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A Night at Holes on Poles: A Toys Story

The book Playing with Toys covers a period of eighteen years in the lives of Rebecca and Katie. That makes it quite an epic if I were to write every sordid scene and situation that the unfortunate Toys girls go through. Because of that, there's a lot of story content that can be filled in with shorts along the way.

Rebecca is introduced to her job as a stripper for her blackmailer's amusement when she is twenty-six. Cary's strip club of choice is called Holes on Poles, and is run by a cruel pervert named Brett, who enjoys humiliating Rebecca and using her for sex. She's given the stage name Fuck Puppet. For those that have read, or are reading, Playing with Toys, I hope you're enjoying this section of Rebecca's life. There will be many more like this to come.

This short also features yet another terrible song from the pop star Bratty Britt, who is name-dropped in stories such as Love, Lust, and Erin and Bad Influencer. She will be making an appearance in the second Korrupting Kayla book, during Kayla's time in Media & Marketing.

Rebecca from Playing with Toys by Tori Hamlin

Rebecca crawled up the steps to the stripper stage to the laughter and jeers of tonight's drunken crowd. After her first embarrassing night of being forced to become a stripper for Cary's amusement, one in which she'd had to borrow a pair of platform heels, Rebecca had purchased more sensible shoes. The shoes she'd bought were, however, not slutty enough for the club owner's liking. Brett discarded the shoes and supplied her, instead, with a pair of knee-high, ballet-heel boots. If the first borrowed pair of heels had been difficult to walk in, her latest pair were impossible.

Rebecca couldn't understand how anyone was supposed to stand in the things, let alone walk. And so, Rebecca crawled from the back of the club and up the steps to the stage. Already men were tossing bills at her. On her first night, she'd proven popular with the crowd and received great tips. Her large tits and round ass had looked great in the bustier that was too tight and the bottoms that were too small. Her complete inability to dance in any form, combined with her obvious anxiety and terrified expression had been great fun to watch.

Rebecca had not improved at all as a dancer since last night, and the new shoes did not lend themselves to teaching her how it was done. She crawled across the stage with her feet and ass in the air, visibly distressed at the mocking jeers and humiliating laughter, until she reached the stripper pole. Hauling herself up using the pole, she balanced precariously on the ridiculous shoes.

A song played by some slutty pop star named Bratty Britt, whom Rebecca had never heard of before last night. However, Brett had declared that this would be her theme song, as it matched the stage name that he'd given her. Fuck Puppet. The song's trashy lyrics blared from the speakers as Rebecca attempted to wiggle her hips, but it was hard to focus on the song through the flush of embarrassment that dulled her senses.

I don't need to consent

I just need to get bent

No one needs to ask me

They just need to smack me

Everywhere I go

They see me as a hoe

They give it to me rough

They give it to me raw

They see my holes stuffed

While they slap me on the jaw

I'm a fuck puppet, baby

A trashy little slut

I'm a fuck puppet, baby

Put it up my butt

While Bratty Britt's stupefied twang washed over the crowd, Rebecca put her back against the pole for balance and tried to slide her hands up her body seductively. Since she had no clue how to be seductive, it looked more like she was drying herself with a towel. The patrons all laughed and whistled, shouting for her to strip.

"Tits! Show us those tits, slut!"

"Show us your cunt!"

"Turn that ass this way!"

Rebecca cupped her large melons, then her trembling fingers tugged at the catches on the confining corset she wore tonight, but her shaking legs lost their balance and she tripped, fell, and went down in a shrieking flail of limbs to land on her tits. The crowd was amused. Rebecca struggled to grip at the pole again and succeeded in getting to her knees, where she thought it best to stay.

Take me two at a time

Three is more sublime

Four if you're mean

But five is a dream

Throw me tits down

Mount me on the ground

Roll me on my back

And give my jugs a smack

Just pick an open hole

And feed this slut a pole

I'm a fuck puppet baby

Just a pleasure doll

I'm a fuck puppet baby

Make this whore bawl

Rebecca worked at the catches again and managed to get a couple of them undone, causing her tits to burst partially free from the restraining garment. More bills flew onto the stage. She crawled about collecting a few of them to give the men a good view of her cleavage and then wobbled back onto her knees. She swayed side-to-side in a semblance of attempted dancing, while she worked at the rest of the catches.

Finally, she got them undone and her large melons popped out to cheers and whistles. Rebecca had excellent tits. Tonight, they were not red from being mauled and pawed, or bruised from being slapped too hard. More bills flew onto the stage and the crowd had a good laugh watching Rebecca chase after them while her udders jiggled and swayed.

In my mouth or my butt

I don't give a fuck

Just force my cunt to cum

Then tell me that I'm dumb

Treat me like a bimbo

My legs all akimbo

Kicking in the air

While you pull my hair

Make this pussy creamy

I'm a toy so use me

No one gives a damn

If you impregnate my clam

I'm a fuck puppet, baby

I'm only good for fucking

I'm a fuck puppet, baby

Only good for dick sucking

The first song came to an end and her second one started, but it was something she didn't know. Rebecca crawled back to the pole and pulled herself standing once more. As the new song played, she held onto the pole with one hand and awkwardly tugged at her bottoms. She sniffled from the humiliation and struggled to pull them down to show the crowd her cunt, but the bottoms caught at her knees. Since she wasn't allowed to remove the shoes, she had to bend over and flash her naked ass and cunt to one side of the stage, while she tried to work the leg holes around the boots.

The view of her charms brought a cheer from that side, a string of degrading mutters and slurs, and more dollar bills. Once she had the bottoms pooled around her ankles, she had to sit on the stage, be laughed at, and work them over the rest of the ludicrous boots before they finally came free. With her back against the pole, she reluctantly showed the other side of the stage her spread fuckhole and then touched it like she was masturbating. The men (and a few women) threw more money.

Rebecca flopped around until she got back on her hands and knees, then crawled around the stage once more to collect the bills. As she made her way around the edge, she periodically stopped so that a customer could push a bill into her cunt. This wasn't strictly allowed, but Brett made it clear that he'd make an exception to the rule for Rebecca. He found it entertaining to extract the bills from her and then spank her cunt after she got off the stage.

Since she had nowhere else to put the bills, she stacked them and carried them between her teeth like a dog with a bone. No one had bothered to tell her that she wasn't supposed to remove her bottoms. They were for tucking bills into, and the club didn't technically allow fully nude dancing. However, Rebecca received a different set of rules, because she was the new girl and her name was Fuck Puppet.

When the song came to an end, she gathered her clothes and crawled off of the stage with her ass and cunt showing, bills poking from her fuckhole, and more bills in her teeth. Her whole body glowed with a crimson flush. Customers slapped her ass as she passed by. Finally, she made it into the back, wobbled to her feet against the wall, and used it to support herself as she walked back to the dressing room.

To get there, she had to pass by Brett's office. She didn't make it to the dressing room.

"Fuck Puppet!" Brett called as she tried to hurry past.

Rebecca grudgingly stumbled into his office.

"Shut the door."

Rebecca wobbled to the side and shut the door.

"Come here and show me what you made."

Rebecca got down and crawled to the desk, then put the bills in her mouth on the top as she peered over the edge from her knees. Brett set the bills aside and rounded the desk. He dragged her to her feet, bent her over the desk, and mashed her tits into the hard wood. He began pulling sticky bills from her cunt. After each bill, he slapped her cunt with his hand and made her cry out. By the time he'd pulled all twenty cunty bills from her fuckhole, her pussy was hot and red.

"Hey, you did pretty good Fuck Puppet," he remarked.

Rebecca had made $123 from her two songs. Then, she heard Brett's zipper. She tried to stand back up, but his hand on her back shoved her back down and then moved to hold her neck. Rebecca flailed her arms, instead, trying to be the best victim that she could. She even made a real protest.

"No! Don't! Not again!"

Brett jammed his cock into her and hammered away, pinning her against the desk. Rebecca grunted as her hips banged against the wooden edge, driven into it by the slam of his hips against her ass and his cock into her cunt. Her already unsteady legs shook as he violated her, pumping his erection into her with short, hard jabs. Rebecca gripped the other edge of the desk to keep herself from falling over. The fucking lasted only a few hard minutes and then Brett pulled his cock out and stepped away. Only her hands on the desk kept her upright.

"Get ready for your lap dances, Fuck Puppet," he ordered.

He hadn't cum in her. That, she knew, would come later. Rebecca slithered down the desk and back to her knees. She took the money, stuck it between her teeth once more, and crawled away. It was only the beginning of night two at Holes on Poles.


Enjoying Rebecca's humiliation? You can read about her unfortunate circumstances in the book Playing with Toys, a 28-chapter, 230-page story of degradation and humiliation. This story takes place over a period of eighteen years and follows the lives of Rebecca and her best friend Katie. While Rebecca suffers a life of psychological conditioning, in which her therapist convinces her that she deserves a life of repeated victimization, Katie descends into a degrading life as a bimbofied sex doll.

Pick up the book from the shop below.

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