until Honey stopped in front of a door that she opened with her badge. Inside, a dark-haired woman dressed in a slit miniskirt and tube top worked at a table. She looked up as Honey and Kayla entered.

“Hello,” she said, “You must be Kayla.”

She came around the table and hugged Kayla, pressing her large breasts into the shorter girl. Kayla was a bit taken aback, but the woman smelled nice, and her tits were very soft and warm. Kayla’s pussy buzzed as she smelled her, and briefly envisioned the woman’s face between her legs. She let Kayla go and stepped back. Kayla scanned the badge clipped to the hem of her tiny skirt.

Slit Slicker


S.Rating: 94.6

F.Grade: C

S.Grade: A

A.Grade: B

“Nice to meet you,” Kayla said softly.

“Kayla needs her onboarding package, Ms. S,” Honey said.

“Of course! I have it together right here.”

Kayla stepped up to the table and looked the items over. Slit Slicker rounded the other side. She picked what looked like an MP3 player.

“This is from the health and wellness department. It’s an audio meditation device. It’s not been released to market, yet so you’ll be part of the clinical trial. It’s kind of like ASMR. When you have some downtime, all you need to do is take an hour and listen. It will help to relax and focus you on what’s important, relieve your stress, that sort of thing.”

“This is from sales,” she explained, picking up an eight-inch-long vibrator with a little tip that curved upward. Several other phallic devices were nestled into little pockets in a black, canvas kit, “So that you can try out each one. You’ll have to put together a report at some point, detailing your usage and experience with each model. Detailed instructions are included in the kit, so you can get intimately acquainted with each one. Would you like me to demonstrate any of them for you?”

Kayla swallowed hard, and felt the warm, fuzzy feeling in her cunt, but she shook her head, saying, “I... I don’t think that’s necessary.”

Slit Slicker shrugged and rolled the kit back up. Next, she laid out a variety of cosmetics. Lip liners, rouges, lipsticks, eye shadows, lash liners. Kayla had never really used much make-up, and what she did was very light. Still, she perked up at having so much free stuff to try on.

“This is also from health and beauty. These are the fall releases, and they’d like to get some feedback, as well as photos of you wearing it. If you have some friends that want to try, too, feel free to doll them up and take some photos. There’s a photobook included, as well as details on how to apply any of the looks you like.”

Next, she picked up a tablet, tapped at it for a moment, and then showed it to Kayla.

“This is you, right?”

The tablet showed her Facebook profile.

“Yes?” Kayla answered.

Slit Slicker tapped at the tablet for another moment, and then Kayla’s phone pinged, startling her.

“I’ve just sent you a pixel,” she explained, “it will be installed on your profile to tag you as a company employee. That way, our research algorithms will discard you from their data collection. Obviously, if we want the research to be accurate, we can’t taint sample data with company employees.”

Kayla nodded. It made sense.

“And, since you’ll be starting in Social Media Research, it’s their little gift to you. The platform will no longer be able to harvest your data and sell it off. It’s like you’re not even a person anymore!”

Kayla shifted uncomfortably as she thought back to the signs on the restroom doors. People. Women. The fuzzy feeling in her brain, and the warmth between her legs stopped her from thinking too much about it, though. A couple of signs didn’t really mean anything, right?

Finally, Slit Slicker plunked a case of red bottles on the table. Obsequium. Kayla could feel her mouth water a bit as she looked at it. It really had been good!

“This is from food and beverage. It’s the latest in the fruit-flavor line. They’re hoping to launch to market before the end of summer, so consumer research is in the final stages. If you have any input, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.”

“Wow! Thank you. There’s so much stuff,” Kayla said, “I don’t know how I’m going to carry it all.”

“Oh, I’ll help. Don’t you worry,” Honey offered.

Slit Slicker handed Kayla a company-issued check for $200. Kayla grinned happily. Honey hefted the case of Obsequium onto a little gray cart. Slit Slicker packed the rest of Kayla’s welcome package into a black bag with the DomCo logo on the outside, and placed it on the cart, as well.

“Good to have you, Kayla,” Slit Slicker said, as Honey turned to lead Kayla out the door.

“Thank you!” Kayla answered.

A short time later, Honey followed Kayla across the parking lot, and helped her with the case of red drinks. Though it was warm, Kayla took one of the bottles out for her drive.

“Thank you, again, Honey.” Kayla said to the desk girl.

“It’s the job!” Honey declared, and then put her arms around Kayla’s waist and kissed her on the lips.

Kayla was so surprised, she couldn’t move. She stood, letting Honey press her soft, warm lips against her. Her body still buzzed pleasantly, as it had been for the last two hours. Her cunt was warm and wet. She could feel it as she’d walked. Her breasts mashed against Honey, and then she found her tongue slipping into the other girl’s mouth. Honey moaned softly, and then pulled herself away.

“It’s so good to have you working with us!” Honey exclaimed, and then patted Kayla’s bottom, as though the moment couldn’t have been any more workplace inappropriate.

She watched Honey’s hips swaying back toward the building, her body still warm and excited. She’d just kissed her second girl. She felt ashamed. She wasn’t supposed to be acting like a slut, and here she was in the middle of her workplace parking lot, making out with another girl, and dressed like a tramp. But it felt so nice, like with Tiffany. But Tiffany was her friend. It was different. She was so confused, and her body just wanted to feel pleasure.

Kayla got in and started her car, letting the A/C do its job, while she uncapped her Obsequium and guzzled. She tapped at her phone and called Tiffany. The same warm, relaxed feeling began to renew itself throughout her body as she took another sip from the bottle. God, her pussy felt so good, so wet. Her panties were soaked. As the phone rang, she contemplated just taking them off. She was conflicted though. She wasn’t a slut. Her mother was wrong. Maybe she did have a bald, sticky, wet cunt right now, but she wasn’t a slut that was going to walk around in a tiny skirt with no panties.

“Hey, girl!” Tiffany’s voice came over the speaker.

Kayla put her hand between her legs and felt the sticky girl cream lubricating her virgin hole.

“Hey! I finished orientation for today.” Kayla said.

She looked at her fingers, which had a noticeable coating of fuck slime on them, now. She brought them to her mouth and licked her cunt juice. She trembled. It was so dirty. She wasn’t a slut. She wasn’t a slut. She put her fingers between her legs again.

“What are you gonna do now?” Tiffany asked.

“I’m thinking of getting some normal clothes that I can put on when I leave for work,” Kayla explained, and pushed her fingers into her wet pussy.

“Well, the shopping sounds good. The normal clothes part sounds boooooring!” Tiffany answered.

“You wanna come with me? And don’t say, of course you’d like to cum with me, you dirty slut.”

She worked her fingers in and out of her pussy a bit faster. Dirty slut. Tiffany was a dirty slut. Tiffany was a pussy-eating slut. Dirty fucking slut. Filthy, daddy-fucking, cunt-licking slut. Kayla orgasmed on her fingers, moaning, her head buzzing with pleasure.

“Kayla? Hello?”

She realized that Tiffany had been talking.

“I’m here!”

“Are you masturbating?” Tiffany asked, delight evident in her voice.

“What? No! I was just...just stretching my legs. It felt nice. I was cramped!”

“Uh huh. Well, where do you wanna meet?”

They agreed on the mall, and Kayla sipped at the Obsequium as she drove over. Her whole body tingled, and she had to force herself to focus on the road, rather than her warm cunt. She met Tiffany outside one of the doors to the mall. They spent a couple of hours shopping, Kayla telling her friend about the job.

Kayla seemed much more relaxed, Tiffany thought, even affectionate. She touched her openly, and generally seemed more outgoing and playful than she’d ever seen her. Maybe she really was coming out of her shell. She didn’t even complain once about wearing her slutty outfit in public, even as people gawked openly at her. At the end of the trip, Kayla had some normal clothes, which she hid in her trunk. Tiffany noted the open case of Obseqiuim.

“What’s this?” She asked.

“Something from work,” Kayla answered, “It’s really good.”

She took one of the bottles and handed it to Tiffany. Unscrewing the cap, she took a swallow, raised an eyebrow, and took another.

“It is good. I wonder why they never told me about this stuff?”

“They said it’s new,” Kayla explained, not on the market, yet.”

In a few moments, Tiffany began to feel warm and fuzzy. Her pussy tingled, even more than usual.

“You wanna come spend the night?” She asked, a hint of naughty in her voice.

“Can’t,” Kayla said, regretfully, “I want to make a good impression at work tomorrow, so I have to try to get some sleep. Which isn’t easy when you have to listen to porno all night!”

Tiffany laughed, saying, “There’s worse things to have to listen to.”

Inwardly, Kayla did very much want to spend the night. She wanted Tiffany to touch her body, lick her. She wasn’t a slut. It just felt good. She wasn’t a slut. Tiffany was a slut. Fuck!

“I’ve gotta go,” She said hurriedly, “Call you tomorrow.”

Tiffany waved her goodbye and walked to her car, feeling very hot between her legs. She hoped her dad was home.

Kayla pulled her welcome kit from the car, and placed it atop the case of Obsequium, then struggled to carry it all inside. She didn’t want to have to make two trips, as it would require her to walk past her weird family more than once. She’d downed another bottle of the wonderful red drink on the way home, and was feeling so cozy and relaxed, except for her very excited cunt. Her nipples were hard and aroused, too. The porn that was, no doubt, playing on her TV didn’t seem so bad right now. She really wanted to get off. Her panties were sticky with fuck cream, and wedged between her pussy lips, rubbing back and forth in the most distracting way when she walked.

She balanced her awkward load against the doorframe and fumbled for her key, managed to unlock the door, and worked the keys back into her little purse. She shouldered the door open, wobbled in, and kicked it shut with her leg. She tried to hurry through the living room, hoping that they’d see her with an armful of stuff and just let her pass. But, she was hoping for too much.

“Hi, Honey!” Her mother called.

“Hey,” Kayla huffed, exaggerating the heaviness of her burden, so that she looked more desperate.

“Oh, put it down, Kayla. Let one of the men help you carry that stuff. Come in here and tell me about work!”

Kayla cursed under her breath, but her nature made her obey. She set the case of drinks down, the black bag on top of it, unaware that bending over in her tiny skirt was showing off her very excited cunt and ass, then stood up and stretched her weary arms. This had the effect of emphasizing her oversized teenage melons.

“Come here and sit on mommy’s lap,” Marie commanded.

Marie patted her knee, and Kayla sat on it, gingerly, very aware of how warm and wet her pussy was. She closed her legs, but the skirt was so tiny that she still showed a hint of panties. Marie’s hand rested on her bare leg, and she hugged her. For a moment, Kayla could almost forget that her mother had gone crazy. She seemed normal. Then, she felt Marie’s hand slide a little further up her leg. She remembered why she was dressed like a slut in front of her brother and some wacky professor, who were both watching her in a less than familial way.

“Tell me all about it,” Marie prompted, idly stroking Kayla’s leg.

The soft, repeated motion was not helping her overheated sex to calm down.

“Well, I watched some orientation videos,” Kayla began, her breath becoming a bit more ragged, “and, um, they showed me around the offices. It’s a really big building They have labs and conference rooms, and stuff,”

As she talked, and Marie stroked, Kayla’s aroused mind parted her legs just a bit. Marie’s hand slid up further, and rested on Kayla’s inner thigh.

“They gave me a company bag,” she continued, and “and a new drink that one of their departments is bringing to market.”

She trembled slightly as she felt Marie’s finger trace the panty-covered slit of her pussy.

“That sounds so wonderful, dear,” Marie said, her voice husky, “and what will you do next?”

Kayla tried to ignore the gentle stroking, but her confused brain made her legs open a bit wider. Her body felt so good. That light touch against her pussy was consuming her mind.

“I... that is, I’ll be, um, starting the Scout program...tomorrow,” her eyes half-closed of their own accord, “doing some... some social media research.”

Marie’s rubbing became just a bit more vigorous. Kayla’s breathing became deeper.

“And they didn’t mind that you were dressed like a slut, did they?” Marie said in her ear.

Kayla moaned and her pussy quivered.

“Kayla, your panties are soaked,” Marie said softly, “I thought you said you weren’t a slut? You’re a good girl that deserves to wear normal good girl clothes, aren’t you? Are you a slut, Honey?”

Marie's finger slipped beneath Kayla’s panties, and touched her cunt directly. Kayla couldn’t help herself. Her cunt was so hot and aroused, she moaned and came as soon as she felt the finger touch her.

“Jesus Christ, Kayla,” Marie said, her tone mildly disgusted, “did you just cum? Again?”

Kayla felt so ashamed and dirty. She had cum. She’d orgasmed in front of her weird family, again! Was she really a slut? Good girls didn’t cum in front of their mom, or their brother, or some strange man! She couldn’t help it. Her pussy was so excited and wet. She felt tears form in the corners of her eyes.

“I’m sorry!” she cried, “I’m not a slut! I promise! I don’t know what’s wrong with me!”

“Kayla,” said Professor Miles, “There is nothing ‘wrong’ with you, dear,” his voice was calm and kind. Marie’s finger gently traced Kayla’s slit through her panties again as Miles went on, “Young people are filled with hormones that are fighting for balance. Some more than others. Why, just before you came in, we were discussing Richard’s own hormones, and his propensity to get an erection at almost any moment.”

“Yeah, Sis,” Rich agreed, “I get boners all the time.” He grinned.

“It’s quite natural,” Miles said, “Richard, show Kayla your erection. It’s quite normal,”

Rich pulled his throbbing penis from his shorts, and it stood long and proud, bobbing about. Kayla gasped. What the hell was happening? Her brother had his cock waving about in the open, while her own mother was gently stroking her excited cunt. Her bald, sticky, wet cunt. It was so wrong!

“You see?” Miles said, as though it weren’t the least bit strange, “your brother becomes erect in almost any situation. Young people and hormones. It doesn’t mean that he’s a deviant, does it?”

Rich slowly stroked his cock as he watched Marie stroke Kayla’s pussy through her soaked panties. Kayla trembled in her mother’s lap. She knew it was wrong, and that it was filthy, but her pussy was burning up. She’d never felt such an overwhelming need to cum. She didn’t even care that her own brother was stroking his cock a few feet away as her mother rubbed her cunt, legs spread.

“Your hormones are also fighting for balance,” Miles droned on, “and the fact that you think about sex all the time, is quite normal, too.”

“Miles,” Marie said, “It might be normal for her to be thinking about sex all the time, but look at her,”

Kayla’s legs trembled. She leaned back against her mother like a doll, quivering as she allowed Marie to stroke her excited pussy.

“She’s about to orgasm, again, looking at her brother’s penis,” Marie said softly in Kayla’s ear, “that seems very slutty.”

Marie slipped her fingers beneath the panties as she said this last, and Kayla cried out, her body shaking as she came.

“Hmm,” Miles hummed, disapprovingly, “Yes, I suppose that she may have a bit of slut in her, after all.”

Marie frigged Kayla’s warm cunt faster. Rich stroked his cock with more vigor. He stood up, stepped forward. Kayla felt paralyzed. Something at the back of her mind told her to run away, but the intense heat from her pussy, the tingling, rising wave of ecstasy flowing through her body quelled the little voice. The wet squishing sounds of Marie’s fingers frigging Kayla’s cunt were loud now, as was Kayla’s ragged breathing. Rich was close, so close that she could have touched him, but she just stared, transfixed by his stroking.

Then, he groaned and hot milky streams of cum shot from his cockhead, spraying Kayla’s tummy, more splattering her panties. She’d never seen real semen before, never had it touch her. She orgasmed as she watched her brother stroking his cum-covered tool, and this time her whole body shook, legs clamping together as much as Marie’s probing hands would allow.

“You see?” Marie said to Miles, “Slut.”

Kayla was only dimly aware of the words as she relaxed against her mother’s body. Marie removed her hand from between Kayla’s legs and stood her up. Rich tucked his wilting cock away, and retreated from the room, wordlessly.

Kayla stood on wobbly legs, her head feeling very warm and fuzzy. She’d just orgasmed 3 times, but she felt like she could cum a dozen more. She looked down as her cum-smeared belly, her stupid, tiny skirt, felt the warm oozing semen soaking into her cunt-soaked panties. She looked at her mother, Miles, back to her own body.

“I... Mom... I…” She stammered. She had no idea what to say, but she felt like she should say something.

“Go clean yourself up, Kayla,” Marie said, “And put your cummy clothes in the hamper,” then to Miles, “Would you please put that case of red stuff in the fridge, Honey?”

Miles nodded. Kayla took the black bag from her office, and made her way up the stairs, her head spinning. What had she just done? Why didn’t she feel bad about it? She should feel horrible. Her own brother had just jerked off on her! Her mother had rubbed her cunt and made her cum while he did it! She felt so confused. All this time, she’d been trying to convince herself that she wasn’t a slut, but what kind of good girl would do something like this?

She tossed the black bag on her bed. A bald man lay between the legs of a petite dark-skinned girl with big, thick lips on Kayla’s TV. Her spread legs were in the air, and she was hissing filth into his ear as he fucked her.

“Yeah, baby! Fuck that big dick into that wet, black pussy. Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! You love that sweet, dark cunt, don’t you? Mmm, yeah, fuck it good mutha fucka. Bury that white dick all the way in that fuckin’ wet cunt, daddy! Oooo, fuck, daddy! Oooo, you fuckin’ that pussy so damn good! Yeah, fuck it! Fuck it! Mmmm hmmm! Fuck it! Fuck you gonna make me cum!”

Kayla couldn’t understand why she felt so horny. Throughout the day, the feeling had just gotten more and more intense. She went to her closet and pulled a shirt and another tiny skirt from the clothes, without so much as a thought. Then, she went to the bathroom and started the shower. Absent-mindedly, she brushed her teeth as she waited for the water to warm up. Her pussy throbbed delightfully. She could feel the drying cum soaked into her panties, and the thought made her tremble a little. Finally, she stripped off her clothes and got into the shower.

She hung her head in the hot, streaming water for a long time, letting it soak her dark, curly hair. Her head somewhat clearer, she washed herself, taking a bit of extra time between her legs because the soapy rubbing felt so wonderful. Somehow, she managed not to make herself cum again, but her pussy was still hot and needy as she shut off the water and dried her body. The coarse towel rubbing her hard nipples didn’t make it any easier to avoid thinking about her cunt.

She pulled on her shirt, then wrapped her hair in the towel, put on a fresh pair of skimpy panties, and a slutty skirt. She looked at herself in the mirror and blushed. The shirt barely covered her tits, leaving a significant amount of underboob showing. Her hard nipples were quite visible through the thin, light blue material. Sparkly letters read, “Spank Me” across her chest. The bottom of her ass hung out beneath the skirt. Kayla sighed, and carefully poked her head out the bathroom door. The hallway was clear. She took another towel, and wrapped it around her chest, hiding the filthy phrase. She wasn’t a slut, she told herself.

She darted back to her room. On her TV, a long legged brunette with an extraordinarily toned body had her legs spread and restrained on a bench. She lay on her stomach, her tits mashed against the bench. Her arms were strapped to her legs, so that she was immobile. She whined piteously. The whining was caused by the fact that a man with an oversized penis had said penis buried to the balls in the woman’s ass. He wasn’t fucking her ass. He wasn’t even moving. He stood there, casually reading a book while his giant boner throbbed and twitched in the woman’s asshole. Kayla paused and watched it, just because it seemed so strange compared to all the fucking and sucking that she was usually exposed to. She was begging to learn that there was a fetish for just about everything.

For 10 minutes, she just watched the man read his book, his cock buried in the groaning woman, seemingly oblivious to the sounds she was making. Suddenly, the woman moaned loudly and orgasmed. Kayla could see the man’s balls jerking, but he didn’t make a sound, didn’t move. He just read his book. Finally, he jerked his cock free of the woman’s ass, and a deluge of sperm poured from her hole. The man continued to read his book as he walked to the other side of the bench. With one hand, he pulled the woman’s head up by her hair and shoved his cock into her mouth. The woman sputtered and choked as he slowly pushed his entire length down her throat. He held her there as she kicked her restrained legs uselessly. She made little gasping noises, and saliva spilled from her mouth. Still, the man just read his book with one hand, and kept a tight hold on her hair with the other.

Kayla stroked her pussy idly, watching the strange scene play out. She stood transfixed, for some reason. It was fascinating. The man truly behaved as if there were nothing more pressing than his goddamn book, even as the woman spit and retched around his invading meat stalk. Finally, he pulled his dick from her throat with a wet, squelching sound. The woman sucked in a breath, coughed, choked, coughed up what looked like a pint of thick spit, which dripped from her chin. The man’s erection slapped against her face, smearing it with more glop, which further disfigured her. He thumbed the next page in his book and continued reading. The scene slowly faded to black, and Kayla shook her head. What the fuck had she just done with the last 15 minutes of her life?

She realized she was stroking her cunt through her panties and made herself stop. Tearing her gaze from the TV, she unzipped the black DomCo bag. The sounds of two women kissing each other hotly and moaning blared from the TV, but Kayla made a point not to watch. She had to get her head under control! She took the MP3 player from the bag, remembering Slit Slicker’s explanation. It will help to relax you and focus you on what’s important. That was exactly what she needed right now.

She stashed the bundle of sex toys under her bed. Pointedly ignoring the two dirty lesbos sucking at each other’s tits on her TV, she lay on her bed and put the earbuds in her ears. Fiddling with the controls, she started a track labeled “Intro to meditation” on the MP3 player, and closed her eyes.

“Mmm, fuck I love your pussy!” One of the girls on the TV commented, and then a gentle whine began in Kayla’s ears. The whine changed pitch several times, like a radio tuning in and out of different frequencies. It seemed an odd thing to relax to, but after a few moments the pitch evened out, then changed to a sort of white noise. It sounded, almost, like waves crashing gently on a beach. The sounds played on, and Kayla’s thoughts drifted. She felt a pleasant buzz in the back of her mind, like someone gently stroking the back of her neck. It did feel relaxing now, very much.

The sounds flowed from one to the next. It was strange. She couldn’t say with certainty what any one sound was, just something that they sounded similar to. The gentle lapping waves. The hum of a fan. The soft rustle of pages turning in a book. The distant rumble of thunder. The rustle of autumn leaves in a cool breeze. The pleasant tingle at the back of her neck made her shudder with pleasure. Images came, unbidden, into her mind as she felt herself fall into that state of half-wakefulness, just before true sleep comes.

In the mental image, she lay with her legs spread, and there was a pleasant sensation between them, just as there was a pleasant warmth between her real legs now. She heard the sigh of her own breath as the pleasure flowed from her cunt, slowly creeping throughout her whole body. The Kayla image’s breasts bounced gently, and she whispered things that the real Kayla’s mind just barely registered.

“My cunt is always so hot... My cunt needs to be filled... My cunt is always so horny... My cunt is a toy for pleasure…”

The mental Kayla’s hips jerked, and she smiled stupidly. She rubbed between her legs. Her cunt was always so hot. Her cunt was always so horny. The real Kayla’s cunt was so horny, too. She rubbed it in time with the image in her mind.

“I always need to cum... My cunt makes me so naughty... I love it when my cunt makes me feel naughty... I’m such a good little slut with a naughty cunt…”

Kayla did need to cum. On a conscious level, she knew it. Her cunt was making her feel so naughty. She liked that her cunt made her feel naughty. She was such a good little slut with a naughty cunt. Her body shuddered as the thought passed through her conscious mind, even as she felt herself drift closer to falling asleep. Sluts with naughty cunts orgasm while their brothers stroke their cocks in front of them. Her pussy gushed. It was the last thought she had before falling asleep.

Company Policy

The buzz of the alarm clock roused Kayla from a very pleasant sleep. The first thing she noticed was that her pussy was very wet. Then, she noticed that her hand was between her legs, gently rubbing her wet pussy. The third was the slapping of flesh as a brown-skinned Native American woman in cowboy boots and hat rode the cock of a man dressed in a cow suit. The fourth was that she had slept soundly through the entire night for the first time in days. She couldn’t even remember waking up to the sounds of raunchy porn one time, and then fighting to get back to sleep. Finally, the batteries on the MP3 player were dead.

Kayla pulled her hand out of her soaked panties, smearing the fuck cream on her fingers onto her sheets. She took the earbuds from her ears and swapped the MP3 player onto the charger for her phone. She’d missed some messages from Tiffany, but she could get to them later. First, she took another top and skirt from her closet, not caring what they were. She only had to wear them long enough to get out of the house, where she could change to the normal clothes, she’d bought the day before.

She took the slutty clothes and showered again, then dressed. Today, her top left her belly bare. It was a shoulderless shirt and showed off a ridiculous amount of cleavage. She almost believed that her breasts would fall out of it if she leaned over. The strapless bra she’d chosen held them in, but just barely. The shirt had devil-red letters that read, “It ain’t gonna lick itself.”

The house was quiet. She passed by her mother’s room, and the door was open. The room was empty. It was 7:30 in the morning. Kayla made her way down the stairs, and into the kitchen. No one there. She sighed with relief. If she hurried, she could get out of the house without seeing anyone. She stopped at the fridge, grabbed a bottle of Obsequium, and chugged as she quickly went out the door.

As she drove, the familiar warm feeling coursed through her body. Her cunt felt tingly and excited again. It felt nice. She pulled off the road into an empty church parking lot and parked behind the building. Quickly, she grabbed a blouse and a nice skirt that fell to below her knees. She got back in the car and quickly swapped out her clothes. Feeling better, she continued the drive to the office, and parked in the employee lot. She snagged her badge and went inside.

In the lobby, a few of the early employees were making their way to the elevators. Kayla spotted Honey as she was just sitting down to the front desk. Honey saw her, too, began to smile, but then frowned. Curious, Kayla went to the desk.

“Morning, Honey,” She said, “Are you ok?”

“Oh, I’m fine,” Honey said, “It’s just... are you sure you want to wear... that?”

Kayla looked at her, confused. It was a nice outfit. The blouse was loose and billowy, hiding her body well. The skirt wasn’t too tight and covered her legs. She had on simple shoes, flats, sensible for the office.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“It’s just... a little frumpy, I guess.” Honey said.

Kayla looked at Honey’s outfit. A strip of cloth that vaguely resembled a tube top stretched across her chest, pushing her tits out and showing them off to full advantage. Her nipples were clearly evident. She wore a pair of tiny denim shorts that may as well have been painted on for how tight they were. Kayla was sure that if the girl turned around, half of her ass would be hanging out of them.

“I thought it looked nice,” Kayla said, disappointed.

“Oh, yeah, it is. If you’re, like, going to be a schoolteacher or something. But I guess I just liked the one you had yesterday better. Whatever. Forget it, Hon. You have your style. Just do you!” The smile returned, but Kayla couldn’t help but feel bad. It was only her second day, and she was already second-guessing herself.

Honey turned to greet someone else walking up to the desk, so Kayla went to the elevator and took it up to her floor. She entered the bullpen, and the few women already there gave her curious looks. Kayla avoided their eyes but took note of their outfits. Tiny tops. Short skirts. Miniscule shorts, tight, sexy. All of them. Her outfit was like a neon sign illuminating her difference. She felt her cheeks flush, drank more of her Obsequium, and tried to put the thought out of her warm, fuzzy head. The girl in front of Mr. Johnson’s office greeted her and spoke into her headset.

“You can go on in,” she said a second later.

Kayla opened the door. Mr. Johnson glanced up from his desk, waved politely, looked back down at a paper, then did a double take and looked at her, brows knitted in confusion. Kayla stopped.

“Um, good morning Mr. Johnson,” she said quietly.

“Yes. Good morning, Kayla. That is a very... interesting choice of attire,” he said, frowning.

Kayla flushed. She wanted to shout that it was a normal outfit. There was nothing wrong with it. She kept quiet, though.

“You did read the employment papers you signed, yes?”

“Um, mostly,” she said.

“Ah,” he said, “as in you didn’t read them thoroughly. If you had, you would have noted the office dress code. Page 63, subsection 8. Please familiarize yourself with it in the future. As it’s only your second day, and we’ve already thrown a lot at you, I’m going to let you off with only a minor disciplinary action. Afterwards, I can give you something more appropriate for the workplace, unless you have a change of clothes?”

Kayla thought of the skimpy top and tiny skirt in her trunk. Could something the office gave her be any worse than that? She thought not.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” She said, “I don’t have another outfit with me today. I’ll make sure to carry extras in the future.”

Johnson nodded, saying, “Very good. First, let’s take care of the disciplinary action.”

Kayla trembled. Her second day and she was already in trouble. She shuffled her feet and looked at the floor, ashamed. Johnson pushed a button on his phone. A second later, the door opened, and his assistant came in.

“Yes, Sir?” she asked.

“Suck Pet,” Johnson said, “Kayla has broken the dress code. She’ll need minor discipline and a change of clothes. Can you take care of that, please?”

“Yes, Sir,” Suck Pet agreed, “Would you like to witness the discipline?”

“Yes. Here will be fine.”

Suck Pet took Kayla’s arm and led her to the desk, then bent her at the waist. Johnson sat back in his chair, and idly patted his groin, looking into Kayla’s frightened, confused eyes. Suck Pet yanked Kayla’s skirt up above her waist, bent her further over the desk. Her mouth opened in an O of surprise, and then a loud crack echoed through the office as Suck Pet’s hand came down hard on Kayla’s bottom. Kayla cried out, and Johnson rubbed his hardening penis as the look of pain and shock registered on Kayla’s face.

He watched her eyes as they filled with tears, and another loud crack followed. Kayla cried out again, her ass stinging. A third spanking made her bite her quivering lip. Johnson watched the humiliation on her face, the mix of pain and arousal. He could see that, while it hurt, Kayla’s cunt was wet and excited. Kayla could see the hard bulge under his hand. Unconsciously, she licked her lips. Suck Pet glanced at him, and he held up his hand.

“Please take better care to follow the rules in the future, Kayla,” he said, “Suck Pet will find you something more appropriate. Please report back to me afterwards, so that we can start your training in Social Media Research.”

Kayla nodded, chastised and humiliated. She couldn’t believe she’d just been spanked in her boss’ office, by his secretary. She couldn’t believe how fucking horny it had made her. Suck Pet let her skirt fall and motioned for Kayla to follow her. They left the office and exited the bullpen. She followed Suck Pet down the hall to a closed, brown, wooden door. The girl opened it with her badge. Kayla followed her in.

The room was a large walk-in closet, lined with clothes. Suck Pet looked Kayla over wordlessly and began to go through the clothes. She picked a few items and brought them over.

“Strip,” she ordered and tapped her foot impatiently.

Kayla flushed and slowly undid her blouse, taking it off and putting it on the table. Next, her skirt.

“God,” Suck Pet breathed, “Why do you want to hide that? Fuck. I could spend days between those goddamn legs. Lose the panties, too. Seriously? Boy shorts?”

Kayla slid the panties off, and added them to the clothes on the table, then stood with her hands covering her pussy. Suck Pet rolled her eyes, got down on one knee. She lifted Kayla’s foot and slid a new pair of panties on one leg, then the other. She pulled them up Kayla’s legs. Kayla gasped as she felt something inside the panties, some kind of small protrusion, slide into her cunt. The panties snapped in place.

“What is that?” Kayla asked. It felt nice inside her warm cunt.

“Company-issued underwear,” Suck Pet explained, “your fault for not reading the rules.”

The girl shook her head and sighed, then handed Kayla the other clothes. She looked at them, dumbfounded.

“Go ahead,” Suck Pet said, grinning.

Kayla went red but did as she was told. She slid the pair of tight, spandex shorts up her legs. They hugged her so tightly that she may as well have not been wearing anything. Suck Pet stopped her before she could put on her “shirt”.

“Ditch the bra. It’s going to look stupid.”

Resigned, Kayla pulled the strapless bra off, and put it on the table. Suck Pet, then, had to help Kayla get the shirt on. She’d chosen one that was much too small for someone with Kayla’s ample assets. By the time they managed to get the shirt on, it barely covered her tits, and the material stretched over them, clearly showing her nipples and a generous amount of cleavage. The stretched-out letters on the front read, “Put a Baby in Me”.

Kayla in her "Put a Baby in Me" shirt
Image by HentaiArtist2000

“That’s much better,” Suck Pet said, “You look perfect now!”

Kayla flushed. The slutty clothes, and the thing she could feel in her cunt had her wanting to cum. Suck Pet held up something that looked like a garage remote control in her hand, pressed a button, and Kayla screeched in surprise as her pussy went crazy. The thing inside the panties vibrated inside of her cunt, sending waves of intense pleasure through her body. She moaned and leaned against the table, legs shaking. A moment later, the vibrating stopped, and Suck Pet smiled at her.

“Fun, huh?” she said.

“Fuck!” Kayla hissed, “What?

“Come on. You’re going to be late,” Suck Pet said, took her by the arm, pulled her from the room, back down the hallway, and into the bullpen. The women all looked at her in her slutty outfit and she saw approval and arousal in their eyes. Kayla didn’t think she could get any redder with embarrassment, but it happened. Suck Pet knocked on Johnson’s door again, and his voice on the other side bade them enter.

“Ah! Much better,” Johnson said, as he looked Kayla over. He looked at his watch, “Kayla, you’re late for work. I’m afraid you’ll need to be disciplined. Suck Pet, would you see to it, please?”

“But, Sir,” Kayla whined, “I wasn’t-” she inhaled sharply as the vibrator inside of her came to life, making her legs shake, “Ooooh!”

Suck Pet bent her over the desk, and again Mr. Johnson leaned back and rubbed his crotch. He watched the confusion and arousal on Kayla’s face as Suck Pet administered another quick spanking. On the third swat, Kayla orgasmed, her head falling forward limply as her legs wobbled. She was sniffling as she looked back up and her gaze focused on Johnson, who was now leaning forward, his face just inches from Kayla’s. He gently cupped her chin.

“Company policies are in place for a reason, Kayla. Just learn the rules, follow them, and you’ll do fine. Suck Pet will get you started on your training, now.”

He let her go, and Kayla straightened, smoothing her skirt and dabbing at her eyes. Her face was a mix of confusion, humiliation, and arousal. Suck Pet took her arm and steered her to the door. As they walked out, Kayla felt befuddled. This wasn’t what she imagined work would be like. A real job. Sure, it seemed like the place was a little different, but she couldn’t imagine being spanked in her boss’ office or having a vibrator in her pussy somewhere else. They didn’t make it look that way on TV, anyway. She wasn’t sure, and her head was so fuzzy, her cunt so warm after her recent orgasm. She wanted to cum again. She wanted to feel Suck Pet’s hands on her body again.

Suck Pet led her to the break room, where she pulled two bottles of Obsequium from the fridge and handed one to Kayla. They drank deeply, and Kayla felt better. More relaxed. Passive. Warm. Her ass stung, though, and when she walked, the little vibrator rubbed her squishy insides in a very distracting way. As they walked back into the bullpen, she looked at the other girls, and wondered if any of them had vibrators in their cunts.

Suck Pet sat her down at her computer, and then took the seat next to her. Kayla moved the mouse, and the screen came to life. Her desktop background showed the same photo on her ID badge. Her tits, covered by the too-tight t-shirt she’d worn yesterday. Suck Pet didn’t seem to think this was abnormal.

“Today will be introduction to the Social Media Research software,” Suck Pet explained, “We’ll work at it for the morning, and after lunch you’ll go back down to orientation. You see the icon that says ‘SM’? Click that.”

Kayla clicked it and started the application.

“Ok,” Suck Pet went on, “Here’s the deal. Every day in this country, there are men that are accused of rape. Do you know how many of those cases are brought by dumb sluts with too much cock on the brain, that just want to get back at some guy who ghosted them after a one-night stand?”

“Um, no?”

“Most of them,” Suck Pet stated, matter-of-factly, “When those cases go to court, 97% of men will be convicted of the crime, and labeled as sexual deviants, criminals. It will destroy their lives. And all because some bitch gave up her pussy and felt bad that she was a slut, the next day. Do you think that’s fair, Kayla?”

“N... no. That doesn’t seem right.”

“Goddamn right it’s not right!” Suck Pet declared, “Well, normally, rape ‘victims’ identities are kept private, but our contacts in the justice department provide enough information that we can intercede on behalf of all those innocent men. We’re using social media as a tool to help them get justice. Do you like justice, Kayla?”

Kayla did like justice. She nodded.

“Good. What we do in social media research, is gather information about these ‘victims’ and provide that information to the appropriate people, to help these men. Scoot to the side, and I’ll show you an example.”

Kayla rolled her chair to the side and allowed Suck Pet to work at the computer. On the screen, she clicked a button that said “Pending” and a list of names with thumbnail photos appeared. She clicked the first one. Iris Peterson. The screen displayed a multitude of social media profiles, dating websites, text messages, photo sharing sites, online storage accounts. Iris Peterson was a prolific selfie-taker, it seemed.

“Now, let’s start by going through the social media profiles. What we’re going to do is tag those images and messages that make it clear that little Ms. ‘I got raped by the bad man’ is actually a cockteasing slut that got fucked and dumped.”

She began clicking on Facebook photos, and the software added a checkmark next to each one. Iris Peterson taking selfies showing off her cleavage. Iris in string bikinis, her ass on display. Iris at parties with liquor bottles in her hands, chugging. Iris at parties making out with a man. Iris at the same party, in the lap of someone different, her tongue down his throat. Messages from different men making comments like, “Had a LOT of fun with you last night,” followed by winking emojis, “Me and the guys sure enjoyed the private party you gave us! LOL.”

She moved on to Instagram, and other platforms. With those finished, she moved on to dating sites. Iris had several dating profiles with usernames such as “GBQueen,” “BigDickSlut69,” “Lvs2SwallO,” and “CockAddictXOXO”. Suck Pet tagged the numerous photos and videos of Iris being pounded full of man meat, jizz on her face and body. She tagged even more from Iris’ online storage accounts.

“You see?” Suck Pet said, “If this stupid slut was raped, then I’m Abe Lincoln. The little tramp just has a vendetta, and an innocent man could have had his life ruined because of it.”

She finished by clicking a button labeled, “Compile,” and a progress bar crawled across the screen. After a few moments, the process was completed. The system removed Iris from the list. Suck Pet rolled her chair out of the way, and motioned Kayla to take over. She clicked on the next name in the list, Rhonda Blythe. The system pulled in the profiles, dating sites, and sharing services. Her Facebook profile showed an olive-skinned girl of 21, long black hair loosely falling over her shoulders. She wore big sunglasses, and lay back on a beach towel, wearing a tiny thong bikini. Her legs were spread, and she held one hand over her pussy, and the other over her mouth, feigning surprise. As though she didn’t know her thinly-veiled cunt was on display.

Kayla tagged photos of Rhonda dancing in a nightclub in a mini dress, twerking against random men. Rhonda with a drink in each hand with the caption, “Double Fisted”. She also tagged a comment on the photo from someone named Dirk, which read, “Replace those drinks with something else, and you look just like you did last weekend with me and Trey!” Rhonda had replied to this comment with a little winking emoji, adding, “And last night with Rick and John, LMAO!”

Given her recent over-exposure to hardcore porn, Kayla assumed this must mean that Rhonda had been getting her slut mouth pumped full of two dicks on previous occassions. She imagined Rhonda’s big, plump lips wrapped around a hard meat stick as it deposited streams of semen down her gullet. The image made her already wet, and excited cunt even wetter. Next, she tagged Rhonda sucking on bananas, cucumbers, and any manner of phallic shaped objects that mainstream social media would allow her to get away with.

Rhonda’s dating profiles were much more graphic. The girl seemed to love having dick in her mouth. She tagged dating profiles with names like, “URBJQueen,” and “CMenSLRPR,” and photos of Rhona with white dicks in her mouth, black dicks, asian dicks, brown dicks, two dicks at once, three. She tagged photos of Rhonda with semen spurting from her lips, semen in her hair, on her face, her tits, covering her spread pussy, even drinking semen from wine glasses. Just as she tagged a photo of Rhonda on her back, two dicks in her mouth and one shoved deep in her pussy, the vibrator hummed to life and Kayla came in her chair, crying out in surprise while Suck Pet grinned at her.

“Keep going.” Suck Pet commanded.

Kayla moved the mouse erratically as the vibrator throbbed in her cunt. She watched a video of Rhonda with a cock in her ass, another in her pussy and a line of men stepping up to spray her face with cum. She had another orgasm as she tagged this one. After the second orgasm, the vibrator turned to a low setting, just enough that it teased her wet hole, without inducing any orgasms.

“I think you’ll do fine,” Suck Pet said, and patted her shoulder.

The girl walked back to her desk. Kayla wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do about the vibrating toy. It was very pleasant, though teasing, distracting. She tried to focus on her work, afraid of breaking more rules. She finished Rhonda, and clicked “Compile,” then went to the break room for another bottle of Obsequium, the toy vibrating pleasurably inside of her the whole while. She drank, and started working on Megan Carlisle, a redhead with gigantic tits.

Through the morning, she combed the profiles and dating sites of dozens of women. The vibrator in her panties, combined with the pornographic images and videos, had her so on edge by the 17th girl that as soon as the vibrator’s intensity increased, she had a tremendous orgasm that seemed to last for minutes. She could feel her cunt gushing fluid, and for a moment she was afraid that she’d peed herself. She gripped the arms of her chair tightly as her legs clamped together and shook. The vibrator stopped, and it took her some time to recover her wits enough to sit up in her chair, flushed with embarrassment. She noticed Suck Pet grinning at her, enjoying her game. Kayla’s shorts had a large wet spot in the front of them, where she’d been spurting slut honey for the last few hours. She steeled herself, and went back to her work.

She had just finished her 30th alleged victim when Suck Pet’s hand touched her shoulder.

“Lunch time,” she said, “do you want a change of shorts?” She smiled deviously at Kayla, who blushed furiously, and nodded.

Suck Pet led her back to the closet, where she picked out a new pair of ultra-tight spandex shorts for Kayla to wear. These had the word, “Toy” written across her crotch in sparkly pink letters. Kayla stared at them, aghast, but Suck Pet's face was serious. Kayla stripped off the soaked shorts she’d been wearing, and slid the new ones on, struggling to get them over her round bottom. At last, she had them on.

“You remember how to get to the orientation room?” Suck Pet asked.

Kayla nodded.

“Great! Get yourself some lunch. Orientation will start at 1:30. Don’t be late.” She grinned devilishly.

Kayla promised herself she would not be late. No more breaking any rules for her. Though her stomach was grumbling, the thought of leaving the office in tiny shorts that said “Toy” across her crotch, and a shirt about to burst off of her, displaying “Put a Baby in Me,” seemed like a good way to get raped if she went anywhere public. Then, she’d be combing her own profiles, tagging photos of herself. Not that she had any dirty photos to tag, but if anyone saw what she was wearing, they’d think she was a cocktease. She was rape bait. She was a slut with too much cock on the brain, and a wet cunt in need of fucking.

“Is there a cafeteria, or something?” Kayla asked.

Suck Pet nodded, “First floor. Toward the back of the building. Just ask Honey Cunt, if you need help.”

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