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Korrupting Kayla, Part Nine

Chapter Five: Media and Marketing

The glittering spire of the DomCo office building, with its inviting, modern blue windows, looked even more immense than it had before as Kayla parked her car in the employee lot. The towering monument to corporate domination stood reaching toward the sky, an imposing monolith to the power they wielded over everything they touched. Not least of all, the girl who had been Kayla only recently.

Today, she would walk into the building and start her latest round of horrific humiliation in the Media and Marketing department. In her latest Scout Program Master’s inbox was a rough draft of a pamphlet that she’d designed with Tiffany’s help. It was a disgusting document that served no other purpose than to degrade her, further enslave her, and remind her of what she’d become. She was a teenage sex toy, fresh out of high school, and already on a path toward having her brain scrambled and her identity replaced with one that aligned with DomCo’s goals of world domination.

Inside her scrambled head was a contentious war of emotions. Fright, she felt, was the most prevalent. The building scared her. The company terrified her. The things they were doing to her mind horrified her. A future in which women were subjugated, controlled, manipulated, and turned into subhuman pleasure dolls frightened her most of all. When that future came to pass—and there was little doubt that it would—she would be one small piece that had made it happen.

It hadn’t exactly been a choice, she tried to tell herself. It was be complicit, or be destroyed, and so she’d chosen complicity. What other choice was there, really? How was a nervous eighteen-year-old, who couldn’t even stand up to her own mother, supposed to fight a massive entity with a global reach and more money than God? The answer was no answer. She didn’t fight it. She became subservient, complied, and she waited to be rewarded.

She pushed through the set of glass doors that likely cost more than her shitty little car, and approached a long, polished desk that likely cost as much as her home. Behind the desk were two more slaves, also complicit, but happily so. At least, they gave the impression that they were. Kayla couldn’t know that for sure, but Honey Cunt and Candy Cunt certainly gave no indication that they were anything but happy in their servitude.

Like her, the two sexy blondes wore black collars, with their company names in silver letters. They were dressed in office fantasy apparel, looking for all the world like the sluttiest receptionists in porno films. Because they were, Kayla knew. They wore their too-tight, button-down shirts with the top halves undone to show their enhanced fuck handles. If they stood, Kayla knew that they’d be wearing micro miniskirts, likely without underwear.

Clipped to their shirts were ID badges, like her own, only theirs displayed their capitulation to the company. Where Kayla’s own badge showed photos of her with her clothes on, the two receptionists were bare-titted in theirs, alongside a photo of their naked cunts, and a final photo showing their flushed, freshly-fucked faces. Neither of them showed the slightest bit of concern over this. Kayla, as she approached, wondered what their reward was for their surrender.

“Morning, Cumhole,” Honey chirped. “Have a good weekend?”

Kayla thought that were she to describe sucking off her best friend’s father, being raped by her mother and a crazed hypnotist, and then used by a group of women at a toy party, Honey would probably think that it sounded like a wonderful weekend. Suck Pet would probably think it sounded tame.

“It was alright,” she said, instead.

“Love the top!”

Kayla looked down at the “top” she wore, which would have seemed like the worst thing she could imagine a week ago. It was a sheer, light, white thing that draped across her tits in an X from either shoulder. If she leaned over, it fell away and showed off her large melons.

“Thanks. It, um, really shows off my tits, doesn’t it?” Kayla the chameleon said.

Honey laughed and said, “It sure does! Hey, you’re going to Media and Marketing now. You know where to go?”

Kayla shook her head.

“Down to sub-level nine,” Honey instructed. “You’ll want to meet Master Hardik. And, yes, that is his actual name.”

“Of course, it is,” Kayla muttered. “Thanks, Honey.”

Before she left, and because she was sure that DomCo watched everything happening in this building, she leaned down and kissed Honey on the lips, pushing her tongue into the woman’s mouth. Honey purred sluttily, happily, and rubbed Kayla’s wet cunt under her skirt until she broke away. Candy Cunt, meanwhile, gave a little sigh as if it were just so dreamy. Kayla took the elevator down to sub-level nine.

The first and most obvious difference between Media and Marketing and Kayla’s previous assignment in Social Media Research was the sealed door. Set in the otherwise neutral-colored wall was a sturdy door made of black glass. To the side was a pad, where Kayla swiped her keycard. The light turned green and the door clicked open.

Inside, the door shut and sealed again behind her with a sickening finality. Ahead sat another reception desk, this one attended by a brunette with a short, bobbed cut and the most striking pair of eyes Kayla had ever seen. They weren’t normal. Her irises sparkled with a rainbow hue. Contacts, she guessed. The woman was, she thought, a few years older than her. Her collar had the name Kitty on it.

When she stood to greet Kayla, her eyes moved from the woman’s strange eyes to her enhanced rack. She wore something that resembled little more than a strip of fabric across her tits and below this, a skirt that was equally as small. She rounded her desk and greeted Kayla by pressing her body against her and kissing her ferociously. The girl took Kayla’s hand and pressed it between her legs, where her naked, shaven twat was wet and hot.

The fact that Kayla found herself only mildly surprised at this was something that she felt should probably worry her, but it didn’t. Instead, she slipped her fingers into Kitty’s wet pussy, as though this were a very normal and socially acceptable way for two strangers to greet one another. Perhaps, if DomCo had its way, it would be. She made slutty little coos into Kitty’s mouth for several seconds until the woman pulled away and fixed her rainbow-hued eyes on her tits. Rather than speak to her face, she spoke to Kayla’s cleavage.

Before she spoke, she swiped at the air, made a few tapping gestures, then said, “Welcome to Media and Marketing, Cumhole. I’m Kitty, in case you’re too dumbed up to read,” and she touched her collar, “but I don’t suppose you are, otherwise they wouldn’t be sending you here. Anywise, you can follow me and I’ll take you to Master Hardik.”

“Um, thanks.”

Kayla followed the woman’s half-naked bottom to another door, which she swiped open with her card, and then down a long hallway. Along the way, she counted half a dozen other sealed doors. Finally, they reached a door at the end with a nameplate reading, “Hardik” in gold letters. Kitty tapped at the air once more and the door opened. She led Kayla inside.

Behind an elegant, black desk, sat an imposing hulk of a man in a fine, black suit. His jacket was draped on the back of his chair and he typed skillfully at a keyboard that seemed too small for his large hands. Kitty waited for him to acknowledge her, which he did a second later with a quick wave of his hand. Kitty approached the desk and Kayla followed. A few seconds of typing later he peeled his eyes from his screen and fixed the two women with his dark-eyed gaze.

“Please, have a seat,” he instructed, indicating two chairs.

They sat.

“Welcome to Media and Marketing, sweetie,” he said to Kayla. “I’ve gone over your Scout report from Social, as well as your weekend assignment. Good work. I appreciate the proactivity in getting it over on your days off. I like proactivity.”

“Thank you, Sir,” Kayla said.

“Now, I don’t expect you to have any experience with media or marketing. That’s why you’re here. You’ll spend the next week with our team and we’ll see if you’ve got a knack for this sort of thing before we move you on to the next department. It’s also great to have someone that’s upholding company values right out of the gate.”

Kayla wasn’t certain, exactly, what he was referring to as he swiveled his monitor around, but it became clear once she saw the paused video on the screen. The camera in her room had captured her on her bed, with her mother’s face buried in her cunt, while Professor Miles fucked her head against the headboard. Kayla’s shame was apparent in her flush. Of course, the camera had captured it.

The AI had registered her as a slut doing something whorish that degraded her and uploaded it to the company’s servers. Likely, one of the women in Social Media was being shown the video this morning. Right now, they were tagging it with, “Cow-titted cock slut services dick with her suckhole, while her mother provides incestuous pleasure to her cunt.” Along with this would be the question, “Is this slut Kayla Sterns?” and the only answer was “Yes.”

“Based on your recent interactions,” Hardik continued, “It looks like you had quite the busy weekend.”

He brought up her company profile, while the sounds of her mother licking cunt, and her own choking sounds, played from the speakers.

“Seems like you’re really into chasing tail,” Hardik remarked. “I can relate. Nice work, slut.”

Kitty raised her hand for a high five, which Kayla felt ridiculous giving her. This wasn’t the moment to look squeamish, though. The fact that she was being given an attagirl for sucking two cocks, being forced into lesbian incest, and getting toy fucked to multiple orgasms by a group of strange women, was (on reflection) just what a good company girl did with her weekend.

“Now, I’m emailing your pamphlet draft over to one of our designers,” Hardik continued, as though this were a perfectly normal conversation for a Monday morning between coworkers, “She’ll do her thing and, once I approve it, we’ll get it into distribution. Just think! By the end of the day, the name Cumhole will be synonymous with your face, and your good work will be getting read the world over.”

Kayla felt jittery and light-headed at the idea, even though she’d known it was going to happen. There truly was no going back. Kayla Sterns no longer existed, except on paper. The sting of tears in her eyes and her tightening throat threatened to further humiliate her. Hardik stood and rounded the desk, cradling her head in his large arms.

“There, there, Cumhole,” he said soothingly. “You’re part of the team now. Why don’t we let Kitty make you feel good, and we’ll have those tears dried up in no time.”

Kitty obediently got on her knees and pulled Kayla forward in her chair, and then started licking her cunt. Kayla sighed with relief because her pussy was so hot. A good tongue-lashing from a talented slut was just what she needed to make the uncertainty go away.

“Now, isn’t that better?” Hardik asked and Kayla nodded, wiping at her eyes.

Then, her new Master pulled his cock out and pushed it gently into her mouth. Kayla sniffled and squeezed her lips around it. It felt comforting, she decided, not to have to worry about Kayla. She just had to let Kitty lick her for a while, and suck on Master Hardik’s cock for him until all the worry went away. Yes. This was so much better than worrying about Kayla. The collar filled her with happy feelings and she moaned around her Master’s cock.


With a mouth and tummy full of a strange man’s semen, Kayla followed Kitty back down the hallway and through the door she’d entered by. They returned to the elevator.

“Where are we going?” Cumhole asked as the doors shut.

“We need to have a new badge made for you, and then you’ll go through an orientation program for Media and Marketing. Working in Social Media was a good start,” Kitty explained, “but Media and Marketing is where we get the message out to the rest of the world. There are certain concepts that you need to understand to get the job done.”


Kitty’s sparkling eyes gleamed as she pushed Kayla against the wall of the elevator. Her hand slid under the skirt and stroked Kayla’s recently-tongued twat.

“You’re coming around to what this place is,” she whispered, and Kayla’s eyes flicked to the corner of the elevator, where she saw a camera. “Bigger things are coming. I saw your reluctance back there. The boss saw it, too,” she put on a show of giving Kayla small slutty kisses as she stroked her pussy, “Down here isn’t a place for that. You’re either on board, or you’re not. If you’re not, they have ways of making sure you are. The collars are just the newest way. There are more permanent ones. I suggest that you get on board. What’s your name?”



“I… because I’m a… a stupid slut.”

“Say the words.”

Kayla knew the words. They were the words that were constantly running through her head, even through the confusion.

“Subservience. Compliance. Reward,” she whispered.

Kitty kissed her until the elevator reached their floor. Flushed, Kayla followed the woman out. Before long, they stood in front of a door she already knew and, when Kitty put her card to the panel, they were greeted once more by the man named Crown.

“Cumhole needs an access badge for M&M,” Kitty explained to the dour man, who only nodded and waved her to stand in front of his camera.

He took up his tablet and punched at it for a moment, then instructed, “Strip, please, Cumhole.”

Subservience. Compliance. Reward.

Kayla tugged her top over her head, baring her naked tits, and then slid the skirt down and stepped out of it. She had to will herself not to try to cover her tits. Crown took new photos of her and then worked at the tablet again as Kayla dressed. A few minutes later, she was presented with a new badge. This one was black, unlike the previous white card.

Aside from her humiliating new photos, this card had other differences. The material was thin metal, rather than plastic, and her ratings were displayed in blue, holographic letters beneath the coating on the card. As she watched, her S.Rating changed in real-time. Likewise, her S.Grade dropped a letter.



S.Rating: 4.2%

F.Grade: N/A

S.Grade: C


Someone had just given her another review, and a mixed one. They were satisfied, but her suck skills were lacking. She thought of her latest experience with Master Hardik and tried to think back over her technique. She hadn’t really sucked his cock, so much as he’d just used her mouth to pleasure himself, while Kitty licked her cunt. She caught herself and felt mildly ill because she was also thinking about what she could do to improve the next time.

Kayla followed Kitty back to the elevator, where they rode it down to the lower floors once more. They emerged into a familiar hallway, lined with motivational posters. The training rooms. Kitty led her to one and opened the door with her card. Inside, the room was different from the last she’d been in. Where that room resembled a more traditional classroom, this one did not.

The first thing she noticed was that there was no flat-screen TV in front. Instead, there was a row of chairs that resembled something like a dentist’s chair. These had straps on the arms and about the ankles.

“Got your phone?” Kitty asked.

Kayla nodded and pulled it out of her small purse. Kitty took it and set it on a table.

“You ever wear contacts?”

Kayla shook her head.

“It might seem weird at first, but it’s not hard.”

She crossed the room to a locked cabinet, opened it with her card, and removed a small box. She opened it on the table. Inside was a set of shimmering contact lenses and a small bottle of solution. Accompanying these were two earbuds. Kitty took out one of these and handed it to Kayla, who got the message and put it in her ear. The bud seemed to expand to fit snugly in her ear.

Kitty then helped her to get the contacts in. A second later, a glowing, blue letter H hovered in front of her.

“What is this?” Kayla asked.

“The future,” Kitty said. “They’re called Haloes and within a few years, they’re going to start replacing phones. Aside from your paycheck, consider these your first reward. Tap the letter and go through the steps.

Kayla tapped the letter and watched it melt away into a flash of swirling blue lines, which reconfigured themselves into a menu. A sexless voice instructed her to, “Name your Halo.”

“Name it?” Kayla asked.

“It’s like your own personal assistant,” Kitty explained. “Just name it whatever you want. I don’t advise getting soft and giving it your old name unless you like getting shocked a lot.”

Kayla shivered and thought about it.

“Haley,” she said.

Kitty grinned and said, “Yeah, I liked that movie, too. It’s why I call mine Joe.”

A soft, young, male voice came through the earbud, proclaiming, “Hello. I’m Haley. From now on, you can get my attention by using my name or the word Halo. What’s your name?”

Without hesitation, she said, “Cumhole.”

“It’s nice to meet you Cumhole. Would you like to move ahead with setting up my functions?”


“Great! It will be super easy.”

The Haloes located her phone and paired themselves, then began accessing her information and connecting her social media accounts. They paused and displayed a message reading, “DomCo server access request pending.”

“It says I need access to the server,” Kayla said.

“Just wait.”

A few seconds later the message changed to, “Server access approved.”

The message faded and her vision returned to normal.

“Now,” Kitty said, “Strip and go sit in one of the chairs.”

Kayla didn’t ask questions. She complied. Kitty stood next to her, admiring her heaving tits.

“Joe,” she said, “Request access to Cumhole’s Halo.”

A message appeared in Kayla’s vision stating, “Kitty has requested access to your Halo. Is this okay?”

She tapped, “Yes.”

As Kayla watched, puzzled, Kitty pulled off what passed for a top. She returned to the cabinet, pulled something else out, and returned, balling the top up in her hand.

“Bite down on this,” she said and offered the shirt to Kayla.


“If you don’t want to…” Kitty said, shrugging.

Kayla snatched the top and put it between her teeth.

“You might feel a slight pinch,” Kitty said, and then jammed something cold and metal against her mons.

Kayla had only a puzzled moment to hear a hiss of air before she screeched into her gag at the sharp pain. Then, Kitty removed the thing from her and held up what looked like a little gun. She pulled the top from Kayla’s mouth and used it to dry her tears, then tossed it on the table.

Now bare-titted, Kitty explained, “It’s a subdermal chip from a subsidiary called Embedded Erogeny. It will take a while to get its little tentacles wrapped around all your special parts, but when it does, it will start monitoring your vitals, arousal levels, ovulation, and cycles. All of that information can be seen at a glance by anyone in authority over you. It displays in the Haloes whenever they look at you. That way, they can pretty much tell at any moment how horny and slutty you’re feeling.”

“What?” Kayla stammered.

“It’s got a few other kickers, too, but that’s not my place. Now, let’s get down to the training program.”

Kayla wiped at her eyes and waited for the next horrible shoe to drop, feeling as though she was quickly becoming a collection of holes, tits, and tech. In her new, augmented vision, she watched Kitty pair the new embedded chip and the collar to the Haloes. New options became available, which Kitty swiped up to show her. One showed the aforementioned vitals, which were all blank, and displayed a message that said, “Calibrating.” The other readout showed a red gauge, which was at the halfway mark. This one read, “Obsequium levels.”

“Another couple of days,” Kitty said, “And you’ll need to have a new capsule put in the collar. Your body’s probably becoming addicted to it already. If it runs out you’ll start feeling withdrawals. Of course, they’re not going to let you run out. If it dips under 10%, you’ll start getting a good zap to remind you to have it refilled.”

That sent a cold wave of apprehension down Kayla’s spine. The vitals readout blinked and filled with information. She’d never consciously realized all the things that were happening in her own body, and having it displayed in such detail was nearly overwhelming. Small cards were arranged and readily available at a tap. Everything from her heart rate and body temperature to her sugar levels was right there. She also saw a bright, red spot centered on her pussy, betraying exactly how hot and aroused it was.

Floating in a corner of her left eye was a little box showing her company profile and current ratings, the same as on her badge. Every moment of her life, now, she’d have a constant reminder that she needed to improve, to up her numbers, and to become sluttier.

“Ready to get started?” Kitty asked.


The readout showed a slight fluctuation and Kitty smiled.

“Time to get on board, Cumhole. You can’t lie to them. Not now.”

“I’m scared,” she admitted.

Kitty nodded and said, “I know. Keep something in mind. The more you actively work to be what they want, the less they’re going to change you. The most frightening part is the changes. If you want to keep anything, then be part of what we’re making. Otherwise, you’ll be like the rest of them. They’ll make you different. Now, I’ll be back when it’s over.”

Kayla shuddered and lay back in the chair. She watched Kitty, still topless, start toward the door of the training room. As she made to leave, Kayla’s Halo vision began to dim, and then it faded to black.

A three-dimensional structure, some sort of lattice, faded into existence in front of her. At the same time, the familiar whine of a training program starting filled her mind. Her body trembled with anxiety as the lattice in front of her eyes began to spin, then collapse in on itself, taking on new forms as the pitch in her ear changed.

Kayla could feel her awareness slipping, like the feeling of near-sleep, but she didn’t go under. She stayed there, in that weird, detached place between the waking world and the sleeping one. Then, as though she were listening to a recording, she started to speak. She wasn’t consciously aware of any question being asked, but she knew it had. She needed to describe, in detail, each sexual experience she’d had.

As if watching herself, she listened to the words coming out of her mouth, detailing everything she could recall from the first time she’d ever touched herself. From somewhere in her pussy, a pleasurable wave started. She wasn’t touching herself now, she knew. Was it the chip? She asked herself the question, but an answer didn’t seem important. The only thing that seemed to matter was answering the questions, while the good feeling crept through her insides.

How long she sat in the chair and talked didn’t seem to matter. Only the questions and her cunt mattered. At least twice she’d felt the flow of Obsequium into her body, heightening the arousal and the pleasure. Being in the chair and answering the questions was like a warm cocoon of pleasure and peace. She could sit here all day, she felt, and just listen to the noise, watch the folding shapes of the lattice, and answer the questions as her pussy throbbed pleasurably.

As quickly as swimming through molasses, her awareness returned and the lattice faded away. Her vision returned in increments until she blinked and saw Kitty, still topless, standing in front of her.

“Take a minute,” Kitty said. “Good nap?”

Kayla nodded.

“Ready for some lunch?” Kitty asked.

“Lunch? What time is it?”

“Just shy of noon.”

Kayla staggered out of the chair on shaky legs. She’d been in the chair for almost three hours? The groggy feeling of waking from a nap faded and she started to feel refreshed. And horny. Incredibly horny, in fact. She noted that the chair was coated in a shiny film of girl cum. And the good feeling in her pussy was still there.

“You can get dressed,” Kitty said, then added, “If you want to.”

Kayla took in the sight of the woman’s naked tits and then thought of what she’d said before the training program. Was Kitty actively working to be what they wanted? Was this how she’d always been? Had they changed her, the way she herself was being changed?

She donned her slutty clothes once more. Kitty, without warning, kissed her on the mouth. Two of the woman’s fingers slipped between her legs and began to wetly fuck her pussy as they kissed. Kayla’s legs shook as the woman pleasured her cunt and, after all the time having her arousal artificially pumped up, she moaned into Kitty’s mouth and orgasmed on her hand. Kitty finger fucked her through it as they kissed, and then pulled her wet fingers out and licked them clean.

“You’re making the right choice,” she said and handed Kayla her new badge.

They took the elevator back up to the cafeteria. Further up in the line, Kayla spotted Suck Pet, standing with another blonde girl, who looked frightened, ashamed, and visibly aroused. The girl was clearly uncomfortable with the clothes she wore, tugging first at the front of her skirt, and then the back. When she tugged the back, Kayla saw that she wore a tight, black pair of the company-issued underwear that she, herself, had been forced to wear last week. It seemed a new hire had broken the dress code.

Suck pet gave her a friendly wave and then clicked something in her hand that sent her latest charge into a knee-quaking orgasm that forced her to moan out loud and grip the serving line. The girl didn’t have a collar. Yet.

“No cummies now, Carly!” Suck Pet ordered the girl.

Looking around at all the half-dressed young women, Kayla wondered how many of them had been like her. How many of them had come here willingly and become trapped? How many others had come willingly and joined without hesitation?

When she carried her tray to a table with Kitty, she wondered about the food. Was even this spiked with something that furthered their hold on all of them? Since everything in the building seemed geared toward making them all slutty, worshipful pets, it seemed likely. She took a bite of a rather innocent-looking sandwich. It didn’t taste like slut.


Kayla’s latest humiliation came as she carried her finished tray to the trash. When she turned around she was confronted with the lusty, grinning, face of Suck Pet and with the new, confused girl standing behind her with tears in her eyes.

“It’s so cool!” Suck Pet declared. “This is great!”

Kayla had no idea what she was talking about, but whatever was on her phone had her brimming with excitement. Kayla felt mildly ill, certain that it was something to do with her. She was correct.

“What’s cool?” she asked.

Suck Pet turned the phone so that she could see it. On the screen was a digital copy of her revised pamphlet.

“The Uses for Your Cumhole,” read the title in bold letters. Below the title was a picture of her face, and not just any picture. This was the photo that she’d been forced to frame and give to her mother. It was the photo that she carried in her wallet right now. It was a photo of her embarrassed, shocked, and humiliated face coated in Master Johnson’s semen. Below the photo were the words, “An introductory guide to the suggested uses of your cumhole.”

Kayla did not agree that it was cool. It was awful. Even now the pamphlet was being distributed to company employees. After that, she knew, it would be beamed across the entire world. Kayla snatched the phone and scrolled through the digital copy with her hands shaking and heart pounding.

Everything she and Tiffany had written was there, with only minor edits. Embedded in the document were the videos and photos for each bullet point, each of them herself acting like a slutty cumhole. Until now, she’d been able to imagine that it was just another DomCo mind game. But it was real.

“It really is great!” Kitty said suddenly from behind her.

Kitty grabbed something out of the air and flicked it toward her. A virtual copy of the pamphlet hovered in front of her in crisp, three-dimensional quality. She reached out and took it. She held it in her hands as though it were the physical article and leafed through it. The pages turned like actual paper, even providing a rustling sound in her earbud, though there was no sensation of touching something.

“Oh my God!” Suck Pet declared. “They gave you Haloes? So jealous!”

Kayla still felt too stunned to speak. If she’d had any doubts about being a company girl, this dashed them. There was no other path now. Even if she quit and let the company bury her in lawsuits and debt, she’d forever be known as Cumhole, the hot brunette slut with the cum-spattered face on a filthy pamphlet.

“Perks of M&M,” Kitty said to Suck Pet. “You should get out of Social and come down. You’d do great.”

“Master Johnson would never let me go,” Suck Pet said sadly. “I already tried to apply in Product Testing.”

Kayla continued to read over the pamphlet, hearing but not really hearing the two mind-fucked sluts talking.

“Cumhole?” Kitty said and tapped her shoulder.

Kayla snapped her head up and said, “What?”

“I said we need to get back. Hardik wants to congratulate you on your first assignment.”

“Come up and visit sometime,” Suck Pet said and gave Kayla a kiss. “I miss that stunned look of pleasure. That’s the one! God, you make me want to hold you down and grind your fucking face!”

She took the new girl’s hand and tugged her away. Kayla swiped away the pamphlet and followed Kitty back to their department, where they returned to Master Hardik’s office. Inside, the man was grinning as he waved them in.

“Great work, Cumhole,” he said. “The editor only made some small changes to your copy, but I’m really pleased with the result. Here’s your bonus.”

He tapped at something and then flicked his fingers in her direction. A small, glowing treasure chest appeared in her Haloes. Kayla tapped it and it burst open with a golden flash. Little white numbers with a dollar sign scrolled up to 1,000 and stopped. The words, “Bonus transferred to your account,” appeared in her view.

“Bonus?” she asked.

“The pamphlet itself is company property, but you’re the creator. Good work deserves a bonus,” Hardik explained.

Reward. She’d been compliant and had received a reward. She’d humiliated herself for the company’s benefit and been compensated. Was it really that easy?

“Um, thank you, sir.”

“Kitty has your next assignment. Now, the next time you come in, I want to see you living up to your name, alright?”

Kayla nodded, doing her best to feel enthusiastic, knowing that he could look at her and know if she was lying. She thought her sluttiest thoughts, which were actually quite imaginative now, and followed Kitty out the door.

“You’re thinking that it was all take and no give, huh?” Kitty asked as they walked.

“Well, kind of.”

“You can’t just beat a dog and never give it treats. Eventually, it will bite even you. Do good and they’ll make sure you do well.”

Kitty stopped them in front of one of the other doors they’d passed along the way and opened it with her card. Inside was another door, this one with a lighted sign above it that read, “Recording in Progress.” Kitty waited until the sign went dark and then opened the next door.

Inside was a man who sat at a large control console, covered with dials, buttons, and sliders. It looked like the kind of mixing board that Kayla had seen in movies. Beyond the console was a plexiglass booth. Inside the booth was a naked blonde, bent over a table, wearing a pair of earphones. A microphone hung from the ceiling. The most surprising thing of all, which should have been no surprise, was the man standing behind the girl, pounding his cock into her.

“I’m gonna need another take on the chorus, Britt,” the man at the controls said into his own microphone.

The girl flashed a thumbs-up as her tits jiggled. The man held up his hand to Kitty and Kayla, who watched as a timer inside the booth counted down. When it hit zero, the blonde started to sing.

“I’m a backdoor girl, baby, backdoor girl!

Bottoms out, scream and shout!

Bury that stick!

I’m a backdoor girl, baby, backdoor girl!”

The man at the controls stopped and said into his microphone, “Good! We’ll use that one.”

The blonde gave another thumbs-up and then laid her head on the table and orgasmed.

“Is that?” Kayla started.

“Bratty Britt,” Kitty confirmed.

Kayla watched as the blonde pop idol was roughly fucked against the table. Apparently, everything she sang about in her filthy songs was no act. Kayla herself wasn’t a fan, but she figured that was going to change. The man at the console finally turned toward them and spoke to their tits.

“Chuck Wilson,” he said, and reached out to grope one of Kayla’s tits. “Nice knockers.”

Kayla blushed cutely and said, “Thank you.”

Chuck released her boob.

“You’re going to be the extra?” he said, clearly delighted.

“She’s the one,” Kitty said.

“Extra?” Kayla asked.

Chuck ignored the question and instructed, “Get her over to Kisses in wardrobe for something sparkly. As soon as Britt gets her next load, we’ll send her over.”

“Yes, sir,” Kitty said.

“Good to meet you, Cumhole,” Chuck added. “Nice work on that pamphlet, too. If I had the time I’d bust one in your mouth right now.”

“Um, thanks,” Kayla said.

Kitty took her hand and pulled her through another door, where a hallway took them past a few empty dressing rooms. They arrived at one of these, wherein a scantily-dressed redhead sat on a stool, tapping and swiping in her Haloes. She stood up as they entered. Her collar read, “Kisses.”

“Cumhole,” Kitty said, “This is Cinnamon Kisses.”

The redhead greeted Kayla with a wet kiss that did, indeed, taste like cinnamon.

“You can just call me Kisses,” she said. “Most people do. Girls, too.”

The distinction between people and women was not lost on Kayla. Another true company girl.

“Cumhole needs something sparkly to shoot with Britt,” Kitty said.

“Oh! You’re doing the cleanup shot? God, you lucky bitch!”

“Cleanup shot?”

“It’s nothing to worry about,” Kitty said. “You don’t actually have any lines or anything. You just need to lick the spunk out of Britt’s ass for the music video.”

“I… what?”

Kayla felt Kitty studying her vitals in her Haloes, where she could see the spike of fear that had suddenly caused her heart to race.

“First time, huh?”

“People actually do that?” Kayla asked.

She’d seen it done in the many porno videos she’d watched but the fact that people actually did it outside of porn was… of course, it was fucking normal around here.

“No, Kitty corrected. Girls do that.”

Kayla blushed even deeper. Kisses was already sliding clothes along a rack while casting glances back at her. She selected a red mini dress with sequins all over it that looked like it might fit, and handed it to Kayla.

“Try this one,” she said.

Kayla stripped off her skirt and top, then slid into the dress. Kitty helped her to zip up the low back. It was a tight fit, but when she got it zipped the thing was molded to her body. The low cut of the dress wasn’t a good fit for her tits, which spilled ludicrously over the top. It covered only the bottoms and her nipples. The hemline was, likewise, so short that it showed off most of her ass.

“Take a seat,” Kisses instructed, pointing to a chair in front of a lit mirror.

Kayla sat in the chair and Kisses set about doing some makeup for her. The girl was quick and practiced at her work. Once the woman had finished with her, Kitty took Kayla over to another studio.

In this one was a set made up to look like some version of a teeny-bopper bimbo’s bedroom. The fake walls were adorned with posters of bare-chest boybands with bleached hair, while others were blonde bimbos with enhanced racks and stupefied expressions. In the center of the set was a bed, which was surrounded by cameras, and on the bed was the pop princess herself, Bratty Britt.

Britt was on all fours with yet another man ramming his cock into her from behind. She scrolled her phone as this was happening, giving the occasional grunt or moan when he hit the right spot, but otherwise seeming bored. Kitty handed Kayla off to a man with a five o’clock shadow, despite it being just after lunch.

“Hey, girl,” he said to Kitty and kissed her cheek. “You got me a good one!” he turned to Cumhole and asked, “You ever eat ass before, tits?”

Kayla shook her head. And she wasn’t keen on giving it a go.

“No worries. It ain’t hard. All you gotta do is go climb on that bed and give Britt a nice kiss. Lots of tongue. Soon as the stud blows in her butt, you get to work licking it out. Solid?”

Having no real choice in the matter, Kayla nodded. This was certainly not what she’d expected her time in Media and Marketing to be. She’d envisioned helping with posters or advertisements on a computer. Licking a pop star’s cream-filled ass? Just another day at DomCo.

“Gettin’ ready to blow here, Rick!” the stud called from the set.

“Shit! Get on up there, slut. Go! Go!”

Kitty prodded the reluctant Kayla in the back and she stumbled forward on her heels. Blushing with embarrassment and anxiety, Kayla crawled onto the bed, where Bratty Britt had set aside her phone and was making a show of moaning sluttily for the cameras.

Kayla crawled forward and began to kiss the weird girl, letting her tongue snake out as the cameras rolled. She couldn’t believe she was making out on camera with someone famous. The fact that she was going to lick semen from a celebrity’s ass tempered her excitement.

Britt made hot little squeaks of pleasure into her mouth as they kissed, while the sound of the stud’s groans and the slapping of flesh issued from behind. Finally, he gave a final long, drawn-out groan, and pumped the contents of his balls into the pop idol’s anus. Britt, herself, broke away from the kiss and chirped out her lines.

“I’m a backdoor girl, baby, backdoor girl!”

The stud wrapped his fist in Kayla’s hair and guided her like a pet to Britt’s backdoor. The pop star put her head on the bed and elevated her ass. Kayla had only a moment to take in the sight of her violated and cum-filled hole before the stud pushed her face into it. Kayla gave a cry of surprise that was muted by her forceful introduction to Britt’s sticky anus.

The stud held her head and, obediently, Kayla began to squirm her tongue around Britt’s backdoor, giving the slutty celebrity the kind of tongue-lashing she’d seen in Ridiculous Rimjobs Volume Six. She licked and her stomach heaved at the disgusting degradation, as Britt’s own well-trained ass fed her its cummy contents. Kayla felt tears of shame sting her eyes. Her first day was only half over.


Enjoying the story so far? Catch up on the entire novel, Korrupting Kayla, Book Two before the release of Book Three!

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