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Playing with Toys, Part Five

Previous Parts: One, Two, Three, Four

Chapter Six: A Bright and Happy Future

When Carol, at last, made her way into the basement it was dark outside. Normally, she didn’t like keeping someone under for as long as she’d kept Rebecca, but then there had been a lot of work to do. It was good work, she thought, considering that she’d come up with most of it in a hurry, and based a lot on assumptions from what little she knew about Rebecca.

Rebecca had never been a patient, and they’d rarely spoken. What Carol did know about Rebecca was that the girl was anxious and uneasy. One didn’t have to speak with her at much length to know that Rebecca was somewhat shy and had self-worth issues. That part of her made reinforcing the lie that she’d let her friends rape her an easy thing. Rebecca liked to please people and wanted them to like her, mostly because she didn’t see much worth in herself.

Carol felt a measure of anticipation about the long-term effects of her work, as well. In her professional life, she had helped a number of people with therapy. One had to, in order to be seen as an expert in the field. This opportunity, however, was the chance to finally extend her ability to manipulate people on a subconscious level, into the kind of experiment that had been her dark fantasy for so many years.

Rebecca was like a canvas, one that Carol could paint a terrible picture on, and one that would give her the means to answer questions that she’d pondered for a long time. Could someone be manipulated in such a way, as to believe that they deserved a life as other people’s sexual plaything? Could Carol actually shape another person’s thoughts and make them simultaneously loathe themselves for being a sexual outlet, hate the fact that it was happening, yet want it to happen to them? Could she make a person put themselves into situations in which they invited that kind of abuse?

Her oath as a therapist, of course, told her that this was completely unethical, and the oath was right. It wasn’t just malpractice. It was bordering on evil. Carol, though, understood enough about herself to realize that she was not a good person. Her moral compass was pointed directly south, and that was fine with her. The universe, after all, was a place where powerful things destroyed the weak ones a billion times a second. It was society at large that created the false system of equity, fairness, and justice.

One did not have to truly believe those things to blend into society. One just had to pretend well enough that they did. A person like that, like Carol, and like Trent, could then live a life governed by their own rules. It could be a life where they were limited only by their own power. And their ability not to get caught exercising that power. If they could do that, then the only other thing necessary was finding the right toys to play with.

Rebecca was one toy. The second, which would be another dream fulfilled, was now restrained on the bed in her playroom. Katie was cuffed in the same position that Rebecca had been, only this afternoon. Trent had locked her in the chastity belt once more. In her mouth was a red gag ball. By the trembling of her body and the whimpers coming from her mouth, the way Katie tried uselessly to squeeze her legs together, Carol knew that the vibrating toy was teasing the girl’s cunt. Strapped over Katie’s eyes was a headset.

Carol had spent quite a bit of money on creating that modified bit of kit. It was a hit at kink parties, especially for the hypno crowd. VR headsets were, traditionally, bulky things. The technology had improved, but what was on the market hadn’t served Carol’s purpose. Carol, though, hadn’t been concerned with playing video games on her version. That had allowed her contracted designer to create one for her that was slim, light, and more akin to a pair of swim goggles. Trent held a tablet in his hand, manipulating the video and audio that Katie was being subjected to. On the bedside table, Carol spotted a bottle of benzodiazepines.

She could not read the label from where she stood, at the bottom of the steps, but it was either Xanax or Valium. Either one, combined with the leftover alcohol, pot, and Katie’s own fear and weariness, would have the girl’s mental defenses practically non-existent. Right now, Carol knew, Trent was running her through a program that would induce a hypnotic state and allow for implanting a trigger. Carol had given Rebecca her own, to allow her future access more easily. Katie’s purpose would be different. Rebecca would be more of an academic curiosity. Katie would be for fun.

Carol approached and put her hand on Trent’s shoulder, looking down at the tablet screen. It showed her that the program was working, the visual and aural combination pulling Katie down into a suggestible state. Her eyes flicked to Katie’s body, which was now twitching lightly, but her whimpers had ceased. She was relaxing, the calming sounds and images settling her nerves. In a few moments, Katie’s mind would be receptive and wholly focused on a single thing. The pleasure in her cunt. It was that pleasure, Katie’s inability to control her cunt that had gotten her into this mess. And it was that same lack of control that Carol would amplify and make Katie a slave to. Her whole body tingled pleasantly as she thought about it and imagined the things that Katie would do to herself for that pleasure.

“How’s Rebecca?” Trent asked.

“Sleeping. In the morning, she’ll remember what happened, but she’ll be convinced that it was her fault. She’ll need reinforcement for some time, but I’m looking forward to it. Let’s talk about something else, first. Let Katie get comfortable.”

Trent set the tablet aside.

“Kevin,” Trent stated.

Carol nodded.

“He doesn’t actually love her,” she said. “Katie’s just a cute piece of ass. He’d already planned on dumping her when he leaves in the fall. He needs to be brought into the fold, though. It’s time to teach him.”

“And Cary?” Trent asked.

“He’s a loose cannon. That one is cruel for cruelty’s sake. I’ll use him on Rebecca. Don’t worry about him. I was actually thinking more of a long-term, possible problem.”

“That is?”

“Both of those idiots cum pasted Rebecca’s twat,” Carol said. “She doesn’t take birth control. She took some pills this morning, so that may have worked, but it’s possible one of them might have knocked her up.”

“Goddamn idiots,” Trent said.

“We’ll watch that situation and I’ll plan for it. Just in case.”

“I know you will.”

“Why don’t you get a hold of the boys?” Carol suggested. “You start on Kevin. He doesn’t need to know everything. He just needs to have his eyes opened to the possibilities. While you talk to him, just set Cary straight and then direct him toward Rebecca’s room. I’m sure he can keep himself busy.”

Trent cast a glance at Katie’s twitching body.

“Don’t worry,” Carol said, grinning. “She’ll be a lot of fun for you later.”

Trent kissed her and left the two women alone. Carol pulled a seat up next to the bed and took up the tablet. She quieted the audio and pulled one of the earbuds from Katie’s ear.

“Katie,” she said. “Can you hear me?”

Katie’s voice came out flat but clear, “Yes.”

“Do you know where you are, Katie?”

“I’m at summer camp,” Katie said.

“Good. Summer camp is very pleasant, isn’t it?”


“All of your friends are with you at summer camp, aren’t they?”


“I’m your camp counselor, Katie. I’m going to make sure that you have fun all summer long.”


“Who am I, Katie?”

“You’re my camp counselor.”

“Very good. I’m your counselor. Your counselor is here to make sure you have fun and that you have everything you need, alright?”


“My name is Miss,” Carol said. “Can you remember my name?”


“When you need something, who should you come to?”

“You, Miss.”

“That’s right. When you’re having fun, who do you have to thank for it?”

“You, Miss.”

“Part of my job is also to discipline you when you do something that is unsafe. If you do something unsafe, you won’t be having fun. You want to have fun at summer camp, don’t you?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“When you do something wrong and need to be disciplined, who is going to do it?”

“You, Miss.”

“That’s right. I’m in charge of summer camp, and I’m in charge of you. I make sure that you’re safe, and that you’re having fun. It’s important to listen to me, so you’re safe and having fun. You want to be safe and have fun, don’t you?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Why is it important to listen to me, Katie?”

“So that I’m safe and having fun.”

“When you do things that are unsafe, you might need to be disciplined. Discipline is important so that you’re safe and having fun. You want to be safe and you want to have fun, don’t you?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“What will happen when you do something that’s unsafe?”

“You’ll need to discipline me,” Katie responded.

“You don’t like to be disciplined, do you, Katie?”

“No, Miss.”

“You understand that it’s necessary, so that you have fun at camp, right?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“When I discipline you, you’ll know that it was your fault, won’t you?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Very good. Now, Katie, I’m going to have you help me make a chart. This chart is a list of activities that you enjoy, and those that you don’t. We’re going to use this chart to plan your activities for the summer. I want your time at camp to be filled with fun. Would you like to help me make a chart of all the things you most enjoy?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Thank you, Katie. Now, let’s begin.”



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