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New Title: Altering Annika

Hamlin gesticulated wildly to those kind enough to read the filth that poured from his mind and said, "So, there I was. Banging my head against the desk and trying to fit the pieces of Kayla Two into the bigger picture. All of a sudden, there was a down-on-her-luck, sexually confused young woman. Immediately, I knew, she had to be controlled, humiliated, and ruined."

The readers nodded, though they seemed confused. Hamlin could read their thoughts, though they were all over the world. We didn't ask for sexually-confused young women being turned into humiliated sex pets, they were thinking. Hamlin felt their dismay. It mirrored his own. He wanted them to read about Kayla's further slide into slutty servitude at the hands of her corporate overloads. He truly did.

However, when the pieces don't quite fit, one must sometimes create a new piece and put it somewhere else. Thus, Hamlin set about manically, and systematically, constructing the downfall of a woman named Annika. When duty calls, one rolls up his sleeves and sets about slutifying those that have no desire to be sluttified. And this is the result. Enjoy the preview.

Oh! Also, enjoy the many small DomCo easter eggs. While not an official DomCo title, this tale of lesbian domestication takes place in the same universe. You will get to see some of the many changes to society that DomCo is bringing about with stores, product placements, and consumer electronics.

Annika is down on her luck. She's broken up with her lesbian girlfriend and gone crawling back to her mother, destitute, homeless, and at the end of her rope. Only, her mother is nowhere to be found. She's no longer living with her boyfriend, Davis. Only Davis remains in the home that Annika grew up in.

Davis, however, isn't all that happy to see Annika, since she ran off to live in a lesbian relationship three years ago. Rather than simply turn the girl out in the streets, though, Davis offers Annika a choice. She can remain under his roof for a single night since Davis is a caring, compassionate, and generous man.

What will follow is a series of choices, ones that will lead Annika to become complicit in her own transformation from a punky lesbian with a bad attitude, into a domesticated sex doll.

Story Length: 26.2K words, Seven Chapters

Chapter Headings

  1. Annika (1,183 words)

  2. Just One Night (5,005 words)

  3. Adapting Annika (6,350 words)

  4. Adjusting Annika (6,585 words)

  5. Altering Annika (2,370 words)

  6. The Roommate (4,250 words)

  7. Tell You What (465 words)

Kinks served: Reluctance, Lesbian Domestication, Manipulation, Humiliation, Degradation, Pseudo-Incest, Bimbofication, Personality Modification

Chapter One: Annika

When Davis answered the door, the last thing he expected to see was a dirty girl with badly cut, short black hair, wearing tattered clothes and smelling like she hadn’t bathed in a week. The girl’s thin lips were fixed in the kind of frown that seemed like you couldn’t have scrubbed it away with all the sunshine, chocolate, and puppies in the Eastern United States. It was really more of a scowl, Davis decided, and it was a scowl that conveyed, at a glance, the sheer displeasure the girl felt at the sight of him. It was a displeasure that he reciprocated with a scowl of equal disgust and a simple question.

“What are you doing here, Annika?”

“I need to talk to my mom,” the unwashed girl replied.

Davis leaned against the doorframe and said, “Well, when you find her, let her know that I’ve got a few things to talk about, too. Like, why the fuck she took my dog.”

Annika took a moment to process this and then asked a question, which Davis had already answered. The question held a note of disappointment, tinged with anxiety.

“She lives here, doesn’t she?”

Davis shook his head.

“She up and left about six months ago. And she took my fucking dog. Did I mention that?”

“Where did she go?” Annika asked, ignoring the question.

“I feel like this is a one-sided conversation. If you find her, let her know I want the dog back. She can keep the money if she hasn’t already blown it.”

He moved to close the door.