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Korrupting Kayla, Part 4

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Suck Pet


Kayla awoke and showered, then pulled on another obscenely short skirt from her closet. The remaining tops were all more skimpy than what she’d already worn. She frowned, but resigned herself to her fate. She chose a cropped t-shirt that covered her tits, didn’t show any cleavage, but left her entire tummy bare. It strained to contain her bulging breasts, while also drawing more attention to them due to the two little smiley faces over each nipple. She was getting used to walking in heels, now. Strangely, she did not encounter anyone downstairs and she was able to get out the door without being harassed, spanked, or made to orgasm. It was about time she was due a break, even a small one.

After a good breakfast and Tiffany’s fawning comments about Kayla’s giant tits and overall “yummy” appearance, the two girls drove together to the DomCo office. They passed through the lobby, and took the elevator up once again. Things were much the same as the previous day, Kayla noted. As they made their way across the room, she was more cognizant of the leers she was getting from the other women, all of them lusty. She felt warm between her legs, and a bit flushed as Tiffany stopped in front of Mr. Weiner’s door. His assistant spoke into her headset and waved them through. Big Dick was dressed much the same as the previous day. When he looked Kayla over, she couldn’t help but notice the twitch of his penis in the tight trousers. He did not try to hide it in the slightest.

“Have a seat, ladies, please,” Dick said, gesturing to the chairs, “So, you’ve had some time to look over the contract and brochure?”

“Yes, Sir,” Kayla nodded, “I’d like to join the program.”

“Wonderful!” Dick said, his smile widening.

He pushed a button on his phone, and the assistant’s voice came over it, “Yes, Sir?”

“Sugar Tits,” Dick said, “Could you please get some forms for a Scout enrollment ready, please?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Kayla wasn’t sure she’d heard right. Had he called the assistant sugar tits? Dick made no mention of it, so Kayla let it go.

“Once you fill out the forms, we’ll get you down to intake, to get your employee badge and sign-on bonus.” Dick explained.

“Sign-on bonus?” Kayla asked.

“Yes. $200, and a gift assortment from our various departments, so you can start to familiarize yourself with some of the things we do. Normally, we encourage new hires to take the cash and get some clothes for the workplace, but it seems like you’ve already got that part nailed.” He smiled at her and went on, “unless you have other plans, you can start orientation this afternoon.”

“I don’t have any plans.” Kayla admitted.

There was a brief knock at the door, and then it opened. The assistant brought a tablet in, handing it over to Dick. He nodded, and she showed herself out. Dick examined the screen, tapped at it a moment, and then handed it to Kayla.

“Just fill in all the information on the forms,” he explained, “and when you finish you can give it back to Sugar Tits at the desk. She’ll take you down to intake.”

“I, um, thank you, Sir.” Kayla said, and held out her hand. He shook it across the desk, saying, “Welcome aboard!”