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Korrupting Kayla: Part Ten

Chapter Six: Tongue Candy

The doors of the elevator opened on the bullpen and Tiffany stepped inside. Never before had she entered this office with such a feeling of anxiety as she did today. The truth behind the mega-corporation that had once seemed so innocently quirky swirled in her head as she walked through the bullpen toward her manager’s door.

She chided herself for having been so stupid, so blind to it. She’d liked the money, liked the sexy toys, and the slutty toy parties. It seemed like just the place for a girl who thought way too much about fucking. Only, now she understood that it was exactly that kind of place. And her stupid cunt had gotten her new bestie turned into a brainwashed, collared sex toy.

She couldn’t make up for that, she knew. But she could do the next best thing. Kayla would probably tell her that it was a stupid idea. It was. But in all her life, no one had ever been thankful, truly thankful for her in the way that Kayla was. And that meant something. If she had to watch the silly, shy girl become transformed, she’d watch it happen alongside her.

She paused at Sugar Tits’ desk and a moment later, the girl buzzed her into Richard Weiner’s office. The big man behind the desk was all smiles when he saw her and rose to greet her as he always did, by palming her ass under her skirt.

“Another killer weekend,” Big Dick congratulated her. “I guess that new hire is your good luck charm!”

“Thanks. She really is.”

Dick took his seat again and motioned Tiffany to a chair.

“What’s on your mind?” he asked. “I don’t normally see you outside of check-ins.”

Tiffany twirled a lock of her hair and crossed her legs, saying, “I’ve been doing some thinking about the future.”

“Always a good thing to think about. I hope you’re not quitting on me.”

“No,” Tiffany assured him, shaking her head. “In fact, I want to come on full-time. Not a contractor, but a real employee. Not Scout either.” she fixed him with her most serious expression and added, “I want to be part of the future.”

Dick leaned back in his chair and studied her over his steepled hands, then said, “Why?”

“Because I’m blond, not blind. I can see the big picture. I think of it like investing in a good stock before it blows up. Like Apple, Microsoft, or Tesla. A lot of people didn’t see the future coming and they got left behind. I can see it, and I don’t want to play catch-up. I want in.”

“What is the big picture that you see?” Dick asked.

“Things are already changing,” Tiffany began. “There’s been a culture shift that’s been happening for longer than I’ve been alive, but you don’t have to be a genius to see that. Anyone with half a brain can look at what this company is involved in and see that they’ve had a hand in it. They’re adjusting societal norms toward acceptance of all things kinky, but not only that. They’re actively working toward true patriarchy. Whoever’s up on the 69th floor has spent a long time considering all the pieces they need to make that happen. Right now, we live in a world where the two most influential things are sex and money. This place controls a lot of both. I’m sure there are things they do that I don’t know about, but a lot of it is out in the open now, rather than hidden in the shadows. That legislation, the Obsequium, the marketing, all of it is just a step away from outright laying this company’s real goals on the world. If that’s the case, then they’re pretty confident that they’re going to win.”

Dick nodded and said, “It isn’t about winning. There’s a lot more to it than that. You’re on the right track, but not all the way. That’s not important, though. Here’s what matters right now. We need girls like you. You’re a slut.”

Tiffany smiled and said, “Thanks!”

“The kind of slut that fucks her own father,” Dick said and watched Tiffany’s surprised blink, “and one that actually believes a girl’s place is underneath a man is just the kind of slut that has good things coming to her. You know how to sell, and that’s something else we need.”

He leaned back and turned toward the window for a long moment, then turned back and said, “Alright. You want a place?”

Tiffany nodded.

“How do you feel about recruitment?”

“If I knew what it was, outside the obvious definition, I could tell you how I feel about it.”

“It means that you sell the promise and the dream to other sluts, even if they haven’t realized they’re sluts. Like you did with Kayla. You bring them in, and we’ll do the rest.”

Tiffany pondered it and then said, “Alright. I can sell it. What’s in it for me?”

Dick showed a shark’s grin and said, “The world.”


Tiffany followed Big Dick from his office, where Sugar Tits sat at her desk.

“Sugar Tits,” he said, “We’re going to onboard Tongue Candy here. Full-time. Can you get her started?”

“Sure thing, boss,” Sugar said and grabbed her tablet off the desk.

Dick slid his hand up Tiffany’s shirt and squeezed one of her tits, saying, “Welcome to the future.”

He released her and retreated back to his office.

“Since we have all your info,” Sugar said, taking Tiffany’s attention, “I just need you to sign here to make things official. Dick give you a department?”


Sugar tapped at her screen, then turned it to Tiffany. She signed away her life on the line with her finger. Sugar tapped again and said, “Come with me.”

When the doors to the elevator shut, Sugar turned to Tiffany and pressed against her, rubbing her tits against Tiffany’s smaller chest. She put her lips to Tiffany’s ear as she molested her for the camera and whispered, “Do you know what you’re asking for? Once I send this in, there’s no going back. Full-time isn’t a contractor’s life. You belong to them. You’re going to remember who you were, but you won’t be the same. This is your last chance.”

“I want it,” Tiffany whispered back and then she kissed Sugar on the mouth.

The other woman eagerly kissed back, purring into the kiss as Tiffany lifted her skirt and groped her ass.

When she broke away, she said, “This is where I belong.”

The doors opened. Tiffany followed Sugar down the hallway, where she swiped open a door with her badge. Tiffany remembered the door from her trip with Kayla, though it looked like many of the other doors in the building. On her last visit here, she’d had to wait outside. This time, it was her turn to get a badge.

The dour countenance of Mr. Crown greeted them from behind his desk.

“Sugar Tits,” he said.

“A new full-timer, Mr. Crown.”

Crown gathered up his tablet and waved Tiffany toward a spot on the floor, then said, “Strip, please.”

Tiffany shed her clothes without hesitation and stood on the spot. Crown took his photos, took her breast size, and a few minutes later she had a black badge.

Tongue Candy


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She dressed and clipped the badge to her skirt. Crown worked at his computer for a moment. Behind him came a series of odd noises. Cachunk…cachunk…cachunk… The sounds went on for almost a minute, and then the man removed something from the machine.

He rounded the desk, and held up a thin, black collar, with the words Tongue Candy affixed to it in silver letters. Tiffany gulped as he put it around her neck. Something in the back clicked. A quick lance of pain hit her in the back of the neck and then everything started to feel wonderful.

The rush of euphoria made her dizzy and Sugar reached out to steady her, then the dizziness passed, and she felt hot all over.

“State your name,” Crown instructed, tapping at his tablet.

“Tiffany Sol—“

She doubled over in agony as the euphoria immediately became a blinding shock of pain that put her on her knees. She clutched at the collar, tugging at it until the pain faded. Crown gave an amused chuckle.

“State your name, please,” Crown said again, his voice calm and even.

Tiffany wiped tears from her eyes and looked up from the floor.

“Tongue Candy,” she croaked.

The euphoria filled her again and the pain was gone. She staggered to her feet.

“I trust you’ll remember your name in the future?” Crown asked.

“Yes, sir.”

He returned to his desk without another word. Sugar tugged on her arm and led her out of the office. As they walked back to the elevator, she tapped at her tablet once more. Tiffany’s phone pinged.

“I’ve sent you a pixel,” Sugar said, “Just tap it and it will attach itself to your social media profiles. For the time being, the girls in Social Media will take care of those. You’re not allowed to alter them or post anything until you’re through with indoctrination.”

“Indoctrination?” Tiffany asked as she tapped the pixel.

“I suppose one of those vanilla companies would call it orientation, or workplace welcoming, or whatever other pansy, PC terminology they’re using right now. That bullshit doesn’t fly here. You’re going to get your head scrambled and your body modified.”

“I’m what?”

They stopped in front of a set of elevator doors. Tiffany was certain that this was not the same elevator they’d come up in. This one had black doors, which opened for them.

“I tried to tell you,” Sugar whispered. “Welcome to full-time, slut.”

Sugar shoved her in the chest and Tiffany stumbled into the elevator. She caught herself against the wall as the doors closed on the sight of Sugar shaking her head in dismay.


Enjoying the story so far? Catch up on the entire novel, Korrupting Kayla, Book Two before the release of Book Three!

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