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Kimmy the Easter Breeding Bunny

Once again, it's time to bring out the holiday hump toy for her next degradation. In honor of breeding bunnies, enjoy this incestuous Kimmy adventure.

Kimmy did not believe in the resurrection. She did not buy into celebrations of fertility, the waving of palm fronds, or symbols of new life. Most of all, Kimmy did not believe in a magical bunny, who brought candy-filled eggs to children. Kimmy did not believe in these things because Kimmy was eighteen years old, and those notions were for kids.

What Kimmy did believe in, was masturbating frequently to thoughts of cockteasing men. She did not give in and have sex with these men but got herself off to the thoughts of their blueballs and the image of their painful, swollen erections. Kimmy cockteased her teachers, wearing short skirts and going without panties. She cockteased the delivery men, answering the door in towels or her bras and panties. Kimmy cockteased her brother and her father, laying splayed on the couch in tiny thongs that molded to her plump little pussy. She teased her friend’s fathers and brothers, wearing too-tight tops that displayed her round, balloon-like melons.

Kimmy went to bed on Saturday evening, after vigorously rubbing her cunt to the memory of her brother’s cock straining against his shorts. While he played video games in front of the TV, Kimmy opted to do her exercise routine in the living room. Her exercises consisted mainly of stretching, which involved bending over lewdly in her thong panties. Jumping jacks followed, braless, and her tortured sibling could only watch, distracted, as her bouncing jugs wobbled obscenely in her tank top. Leg lifts and push-ups came next, displaying the wet crotch of Kimmy's panties or her tight, round bottom. By the end of this, her brother's erection was prominent and aching in his shorts.

On Easter Sunday, Kimmy awoke and made her way to the kitchen for her usual breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. Being the first one awake, she had the kitchen to herself. With her oatmeal in hand, Kimmy munched her breakfast and scrolled her Instagram feed, giggling at the many lascivious comments on her teasing photos.

She dropped the spoon and leaped back in surprise as a small, fluffy, white bunny bounded onto the tabletop. The bunny wiggled its whiskers and to Kimmy's further shock, it greeted her.

"Ha-looo, Kimmy! Hoppy Easter!"

"What the fuck?" Kimmy exclaimed.

The bunny made a sort of giggling noise and wiggled its nose, giving a small hop.

"Don't be sooo surprised, Kimmy. It's a magical day!"

"This isn't real," Kimmy stated. "I'm fucking dreaming."

The bunny gave another small hop and a twirl, making that silly giggling sound again, and said, "You might not believe in me, Kimmy, but I believe in you! Spring is coming and it's a time for new life. Don't you want abundance and prosperity?"

Kimmy picked up her chair and straightened her panties, then shook her head to make the bunny go away. It didn't work. Grumbling, she left the kitchen and started back to her room. A glance behind showed her the bunny hopping along after her.

"Look," Kimmy said, stopping and wagging her finger at the bunny, "You aren't real! There's no such thing as talking rabbits."

"Oh, Kimmy! The magic of Spring is real! All you have to do is believe and good fortune will be yours," the bunny said.

As this was all a dream, Kimmy paused and said, "Okay. Let's say I want abundance and prosperity. What do I have to do until I wake up?"

"Just find the magical Easter eggs I've hidden in your neighborhood!"

"A fucking Easter egg hunt? I don't want candy."

The bunny did a little twirl and kicked a glittering pink egg across the floor, where it bumped Kimmy's foot. Kimmy picked it up. It felt like a real egg.

"That's the first one!" the bunny said. "Crack it open and find the prize!"

Kimmy cracked the shell of the egg and then began to cough as a pink dust struck her in the face.

"What the fuck?" she sputtered, batting at the cloud of dust.

The bunny giggled again and did a back flip, "Bunny dust! Now you can spot the magic eggs. Just find all five eggs before noon or the bunny dust will have you acting like a rabbit!"

"What does that mean? I'm going to go hopping around and wagging my whiskers?" Kimmy snapped sarcastically, "That's so stupid. I'm going back to bed."

Kimmy tossed the eggshell on the floor and climbed the steps, leaving the giggling bunny behind. What a lame dream. She pulled the covers back over herself and quickly fell into a nap.

It was nearly eleven when Kimmy stretched and yawned, rolling over onto her side, and she came face-to-face with the bunny. The little creature wiggled its nose as it lay on her bed.

"What the fuck?" Kimmy exclaimed, sitting up.

"So much time wasted, Kimmy!" the bunny said. "No eggs found."

"Talking bunnies aren't real!" she declared again. "You aren't real!"

The bunny made a sound that sounded almost like a sigh, leaped from the bed, and bounded out of the room. For the next hour, Kimmy lay in bed and played on her phone, snapping a few selfies of her cleavage that she uploaded. It was pushing noon and Kimmy supposed she should get out of bed and at least make some effort to cocktease her father or brother. What better way to spend a lazy Sunday, after all?

She showered, pulled on a pair of satin panties and a cut-off top, then made her way downstairs. It was just after noon. She found her brother on the couch, watching TV, laying on his back in a pair of boxer shorts. He idly fondled his cock as Kimmy entered the room. He looked his sister over and gave a quiet, frustrated groan. Kimmy stood in front of him, blocking the TV, and watched his eyes lust over her.

"Where's dad?"

"Mowing the grass."

Kimmy caught herself staring at her brother's cock, which had become noticeably erect since her appearance. Normally, the sight of his swollen, unsatisfied cock would have made her gooey. She'd do something to further invigorate the problem, and delight in his abrupt departure to masturbate. However, as she looked at it now, the only thing that came to mind was pulling it out and sitting on it.

That was ridiculous. She didn't want to fuck her brother. She wanted him to be hot and hard over her, and then go beat one off to something he'd never get. That was how the teasing worked. Kimmy was a tease, not an incestuous slut.

"What the hell are you looking at?" he asked.

Kimmy's eyes were so riveted on his erection that they were practically watering. She wanted to ride it. She wanted to sit on it, bounce on it, and make it cum in her. Why did she want to do that? She wanted to hump it like a horny rabbit.

"Oh, my God!" she whispered.

"What?" he asked and looked down at his cock.

Kimmy reached out a hand, leaned down, and rubbed his hard cock.

"What the fuck are you doing?" he asked, sitting up.

"I don't know!" Kimmy cried and tried to pull her hand away, but it wouldn't obey.

"Why are you grabbing my dick, you fucking pervert?"

"I can't stop! Make it stop!"

"Just fucking stop, Kimmy. You're going too fucking far this time."

Kimmy reached into his boxers and pulled his cock out.

"Oh, shit!" her brother groaned and his head fell back as Kimmy began to stroke his cock.

"Stop it!" Kimmy shouted at her hand.

"I'm not doing anything," her brother said.

Kimmy found herself spreading her legs, pushing the crotch of her panties aside, and to the shared shock of both herself and her brother, she straddled his lap and put the head of his cock to her pussy.

"Don't!" she cried. "Stop it!"

"What the fuck is wrong with you? You're, like, raping me!"

Kimmy abruptly sank down on his shaft and he groaned pleasantly as his sister's warm, tight sheath enveloped his cock. She began to ride his dick furiously, fucking herself on it like it was a suction-cupped dildo.

"Oh, shit!" he exclaimed.

"No! Don't! Stop!" Kimmy wailed as she bounced herself on her brother's cock.

"I'm not doing anything, you fucking weirdo!"

Kimmy put her hands on his shoulders, intending to push herself off of him. Her hands, though, only gripped his shoulders for support. Despite her fervent desire to lift herself off her brother's meat, it just wouldn't happen. Her tits bounced in his face and his hands latched onto her hips.

"Fuck, Kimmy! Fuck! I'm gonna cum!"

"No! Don't fucking cum in me! You're gonna get me pregnant!"

"Stop, then! Stop! Oh, shit! Here it comes!"

As her brother moaned and began to hump his spurting cock into Kimmy's womb, the presence of their father appeared in the doorway. Kimmy locked eyes with him over the back of the couch. His stunned expression was a mixture of confusion, desire, and anger.

"What the hell is going on here?" he bellowed, crossing the room in a flash.

"She just started attacking my dick!" her brother yelled through his orgasmic spasms, emptying his balls into Kimmy's bouncing cunt.

"He's raping me!" Kimmy argued.

"Jesus Christ!" her father shouted and put his arms around her, under her tits, and hauled her off of her brother's lap.

Kimmy, wiggling and struggling to keep bouncing on her brother's dick, tripped her father up and he went down on his back with his daughter on top of him.

"No!" Kimmy wailed again as her hands fumbled at the drawstring of her father's shorts.

He lifted his head, took one look at his daughter's scrabbling, frenzied hands, tearing at his shorts to get at his cock, and gave a groan.

"Stop!" Kimmy shouted at her hands. "I can't stop!"

With his erection pressing against his shorts, her father couldn't come up with a reasonable excuse to deny her. She had, after all, spent every day of the last year flaunting herself in front of him, kissing him, and generally making his dick hard at the worst of times.

Sobbing, Kimmy pulled down his shorts and let his cock pop out. She mounted it quickly, pressing her already cum-filled cunt down on him with a desperation that she didn't feel.

"Why can't I stop?" she cried as she humped herself on her father's cock.

Her brother sat on the couch with his limp dick in his hand and his mouth hanging open, while his sister railed herself on their father's lap. Her ass bounced up and down furiously, slapping against her father's crotch, fucking him like a horny rabbit. From around the corner of the couch, she spied the bunny, wiggling his whiskers and shaking his head sadly.

"It's your fault!" Kimmy shouted, pointing at the bunny. "Make it stop!"

The bunny only hopped around the couch as Kimmy's father held onto her hips and groaned with relief at finally feeling the slick, wet, tight walls of her pussy wrapped around him. Her gripping cunt was heavenly, just as he'd known it would be. He stared up at her wobbling tits as she rode him. However this Easter miracle had happened, he was going to milk it for all it was worth.

The sound of the front door opening drew Kimmy's gaze in the direction of the living room doorway.

"Hello?" came a shout from the entry.

It was a voice Kimmy knew, that they all knew. It was her Uncle Ray. Kimmy could only watch in horror as he stepped into the living room and paused. He seemed unable to process what was taking place.

"Um," he said.

"You want a go, Uncle Ray?" her brother asked. "I don't know what happened. I guess she finally lost her shit, but she's on a cock high today."

"No!" Kimmy protested.

She could already see her uncle's dick rising, pushing against his pants. He took a step closer, then another. Beneath her, her father groaned and he began to pump his hips upward. Kimmy shuddered as hot shots of daddy goo began to spurt into her cunt.

"Sweet Jesus," he exclaimed. "That's so good! Fuck!"

"Daddy, no!" Kimmy wailed. "You'll knock me up!"

"Oh, shit! her father groaned and he began to pound his cock into her harder, making Kimmy's bulging melons wobble and shake.

Her uncle's pants were already coming down, hitting the floor. He kicked them off and stepped around the couch.

"Fuck! I've been dreaming about this for months," he grumbled. "The way you've been strutting around like a slut, I figured it was only a matter of time."

Her father's cock, softening, began to slip out of his girl's enveloping wetness. Kimmy, against her wishes, pulled herself off of his lap and got down on the floor, putting her head against the carpet and pushing her ass up in invitation.

"Please don't fuck me!" she cried.

But it was too late. Her uncle mounted her and angrily thrust his dick into her twice-spunked cunt. He set his hands on her ass, squeezed it roughly, and began to ram Kimmy's fuckhole with long, powerful strokes. The incestuous loads she'd received squished wetly out of the tightly-packed confines of her hungry cunt, oozing down her thighs. Kimmy grunted and humped herself back against her uncle.

"Mother of fuck," he exclaimed. "I always knew it was gonna be good! About damn time you started giving this slutty hole up, you little prick teaser!"

Kimmy could only grunt and hump as she sobbed into the carpet. Her uncle's harsh slaps against her upturned ass made her cheeks jiggle delightfully in his hands, as he continued to rail his niece into the floor. He went at her hard, pressing her down until Kimmy was prone and her legs were kicking uselessly. He had his full weight on her now, crushing her body into the floor as he hammered his cock into her like a sex doll.

By the time he added his own creamy treat to her insides, Kimmy was a sweaty mess of used-up family slut, leaking seed, and panting miserably. When her uncle pulled his cock out of her, she continued to hump back against nothing, moaning as if she needed more.

Her brother, ready for another round, was happy to provide her with his penis again. Fuck bunny Kimmy made no further protests as her sibling stuffed her once more. She made even less protest when her daddy came back in for his second turn. By the time her uncle had his second helping of Kimmy's creamy cunt, she was limp, tired, and unable to do more than make little whimpers. Even after two rounds each, though, and tired as she was, her body continued to make small humping motions against the floor.

"Look at the little slut go," her uncle remarked. "I always knew it was gonna come to this. She's one horny little fuck bunny."

"I'm gonna need a rest," her father said, wiping his brow. "Guess we could call over to Stan's and have him drop by to give her a go."

Kimmy moaned pitifully.

"I'll bet Alan would be willing to cough up a hundred to get his dick into her," her brother mused.

"Fine idea son," said her father. "Why don't you give him a ring?"

Kimmy whined and tiredly humped the floor.

"Let me give the guys at the plant a call, too," her uncle said. "They'd be willing to drop a few bills for a turn at her."

"You hear that, honey?" her father said. "Don't you worry. We're gonna have plenty of dick to feed your hole from now on."

Kimmy quietly blubbered into the carpet and humped the floor. While the men made their phone calls, Kimmy felt the soft whisper of whiskers on her face. She cracked one bleary, tired eye open. The bunny was there, his nose twitching. He lifted a paw, gave her a gentle pat on the head, and bounded away. Kimmy began to cry again, knowing that she wouldn't be able to stop. She'd never be able to stop.


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