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Haley's Halloween Fuckup

Haley pushed her vibrating toy into her pussy and groped her breast as she watched the porno. On her screen, a masked girl wrapped her plump, wet lips around the head of a man's cock and moaned sluttily. Two more men stood to either side of the girl, their erections bumping her cheeks as they waited for the girl's dick sucking lips to pleasure them. Each of the men wore a mask, too.

Haley fucked herself wetly, fantasizing about being the girl, about being on her knees with an anonymous man's cock in her mouth. Blowjobs just did something to Haley's brain. Fat, pulsing cocks parting her trembling lips, sliding along her writhing tongue and into her throat just made her pussy gush. It was the submissiveness of it, she thought, because that's how she felt when she did it. The feeling of being on her knees or her back, allowing them to dominate her mouth like a pleasure hole for their cock caused a rush of humiliated pleasure every time.

Haley's ultimate fantasy was to do it for a man she didn't know, a man whose identity would be concealed. She'd let him push the length of his penis into her sucking mouth, taking his pleasure from it as Haley moaned and sucked. Her imaginary cock wielder would lift Haley's own mask as he came in her mouth, burning the image of her cock-stuffed face into his memory, while keeping his identity a secret from her. Her cummy reward received, she'd go out into the world and never know if she might, one day, pass him on the street or bump into him in public.

The thought that she could, at any point, have a conversation with a man in passing, at a doctor's office, maybe even a coworker, while he knew that he'd pasted her tongue with his semen and she did not, made Haley cum harder than anything else. It was weird and it was slutty, but Haley loved her little fantasy. She never imagined, though, that this year it would come true in the most horrible way possible.


Haley's initial plan for Halloween had been to attend her office's goofy costume party, where she'd feel bored as she drank punch and tried not to talk about work. She'd done it before, hated it, but usually felt obligated because she was part of middle management.

When Gina called to invite her to a different sort of party, Haley's dirty fantasy took hold and her work party was dismissed. She'd call in sick. She'd feign an injury. Whatever she needed to do, she would. This was her chance to make the fantasy real and she wasn't going to pass it up.

Gina was a party girl, much like Haley had been in college. After she'd gotten a corporate job, though, Haley had left her partying ways behind and intended to focus on her career. Therefore, she lived a fairly uneventful life, one of days in the office, nights with Netflix, an hour of workout each evening, and then a night out with friends for a few drinks on the weekends. Frequently, she also masturbated to thoughts of sucking strange cock.

This year, Gina was attending a costume party with a sexy costume theme, one where everyone would wear masks and the evening would involve sexy little games. It was a foregone conclusion, among the crowd Gina ran with, that people hooked up, and a few of them even partner swapped now and again. Gina had tried to get Haley to attend her numerous little kink parties throughout the year, but Haley always declined. However, Haley had been masturbating to anonymous blowjob porn nearly every day for two weeks, the little fantasy having hit her particularly hard of late, and this time she agreed.

She drove with Gina to the party on Halloween night, wearing a sexy bunny costume and a little rabbit mask, her stomach in knots. It wasn't that Haley hadn't had her share of college hookups, but it had been a few years. She'd even gone to some sexy parties back then and ended up having a couple of pretty hot girl-on-girl pussy sucking sessions while her boyfriend at the time watched.

Everyone at the party was dressed as some over-the-top sexy monster, princess, superhero, or heroine. Everyone wore a mask. The music blared loudly, making conversation difficult and the drinks flowed freely. Haley mingled in the crowd, having a few drinks, dancing sexily with a slutty pirate queen who put her tongue in Haley's mouth under a strobe light, then a man dressed as Zorro, who ground his hardon into her bunny tail and kissed her neck.

Haley played a grown-up version of spin the bottle, where she found herself in a dark bathroom making out with a muscled Wolverine, and then again with a bare-chested Thor. She allowed each of them to grope her tits a bit, but it was all in fun and neither of them made to push her further. Later, she played a game involving jello shots, each shot having some kind of insect-shaped candy in them. The players were made to guess the alcohol used in the shot. At the end, the person that had guessed incorrectly the highest number of times had to remove a piece of clothing. Gina, the loser, removed her panties to cheers and applause, then tossed them into the crowd.

The whole night, there had been a masked stranger watching her, and Haley had been watching him. The man was dressed in a sexy, James Bond-style tux with a black mask over his face. They'd made eyes at one another through the evening, never interacting. Several drinks in and just past midnight, the lights in the main room were dimmed and inhibitions were lowering. Party lights spun and music played, urging people to begin dancing and swaying.

Some of the, already skimpy, costumes became skimpier as heavier pieces were discarded or lost. People paired off, dancing, kissing, grinding. Haley found herself chest to chest with 007, who seemed to know exactly what she wanted. He gave her a kind smile, nodded, and they danced. The song turned slow and sexy. Haley's body melted into him. She inhaled the scent of him, pressed her body against his warmth, and after a few more songs, she made her move.

The alcohol and the dancing, being felt up in the bathroom and having made out with half a dozen different people had Haley's inner slut making her decisions. If she was ever going to live out her fantasy, this was the time. Wordlessly, she led her partner from the dance floor, putting her finger to her lips to hush him. She didn't want words. She didn't want conversation. Haley wanted to suck cock.

In a back bedroom, one of the few that stood open, Haley led Mr. Bond inside, flipping on a single, dim light and then dropping to her knees in front of him. The black-masked man groaned as Haley's delicate fingers extracted his cock and her wet lips engulfed the head of it. She placed his hand on the back of her head, indicating that he should not be afraid to show her the way to please his cock. He took the hint and urged the length of his penis further into her mouth, fucking it between her tightly sealed lips at his own pace.

Haley placed her hands on his legs and rubbed them gently, purring at the feel of him taking his pleasure from her. For long minutes, the man stroked his cock in and out, rubbing the underside of his jerking shaft along her tongue, pushing the pulsing head into her throat, and allowing her to massage it for him. Haley's body trembled with the pleasure of it. She loved it! Her hand rubbed her pussy under the little bunny skirt as she moaned.

Finally, she felt his cock twitching and jerking. He was going to cum. This was it. It was real. Haley pulled her mask and tossed her hair, then went to work on his trembling cock with vigor, urging him to feed her.

She looked up into his masked face, the length of his cock buried in her throat as he groaned. His look of intense pleasure and imminent orgasm turned to one of shock, disbelief, and then abject horror in the span of a second.

"Haley?" Mr. Bond asked, and ripped his mask away.

Haley had only the briefest moment to realize that she had seven thick inches of her own brother's cock in her mouth before that cock erupted against the back of her throat. Haley made a muffled cry of protest and began to pull away, but her brother, his hand still on her head and now experiencing the ultimate pleasure of having his spurting cock deep in the confines of a woman's welcoming throat, reacted as any man would. He held her head tightly as Haley squealed, her mouth filling with jizz. Reluctantly, she swallowed, gulping the incestuous load to avoid spitting it up all over the carpet.

Her brother continued to pump his twitching cock into her mouth as he emptied his balls, groaning and cursing. Haley, who had not stopped masturbating, suddenly made herself orgasm, her body jerking as she came on her fingers. As she stared in horror up at her brother, his cock softening, his own horror on his face, Haley's mind began to formulate a new fantasy.


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