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New Partnership Title: Fall of the Amazons

Erotikinks' resident hottie, Lisa X Lopez is back with another dark erotic fantasy title. Fans of The Demon Chain are going to love this one! It's a nice blend of dark fantasy, with a tale of mass bimbofication, set in a cruel historical setting.

Fall of the Amazons follows the paths of a witch, a prince, and a slave, all of them with an axe to grind. The fabled Amazons, fierce warriors, are the scourge of the known world. They raid, plunder, and take men as slaves. But their days of dominance are over. Beneath the island's palace, an ancient power lays trapped.

A crafty witch seeks to harness that power for herself, and in so doing will turn the warrior women into an island full of cock-starved fucktoys. Alongside a prince bent on conquest, and a slave from the Amazon's mine, Logrim the witch will harness this dark power and use it to transform the world.

Kinks served: Magic, bimbofication, noncon, enslavement, dark fantasy

Chapter Headings:

Length: 13.4K Words

1. Logrim

2. Entry

3. Kings And Slaves

4. The Spread

5. Youth And Beauty

6. Invasion

Chapter One: Logrim

Night patrol on the shoreline was the very definition of worthless in Uleida's opinion. No one came to the island at night. No one dared come to the island without an invitation. The women of the island were feared across the entirety of the known world.

Still, her Majesty the Queen demanded vigilance, and it was Uleida's job as patrol to be vigilant. The wet sand squished beneath her sandals, between her toes, with each step along the beach. There was something to be said of night patrol, though. It was certainly a time when one could leave behind all else and ponder.

And so, Uleida pondered the darkness of the sea, all blackness and roaring surf lapping at the sand. That darkness seemed as infinite as the sea itself, and as lonely as she was on her patrol. The torches of the city gate were so far that they were little more than another star in the sky. Were it not for her own torch, that darkness would be consuming.

Then the torchlight fell on something that Uledia did not expect. A form, wet, huddled, unmoving in the sand. The tattered robe around the form was as black as the night itself, as was the tangled mess of hair strewn across the sand. Were it not for the flesh of the fingers, curled into a fist, Uleida might have never guessed that the form was a person.

Person it was, however. That much was clear now as she drew closer and bent to examine the body. Every third month, Uleida served on the night patrol, but in that time, she'd never seen person nor beast on the shoreline. Rarely had she even heard of such a thing. No one came to the island at night, and no one dared to come to the island without an invitation.

The drowned one, though, had no choice but to come to the island. The sea had placed them here, and fighting the whim of the sea was as useless as fighting one of the gods. You might hoist a sail or direct your ship with oars, but the power of the sea would ultimately take you where it wanted you to be.

Uleida knelt next to the figure and pushed back a matted clump of the black hair. The full red lips of a woman, coated with sand, shown in the light of the torch. Her eyes were closed. Then she drew breath, low and shallow, but breath all the same. Not drowned then.

Uleida pushed the butt of the torch into the sand and rolled the woman onto her stomach. A few healthy pumps and she spit up water, then sucked in air. Had it been a man, Uleida would have quickly returned him to the sea as an offering. A woman, though? This required her to render aid.

"Can you hear me?" Uleida asked, though she couldn't know if the stranger spoke her tongue.

The woman groaned and attempted to push herself up. She didn't have the strength. Uleida rolled her onto her back and brushed back her dark hair. The woman's lips moved, but Uleida couldn't make out any words. She unhooked her wineskin from her pack and helped the woman to drink.

After an attempt that was more choke than drink, she managed to swallow the second sip. A third one went on for much longer. The woman handed Uleida the wineskin and nodded her thanks.

"Can you speak? Can you understand me?" Uleida asked.

"Yes," the woman said.

"Can you stand?"

The woman tested her legs. They worked. Uleida put one of the woman's arms around her neck and helped her to her feet, then held her as she gained her balance.

"Thank Poseidon for his grace in sending you here," Uleida said. "What are you called?"

The woman shook her head and pushed her black hair from her face. In the light of the torch, her eyes seemed as black as her robe and her hair. The woman reached out and pressed two of her fingers to Uleida's forehead, right between her eyes.

"Bimbonica Descentia. It will spread with your touch, and you will work to make it so. Do you understand?" the woman hissed.

Uleida couldn't take her eyes off of the woman's. Those dark pools were like watching the sea rolling in and out. They were hypnotic, so calming, like the rhythmic roll of the surf. What had the woman just said? She couldn't recall. It seemed important that she should remember, but she could not. Still, she knew what she was supposed to do.

"Yes," she said.

"Then help me to the gate," the stranger commanded.

Uleida nodded. Of course, she would help the stranger to the gate. She was a woman, and one in need of aid. It was Uleida's duty to render that aid, to take her to the city, to help her through the gate. Uleida hefted the torch and allowed the woman to put her arm around her shoulder.

"Logrim," the woman said. "I am called Logrim."

"Uleida," Uleida replied.

"You've done me a great kindness, Uleida. I won't forget it."

"Yes, Mistress," Uleida said.

Mistress? Why had she said that? It seemed like the right thing to say, but… why?


Ready to embark on a transformational adventure with Lisa? Grab the finished book in the shop or from her website. And if you aren't already following Lisa's kinky journey in adult entertainment, featuring daily hot story-based adventures, check her out here!

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