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New Title: Sasha's Obsession, Deviant's Edition

Welcome back! It's a little later than I wanted it to be, but not by much. It's Sasha's Obsession like you've never read it before. This is no simple revision. It's no copy and paste and making bits better.

The Deviant's Edition of this story has been completely rewritten from the first word to the last. At double the length of the original, this new version of Sasha's story packs in double the depravity and darkness.

In 2015, in the wake of The Second Place Sister, I wanted to try my hand at a bit of incest hypno-kink, and also do a story that jumped into the dirty more quickly than The Second Place Sister. The premise of the story was sound, but the execution had tremendous flaws.

Sasha, as a character, has always stuck with me, however, and when her story won out in the reader poll I ran a few months ago, I knew it was time to set this story straight. I'm not one for rewrites in most cases. I prefer to let my mistakes stand.

For this one, though, I knew I'd have to make an exception. Sasha deserved no less. When I first posted Sasha's Obsession on Literotica, it carried the tagline, "Sasha is a pervert but she just can't help herself." Well, Sasha is still a pervert and this time she truly can't help herself.

So, let's talk about what's different here. Pretty much everything. The central characters, Mark and Sasha, are still the same. However, you'll find a much more compelling sibling dynamic in how they play off of each other's perversions.

The relationship, which was very one-sided and with Sasha as a bit more of a cardboard character, has completely changed. Sasha's personality really shines throughout this story, which is filled with the hallmark Hamlin traits of internal conflict and change. In my opinion, this Sasha now stands as one of the best Hamlin girls out there. She is certainly one of the most perverted. In fact, there is a running game between her and Mark throughout the story, to see which of them is the bigger pervert.

A few of the original scenes also made their way into the book, but not necessarily in the same order or happening in the same way. There is also the added element of Sasha and Mark's parents, who are present for the majority of the book. This aspect lends a new sexual tension and excitement to a lot of the story.

Sasha's hypno-slut recordings are back and a major part of the story. However, the origin and purpose of them is detailed in the beginning of the book. No longer will they be some mysterious thing left to explain later. You'll know exactly where they come from, why, and how they figure into how Sasha changes throughout the book.

All-in-all, only the bones of the original story still exist in the Deviant's Edition. For all intents and purposes, things are brand new. What does persist is the filth. This is a dirty, dirty story, just like the original. As Sasha becomes more perverted through the use of the brainwashing recordings, it only gets more so.

The original story had promise, but I don't feel like I was ready to write it. Now, I've taken that flawed thing and turned it into one of the hottest, dirtiest, and best stories on the site. I hope you'll enjoy Sasha's new obsession.


Sasha isn't your average girl. She's a girl with a dark fantasy that's swallowed up her mind and rules her thoughts. She wants—needs to be her brother's pet. His perfect slut. She needs to be owned by him. And loved.

Her obsession is a soul-consuming darkness, plaguing her with self-loathing. At the same time, she's intrigued by perverse sexual kinks. The more taboo, the hotter. When she stumbles across a website that offers to help her transform herself into a girl who's irresistible to any man, she knows that it's what will help her win her brother over. After all, what could go wrong with buying a self-hypnosis sexual training aid off the internet?

Chapter Headings

1. Sasha's Obsession

2. Rape Tape

3. Breakup

4. Wet Hole

5. Cunt Tease

6. The Shop

7. Scientipically Tested

8. Induction

9. Head

10. Beach Trip

11. The Subtle Art Of Fucking Your Sister

12. The Date

13. Groceries

14. Entertainment

15. Sasha's Toy

Chapter One: Sasha's Obsession

The sound of the headboard beat a rhythmic tap against the wall of Sasha's bedroom. As she did every night, she closed her eyes and fucked her cunt. Sometimes it was her fingers, while others it was with her toys. The things in her head were not just filthy. They were depraved, immoral, and wrong.

Thump… thump… thump…

Megan's fucking moan came through the wall, muted, but just loud enough for Sasha to hear. The moan became part of the fantasy, and in the fantasy, the sound came from her own mouth. It wasn't Megan taking Mark's cock. It was her. It should be her. It needed to be her. That fucking bitch. Cunt.

If someone could see into her fantasy, even for a second, they'd know the soul-consuming darkness within. They'd see her brother, holding back her legs and pushing his cock into her. Deep. So fucking deep. Hitting all those spots that the toy was hitting now. But the toy wasn't enough. It couldn't be enough. It wasn't Mark.

Thump… thump… thump…

"You like fucking that big dick, don't you, baby?" Mark's voice said through the wall.

"Yes…" Sasha whispered.

"Mm-hm," Megan agreed.

Sasha pushed the toy into her cunt, and the approaching orgasm brought on the chaos. Her familiar self-disgust quickly overshadowed the warm emotions. She sniffled and gasped, tears breaking through her tightly shut eyelids as the self-loathing knotted her gut. She yanked hard on one of her nipples.

"Fucking slut," she hissed. "Fucking filthy little slut!"

She didn't deserve the pleasure. The orgasm faded as she slid the toy from her cunt and slapped it with her hand, adding a wet smack to the sounds of the headboard's rhythm.

Thump… thump… thump…

On the other side of the wall, Megan got the orgasm. Mark's stupid, dark-haired girlfriend with her perfect fucking tan. Bitch. Cunt. But not a dirty, brother-lusting slut. Not like Sasha.

She pushed the toy back into her cunt. She might not deserve to cum, but she couldn't let the fantasy go. Not yet. Not when Mark was still fucking the wrong girl.

"Your pussy's so good," Mark said.

"It's your pussy," Sasha whispered and pushed her toy further. She pinched her clit to stave off the pleasure. "It's your fucking pussy, Mark!"

Through the thin wall, the voices became hushed, unintelligible, but Sasha could still hear the faint whispers. And the rhythm as Mark gave the bitch his cock.

Thump… thump… thump…

Sasha pictured her brother holding the girl, his body on top of her and her legs around him. They were close, wrapped in their little pleasure cocoon, his arm around her neck as he pressed her body to his. He was driving his cock into her with slow, measured thrusts, making her feel every inch of it. Megan shuddered and gasped out her pleasure in his ear, hot, rapid breaths as that pleasure worked its way through her core.

The tears rolled, hot and wet, down Sasha's cheeks. Hot and wet, like her pussy. Mark's pussy. The pussy that he should be deep inside right now. Not her.

Bitch. Cunt.

She squeezed one of her tits hard, and her body spasmed.

It was too close to stop now. Even the painful squeeze and the hard tug on her nipple couldn't stop it. They only made it better, somehow. It was something Sasha didn't understand, like so much about her fantasy.

Megan squeaked, trying to keep the sound of her pleasure low, but it wasn't enough. Sasha could hear it. It echoed in her head like the girl was in the bed next to her, taking that perfect cock, fucking the man that should be in Sasha's bed. The man that belonged in her bed.

Then Megan's pleasure peaked, and she squealed. Sasha choked on a sob as she came with her, and the intensity of her pleasure set off fireworks in her head when the sound of Mark's orgasm came seconds later.

"…Cumming," he said.

"Cum in me!" Sasha whispered. "Cum in me, Mark!"

Her orgasm, held off for so long, was leg-quaking and perfect. But with it were the tears that always came with the pleasure.

Sick. Sick little slut.

Sasha pulled the wet toy from her pussy and yanked the sheet over her naked body. The headboard was silent now, as were the sounds from the other side of the wall. If listening to Mark fucking his girlfriend was bad, the fantasy in Sasha's head now was even worse.

Mark was holding the girl in his arms, their naked bodies pressed together, sharing in the afterglow of that hot, sensual fuck. His arms were around her, his hand probably palming one of her insignificant little excuses for tits. But he was holding her, his fast-beating heart thumping against her skin, and his satisfied breath on her neck.

Megan's pussy had given him that feeling, provided release, contentment, and relaxation. Her body had been his, and Mark was now holding her to him and radiating his satisfaction at her performance. Her service. Her dedication.

It should have been Sasha. It was right, and it was wrong. It was so confusing. The pleasure and the tears, the knowledge of her own perversion, and never being able to understand why, were like a constant weight.

If Mark would just fuck her, take her, own her, the questions would go away. She'd have purpose. She'd have him. Like Megan had him right now.

Bitch. Cunt. Sick, twisted, perverted slut.

Chapter Seven: Scientipically Tested (Excerpt)

“Tell me about the outfits you got. List each one.”

Sasha groaned and squeezed his cock again, but she was his perfect slut. His slut sister.

“A black miniskirt with a top that says, Cum Whore,” she said.

“What did you think when you picked it out?”

“I thought about last night when you came on my face.”

Mark grinned and said, “Next?”

“A fishnet body suit.”

“Why that one?”

“I pictured you making me take out the trash wearing it. All the neighbors saw me. Mr. Jensen came over and pushed my head into the trash can and fucked me up the ass.”

Mark laughed out loud at that one and said, “Sasha, that’s a very dirty fantasy. How often do you fantasize about our neighbor raping you?”



“A pink princess dress with stockings and a tiara that says, ‘Birthday Girl’.”

Mark pushed his fingers into her cunt and asked, “Why?”

“I thought about you inviting all your friends to my birthday party. They all jerked off on my cake, and then they shoved my face into it and took turns fucking me up the ass.”

“Good girl,” Mark said. “Next?”

“A slutty wedding dress costume. I thought about marrying a sweet guy, but the day of the wedding you fucked me in the dressing room and sent me to marry him with your cum leaking down my legs.”

“You’re winning biggest pervert of the day. What else?”

“A white top that says, ‘Daddy’s Cunt,’ and a pleated pink skirt. I imagined Dad getting home from vacation to find me tied to his bed and blindfolded. I’d never know if he actually fucked me or if it was you.”


“A slutty Hooters girl uniform. I pictured you making me serve all your friends dinner. While they get to eat, I have to crawl under the table and suck all their cocks. You won’t let me eat anything but cum.”

“And the last one?”

“A cheerleader outfit. It’s red and has a big ‘S’ on the chest. S is for slut. You made me act like a cheerleader for your football get-together, and then your friends all gangfucked me while you filmed it. You put the video online and sold it to make money off my cunt like a virtual hooker.”

Mark jerked the car off the road into a gas station parking lot, quickly parked in a spot, and said, “Take off your panties and give them to me.”


Don't miss out on the completely new and rewritten Sasha's Obsession. It's darker, dirtier, longer, and crafted with the deviant in mind.

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