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January Roadmap: Stats, New Titles, Guests, Poll Results

Seducing Jessica: Maid to Please
Seducing Jessica: Maid to Please

Yes, it's another year to explore the dark and kinky fantasies that ignite our passions, pervert our imaginations, and tempt us into sinful, lustful imaginings. Welcome to the January roadmap! 2022 was a wild year. To begin, it's necessary to express my sincere thanks to all of you for visiting this site and keeping up with the stories.

Here's a quick recap of the year and then we'll look ahead to what's coming. This site launched at the tail-end of August 2022. It went live on August 29th. Since then, I've really hit things hard to expand the content and produce a balance of free and paid works, in order to keep things rolling. For you dataporn lovers, here's the breakdown:

From August to end of year, I wrote and published 631,312 words. 7 novellas, 4 novels, and 2 short collections. For reference, The Second Place Sister is the longest story I've published, and that weighed in at 158,000 words or 658 print pages. That doesn't include unfinished works that are still in production and will release this year.

All of that is thanks to the support, the orders, the messages, the forum interactions, and the comments that I get from all of you. In fact, I probably would not even be fulfilling my dream right now, had it not been for the encouragement of so many of you sending me messages and commenting on stories like The Second Place Sister and Korrupting Kayla, all those years ago on Literotica and Lush. The deluge of messages I got from, literally thousands, of people across the world telling me they wanted more stories and to own them is what gave me that push to follow a childhood dream. That dream didn't include writing debased, noncon incest erotica, but life isn't always a straight path.

All of that is to say that if you also have a dream, never give up pursuing it. I might write a lot of horrific things, but I believe in the positivity of people. At the time I'm writing this, the world seems like it's completely fucked, but I suppose that's true in every time period. The best we can do is not give in to despair and keep pushing forward, claiming each little victory and letting it edge us to the next. Stay positive and never give up. Okay, rant over. Stick a gag ball in that bitch's mouth and let's get to the good things.

A question on pricing: I make a concerted effort to provide quality stories that are different from what the majority of other writers are doing. I read a ton of erotica from published authors and from story sites. I listen to it, I consume it, I digest it. Overall, there are a lot more ho-hum stories out there than anything with real depth. I like stories to have a story, and I like characters and situations that are not a pure sex scene.

I'm of the opinion that what sets erotica apart from porn stories is the story around the situation. All the dirty talk in the world, all the wet pussies, and hard cocks don't mean a thing if I don't care about the story. The sexy around the sex is what makes it hot. These are the kinds of stories I attempt to produce and, according to how many people are willing to buy them, I guess there are people that feel the same.

I very much value people's money. Money is your resource. When you give me $5 for a book, you're trusting me with your investment. You're denying yourself Starbucks in favor of the story I've offered you. That is a bond of friendship between writer and reader that is something I take seriously. I want to provide you, the reader, with something that will leave you imagining it for days or months after you read it. It's something that you might come back and read again. Good books are like that, and I want to give you good books.

When you look at markets like Amazon or Smashwords, way too often I see authors cranking out 1,000 or 2,000-word stories that are nothing but a sex scene, and charging in excess of $3-5 for them. In my opinion, that's robbery. That's charging people to read a sex scene. I mean, my work might not be in the class of Slutty Moose Fucker or Sentient Vegetables Pounded my Ass and Turned me Gay, but I feel like I'm kind of okay at what I do. Okay enough that I can provide books that people actually enjoy. As an aside, please rate the books if you purchase them on another platform. Those star ratings and reviews are just as helpful as actually buying books. Not just for me, either. Anyone's book you buy and enjoy, take a second to leave a rating. You will, literally, change an author's life by doing it.

How do you feel about how books are priced at present? Honestly. If I could give it all away for free, I'd do it. But books pay a lot of the bills and keep this site running. One day, I want them to pay all of the bills while continuing to get better.


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