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Altering Annika (ePub+PDF)

Altering Annika (ePub+PDF)

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Annika is down on her luck. She's broken up with her lesbian girlfriend and gone crawling back to her mother, destitute, homeless, and at the end of her rope. Only, her mother is nowhere to be found. She's no longer living with her boyfriend, Davis. Only Davis remains in the home that Annika grew up in.


Davis, however, isn't all that happy to see Annika, since she ran off to live in a lesbian relationship three years ago. Rather than simply turn the girl out in the streets, though, Davis offers Annika a choice. She can remain under his roof for a single night since Davis is a caring, compassionate, and generous man.


What will follow is a series of choices, ones that will lead Annika to become complicit in her own transformation from a punky lesbian with a bad attitude, into a domesticated sex doll.


Kinks served: Reluctance, Lesbian Domestication, Manipulation, Humiliation, Degradation, Pseudo-Incest, Bimbofication, Personality Modification

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