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The Lesbian Cockslut

This story contains themes of nonconsent and reluctance

This story was such fun to write, that I'm actually planning to spin this out into a much longer version. Enjoy, and please take the time to add your thoughts to the poll!

When Cindy’s mother finally passed away, after a long and terrible battle with cancer, Cindy was left with little in the way of options. At eighteen years old, she’d dropped out of high school, which was boring, and stayed home with her ailing mother. Mother had not been pleased but had little energy to fight Cindy’s decision, instead woefully lamenting that her daughter would have very little chance at success in life when she was gone.

Cindy, who had gotten by so far on her good looks, only saw other pretty girls that lived lives of ease and luxury on social media and TV. Those girls just got to look cute, and people gave them clothes, apartments, and cars. Cindy, herself, had a few thousand Instagram and TikTok followers, who delighted in seeing her dance to mindless bimbo pop or racy hip-hop. In her pictures and videos, she showed her large tits and round ass in panties and bras, kept an Amazon wishlist, and some of her followers would buy her things.

It was this simple, silly fact that made Cindy think that she’d get by just fine in life if she grew her social media following. Her life plan was to continue dancing stupidly and taking photos of herself in bikinis and small panties so that people would supply her with free things for her mediocre efforts. Unfortunately, Cindy didn’t realize that these dreams were just that, dreams. Having such a lifestyle required hard work and patience, two qualities that Cindy had an aversion to.

What Cindy did not have an aversion to was pretty girls, because Cindy was a lesbian. Cindy loved to go down on hot girls and have them go down on her. Her pussy got hot when she passionately made out with other women, and loved a good cuddle, while she giggled and groped her girlfriends. Sadly, Cindy’s life changed drastically on the day her mother was gone.

Cindy did not want to live with her Aunt Lisa and Uncle Rob. The pair of them were, in her opinion, weirdos and bigots. Since Cindy’s coming out, Aunt Lisa had refused to speak with Cindy’s mother, because Aunt Lisa did not believe in lesbians, gays, or other-gendered persons. Unfortunately for Cindy, Aunt Lisa was the sole family she had left. Given that her rise to internet stardom was only in its infancy, Cindy either had to fend for herself or ask her Aunt Lisa for a place to stay.

“I loved my sister, despite the fact that she allowed you to carry on this lesbian nonsense of yours,” Aunt Lisa said, after the funeral, “so I’m going to offer you, this once because it’s the right thing to do, a place to stay while we sort this whole business out.”

“Really?” Cindy asked, tearfully, “Thank you, Aunt Lisa. I didn’t know what to do. I promise that I’m going to be really famous one day soon, and I’ll pay you back.”

Aunt Lisa only rolled her eyes at this and said, “We’ll talk about the arrangements later. Let’s just show some respect for now.”


Cindy arrived in her mother’s car, at the home of her Aunt Lisa and Uncle Rob. She had two suitcases with clothes and little else. Aunt Lisa showed her to a bedroom, and again Cindy expressed her thanks. Uncle Rob took the suitcases past Cindy’s bedroom.

“Uncle Rob, those go in here,” Cindy called.

“No, they don’t,” Uncle Rob replied, without further explanation.

“Sit down, Cindy,” Aunt Lisa commanded, “We need to have a talk about the arrangements of your stay.”

Cindy, confused, took a seat on the bed.

“You have two options,” Aunt Lisa said, “You can stay here, and you’ll follow my rules, or you can go make your own way and have your own rules. It’s your decision and no one is going to force you.”

“Um, okay. What rules?” Cindy asked.

“First, you know exactly where I stand on this lesbian business. If you stay here, you’re not going to be lesbian. Girls who only fuck girls are useless for populating God’s earth. That’s a woman’s place, not at the head of some company, or out there slutting around with other girls and keeping her pussy off limits for good men to pump babies into.”

Cindy was appalled, her jaw dropping, but Aunt Lisa was far from finished. Uncle Rob returned at this point, holding some weird leather and metal thing in his hand.

“Second, to make sure you aren’t sneaking in other girls to lick your cunt, you’re going to wear this chastity belt,” Aunt Lisa explained.

Uncle Rob presented the thing to his wife, who took it and showed it to Cindy.

“What… what is that?” Cindy cried, “I don’t want to wear that!”

“You don’t have to wear it,” Aunt Lisa said, “but if you don’t you aren’t living here.”

“But… but…” Cindy sputtered.

“That’s the rule, girl. Take it or leave it,” Aunt Lisa said with finality.

“But, I can’t! I have to do my videos to be an influencer, and I can’t wear that!” Cindy argued.

“Actually, we have some ideas about that,” Aunt Lisa countered, “and we’re going to help you with this influencer business. But you’re going to wear that belt if you stay here.”

Cindy began to sob and argued, “It isn’t fair!”

“It’s not fair that I have to take care of a girl that wants to do nothing but take trashy pictures and lick cunt,” Aunt Lisa said, “but here we are. Now, what will it be?”

Cindy looked at the belt, looked at the door, and looked out the window at the wide and scary world.

“I… I guess I’ll wear it,” she said, sadly.

Aunt Lisa nodded. She produced a document for Cindy to sign.

“This is a consent form that states that your Uncle Rob and I will be managing your accounts and that you’ve chosen to abide by the terms of our living arrangements, which are spelled out in detail in this document.”

She passed the document to Cindy. It was very heavy, bound, and filled with many complicated words. Cindy flipped through it but it seemed like gibberish.