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January Roadmap: Stats, New Titles, Guests, Poll Results

Seducing Jessica: Maid to Please
Seducing Jessica: Maid to Please

Yes, it's another year to explore the dark and kinky fantasies that ignite our passions, pervert our imaginations, and tempt us into sinful, lustful imaginings. Welcome to the January roadmap! 2022 was a wild year. To begin, it's necessary to express my sincere thanks to all of you for visiting this site and keeping up with the stories.

Here's a quick recap of the year and then we'll look ahead to what's coming. This site launched at the tail-end of August 2022. It went live on August 29th. Since then, I've really hit things hard to expand the content and produce a balance of free and paid works, in order to keep things rolling. For you dataporn lovers, here's the breakdown:

From August to end of year, I wrote and published 631,312 words. 7 novellas, 4 novels, and 2 short collections. For reference, The Second Place Sister is the longest story I've published, and that weighed in at 158,000 words or 658 print pages. That doesn't include unfinished works that are still in production and will release this year.

All of that is thanks to the support, the orders, the messages, the forum interactions, and the comments that I get from all of you. In fact, I probably would not even be fulfilling my dream right now, had it not been for the encouragement of so many of you sending me messages and commenting on stories like The Second Place Sister and Korrupting Kayla, all those years ago on Literotica and Lush. The deluge of messages I got from, literally thousands, of people across the world telling me they wanted more stories and to own them is what gave me that push to follow a childhood dream. That dream didn't include writing debased, noncon incest erotica, but life isn't always a straight path.

All of that is to say that if you also have a dream, never give up pursuing it. I might write a lot of horrific things, but I believe in the positivity of people. At the time I'm writing this, the world seems like it's completely fucked, but I suppose that's true in every time period. The best we can do is not give in to despair and keep pushing forward, claiming each little victory and letting it edge us to the next. Stay positive and never give up. Okay, rant over. Stick a gag ball in that bitch's mouth and let's get to the good things.

A question on pricing: I make a concerted effort to provide quality stories that are different from what the majority of other writers are doing. I read a ton of erotica from published authors and from story sites. I listen to it, I consume it, I digest it. Overall, there are a lot more ho-hum stories out there than anything with real depth. I like stories to have a story, and I like characters and situations that are not a pure sex scene.

I'm of the opinion that what sets erotica apart from porn stories is the story around the situation. All the dirty talk in the world, all the wet pussies, and hard cocks don't mean a thing if I don't care about the story. The sexy around the sex is what makes it hot. These are the kinds of stories I attempt to produce and, according to how many people are willing to buy them, I guess there are people that feel the same.

I very much value people's money. Money is your resource. When you give me $5 for a book, you're trusting me with your investment. You're denying yourself Starbucks in favor of the story I've offered you. That is a bond of friendship between writer and reader that is something I take seriously. I want to provide you, the reader, with something that will leave you imagining it for days or months after you read it. It's something that you might come back and read again. Good books are like that, and I want to give you good books.

When you look at markets like Amazon or Smashwords, way too often I see authors cranking out 1,000 or 2,000-word stories that are nothing but a sex scene, and charging in excess of $3-5 for them. In my opinion, that's robbery. That's charging people to read a sex scene. I mean, my work might not be in the class of Slutty Moose Fucker or Sentient Vegetables Pounded my Ass and Turned me Gay, but I feel like I'm kind of okay at what I do. Okay enough that I can provide books that people actually enjoy. As an aside, please rate the books if you purchase them on another platform. Those star ratings and reviews are just as helpful as actually buying books. Not just for me, either. Anyone's book you buy and enjoy, take a second to leave a rating. You will, literally, change an author's life by doing it.

How do you feel about how books are priced at present? Honestly. If I could give it all away for free, I'd do it. But books pay a lot of the bills and keep this site running. One day, I want them to pay all of the bills while continuing to get better.


  • 0%The current pricing is fair.

  • 0%The current pricing is too high.

  • 0%The current pricing is too low.

  • 0%I would never pay for this garbage.

Poll Results

In the December Roadmap, I ran a series of polls to get the pulse of the site readers. It's very important for me to understand the audience. Since I post so widely, and every platform has a different set of readers, this is the place I can really gather the most data. Data serves to understand where I need to put my production to keep things fresh, familiar, and kinky.

Here are the results of last month's polls:

Nonconsent content: This is one of the biggest areas I struggle with. I like noncon and reluctance fantasies, but it's a trigger topic for a lot of people. However, based on the poll results it's looking like you guys don't mind so much. Apparently, we're all level-headed adults that realize that erotic stories are not guidebooks or endorsements. Who knew?

86% of respondents are perfectly happy with noncon content.

10% think it's alright, as long as it's a bit silly or over-the-top.

5% prefer reluctance but are not happy with nonconsent.

0% think that nonconsent is wholly unacceptable.

Since I like writing noncon, those who voted the majority will be pleased to know that there is more of it coming this year. In fact, I'll touch on one that's particularly horrible in the new titles section.

Content Types You'd Like More of: I was very interested to see the results of this one, and it has kind of sent mixed signals. Some of the poll results differ a bit from the number of likes that certain stories have gotten. The highest-voted kinks are as follows:

  1. Incest/Reluctance

  2. Erotic Humiliation

  3. Incest/Noncon

  4. Non-incest/Reluctance

  5. Degradation

  6. Female Chastity/Denial

  7. LezDom

  8. Non-Incest/Noncon

  9. Exploitation

  10. FemDom

I say that the results are a bit of a contrast to some of the likes on stories because very few people voted for topics like cheating or hotwife stories. However, the stories that have more likes from readers than any others are Katrina's Addiction and The Virgin and the Slut, which are slut wife and slut girlfriend stories. As a result, I'll look at expanding those two into more episodes this year, with the intention of putting them together into a collection at some point.

Fortunately, the poll results vastly support my own favorites, so look forward to a lot more reluctant incest, humiliation, and noncon.

I Like Shorts: Shorts stories are something I'm a bit new to. I tend to write big stories and it's been something of a challenge to force myself to create small content chunks that encapsulate an entire story. I like exploring characters and building things up over a big book. The shorts have been a huge hit, though. They're fantastic pieces to easily spread and get new readers to come and join the site. The poll results kind of ran as I expected, with 71% of respondents voting for books over shorts. 29% want the short content to continue.

I've come to enjoy doing the shorts. The problem is that I finish one and I immediately start thinking of how it could be expanded into a bigger story. Some of them will be over the year. I do have to be wise about where I put my time, though. If I put 2,000 words or 5,000 words into a short story, that's content that isn't going into a book. Unfortunately, shorts don't pay to keep the site up and books do. Thus, look for a reduction in short content with a greater emphasis on churning out more quality long-form work.

Guest Posts: I've been able to bring a couple of guest authors on, both of which have been popular. As expected, everyone loves All These Roadworks. He's a fantastic and creative writer, who I've followed and interacted with for some time. In my opinion, he's one of the best, if not the best, fetish fiction writer out there today. The guy has an absolutely amazing creative streak, and if you're following along with this site you should be following him.

The other author I've been working with is Lisa X Lopez, who is new to publishing but by no means an amateur. She's extremely versatile, meaning she can write straight fiction and erotica. We have very similar writing styles, but her content is heart-rending in the way it can move you with emotion. I'm not exactly what you'd call a sensitive type, but the woman has a way of making you feel emotion with words that's a rare thing in erotica.

I've reached out to other great writers, but unfortunately, I'm the only one whose production and drive I can control, so this ship is sailing on, whether anyone else wants to ride it or not.

Which Series Deserves Love First: I'll be the first one to admit my flaws, of which there are many. If I don't focus on a long piece of writing, and I break it up into a serial series, I move on and it gathers dust. I can keep two or three long works going at once, working on the others when my main project is stalled. My struggle comes with the serial stories. If I don't just sit down and write the entire thing, it languishes. It happened with Holes, Reluctant Suckslut, and Gooner Girl.

This year, I'm making a commitment not to do that. If I start another series, I will finish it in its entirety and then release it in chunks. That way, there's no keeping people waiting and wondering if their favorite series will have a conclusion. I'm not running a TV studio here. I don't want people to be mad because their favorite series got the axe. I'm looking at you Stargate!

The results of the poll on this one were a bit of a surprise. Holes? Really? When I release that story it was an absolute bomb. I got such hateful and negative feedback on Holes that I almost considered pulling it from Literotica. In the end, I decided I'd let my failure stand. I have a whacky sense of humor, I know. Really, Holes was intended to be a ridiculous story with a comedic premise and so over-the-top that it was unrealistic.

Then, people sent me emails telling me to kill myself, or that it was the biggest lump of shit they'd ever read. Over time the ratings have bumped up, but nothing I've written (until Katrina's Addiction) got the kind of backlash that Holes did. So, it was kind of a surprise to see that the polls were overwhelmingly in favor of more of that story. Second place went to Reluctant Suckslut. So, I guess this year you're going to get a finish to both of those. Just remember, you asked for it. Fucking Holes.

Artwork and Illustrations: Okay, here's the bad news. I had this dream, when I opened this site, that one day I would see all of these stories fleshed out in graphic detail. There would be graphic novels, illustrated editions, and illustrated shorts. I'd find artists who loved them as much as I did and they'd paint oil on canvas of Kayla in a "put a baby in me" t-shirt, which would one day hang alongside the works of Da Vinci and Rembrandt. Then, payment processors ruined my dreams.

So, there are these giant, awful, mega-companies out there. If you think DomCo is bad, these guys are the real villains. They process payments all over the world and they're content gatekeepers. When you sell sexy stories, they're grumpy but it's just words. When you start adding images, now you're a pornographer. There is a big distinction between the two. One is acceptable and the other is not. So, in order to continue processing payments, I will not be allowed to sell illustrated editions of works, unless the people in power make some changes. It's sad news, but that's the reality.

So, the poll results were highly in favor of illustrated work with 68% voting for more of it. 23% like it, but don't think it adds much value. Thus, I'll still add some illustrations for short content on the site, but for the time being, no more illustrated books.

Loyalty Program: Hello, guinea pigs. Prior to releasing Seducing Jessica, I put the loyalty program in place. This program does not cost anything. It's like the loyalty points you gain making purchases everywhere else. When you spend a bit, you accrue points, which get you discounts on future purchases. I gave this program a lot of thought, trying to decide what would be fair and provide significant value. Here is how the program stands right now. All site members and those that made orders prior to the release of this program should have been credited some kink points to get you rolling.

When you sign up as a site member (free) you gain 5 kinks. When you spend $1 in the shop, you earn 10 kinks. When you get to 50 kinks, you receive a coupon code for 10% off your next order. Since most big books sell at $4-6, one purchase will usually get you 10% off the next. I'll have to monitor the program as it gets going, but I don't think that will cause any issues for the site and it gives me the chance to provide something of value to the many readers that help keep the site going and the production of more content flowing.

In order to access your rewards, click your profile picture and select the "My Rewards" tab. This will show you your balance and allow you to access your coupon codes.

Favorites: This is a reader pulse question. I publish widely, with books for sale on Smashwords, Amazon, and a number of retailers. Understandably, folks aren't keen to leave a lot of reviews on those platforms for kinky reads. I need to understand what folks actually like to read, as opposed to sales figures. In this one, Korrupting Kayla came out way ahead, with Kayla also winning as a favorite character.

Honestly, I found that a little surprising. I know it's a popular book, I guess I just didn't realize how much folks enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to finishing up that one for you early in 2023. More on that later.

Second place was (no pun intended) The Second Place Sister. You all broke my heart by also voting Tori Hamlin in second place. You mean bastards just want to keep a girl down. You're as bad as Stephie! She gets her name on all the books, though, so there.

New Titles

Seducing Jessica: First, I have to plug the new book. You understand. Just look at them. How can you not want to read about innocent, petite Jessica having her sexual horizons (and sexual holes) opened up by a kinky, dominant woman, and being turned into a family fucktoy? Why else are you here? If you said for my stellar looks, flattery will get you nowhere.

Jessica and Maria: Seducing Jessica
Jessica and Maria: Seducing Jessica

Visit the book's page by clicking here.

Buy it now by clicking below.

Okay, here's the pipeline! Obviously, Korruting Kayla, Book Two is the big one on the list. The preview of that book is up, just because I thought you all deserved a reward for being so nice. Yes, yes you did! Good girl. What? Oh, sorry. That's just Bound Brenda. Don't mind her. She's a slut.

Right, Korrupting Kayla. When we last saw Kayla, she was a collared cumhole, being plied with Obsequium. The beauty of Kayla is that she's the typical naive, innocent teen, and she really wants to be good. She just keeps getting sucked into a darker world of sex and humiliation, where everyone is fucking and sucking. Except for Kayla, that is. She's just a cum target.

Well, that's going to have to end. Kayla is just going to have to get fucked. And, as with all things Kayla, it just won't be normal. Considering the genre I write in, it was quite an odd thing to see that the most popular book is the one in which the main character doesn't even have sex. It's weird. It's kinky. I like it.

This book will be a big one, as we'll be following not only Kayla, but also Tiffany, and Marie. It's time to wrap up this weird mystery about Professor Miles and Kayla's strange, brainwashed mother and brother. The preview I released covers a short section at the beginning of the book, so things will only get sexier from there. I cannot wait to get this one out, but I also don't want to release it too early and leave you disappointed. Pun absolutely intended.

The dark, dirty, book of noncon incest

I have a title and it's a good one. It's not going to change. I have a story and it's a very dark one. It's coming before Korrupting Kayla. It's heavy on the noncon content and reluctance, as well as incest. I've never written anything quite as horrible as this one. It's not a happy story. It is a horny story. It will be out soon. I say no more.


I'm doing my first co-author story with Lisa X Lopez on her novel, Matriarchy. For you femdom lovers, this will be a great dystopian society read. More info on that as it happens.


In addition to Kayla, there's more DomCo content on the horizon. Reluctant Suckslut will wrap up after Holes is finished (fucking Holes? Seriously?). Once those are done, you'll see a release of some DomCo side stories in a collection. The first, short version of these was released recently, giving some backstory on Suck Pet, who was once a girl named Samantha. This story will be expanded to include more of Samantha's time at Sexual Harassment Training. You'll also get some stories about Honey Cunt, Cindy, more Edge girls, and if I can bring myself to do it, Harmony.

Once those are in place, the big one will be coming. It's time to tie those pieces together and bring back all the DomCo girls, and of course, Cindy. Will the world slide into ruin at the hands of DomCo? Can a group of teenage sluts save the world? Stay tuned!

Other titles coming in 2023:

  • The Waygate Wanderer (sci-fi/fantasy erotica)

  • The Lesbian Cockslut (noncon/incest)

  • Breeding Becky (noncon/incest)

  • Clinical Study (reluctance/gender traitor)

  • The Honeymoon: An Aircnd Story (noncon/MC/Reluctance)

  • Slutty Shorts, Volume Two: Short Stories

That wraps up the overview for January. Thanks for reading this far. I'm looking forward to a prolific and fun new year with all of you. Just... fucking Holes? Seriously?

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I really appreciate these posts that provide us with things to look forward to! Thanks for this! I hope you update Gooner Girl soon, I am really enjoying it (as well as Reluctant Suckslut). Can't believe Holes came out on top out of the three though, fucking holes haha XD

Tori Hamlin
Tori Hamlin
Jan 02, 2023
Replying to

Thanks. I'll be wrapping that story up pretty soon, posting the remaining episodes and putting it out as a collection.

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