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The Lesbian Cockslut

This story contains themes of nonconsent and reluctance

This story was such fun to write, that I'm actually planning to spin this out into a much longer version. Enjoy, and please take the time to add your thoughts to the poll!

When Cindy’s mother finally passed away, after a long and terrible battle with cancer, Cindy was left with little in the way of options. At eighteen years old, she’d dropped out of high school, which was boring, and stayed home with her ailing mother. Mother had not been pleased but had little energy to fight Cindy’s decision, instead woefully lamenting that her daughter would have very little chance at success in life when she was gone.

Cindy, who had gotten by so far on her good looks, only saw other pretty girls that lived lives of ease and luxury on social media and TV. Those girls just got to look cute, and people gave them clothes, apartments, and cars. Cindy, herself, had a few thousand Instagram and TikTok followers, who delighted in seeing her dance to mindless bimbo pop or racy hip-hop. In her pictures and videos, she showed her large tits and round ass in panties and bras, kept an Amazon wishlist, and some of her followers would buy her things.

It was this simple, silly fact that made Cindy think that she’d get by just fine in life if she grew her social media following. Her life plan was to continue dancing stupidly and taking photos of herself in bikinis and small panties so that people would supply her with free things for her mediocre efforts. Unfortunately, Cindy didn’t realize that these dreams were just that, dreams. Having such a lifestyle required hard work and patience, two qualities that Cindy had an aversion to.

What Cindy did not have an aversion to was pretty girls, because Cindy was a lesbian. Cindy loved to go down on hot girls and have them go down on her. Her pussy got hot when she passionately made out with other women, and loved a good cuddle, while she giggled and groped her girlfriends. Sadly, Cindy’s life changed drastically on the day her mother was gone.

Cindy did not want to live with her Aunt Lisa and Uncle Rob. The pair of them were, in her opinion, weirdos and bigots. Since Cindy’s coming out, Aunt Lisa had refused to speak with Cindy’s mother, because Aunt Lisa did not believe in lesbians, gays, or other-gendered persons. Unfortunately for Cindy, Aunt Lisa was the sole family she had left. Given that her rise to internet stardom was only in its infancy, Cindy either had to fend for herself or ask her Aunt Lisa for a place to stay.

“I loved my sister, despite the fact that she allowed you to carry on this lesbian nonsense of yours,” Aunt Lisa said, after the funeral, “so I’m going to offer you, this once because it’s the right thing to do, a place to stay while we sort this whole business out.”

“Really?” Cindy asked, tearfully, “Thank you, Aunt Lisa. I didn’t know what to do. I promise that I’m going to be really famous one day soon, and I’ll pay you back.”

Aunt Lisa only rolled her eyes at this and said, “We’ll talk about the arrangements later. Let’s just show some respect for now.”


Cindy arrived in her mother’s car, at the home of her Aunt Lisa and Uncle Rob. She had two suitcases with clothes and little else. Aunt Lisa showed her to a bedroom, and again Cindy expressed her thanks. Uncle Rob took the suitcases past Cindy’s bedroom.

“Uncle Rob, those go in here,” Cindy called.

“No, they don’t,” Uncle Rob replied, without further explanation.

“Sit down, Cindy,” Aunt Lisa commanded, “We need to have a talk about the arrangements of your stay.”

Cindy, confused, took a seat on the bed.

“You have two options,” Aunt Lisa said, “You can stay here, and you’ll follow my rules, or you can go make your own way and have your own rules. It’s your decision and no one is going to force you.”

“Um, okay. What rules?” Cindy asked.

“First, you know exactly where I stand on this lesbian business. If you stay here, you’re not going to be lesbian. Girls who only fuck girls are useless for populating God’s earth. That’s a woman’s place, not at the head of some company, or out there slutting around with other girls and keeping her pussy off limits for good men to pump babies into.”

Cindy was appalled, her jaw dropping, but Aunt Lisa was far from finished. Uncle Rob returned at this point, holding some weird leather and metal thing in his hand.

“Second, to make sure you aren’t sneaking in other girls to lick your cunt, you’re going to wear this chastity belt,” Aunt Lisa explained.

Uncle Rob presented the thing to his wife, who took it and showed it to Cindy.

“What… what is that?” Cindy cried, “I don’t want to wear that!”

“You don’t have to wear it,” Aunt Lisa said, “but if you don’t you aren’t living here.”

“But… but…” Cindy sputtered.

“That’s the rule, girl. Take it or leave it,” Aunt Lisa said with finality.

“But, I can’t! I have to do my videos to be an influencer, and I can’t wear that!” Cindy argued.

“Actually, we have some ideas about that,” Aunt Lisa countered, “and we’re going to help you with this influencer business. But you’re going to wear that belt if you stay here.”

Cindy began to sob and argued, “It isn’t fair!”

“It’s not fair that I have to take care of a girl that wants to do nothing but take trashy pictures and lick cunt,” Aunt Lisa said, “but here we are. Now, what will it be?”

Cindy looked at the belt, looked at the door, and looked out the window at the wide and scary world.

“I… I guess I’ll wear it,” she said, sadly.

Aunt Lisa nodded. She produced a document for Cindy to sign.

“This is a consent form that states that your Uncle Rob and I will be managing your accounts and that you’ve chosen to abide by the terms of our living arrangements, which are spelled out in detail in this document.”

She passed the document to Cindy. It was very heavy, bound, and filled with many complicated words. Cindy flipped through it but it seemed like gibberish.

“You can read over it tonight. I don’t want you to sign anything without having the time to read it. I’ll serve dinner at 6:00. Tomorrow morning, you’ll give me your answer.”

Cindy did try to read the extensive document, but it was very boring. Instead, she spent the evening trying to find an alternative living arrangement. However, none of Cindy’s “friends” really wanted to have a homeless girl with no real plans for the future living off of them. Disheartened, Cindy signed the document the next morning, intent on making her social media career a success and getting out of her predicament as quickly as possible.


She handed the document over that morning and, after breakfast, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Rob took her back to her bedroom. Aunt Lisa carried the belt but handed it to Uncle Rob.

“Take off your clothes, so Uncle Rob can put on your belt,” Aunt Lisa instructed.

“What? No!” Cindy protested.

“No? You just signed the contract. This is part of it. You can break the contract, but then, since you just signed over all future earnings from your ‘career’ to Uncle Rob and I, you’ll need to find somewhere else to live and another line of work.”

“But I didn’t…” Cindy began, then stopped.

She, actually, had no idea what she had done because she hadn’t read any of it.

“That isn’t fair!” she protested, again.

“What else isn’t fair?” Aunt Lisa asked and looked expectant.

“That… that you have to take in a girl that takes trashy pictures and… and licks cunt,” Cindy said, blushing.

Aunt Lisa nodded and said, “Now, take off the clothes and let Uncle Rob put on your belt.

Cindy dithered, then slid down her shorts, her skin flushed crimson as the two of them stared at her bare legs and panties.

“All of them,” Aunt Lisa commanded.

“But I’ll be naked,” Cindy argued.

“I have other clothes for you,” Aunt Lisa explained.

Cindy, sobbing, stripped off her top, then fumbled with her bra. She covered her tits with her arm and tried to wiggle out of her panties, too, eventually managing to get them down her legs and kick them off. Uncle Rob stepped forward with the belt and knelt, inhaling the scent of Cindy’s pussy as he invited her to step into the belt.

Cindy complied, wiping at her tears, and allowed her uncle to slide the weird thing up her legs. Cindy gasped as a little protrusion slid into her cunt. He fit it tightly about her sex and clicked a lock. Aunt Lisa took her clothes from the bed and Uncle Rob left the room.

“Now,” Aunt Lisa said, “when you have to do your business or take your shower, you’ll ask Uncle Rob to unlock your belt. If you don’t, then you can just piss yourself and then you’ll clean up your mess.”

“That’s weird!” Cindy argued.

“Being a cunt sucker is weird,” Aunt Lisa shot back, cruelly, “but it’s a weird world we live in.”

Uncle Rob returned with a top and handed it to Cindy. Cindy held it up. The top was very small.

“It won’t fit,” she complained.

“It will,” Aunt Lisa assured her.

Cindy struggled to get the top on over her tits, and eventually managed it, but the top fit very tightly and painfully crushed her breasts together. The belt suddenly began to vibrate, sending a surprise wave of pleasure into Cindy’s pussy.

“What is that?” she cried.

“It’s a vibrator,” Aunt Lisa explained.

Cindy tugged at the belt, the lock, and then she dropped to her knees and screeched as the vibrations turned to a horrible jolt of electric pain and she began to cry.

“You shouldn’t try to take it off or mess with the lock,” Aunt Lisa explained, “or it will zap you.”

“Why?” Cindy cried.

“Because it’s useful,” Aunt Lisa said and offered no further explanation.

The belt began to vibrate her twat once more and Cindy struggled back to her feet.

“Now, lay on the bed, so Uncle Rob can take your picture,” Aunt Lisa said.

“My picture? No!” Cindy argued.

“This is part of your new career, Cindy,” Aunt Lisa said, calmly, “You agreed to this. From now on, Uncle Rob and I will manage your content.”

“That’s not my content!” Cindy protested.

Aunt Lisa held up a remote and said, “We can also shock your cunt with this.”

Cindy quickly lay on the bed. Uncle Rob took a photo of her humiliated face, crushed tits, and her pussy locked in the belt.

“Now, you just watch TV for the rest of the day,” Aunt Lisa said, “I’ll call you down for lunch.”

Uncle Rob turned on the TV with a remote, which he pocketed, and Cindy’s latest horror began. The TV began to play a video of hardcore porn. The girl on the screen moaned loudly as a big man held tightly to her hips and roughly thrust his cock into her. Her melons bounced and wobbled as he fucked her.

“What is this?” Cindy asked, appalled.

“The only reason you think you’re a lesbian is that you haven’t had your pussy fucked,” Aunt Lisa said, “You’re not going to watch girls lick cunt around here.”

“I don’t want to watch porno!” Cindy protested, “It’s gross!”

“Well, this is part of your job now,” Aunt Lisa explained, and Uncle Rob took a photo of Cindy watching the porn.

“Please,” Cindy begged, “Please don’t make me watch it. I’ll… I’ll go get a job somewhere. I’ll pay you rent, just… don’t make me watch it.”

Aunt Lisa held up the remote.

“No! I’ll… I’ll watch it,” Cindy backpedaled.

“Good girl,” Aunt Lisa said, “Now, Uncle Rob is going to sit with you while you watch the movie.”

Cindy paled, looking at her uncle, but she knew better than to argue. Uncle Rob joined her on the bed, settling himself with his back to the headboard. Cindy yelped as the big man pulled her back against his chest, her ass between his spread legs. She flushed, humiliated, as she felt his hard cock. Her uncle reached around and began to grope Cindy’s tits through the top as he watched the porno with her.

“What are you doing?” Cindy yelled and shook herself free, rolling off of the bed, furious.

“He’s doing his job,” Aunt Lisa said, “Now get back there so I can get a good picture of him squeezing your tits.”

“No! That’s… that’s gross and it’s wrong!” Cindy argued.

Aunt Lisa touched the remote and Cindy crumpled, a painful jolt shocking her cunt. She cried as she crawled back onto the bed and sat back between Uncle Rob’s legs.

“Good girl,” Aunt Lisa said, and then the belt began to vibrate her pussy once more.

Uncle Rob’s big hands began to squeeze Cindy’s melons, while Aunt Lisa took a few pictures of it.

“I’m going to start working on your new content,” Aunt Lisa explained, “You just keep watching your movie with Uncle Rob. I’ll come to get you for lunch.”

She left the room and Cindy continued to sob, while Uncle Rob squeezed and groped her tits, tugging on her nipples and breathing into her ear. On the screen, yet another porno girl was having a big dick repeatedly shoved into her wet and creaming snatch. The horrible belt continued vibrating Cindy’s pussy, occasionally altering its pattern and making her cunt throb. To her horror, it began to get wet.

For over two hours, Cindy watched the disgusting porno, while Uncle Rob molested her tits and whispered in her ear.

“Look at the little slut cum on that cock. She’s so good for him. Watch! She’s going to cum again.”

“She’s a real anal whore, isn’t she? Can you believe how easily she orgasms from that dick up her ass?”

“Watch his cock, Cindy. Watch it go inside her pussy. See? She’s so good. That’s what pussy is for. Pussy is for men to fuck.”

“See how much she likes sucking it? All girls want to suck on cocks, Cindy. It’s natural. Being lesbian is a lie. Lesbians are just girls that haven’t been shown how to suck and fuck cock, yet.”

Cindy stayed silent through Uncle Rob’s taunting, ashamed of the wetness in her pussy, even though she knew it was just because of the belt. She hated the way that her Uncle’s hands on her breasts only made her more aroused. With him behind her, she tried to imagine that it was one of her girlfriends, but his constant whispering in her ear dashed that fantasy away rapidly.

“Is your pussy wet, Cindy?” Uncle Rob asked, and touched it through the belt, “Is your little lesbian pussy hot and wet? You can tell me. Tell Uncle Rob that you have a wet lesbian pussy.”

Cindy did not tell him that she had a wet, lesbian pussy, but it was wet. His hands continued to explore the rest of her body as she drank in the filthy porn, touching her bare tummy, and her legs, but mostly squeezing her large tits.

“Your tits are so big and firm,” he whispered, “They’re perfect for fucking. Can you just imagine a nice, fat cock sliding between these tits? I can imagine it.”

The screen showed a busty blonde teen, about Cindy’s age, and her large udders were mashed together by her hands. A man’s cock vigorously pumped between the valley of her tit-flesh, which he would spit into to ease his masturbation. The stupefied girl looked as though this were the most exciting thing she could imagine as if having a cock roughly shoved between her breasts was the life she’d always dreamed of.

“Repeat after me Cindy,” Uncle Rob said, “Tits are for fucking.”

Cindy did not repeat the words. Uncle Rob showed her the remote and reiterated, “Repeat after me, Cindy.”

Cindy nodded, afraid.

“Tits are for fucking,” he said.

“Tits are for fucking,” Cindy repeated, as the man pumped his erection between the girl’s tits.

“Tits are for sucking.”

“Tits are for sucking,” Cindy said.

“Tits are for slapping.”

“Tits are for slapping,” Cindy sniffled.

“Tits are for milking.”

“Tits are… for milking,” she repeated.

“Tits are for men to grab while they fuck me.”

“Tits are… please don’t make me say that, Uncle Rob!”

“Tits are for men to grab while they fuck me,” he said again.

“Tits are for… men to grab while they… they fuck me,” she repeated and sniffled.

“Good girl,” Uncle Rob said and clicked the remote.

The vibrator in the belt kicked up in intensity and Cindy gasped as it made her cunt spasm. She shook in his arms as he groped her tits. The pattern changed, ramping up, sending waves of intense pleasure through her locked-up cunt.

“My pussy needs cock daily,” Uncle Rob said.

“My pussy… needs… cock daily,” Cindy repeated.

“My pussy gets wet for cock.”

“My pussy gets wet for… for cock.”

“I want men to cum in my pussy.”

“I want men to… to cum… in my pussy,” Cindy repeated, then ground her teeth as the vibrator pushed her toward a reluctant orgasm.

She didn’t want to cum, not like this, not while watching porno and her uncle molesting her.

“My pussy needs to be fucked,” Uncle Rob said.

“My pussy needs… to be fucked,” Cindy repeated.

“Please fuck my pussy, Uncle Rob.”

“Please don’t, Uncle Rob, please,” Cindy begged.

Uncle Rob showed her the remote, his finger alternating between the two buttons. One of those was pain, the other was pleasure. Cindy watched his finger go between them and he asked, “Which one do you want?”

“Please… please fuck my pussy, Uncle Rob,” Cindy said.

He clicked a button and the belt went up again. Cindy’s back arched away from his body, but he held firmly to her breast with one hand and held her across her tummy with the other.

“Again,” he commanded.

“Please fuck my… pussy… Uncle Rob,” Cindy said again.

“Again,” he growled.

“Please fuck my pussy… Uncle Rob,” Cindy repeated and gripped his legs tightly as she fought the orgasm.

“Again,” he said.

Cindy repeated the words, then again, and again, and again, until she couldn’t hold back the forced pleasure anymore. She grunted and orgasmed as her uncle squeezed her tits, and came violently as she watched a porn girl get railed hard by multiple men, in every hole. The girl’s cum-coated face stared out of the screen at Cindy as she asked her uncle to fuck her pussy, as he held her and made the belt force her to orgasm. Cindy jerked in his arms and sobbed, even as she came.


Cindy ate her lunch from a dog bowl on the floor, with the belt on a low setting, keeping her pussy reluctantly aroused. Aunt Lisa took several photos of her eating from the bowl, then more photos of her ass and pussy, locked in the cruel belt. After lunch, Cindy had to use the bathroom, but she didn’t want to ask. She shuffled about on her knees, looking up at the table, unsure of what to do with herself. Aunt Lisa looked down at her.

“Yes, Cindy? Do you need something?” she asked.

“I… I have to go,” Cindy said, blushing.

“You need to potty?” Aunt Lisa asked.

Cindy nodded.

“Ask Uncle Rob to take you potty and help you shower,” Aunt Lisa said.

Her aunt recorded Cindy, on her knees, as she asked, “Uncle Rob, may I please go potty and take a shower?”

“Of course, Cindy,” Uncle Rob said, and pulled Cindy up.

Aunt Lisa followed, and then took more photos of Cindy taking off the too-tight top, and baring her tits. More photos followed, showing Uncle Rob unlocking the belt and taking it off. Uncle Rob started the shower. Yet more pictures cemented Cindy’s humiliating predicament, as her aunt captured her using the toilet. Once she was finished, she had to allow her uncle to clean her ass and cunt for her, like a child, before he put her in the shower.

Aunt Lisa took another photo, while Uncle Rob took off his clothes. He stepped into the shower with Cindy, who recoiled.

“What… what are you doing?” she shrieked, certain that he was about to rape her.

“We’re going to get clean,” Uncle Rob explained and picked up a bar of soap.

“I can do it myself!” Cindy argued.

“I’m going to do it for you,” Uncle Rob explained, brooking no argument, “Or you can leave the house just like you are.”

Cindy looked to her aunt for help, then felt stupid. Of course, Aunt Lisa would be no help. She took a picture. Cindy deflated and, instead, began to sob as Uncle Rob lathered the soap onto her body. He stood behind her and pulled her naked body against him, running the soap over her breasts, her tummy, and then her pussy.

Cindy jerked when he put one hand on her cunt and began to clean it vigorously with his fingers, while his other hand mauled her tit. Aunt Lisa took several photos. While he “helped” Cindy to clean her pussy, he had her recite her words.

“Can you tell Aunt Lisa your special words?” he asked.

“What?” Cindy asked back, confused.

“The special words that made your pussy cum while we watched the movies,” Uncle Rob reminded her.

Cindy flushed as her uncle rubbed his soapy fingers between her slit and tugged on her nipple.

“I don’t… don’t want to say that,” she protested.

Uncle Rob painfully squeezed her nipple.

“Please fuck… my pussy… Uncle Rob,” she cried.

“Good girl,” he said, and pushed two of his large fingers into her wet fuckhole, “Your pussy is very wet, Cindy. Tell Uncle Rob what your wet pussy wants.”

“Please… fuck my pussy… Uncle Rob,” she sobbed.

Uncle Rob stroked his fingers in her cunt, and rubbed her clit, the long torture from the belt having kept her wet and hot.

“Tell Uncle Rob you want to cum for him,” he growled.

“I want to cum… for you Uncle Rob,” she said.

“Good girl,” he said and continued expertly rubbing her pussy.

Having been on edge for another two hours, without being allowed to cum, Cindy orgasmed from the stimulation as Aunt Lisa took her picture.


The entirety of the night was taken up with further porno. Uncle Rob put Cindy back in her belt and she watched straight porn, this time incest-themed, in which brothers pounded their sisters, fathers plowed their daughter’s holes, or mothers submitted to hard cockings from their sons. Uncle Rob continued to molest Cindy’s tits, bare under his hands now, while Aunt Lisa photographed her.

As she watched a long series of blowjob videos, Uncle Rob gave her new phrases to repeat.

“My mouth is for sucking cock,” Uncle Rob said.

“My mouth is for sucking cock,” Cindy repeated.

“I want men to cum in my mouth.”

“I want men to cum… in my mouth,” Cindy said.

“Please fuck my mouth, Uncle Rob.”

“Please fuck my mouth, Uncle Rob,” Cindy said, her resistance fading.

It was useless, she understood. She would have to sit here and let her uncle molest her tits and make her say dirty things, or they’d just shock her cunt.

“Please fuck my mouth, Uncle Rob,” she said again, and then again.

At dinner time, Cindy sat on her knees on the floor, with her hands held up like little paws, begging for her bowl. Aunt Lisa set it on the table.

“From now on, if you want your food, you’re going to have to take care of Uncle Rob’s hard cock for him. It’s been hard all day from you acting like a slut and teasing him.”

“I didn’t…” Cindy began and then shut her mouth.

“How you do it is up to you,” Aunt Lisa explained, “With your hand, your mouth, your cunt, or your ass. But you can’t use the same method twice in one day.”

“No!” Cindy cried, horrified, but Aunt Lisa shocked her cunt.

Cindy wailed and clutched at her locked-up pussy, but then it began to vibrate again. Uncle Rob stood up and pulled out his cock. Cindy, tearfully, stared at it, revolted.

“Hand, mouth, cunt, or ass?” Aunt Lisa asked.

Cindy, tentatively, reached out her hand and touched his cock. She’d watched dozens of girls stroking cocks today, so she understood the basic method. Still, she did not want to touch his cock, let alone jerk him off.

“I… I can’t,” Cindy said.

“Then no supper tonight,” Aunt Lisa said and took the bowl away.

Cindy, her stomach growling, allowed Uncle Rob to take her back upstairs. He got her ready for bed by removing the belt, which made Cindy very glad. She imagined that she might be able to lay in bed, without the disgusting porno, and masturbate to a fantasy of one of her girlfriends licking her cunt. She was wrong.

Uncle Rob instructed her to lay on the bed, nude. He took a length of soft cord from the bedside table and wrapped it around her wrists, then secured them to the headboard. Cindy sobbed but didn’t fight it. He pulled the blanket over her, resumed the porno movies, and then got into bed with her. As the porno played and the girls moaned and screamed, Uncle Rob spooned her and put his big hand on her tit.

He guided his cock between her legs and Cindy whimpered, sure that she was going to be raped now. He did not push his cock into her, though. Instead, he nestled his pulsing cockhead at the entrance to her pussy and let it rest there. He resumed groping her tits and tugging at her nipples, making them stiffen. Then, he began to slowly thrust his cock back and forth between the slit, the lips of her pussy spreading and coating its length with girl cum. The hours of stimulation from the belt had made her embarrassingly wet, allowing his penis to slip easily back and forth along her gash.

The head of his cock bumped against her clit on every thrust, sending little jolts of pleasure up her body. Her uncle held her tightly, squeezing her melons and pushing his cock between her wet lips as Cindy tried to ignore it.

“Say your words,” Uncle Rob whispered in her ear.

“Please,” Cindy begged, weakly.

“Say your words,” he said again.

Cindy sniffled and then repeated the words, “Please fuck… my pussy… Uncle Rob.”

“Good girl. Again.”

“Please fuck my pussy, Uncle Rob,” she said again.

Uncle Rob continued to massage his penis gently with her wet folds, his cock bumping her clit and his hand groping her tits.

“Keep going,” he commanded, “Until I tell you to stop.”

“Please fuck my pussy, Uncle Rob,” she said again.

Cindy repeated the words, over and over, as the girls on the TV moaned, orgasmed, and her uncle used her pussy to wet his cock. Finally, he rested his cockhead just inside the entrance to her pussy. The tight little hole slid just over the crown, and Cindy struggled weakly against the bonds. Uncle Rob raised her leg and put it over his, then began to frig her clit with one hand as he made her continue saying the words.

“Please fuck my pussy, Uncle Rob,” she hissed.

Despite the awfulness of it, the hours of stimulation and the need to cum were more than Cindy could handle. She orgasmed on his fingers, with her uncle’s jerking, flaring cockhead just inside her virgin pussy, squealing like one of the porno girls.


The next morning, Uncle Rob and Aunt Lisa took more photos of her using the toilet, and then of Uncle Rob “cleaning” Cindy in the shower. Cindy was put back in the belt and taken down to the kitchen. Here, Aunt Lisa had a new humiliation for her. Her aunt placed a pink collar around Cindy’s neck, complete with a small tag that said, “Candy,” in girly letters.

“What is this?” Cindy asked, appalled.

“It’s your new outfit,” Aunt Lisa explained, “Since you signed a power of attorney over to us in the paperwork, I’ve applied to have your legal name changed to Candy Kisses.”

“No!” Cindy cried, but Aunt Lisa held up the remote.

“It will take a little time to process, but in a few days, everything will be in order. From now on, you’re Candy.”

Candy felt too tired to argue against it. It had been terribly difficult to sleep with the loud porno playing, Uncle Rob squeezing her tits, pushing his cock through her pussy lips, and rubbing her fuck button until she orgasmed. Now, the vibrator was back in her cunt and her stomach was rumbling.

“Can I please eat?” Candy asked.

“Of course,” Aunt Lisa said and put the bowl on the table, “How are you going to get Uncle Rob’s cock taken care of for him? I understand you were quite the little cocktease last night.”

Candy blushed deeper, but bit back any reply. Uncle Rob pulled his hard cock out and put it inches from her face. Candy looked at it, then reached out a hand. She didn’t want to do it, but she was so hungry. She put her hand around his warm, throbbing erection.

Slowly, she began to pull on it, feeling the skin move back and forth in her hand. Uncle Rob groaned, his cock aching from teasing himself against her pussy all night. He reached down and adjusted her grip, then Candy continued to pump his cock for him.

“Tell Uncle Rob you want him to cum for you,” Aunt Lisa instructed.

“I want you to cum for me, Uncle Rob,” Candy said.

“Good girl. Keep going,” Aunt Lisa encouraged her.

“Please cum for me, Uncle Rob,” Candy said again, then thought that saying the things he liked might make it happen sooner, so she repeated her words, “Please fuck my pussy, Uncle Rob. Please fuck my mouth. My mouth is for sucking cock. My pussy is for fucking. My tits are for men to grab while they fuck me. Please cum for me, Uncle Rob.”

The previous day’s pent-up load worked to the surface and soon Rob was groaning. Aunt Lisa took the bowl of food and placed it under his cock. Candy’s eyes widened as she realized what was happening, but it was too late. Uncle Rob ejaculated into the bowl, coating her breakfast in his semen.

Candy let go of his cock, shocked, and mortified, but he took over and squeezed the rest of his jizz into the bowl. Aunt Lisa placed it on the floor for her and, as Candy stared in revulsion at it, Uncle Rob placed the tip of his cock in her open mouth. A remaining drop of cum fell from it onto her tongue and she shuddered, and reeled back.

“Go on,” Aunt Lisa said, taking her seat at the table.

“I… I can’t eat that!” Candy argued.

“Then you won’t eat,” Aunt Lisa said, shrugging, “But it’s not very good when it’s cold.”

Candy, hungry and desperate, looked at the semen-coated food. She looked at the two of them, but there was no help on offer. Silently, she put her mouth in the bowl and licked at it.


In her bedroom once more, Uncle Rob groped Candy’s tits, while the belt vibrated her twat. Aunt Lisa sat next to them with a laptop, showing Candy her new job.

“Now, it’s a work in progress, but we’ll keep making plenty of new content for it,” Lisa explained.

Her social media channels now featured banner images of her tits, and the banner text read, “The Lesbian Cockslut,” in large letters. There were “preview” photos of her on the bed, wearing the belt, with her uncle groping her tits. Another preview image displayed her uncle holding her as she orgasmed, his hand on her boob. Another showed her sitting on the toilet, while a fourth displayed her naked body in the shower, her uncle’s hand rubbing her fuckhole.

She’d gained a substantial number of followers. Aunt Lisa, then, showed her a website with the banner image, where people could buy memberships. On the homepage, a few sentences explained the site’s premise.

My name is Candy Kisses and I’m a real lesbian. While I don’t actually like men, I understand that a woman’s place is under a man’s control, submitting to his cock, and pleasing him. I know that I’m a gender traitor, but I can’t help that my pussy gets so wet when I think about men making me service their cocks. I’m actively trying to train myself to be a good cockslut, even though I find the idea both revolting and exciting. By subscribing to this site, you’ll get a front-row seat to my journey toward becoming a real lesbian cockslut.

“Now, don’t worry,” Aunt Lisa said, “No one is going to rape you, Candy. You’re going to ask Uncle Rob to fuck your pussy, eventually, because that’s what girls do. Once you get that in your head, and realize that this whole lesbian business is just some slutty fantasy, then you’ll be on the right path. One day, maybe Uncle Rob will even cum a baby into your pussy! How exciting would that be? You’ll be famous, just like you always wanted, and you can be Uncle Rob’s little lesbian breeding hole.”

Candy wanted to cry, and did in fact sniffle, but Uncle Rob turned the belt up and she began to quake and jerk in his arms. She bit her lip, her eyes rolling back into her head as the intense vibrations surged from her cunt, throughout her body. Her legs kicked as Uncle Rob tugged her nipples.

“Repeat after me, Candy,” he whispered into her ear, “Please knock me up, Uncle Rob.”

Candy groaned, her hands tightly gripping his legs, the belt holding her on the edge of an orgasm it wouldn’t quite give her, and she shook her head.

“Go on, Candy,” Aunt Lisa said, “Say the words, and Uncle Rob will let your pussy cum.”

Her eyes felt as though they might vibrate out of her head. The belt had teased her cunt all morning and it was overriding everything else. She needed it. She needed to cum.

“Please… knock me up… Uncle Rob,” she said.

“Good girl,” Rob said, “Again.”

“Please… knock me up… Uncle Rob!”

Aunt Lisa took her picture, then she began to record.

“Say your words,” Uncle Rob whispered.

“Please fuck my mouth… Uncle Rob! Please fuck my Pussy, Uncle Rob! Please… knock me up… Uncle Rob!”

“Good girl,” he whispered and turned the belt up.

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