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Playing with Toys, Part Six

This story contains themes of nonconsent. If that is not your thing, you may want to read another tale.

Chapter Seven: The Pupil and the Brute

Trent was goddamn tired, but there was still a lot to do. He didn’t envy Carol. Her work was much harder. It always was. Playing with people’s thoughts, emotions, and desires was something he also enjoyed, but in a different way than Carol did. Carol was methodical and calculating. Trent tended to be more reactionary and his whims changed frequently. While his wife laid the groundwork, like the foundation of one of his buildings, Trent thought ahead to the various components, materials, and pieces that would go into their long construction.

The first two pieces walked through the door, pale-faced and ready for a great deal of shouting. Perhaps, even a punch in the face. That was not Trent, though. Pain doled out with a purpose was useful. Pain in a flash of anger was rarely useful in the long term. That created animosity more than anything, and animosity could fester. When someone understood why they were receiving pain, however, when they could rationalize it and accept that it was their own actions that brought it on, that earned a certain amount of respect for the person doling it out.

Tonight, he was going to hurt his son, but Kevin would also come to understand that this moment of pain would lead to something better. Trent rarely told his wife, flat out, that she was wrong. It was because she rarely was, but he also knew that it was better to lead her to that conclusion, rather than to state it. Carol’s supposition that Kevin did not actually love his girlfriend, Trent knew, was incorrect. Kevin’s lie about dumping Katie when he left for college was just that, a lie. Kevin knew that Carol didn’t approve of Katie, and Carol had a blind spot when it came to their son. Carol wanted to believe that Katie was just a hot piece of ass to bang because that was how Carol, herself, saw the girl. Trent knew that Kevin did have more than a passing affection for her, though.

Trent knew this because he’d helped Kevin purchase an engagement ring for Katie only the week before. When he’d done it, they’d agreed not to let Carol in on the idea, until this weekend at the cabin was over. It was, Kevin told his father, when he’d decide if he was going to go through with the proposal. Now, Trent was going to have to inform Kevin that Katie had a very different future coming. Trent understood where that future was leading, and when Carol finished with Katie, she was certainly not going to be wife material. The thought made his dick hard.

“Dad?” Kevin said, quietly closing the front door.

“Have a seat, you two. We need to talk,” Trent ordered.

The two young men sat on the couch, across from Trent, who occupied one of the two armchairs.

“You fucked up,” he stated. “Let me make something very clear. I could give a fuck that you raped that girl. What I do give a fuck about is your lack of sense. You did something stupid, and you did it without a plan for how to deal with it.”

Kevin and Cary looked slack-jawed with disbelief.

“If your mother hadn’t been alerted by the sensors downstairs, do you know what would have happened?”

“We’d be in deep shit,” Kevin said, staring into his lap.

“Fucking look at me,” Trent snapped.

Kevin jolted, snapping his head up and looking into his father’s cold eyes.

“Deep shit doesn’t cover it. She’d go home and tell her parents that you three raped her and tied her up in a basement. There would be an investigation. Police would ask questions and they’d come here. They’d see cameras in the basement, sex toys, and bondage gear, and then they’d start wondering if your mother and I had anything to do with it. What’s worse is that you two fucks pumped all the DNA into that girl’s cunt that they’d need to rain down so much shit on your heads, that you’d be lucky not to spend half your life in a fucking cell. Your stupidity and lack of foresight could have destroyed all of our lives.”

“Dad,” Kevin said.

“Shut up. I’m not finished. You’ll speak when I say you can speak,” Trent said. “If you don’t want a future behind bars, listen. I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. First, Rebecca doesn’t take birth control.”

Cary and Kevin looked at one another in horror.

Trent continued, “Carol says she took some pills, but that’s 80% effective under the best of circumstances. That still leaves a wide fucking possibility that one of you pumped a rape baby into that little slut. So, congratulations, I guess. We’ll see how that pans out. The good news, according to Carol, is that she’s not going to tell anyone you forced her. Let’s say that your mother has a way with words. The price for this service–– and it is a fucking service–– is Katie.”

“Katie?” Kevin asked.

Trent smiled and said, “Katie. Let’s just say that Katie’s future will be far different from whatever plans were in that pretty, stupid head of hers. Now, you and I, Kevin, are going to have a conversation about that.”

He turned to Cary and continued, “You, are going to disappear from our son’s life. I’ve always pegged you for a fucking idiot, Cary, and today you proved it. However, it’s part of whatever little game Carol’s playing to have you involved in Rebecca’s life. So, have at it. She’s in one of the bedrooms. You can pound away on the slut all night. In fact, it seems like Carol wants you to. So, why don’t you take your dick in there and leave me with my son?”

Cary looked around without really seeing anything, seemingly frozen. His mind seemed to have blanked.

“Go,” Trent ordered.

He staggered to his feet and down the hall.


Chapter Eight: Revictimizing Rebecca

The bedside lamp bathed Rebecca’s sleeping form in soft yellow light as Cary quietly closed the door. This unexpected pleasure felt like a trap. It was too weird. Then, everything had been weird from last night on.

Kevin’s parents were kinky fucks, but the idea that they were indifferent to Rebecca’s rape was beyond kinky. It was unbelievable. However, it was happening and that was the truth.

There had been no sign of Katie, so Cary had to assume that Kevin’s mom had her in the sex dungeon, as Trent had suggested. Cary’s dick was already hard imagining the things that were happening down there. Did Kevin’s hot mom have Katie tied up? Was she whipping her tits or laying into her cunt with one of those crops?

He rubbed his crotch as he rounded the bed and looked down on Rebecca, sleeping, unaware that he was going to push his cock into her for a fourth time. He lightly brushed back her dirty blonde hair. She didn’t stir. He slid back the blanket.

Rebecca was nude, lying on her side, her hands folded beneath the pillow. She was curled up, her legs pulled into her chest and that perfect, round ass jutting out behind her like an offering. It had been like a dream, pushing his dick into her after all the nights of thinking about it.

Her pussy was just as good as he’d known it would be. When she’d looked up at him with that drunken gaze, on the previous night, and reluctantly sucked his cock, he knew that he’d need to have her again. The look in those eyes, scared, uncertain, unwilling, as he’d slapped her and made her accept his cock had been a rush like no other. Fucking her while she’d been half-asleep and too drunk to notice had been equally exciting.

Even as wasted as he’d been, he still remembered the way she’d bucked and struggled when he’d taken her that first time. Her sexy little whimpers as she lay under him, her surrender in the face of her fear, were etched in his memory. The third time had been just as good, if not better. Having her restrained and vulnerable, unable to do anything but submit to being fucked had been a different sort of thrill, but no less enjoyable.

Now, here he was again, about to fuck her once more. His cock twitched as he thought about his sperm swimming inside of her, possibly impregnating her. She’d hate him for it if it happened. What would she do, though? Terminate the pregnancy? Keep it and raise his child?

As he watched her, he imagined her violation at being unwillingly knocked up. He envisioned doing it to her again, holding her down and fucking his seed into her until she was bred once more. He even pictured waiting for a year or two, and then showing up, only to rape her and impregnate her again. How would it feel, to make her live a life of uncertainty, always wondering if he might show up to fuck her at any moment?

He let that dark dream get his cock ready as he slid into the bed next to her. She still didn’t move. He spit into his hand and rubbed the goo into her naked slit. It was already damp. Of course, it was. Rebecca was a fucking slut, just like he’d always thought. Any bitch with tits as big as hers had to be a slut. They just didn’t admit it, but Cary knew it.

He guided the head of his cock toward her gash and slid the length of it between her lips, smearing his shaft with saliva and her slut honey. Rebecca mumbled in her sleep, but she didn’t move. His heart beat wildly and his blood rushed in his ears.

This felt different from that first night. She’d been drunk and half-asleep when he’d fucked her on the couch during the night, but she’d also been full of Kevin’s jizz. Kevin’s parents hadn’t been here either. The fact that they were both in the house made it feel dirtier, hotter, like he’d snuck in and invited himself into her bed.

He guided his cock to her entrance and gave a gentle push. Her pussy parted around his crown and his dick sank into the soft, warm sheath of pleasure that she’d teased him with for so long. Now, it belonged to him. Her pussy was fucking heaven, and he was not going to give it up.

He slipped his hand under her arm and groped one of her big tits, squeezing it in his hand as he pushed his thick length further into her tight channel. Fuck, it was good! He wanted her to wake up, to realize that she was being stuffed full of his cock once more, that she hadn’t asked for it, but that she was getting it, anyway. He drove his dick into her in a hard thrust that made her body jerk.

Rebecca moaned and mumbled, shifting slightly, as if trying to get away from him. That was it. He needed that. Fuck, it was hot! He speared her pussy again and pushed his hand up from her tit to her throat, holding it firmly in his grasp. He rocked back and thrust into her again. She mewled with discomfort. He did it again, and then again, making her tits wobble. He could feel her breathing grow more rapid under his hold on her throat.

“Hmm,” she mumbled, and then she jerked away, but his hold on her was strong.

She came around slowly. Maybe she’d been drunker than he’d thought?

“What?” she whispered.

“Hush, Becca,” Cary whispered. “Be good.”

“Please… don’t,” she whispered and he heard her sniffle.

“You love this, don’t you? You love being a little slut, huh?”

Rebecca wriggled weakly, but she didn’t make a concerted effort to get away. Of course, not. She was a slut. All sluts wanted to be fucked. He thrust into her angrily and she yelped. He felt her shiver and then she choked. A hot tear dripped down her cheek to fall on his arm.

“Don’t pretend you don’t like it,” he said. “You fucking loved it. You got off on it, you slut. You fucking love it.”

“I don’t… Just let me go. I won’t tell. Please!”

He slid his hand from her throat and covered her mouth, his other hand held tight to her hip as he hammered his cock into her pliant fuckhole.

“Fuck that,” he said. “Your pussy’s so good, Becca.”

He kissed the back of her neck, and she jerked violently. Fuck! He pulled her back into him harder. Her struggles became more insistent, which got his blood up but made fucking her more difficult. He rolled his weight onto her, pinning her face down on the bed. With his knees, he spread her kicking legs apart and then held her arms at her sides.

That was better. Now he had leverage. He drove the full length of his cock back into her prone body and began a deep, hard fucking of her tightly gripping cunt. Rebecca’s muffled yelps and sobs issued quietly into the pillow. Eventually, her sobbing stopped and her yelps turned into grunts. It took a long, pleasurable round of stroking his meat into her repeatedly to get her there, but when she gave in it felt like a victory.

He released her arms and put the weight of his chest on her back. Her legs quaked under his as his prick forced the pleasure from her body. Her mind might be telling her she shouldn’t like it, but her cunt knew what it wanted. All cunts knew what they wanted. Rebecca’s was no different.

“That’s it, slut,” Cary whispered into her ear as he battered her fuckhole. “You’re just another cunt in need of fucking, Becca. You fucking want it. You can tell me you don’t, but you’re a liar. You want to be fucked just like every slut. Well, here it comes.”

“Don’t!” Rebecca yelped and her struggles resumed as she realized what was about to happen. “Please! I’m not on anything!”

“I know,” Cary said. “I want to knock you up. I want to teach you to cum from it. Fucking babies into you is going to make me so happy!”

The words flipped the switch, the trigger in her mind that Carol had worked all those hours on. Rebecca didn’t realize it, didn’t know it, but she felt that it was right for Cary to be happy. The most important thing was that her friends were happy. She didn’t have to like what they liked, but if her friends were happy, she could be happy. Her friends would like her, like her drawing, accept her, and she’d be happy.

Fucking her made her friends happy. Orgasming from rape made her happy. She was a disgusting slut that orgasmed from rape. She orgasmed as Cary groaned and flooded her cunt with his cum. She was a disgusting slut.


Like the sound of this story? Follow the dark descent of Rebecca and Katie in the full novel, available in the Erotikinks shop!

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