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New Title: Erica's Experiment

Welcome to release day! As with most things on this site, it's a little weird, a little sexy, and a bit dark. It's Erica's Experiment, the next story in the DomCo series.

Erica's Experiment is a tie-in story that introduces a new character to the series, who will also feature in Kayla 3. This story hits points from other books in the series, including Korrupting Kayla, Edge, and Love, Lust, and Erin. There is also a cameo appearance from Carly/Cuntly, who was introduced in Korrupting Kayla, Book Two. Poor Cuntly. She just never gets a break.

In Erica's Experiment, you'll be introduced to the mad scientist that runs the DomCo R&D Department, Erica. Few people in the world are like Erica, who was born with a gifted intellect. Her incredible intelligence has been turned toward building a brighter future for mankind, serving the vision of DomCo. She's used her skills to create the strange tech that makes the company's global domination possible. Haloes, brainwashing techniques, even Edge. There's seemingly nothing that Erica can't create. Or alter.

Erica has turned her attention on her sister, Tanya, and their parents, flawed and simple creatures that they are. She knows that she can fix them, make them better, and also give them what they want. Even if they don't know what that is themselves. With a little help from her gadgetry, Erica's family is finally going to be one that she can be proud of.

Enjoy this tale of family alteration with a touch of science run amok. Just don't trust Erica. She wants what's best for you, whether you like it or not.

Chapter Headings:

1. The Worst Part

2. The Third Strike

3. An Unfortunate Rescue

4. The Prodigy

5. Tanya's Choice

6. A Sister's Love

7. Erica's Alterations

8. Tanya's Troubles

9. Test Subject

10. Tanya's Training

11. The Great Machine

Kinks Served: Incest, Slut Transformation, Personality Modification, Humiliation, Degradation, Noncon, Bondage, Anal, Seduction

Chapter One: The Worst Part

Tanya was on her knees with her gross neighbor's belly bouncing against her face, and his stubby cock in her mouth. It was the fourth time this week. It wasn't even the first cock that had been pushed down her throat this week. And that wasn't the worst part.

Her younger sister, Erica, sat nearby, casually taking notes. Their father stood next to Erica, stroking his naked prick, while their mother drooled around a gag ball and unsuccessfully attempted to rub her cunt through a chastity belt. And that wasn't the worst part.

Tanya's body was quaking with an imminent orgasm, purely from having the disgusting man's dick in her mouth, and she wouldn't be able to stop it from happening. And that wasn't the worst part.

The worst part, in Tanya's mind, was the utter disgust that made her want to vomit. It was the way Erica had turned her oral fixation into this overwhelming need, and her aversion toward men into the ultimate way to attain sexual pleasure. The worst part was that Tanya was a lesbian, and she was going to have a pussy-squirting orgasm from sucking cock.

When it happened, their gross neighbor pulled Tanya's head tight against his crotch, smothering her with his belly, and that only made Tanya cum all the harder. She swallowed the man's spunk, her body shaking and cunt honey flowing, and the intense burst of pleasure that accompanied the terrible taste made her squeal around the dick in her mouth.

When Harold pumped the last drops of his load into her throat and stepped back panting, Tanya wiped a glob of cum from her lips and pushed it into her cunt. She lay back and fingered herself to another orgasm, while Erica nodded approvingly and tapped at the air in front of herself. Pushing the gross man's cum into her cunt had the same effect as sucking cock. Tanya's body convulsed, and she tossed her head back as the pleasure surged.

When she focused her eyes, Erica stood over her. Tanya could see up her sister's short skirt, to her bare pussy, and more than anything she wanted to push her tongue into it. That part would come later, only after their father had fucked Erica.

"I can see the disgust on your face," Erica said. "You aren't fixed yet, but we'll get you there. Maybe it's time Daddy fucked you. That might do it."

That would not do it. Despite the pleasure she got now from her own debasement and defilement, Erica couldn't make her not be a lesbian. Tanya was convinced of that. Erica was not. And no regular old dumb person was going to convince Erica that she was wrong. Because Erica was never wrong.



Ready to get your doodle fried by Erica's wickedness? Grab the finished novella in the shop!

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