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Customer Satisfaction: Guest Post by All These Roadworks

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This story contains themes of non-consent.

If you're familiar with my work, you've likely read some of the exceptionally creative stories by the master of fetish fiction, All These Roadworks. He's the author of the exceedingly dark and twisted novels TitCage and The Lesbian Debt, and one of my personal favorites.

This story is copyright of All These Roadworks. Posted with permission of the author.

These works are erotica, not politics, and the author urges everyone to base their sexual and romantic interactions on a foundation of respect, equity, safety, and positive enthusiastic consent. Please click here for a comprehensive discussion of his content policy.

Yurizan was struggling to make ends meet as a local GP. She had too few patients, and the patients she did have just weren’t coming back. If she didn’t turn things around soon, she’d go bankrupt.

She identified customer satisfaction as the key. She needed to give patients a better experience. Searching online, she found a motivational self-hypnosis course, and over the next week she used sleep-training tapes, white noise, and self-repetition to implant a single idea in her head: “I will achieve 100% satisfaction.”

At the end of the week she felt driven and excited about her new initiative. She started handing out satisfaction surveys to her patients, to identify ways she could improve. However, she had not expected the results.

Most of her patients simply rated her as “fine”, with no further feedback. However, one elderly man had written, “Your bra was distracting.” A teenage boy had written, “show us your tits lol”. And that was the entirety of the specific feedback on the surveys.

Yurizan looked at the suggestions, pursing her lips. They weren’t serious, of course. And yet… the patients weren’t completely satisfied. And it was clear how to make them happier. The old man wouldn’t be distracted by her bra if she wasn’t wearing one. And the boy wanted to see her tits.

She tried to tell herself not to do it. It was stupid and whorish and humiliating. It wasn’t professional. She didn’t want to. It was embarrassing. But her brain said, “100% satisfaction”, and she couldn’t argue with it. So when the next male patient arrived, she took off her shirt and bra, and sat there with her tits bare, blushing.

It was an awkward interview. He stared at her tits the whole time. She prescribed him some antibiotics for his cough, and gave him a satisfaction survey. When he was gone, she looked at it, and glowed with happiness. He had given her a perfect rating, and written, “Nice boobs.”

After that, there was nothing for it. Topless became her new uniform for male patients. She let patient after patient stare at her tits. And she gave each of them a satisfaction survey.

At the end of the week, she read the results again. Her satisfaction from male patients had gone up dramatically. But there was a lot more written feedback. One man said, “Can I touch them?” Another said, “Nice fuckbags – but what about the cunt?” A third said, “Disappointed she didn’t check the health of my cock, and give it a taste test.”

When she saw that last comment, she quickly screwed up the paper and tried to pretend she hadn’t seen it. But she had. The patient was disappointed. He’d only given her a 4 out of 5 for satisfaction. And he’d made it clear what would have gotten her the fifth star.

She cried a little when she thought of what she had to do.

By this point, Yurizan was noticing that she was becoming very busy, and by now almost all of her patients were men, mostly repeat business. Often they didn’t really seem very sick at all, but she still gave them a check-up, like a professional.

Only, some of the ways she gave the check-up were not very traditionally professional. For instance, she was now nude for male patients. She would spread her legs when they looked at her, to give them a good view of her pussy. If they seemed interested in her tits, she would invite them to touch her. And every male patient got a close-up inspection of his cock, which would end with her kneeling in front of him and giving the tip of his dick a little lick, to see what it tasted like.

Licking her patients’ cocks was embarrassing enough, but sometimes the men would grab her head and force it down on their groin, penetrating her mouth with their phallus. They would facefuck her as she struggled, until they ejaculated in her mouth, then wipe their cocks clean on her cheek.

And what could she do about it? Go to the police? She couldn’t explain why her face had been near their cock to start with, or why she was nude. So she just thanked them for their visit. And anyway, these patients gave her very good satisfaction ratings.

Sometimes patients would have very odd medical conditions. One man told her that his wife had a condition of “bitchiness”, and he’d heard it could be cured in a woman by slapping her and smearing her own cunt juices over her face, so of course Yurizan had to help him test it. It hurt, to be slapped across the face, and it was humiliating to have him stick his fingers up her cunt and then smear her sex juices over her cheeks – and then of course she gave him the lick test, and he fucked her face – but the important thing was that he left satisfied.

Another man was worried that he couldn’t sustain an erection if he was fucking a woman who was crying, so of course Yurizan let him hurt her by slapping her tits till she was weeping, and then it turned out that he absolutely could stay hard enough to fuck her pussy until he came inside her.

But somehow 100% customer satisfaction eluded her. The men always had a way for her to improve. And when she eventually saw the feedback she had been dreading, she knew what she had to do. “I don’t like it when you pretend you’re not a stupid bimbo,” said one survey. “I want fucking you to be cheaper,” said another. “You make a better whore than a doctor,” said a third.

And so she spent the weekend making the applications to have her medical practice rezoned as a brothel. She put an ad out for other women to come and work alongside her in her quest to give men 100% satisfaction. And she tore up her medical degree, sat down nude at her computer, and Googled, “How to become stupider”….


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