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Cheerloathing, Part One

Cheerloathing is an epic-length erotic novel of betrayal, seduction, and duplicity. As something of a spiritual successor to The Second Place Sister, this story features lots of kink and deep characterization. Enjoy!

Kinks Served: Incest, Betrayal, Seduction, Humiliation, Personality Modification, Degradation, Bondage, Exhibitionism, Slut Transformation, Teasing, F/F, Group Sex, Gangbang, Consensual NonCon, NonCon, Reluctance, Orientation Kink

Chapter One: The Daddy Dynamic

Sara stood in front of the vanity mirror and primped her blond hair, then took her diamond studs and put them in the jewelry box. She caught the motion in the partially open bedroom door and gave her tits a little lift just for show. Daddy couldn’t help himself, and it was always so fucking obvious. If he’d just hold her down and fuck her, things would be so much better.

“You might as well just come in and look, instead of perving from the doorway like some kind of sick peeper,” she called.

The door opened and her father poked his head around it. His face was flushed, and Sara could see the bulge of his cock as he stepped inside, even though he awkwardly tried to cover it with his hands. Why he even tried, she couldn’t understand. He stepped up behind her and slid his hands around her waist.

The hands rested on her exposed tummy, just below the cut of her form-fitting cheer top, but it took him only a second to slide them further up. They covered her tits and squeezed them softly. His hard-on poked into her ass through her skirt.

“I told you before,” she said, “if the door’s open you can come in and look.”

Then she reached up and put her hands on his, pushed them into her tits, and then yanked them away, chiding him, “But that isn’t an invitation to touch, you dirty fuck.”

She wheeled around and slapped him across the face, delighting in his gasp of arousal and the following whine of discomfort from his hard dick. She pushed him back a step and leaned back against the vanity.

“Say you’re sorry, Daddy. Say you’re sorry for perving on me and you can have these to jerk off with when I leave.”

She raised her cheer skirt and hooked her thumb into the waistband of her panties. His eyes fell on the little patch of cloth, and she could see his imagination painting the image of the sexy, tight, slippery treasure just underneath.

“I’m sorry,” he croaked, “for perving on you.”

Sara took a step closer, putting her arms around his neck and leaning up on her toes. Her breasts crushed into his chest as her pink lips brushed his ear.

“Jason was here just before you got home,” she whispered. “My panties are full of cunt and spunk right now.”

She took his hand and guided it between her legs, pushing his fingers into the sodden crotch of her panties. She knew he’d feel the wet squish, the remains of the hot fucking she’d taken recently, under his trembling fingers.

“It’s too bad you were late from work,” she whispered, pushing his fingers into her cunt, working the wet crotch of the panties into it along with them. “I tried to wait, so you could stand outside my door and touch your cock while he fucked me. It was really hot.”

Her father groaned and she felt a tremor of jealous arousal shudder through him as her hand on his neck brushed the little hairs. She let his hand go but he continued to gently push the panties up her fuckhole, the wet remains of her fuck session squishing out around them to coat his fingers.

“He was really rough with me, the way I like. Not just with my pussy, either. He made me suck his cock for him and he was super mean about it.”

“Oh, god…”

“He called me names and made me cry, Daddy, really gross names. Bitch. Cunt. Cock sucker. He really shoved that dick into my mouth hard, the way you wish you could.”

“Did he… did he cum in… in your mouth?”

Sara giggled and whispered, “Yeah, and then he got hard again and came in my pussy. But you can feel that, right?”

She moved her lips over his and gave him a soft peck, then pulled back and looked into his eyes.

“Take them off,” she said. “Take off my panties and you can use them after I leave.”

Her father knelt in front of her. Sara lifted her skirt. His shaking hands slipped into the waistband of the sexy panties, and he peeled them down her legs. Sara lifted her feet and let him take them off. She reached behind her, took her spanks from the vanity, and pulled those up her legs, while her father stood, flushed and horny, looking at her messy panties.

She pressed herself against him again, one hand sliding around his neck and the other rubbing his cock through his pants.

“If you can manage not to jerk off until I get home, I’ll let you do it and watch me in the shower. Would you like that? Would you like to look at my tits and my ass while I wash them?”

She felt him nod and audibly gulp.

“If you jerk off, I’ll know, won’t I?” she whispered.


“Are you going to do it?”


“We’ll see about that,” she said and laughed. “I have to go.”

Sara let her father go, picked up her purse and phone, and then slid it open and tapped at the screen.

“Good luck,” she said and kissed his cheek as his phone pinged in his pocket.

She brushed past him and went out the door, leaving her father with a hard dick and sex-wet panties in his hand. He fumbled the phone from his pocket and hurried to look at the message she’d sent. It contained a video. He clicked.

The image of his daughter’s face filled the screen.

“Good luck not jerking off,” the video Sara said with an evil smile.

She stepped back and he could see her room, this room, from the viewpoint on top of the vanity. His daughter was nude as she joined a young man on her bed. Jason. He was standing on the bed with his naked cock out.

Sara knelt in front of him, and the young man took a fistful of her blond hair in his hand and guided her wet mouth to his prick. She squeaked as he forced its hard length into her and pulled her by the hair down his shaft until she sputtered, and her lips touched his crotch. There, he held her as he made sharp, hard thrusts into her throat.

“You raised a pretty good cockslut,” Jason called to the camera. “Look at what she can do. The cock sucker hardly even gags. Watch this.”

Jason pulled his spit-coated cock from Sara’s mouth and then plunged it back in roughly. Sara moaned but didn’t choke. He did it again, and again, commencing a rough, hard fucking of Sara’s face that soon had streams of thick spittle running from her chin to drip onto her tits. Sara took it all without so much as a cough, gag, or sputter.

Jason buried his cock in her throat again and held it there, while he issued a light slap to her face.

“Tell daddy you love sucking cock, cunt,” he ordered and slid his dick from her mouth.

With his fist in her hair, he turned Sara’s wet, teary-eyed face toward the camera and began to slap his cock against her cheek.

“I love sucking cock so much, Daddy,” she said.

Jason pushed his cock back into her mouth, pushing his cockhead into her cheek and making it bulge obscenely as he held her hair.

“Do you think daddy’s proud of you, cock sucker?”

Sara said, “Yeth,” around his stiff prick and drooled on her tits. “He’th tho pwoud ug me.”

Jason laughed and redirected his cock sucker’s mouth toward servicing his pole once more. Sara’s father hadn’t even realized that his own cock was out, and his daughter’s panties were wrapped around it, until he felt the sudden burst of orgasmic pleasure from his cock and added his own load to the panties. He groaned at the realization of his failure. Again.


Chapter Two: The Golden Rose

Diana liked the lakeside town of Shoreside Shoals more than she’d imagined. It wasn’t her first choice of either a place to live or to attend college, but after weighing the advantages, it was right. Being able to stay with her family, rather than go off to school alone, was one of those. Shoreside College was another, as the school fit her aspirations perfectly.

Shoreside College wasn’t the most illustrious university in the nation, certainly, but it was competitive in two things: Basketball and Cheer. The latter was exactly what Diana loved and was great at. While her twin sister, Carrie, was a natural on the tennis court, Diana had the athletic skill, flexibility, and raw talent that had made her a success in dance, gymnastics, and eventually, cheering.

The lack of any friends, however, for someone that had been popular for so many years, felt like being stranded on an island. Worse was that this place had little to nothing in the way of other things to do. The city they’d moved from, large as it was, had all kinds of stuff. In Shoreside Shoals, you either went out on boats, played bowling, or hung out at the mall. Compared to the malls in their previous city, the one here hardly fit the definition.

The thing that kept Diana’s spirits up today was her first practice with a new team. It was a chance to make friends and reclaim her place at the top of the social ladder. Being new and friendless sucked.

The tryouts had been a breeze, landing her an easy spot on the team. She’d sent audition tapes ahead of time. With her experience, history, and awards, the cheer coach and captain had given her an immediate decision. That decision had been a spot on the team.

After a walk across campus parking, Diana pushed through the doors of the gym, twenty minutes early, to make a good impression. Timing was everything in cheer and Diana didn’t want anyone to think she couldn’t keep time. Only a few girls were already here, lounging on the bleachers and watching the young men’s basketball team shoot around on the other side of the gym.

Diana strode to the bleachers with her bag and set it down, then turned to the three girls already seated on the bleachers chatting. One of the girls, a blonde, noticed her and stood up. The other two followed suit and approached.

“You’re the new girl,” the blonde said and put out her hand. “I’m Sara.”

“Diana,” Diana said, taking her hand.

“Shelly,” said a brunette, and then, “Dara,” the redhead added, each of them shaking her hand.

“Nice to see you’re punctual,” Sara said, reseating herself. “What position were you in?”

“Flyer,” Diana said, taking a seat with the other girls.

“Oh, looks like you have some competition, Sara,” Shelly cooed.

Sara shrugged and said, “We’re all a team. There’s enough limelight for everyone.”

More girls began to make their way over to the bleachers, taking seats, and introducing themselves. Only a handful of them were new to town, Diana learned, while the majority were locals. While they waited for the coach, the girls did their own cheering for the practicing basketball players.

One of those, in particular, stood out to Diana. The young man was quick, and agile, shucking past his teammates with quick fakes and dropping in lay-ups with ease. When he was well-guarded by multiple players, he dropped back and sank baskets with pinpoint accuracy.

“Jason’s on fire today,” Dara remarked.

“Jason?” Diana asked although she could already tell who Dara was talking about.

“Mr. Dreamy eyes over there,” Shelly said, indicating the young man. “Sara’s sexy boyfriend,” she added and nudged Sara’s shoulder.

“Ex,” Sara corrected. “That was almost two years ago.”

“Ex with benefits, from what I hear,” Shelly jested.

“You hear wrong,” Sara lied. “That’s locker room jock talk.”

Diana watched Jason slapping backs and helping his teammates until the coach and final squad members arrived. Shoreside Shoals team was a little smaller than Diana’s high school varsity team, consisting of ten girls. The coach, as well as two junior girls—the captain and co-captain—assembled in front of the rest.

“Welcome to first practice,” Coach Mallory said. “A lot of you know one another from your high school careers, but I know there are some new faces, too. Let’s do quick introductions, and then we’ll get down to some warm-ups and get an idea of what you all can do.”

The girls went around, introducing themselves, after which came stretching exercises. They were asked about their experience and the captain broke them up into two small groups on the mats. While the coach observed, she directed them through some tumbles, followed by basic stunts. Each mini squad of four went through the same exercises, while the others watched.

Diana watched Shelly, Dara, and Melanie work with Sara in one stunt group. Shelly and Dara made up the side bases, while Melanie took up the back spot. The stunts were basic, but Diana could see that Sara’s execution was flawless. Preps, extensions, libs, each one coming off as if she’d been born to it. Diana followed it up with her own stunt team, bringing off each basic stunt with equal skill.

By the end of the practice, Diana felt more like she fit in again. All of the girls seemed nice, complimentary, and helpful. It was great to be part of a team again, and felt even better to be whistled at and clapped for by the basketball players. Especially Jason, the really hot one.

Coach Mallory conferred with the captain and co-captain for several minutes as the girls chatted on the bleachers, then they stood in front. The girls all fell silent, waiting.

“After a lot of discussion, here’s how we’re going to structure positions,” Mallory said.

She held up a golden rose pin and continued, “This is a little school tradition. Our lead flyer wears the golden rose. As our primary front girl, it’s your… call it a badge of office.”

Sara and Diana shared a look, both of them anxious, but neither giving anything away.

“Lead flyer will be Diana. Sara, you’ll take the second position. Come on up!”

Diana and Sara stood and stepped off the bleachers. Both of them wore cheerful smiles a mile wide. Coach Mallory pinned the golden rose on Diana’s shirt and clapped her shoulder.

“You’re going to do great, honey,” she said. “I know you were a captain on your old squad, and I think you have what it takes to make it here, too.”

“Thank you, coach.”

Mallory turned to Sara and handed her a red rose, which she took and held in a hand that trembled slightly.

“It was a tough call, Sara,” Mallory explained. “You’re so ridiculously good. Don’t you dare go anywhere! You’re going to make this team rock.”

“Thanks, coach,” Sara said and turned to Diana. “Nice job!” she exclaimed.

“You, too! You kicked ass.”

They retook their seats and the coach handed out further positions, but Diana was too struck by her good fortune to listen. Eventually, with her bag on her shoulder, Diana made her way out of the gym, alone, but no longer feeling so isolated. Just outside the doors, Sara took up stride next to her.

“You’ve got some nice moves,” the blonde said.

“Thanks! You, too.”

“I can’t wait to see what we can do together.”

“Once we get it down,” Diana said, “I think we could be unstoppable.”

Sara nodded and said, “So, a few of us are going out on the lake tomorrow. Since you’re new, I thought you might want to come along. Assuming you don’t have any Saturday classes?”

“Really?” Diana asked, and then felt silly.

She knew she sounded much more desperate to hang out than she should.

“Sure,” Sara said. “No captains. They’re above all of us newbies, but Shelly and Dara will be there. And some of the B-ball boys,” she added with a grin.

Diana blushed, knowing exactly why Sara had mentioned them. She’d been gawking at Jason far too often.

“That would be cool,” Diana said, feigning nonchalance.

“What’s your number? I’ll text you the details.”

Diana gave her number and watched Sara punch it into her phone.

“Cool,” she said. “Hope we’ll see you there.”

Sara gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, which Diana thought was a little odd, but then, it was a small town. She slung her bag into the seat, feeling better than she had in weeks.

Across the lot, Sara slid behind the wheel of her car and clutched the red rose in her fist. She struck the wheel with the palm of her hand, growling once and choking on a sob. The rose, she crushed in her fist, then rolled down the window and threw it on the ground.



Enjoying this story so far? Cheerloathing is the biggest Tori Hamlin tale at the time of this publication. Sprawling over 61 chapters, this story is set in the DomCo world, and features cameo appearances by both heroes and villains in the series! Follow Diana's descent at the hands of the seductive and evil Sara and see just how much of a bitch the competition can be.

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