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A Night at Holes on Poles: A Toys Story

The book Playing with Toys covers a period of eighteen years in the lives of Rebecca and Katie. That makes it quite an epic if I were to write every sordid scene and situation that the unfortunate Toys girls go through. Because of that, there's a lot of story content that can be filled in with shorts along the way.

Rebecca is introduced to her job as a stripper for her blackmailer's amusement when she is twenty-six. Cary's strip club of choice is called Holes on Poles, and is run by a cruel pervert named Brett, who enjoys humiliating Rebecca and using her for sex. She's given the stage name Fuck Puppet. For those that have read, or are reading, Playing with Toys, I hope you're enjoying this section of Rebecca's life. There will be many more like this to come.

This short also features yet another terrible song from the pop star Bratty Britt, who is name-dropped in stories such as Love, Lust, and Erin and Bad Influencer. She will be making an appearance in the second Korrupting Kayla book, during Kayla's time in Media & Marketing.

Rebecca from Playing with Toys by Tori Hamlin

Rebecca crawled up the steps to the stripper stage to the laughter and jeers of tonight's drunken crowd. After her first embarrassing night of being forced to become a stripper for Cary's amusement, one in which she'd had to borrow a pair of platform heels, Rebecca had purchased more sensible shoes. The shoes she'd bought were, however, not slutty enough for the club owner's liking. Brett discarded the shoes and supplied her, instead, with a pair of knee-high, ballet-heel boots. If the first borrowed pair of heels had been difficult to walk in, her latest pair were impossible.

Rebecca couldn't understand how anyone was supposed to stand in the things, let alone walk. And so, Rebecca crawled from the back of the club and up the steps to the stage. Already men were tossing bills at her. On her first night, she'd proven popular with the crowd and received great tips. Her large tits and round ass had looked great in the bustier that was too tight and the bottoms that were too small. Her complete inability to dance in any form, combined with her obvious anxiety and terrified expression had been great fun to watch.

Rebecca had not improved at all as a dancer since last night, and the new shoes did not lend themselves to teaching her how it was done. She crawled across the stage with her feet and ass in the air, visibly distressed at the mocking jeers and humiliating laughter, until she reached the stripper pole. Hauling herself up using the pole, she balanced precariously on the ridiculous shoes.

A song played by some slutty pop star named Bratty Britt, whom Rebecca had never heard of before last night. However, Brett had declared that this would be her theme song, as it matched the stage name that he'd given her. Fuck Puppet. The song's trashy lyrics blared from the speakers as Rebecca attempted to wiggle her hips, but it was hard to focus on the song through the flush of embarrassment that dulled her senses.

I don't need to consent

I just need to get bent

No one needs to ask me

They just need to smack me

Everywhere I go

They see me as a hoe

They give it to me rough

They give it to me raw

They see my holes stuffed

While they slap me on the jaw

I'm a fuck puppet, baby

A trashy little slut

I'm a fuck puppet, baby

Put it up my butt

While Bratty Britt's stupefied twang washed over the crowd, Rebecca put her back against the pole for balance and tried to slide her hands up her body seductively. Since she had no clue how to be seductive, it looked more like she was drying herself with a towel. The patrons all laughed and whistled, shouting for her to strip.

"Tits! Show us those tits, slut!"

"Show us your cunt!"

"Turn that ass this way!"

Rebecca cupped her large melons, then her trembling fingers tugged at the catches on the confining corset she wore tonight, but her shaking legs lost their balance and she tripped, fell, and went down in a shrieking flail of limbs to land on her tits. The crowd was amused. Rebecca struggled to grip at the pole again and succeeded in getting to her knees, where she thought it best to stay.

Take me two at a time

Three is more sublime

Four if you're mean