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Kimmy and Cupid's Arrow

With everyone's favorite day of love just around the corner, it's time to trot out the official ErotiKInks holiday hump toy, Kimmy, for her next appearance. When we last saw Kimmy, she was being enslaved and used for the making of Christmas magic. Well, the great thing about Kimmy is that she's a reusable slut that we never have to feel bad for because she's a tremendous cocktease. Well, now it's time for Kimmy to get a dose of love juice and a whole lot more.


Kimmy did not believe in true love. She did not buy into lovey-dovey expressions of eternal affection, symbols of long-term, heartfelt commitment, or soulmates. Most of all, Kimmy did not believe in a cherubic, half-dressed baby with angel wings, who struck people with magical arrows filled with sunshine, candy, and feelings of happiness. Kimmy did not believe in these things because Kimmy was eighteen years old, and those notions were for kids.

What Kimmy did believe in, was masturbating frequently to thoughts of cockteasing men. She did not give in and have sex with these men but got herself off to the thoughts of their blueballs and the image of their painful, swollen erections. Kimmy cockteased her teachers, wearing short skirts and going without panties. She cockteased the delivery men, answering the door in towels or her bras and panties. Kimmy cockteased her brother and her father, laying splayed on the couch in tiny thongs that molded to her plump little pussy. She teased her friend’s fathers and brothers, wearing too-tight tops that displayed her round, balloon-like melons.

Kimmy went to bed on February the thirteenth, after jilling herself to the memory of her father's erection tenting the front of his pants. She'd spent the evening reluctantly doing her chores, but she'd done so wearing only a tiny, lacy thong that was quickly swallowed between the cheeks of her round ass and plump, wet little pussy. She was, likewise, braless and sporting a cutoff sleep shirt that exposed the bottoms of her sizeable melons.

While her father pretended to watch TV, Kimmy dusted the shelves, the top of the TV, and bent to give the baseboards a good wipe-down. These actions, invariably, showed her father the tight, slick little treasure that she taunted him with each day. When her cleaning was done, she gave him a light peck on the lips, leaning forward to do so, and giving him a good look down her billowy top.

When Kimmy awoke, it was Valentine's day. She had school to go to, and there were a great many men, young and mature, for her to cocktease. Therefore, Kimmy put on a short, pink, pleated skirt and a too-tight top. With her older brother still in bed and her father off to work, Kimmy made herself some oatmeal and sat at the table to peruse her social media and get the latest reactions to her many sexy photos.

She was halfway into her oatmeal and giggling at the long list of drooling comments to one of her photos when an annoying buzz by her ear distracted her. She swatted at the mosquito and continued her giggling, but then it came again. Before she could swat at it again, a small whisper at her ear made her jump from her seat.

"Hoppy Vawentine's Day, Keemy!"

Kimmy knocked her chair back and stumbled, caught herself, then looked around in fright. She did a double blink and fixed her eyes on a tiny, cherubic creature that looked like a baby boy with angel wings, wearing a loincloth. The little creature was hardly bigger than a small bird.

"What the fuck?" Kimmy exclaimed.

"Aw ew weady to find twue wub, Keemy?" the little cherub asked.

Kimmy looked around for some sign that she was being pranked but she was alone in the kitchen.

"I'm fucking dreaming," she said and made to sit back at the table, ignoring the cherub.

The stupid thing lighted on her shoulder and said, "Ew don't beweeve in me, but I beweeve in ew! Um hew to hep ew find twue wub!"

Kimmy ignored the cherub, but the sound of his little wings continued near her ear as she rinsed her bowl and set out for school. The awful sound continued as she drove, joined by an annoying little giggle from the thing. She swatted at it again, but the cherub glided away, laughing, only to return a moment later.

"Ew can't fight twue wub, Keemy!" he said.

"You aren't real," Kimmy said, growing agitated. "This is a dream."

It seemed very real, however, because this dream seemed just like a normal day going to school. She even met up with her two cockteasing besties, Allie and Penny, who were drawing lusty looks in their equally skimpy clothes. Neither of her friends made a comment about the cherub on her shoulder, whose wings she could still hear.

She walked with Allie to her first-period class, with the cherub giggling merrily on her shoulder, and feeling as if she might actually be hallucinating. What had been in that oatmeal? She took her seat at her lab table, next to the horrible and gross abomination of a young man, with which she'd been saddled for the semester.

His name was Wilson Grimes, and Kimmy thought that he was the most disgusting lump of flesh that she'd ever had the misfortune to cocktease. Wilson's face was an abhorrent mask of pimples and pockmarks, and his rotund belly sagged from the bottom of any shirt he wore. He had a nasal whistle that grated on Kimmy's nerves. His one and only saving grace was that Wilson was an egghead. Since he couldn't take his eyes off Kimmy's tits, and quite literally drooled over her (another vomit-inducing characteristic) the smitten blob made sure that Kimmy got perfect scores on every assignment and test.

"Hey, Kimmy," Wilson wheezed as he ogled her tits.

Kimmy ignored him.

"Oh, isn't he a dweamboat?" the cherub twittered in her ear.

Kimmy's stomach heaved and she felt suddenly ill. The little cherub fluttered his way in front of her eyes, and then flitted to Wilson, drawing Kimmy's disbelieving gaze in the same direction. A small bow and arrow appeared in the cherub's hand and, before Kimmy could even open her mouth to scream madly at the hallucination, the cherub released his arrow. The little pinprick struck Kimmy in the neck and she slapped at it. The cherub gave a parting giggle and said, "Twue wub stwikes again!" before he faded into nothing.

For an instant, Kimmy felt cold, but then she felt very hot, instead. She looked at Wilson with new eyes, admiring his pimples and acne pocks. Now that she thought about it, they really didn't seem so bad. They were kind of adorable, really. And his belly wasn't all that disgusting. It meant that he was well-fed and probably virile, right? The fact that his tits were nearly the size of her own just indicated that she'd have a little something to hold onto when she rode his cock, didn't it?

Wilson studied her strangely and asked, "What? Do I have another booger?"

He stuffed his finger up his nose, then rubbed at it, and then wiped the finger on his shirt. Kimmy blushed at the super cute little gesture. It was so endearing.

"Um, no," she said, her heart pounding. "I just… oh, never mind."

She hid her trembling hands, stuffing them between her legs, where she could feel how hot her pussy was. God, she hoped Wilson couldn't tell. It would be so embarrassing. Wilson just shrugged, but he kept eyeing her tits as the teacher started the class. Kimmy couldn't pay attention, though. She kept stealing glances at the handsome prince next to her, shuffling her feet and squeezing her legs together, squirming in her seat.

Kimmy's cheeks burned as she cast sidelong glances at the hunk throughout class, and when he looked at her curiously she batted her big eyes at him. Wilson's lips turned into a frown of confusion. Kimmy's stomach dropped at the look. Oh, God! He didn't think she was pretty enough. It was so embarrassing.

Class came to an end and Wilson shouldered his Power Rangers backpack. Kimmy fumbled with her own bag, but she dropped it and had to bend to retrieve it, giving Wilson a nice look up her short skirt. He groaned audibly. Kimmy retrieved her bag and, blushing, stood back up. She caught Wilson's eyes on her.

They quickly looked away when she caught him and he started for the door. Kimmy trailed behind, joining Allie in the hallway.

"Nice move," Allie said.


"That little panty flash at Grimy Grimes," Allie said and giggled. "I'll bet he'll have a hard-on all day thinking about that. He's probably on his way to the bathroom right now to beat one off."

"Do you think so?" Kimmy asked, breathless.

"Um, yeah. What's with you?"

Kimmy shook her head and said, "Nothing. Just… kind of hot in here."

Allie shrugged. They parted ways for their classes. All through her second-period class, Kimmy wasn't able to focus. She kept on wondering if Wilson had liked what he'd seen under her skirt. Did he really have a hard-on from her? It didn't seem possible. Wilson Grimes, getting hard at the thought of her? It was like a dream. Her panties were so wet at the thought that they were sticking to her pussy.

Wilson was in her third-period English class, but they didn't sit together. Kimmy sat two desks away, but she couldn't help but stare longingly at him, her chin resting on her hands, daydreaming about what it would be like to have him ask her out. That's all it could ever be, though, just a dream. Wilson would never be interested in someone like her. He was way out of her league.

By the time lunch came around, Kimmy's panties were so soaked that she had to sneak into the bathroom and take them off. This was not an infrequent thing. Her incessant cockteasing often resulted in having to change her panties at least once during the day, but never this early.

She took a seat at the table with Allie and Penny, who giggled and jabbered, but Kimmy wasn't paying attention. She stared longingly at the Adonis two tables away, sitting with a skinny young man wearing a Dungeons and Dragons tee, and a pasty-faced, chubby girl with large glasses. Kimmy sighed, feeling jealous of the girl. She was so much more Wilson's type.

"Earth to Kimmy," Allie said, snapping her fingers.

Kimmy blinked and said, "What?"

"Dude, what's your deal? You're, like, a total space cadet."

"Oh, I am?"

"You need to go see the nurse or something?" Penny asked.

Kimmy shook her head and said, "No. Just kind of spacy."

By the end of the school day, Kimmy felt like a wreck. Each time she saw Wilson in the hallway or in a class, she pined. It was impossible, she knew, but that didn't stop her from wanting it. He was so dreamy. As she walked toward the doors, she rounded a corner and bumped straight into her crush. Wilson's belly struck her and knocked her off her feet.

"Oh, shit!" he exclaimed, flushing in embarrassment as Kimmy fell on her ass.

All around them came gasps and laughter.

"Shit, Kimmy," Wilson stammered. "I'm so sorry! Oh my, God! You okay?"

He held out his hand to help her up. Kimmy looked at the hand in disbelief. Wilson's hand? Could she actually take it, touch it? Her own shook as she reached for it. God, it was so warm and sweaty. She made a little moan as his fingers closed around her hand and helped her to her feet. Wilson picked up her bag and handed it to her.

"I'm so sorry," he said again and made to walk away.

Kimmy felt like this was her chance, her one opportunity, her moment. Could she do it? Her mouth felt dry, and her lips cracked. She licked them and said, "Wilson?"

He stopped and turned back. Oh, God! Those beautiful eyes! She felt like she might swoon.

"Do you think…" she paused and bit her lip, looking at the floor and shuffling her feet. "Would you, maybe, like to walk me out?"

Wilson suddenly looked suspicious, as if this were some sort of prank. Kimmy's heart was beating so fast, waiting for an answer.

"Um, okay," he said.

"Really?" she practically squealed and her knees actually quaked.

"I guess so."

Kimmy felt drunk as she took up stride next to him. She had to walk rather slowly so that his short, pudgy legs could keep up with her. She shot him a shy glance and, to his astonishment, her fingertips casually brushed his. He looked down at her hand in confusion, and then his confusion deepened when she slipped her hand into his and held it.

"What are you doing?" he asked. "Is this some kind of joke?"

"Oh, God!" Kimmy exclaimed. "I'm… I'm sorry. I just… I'm so stupid!"

She tried to pull her hand away, but Wilson held onto it. Kimmy let out a gasp and her blush deepened. Together, they walked past Allie and Penny, whose open-mouthed stares of incredulity followed them down the hallway. Further mutters and gasps of disbelief trailed behind as the two of them walked, hand-in-hand, to the parking lot.

Wilson walked her to her car, where Kimmy fidgeted with the hem of her skirt, still holding his hand. Then, Kimmy planted a small kiss on his lips and moaned. Her whole body shook. Wilson made a snort of disbelief that was so powerful that a string of snot shot from his nose. God, it was so adorable!

"Wilson," Kimmy said shyly, "Do you think, maybe, that you might… I don't know. Maybe you'd like to go out with me sometime?"

Wilson, unable to believe what he'd just heard, simply nodded.

"Really?" Kimmy squealed.

Wilson nodded again, swallowed, and then, capitalizing on what must (surely) be a severe mental breakdown on Kimmy's part, he went for it.

"I'm free right now," he said.

"Really?" Kimmy squealed again.

"Yeah. Do you want to come over?"

"Like, to your house?" Kimmy whispered, her heart fluttering.


"Oh my, God! I'd love to! Can I, um, ride with you?"

Wilson nodded. Kimmy followed him to his car. He opened the door for her, like the gentleman he was, and then swept out a stack of old fast food bags and empty diet soda drinks from the seat. They swished and bounced around Kimmy's feet. God, she couldn't believe the stud's appetite. It must take a small country's worth of food to fuel a man like this, she thought. It made her weak in the knees.

Kimmy got into the seat, pulling a greasy napkin out from between her legs and clutching it in her fist. This napkin had been in Wilson's hand. It had cleaned the grease from those thick, meaty digits of his. The thought was heady. Wilson got in and started the car.

"So, um, what do you want to do?" he asked.

"What do you like to do?" Kimmy asked back, folding her hands in her lap to stop them from shaking.

Wilson shrugged and said, "I usually go home and watch TV or play the PlayStation."

"Really?" Kimmy squealed. "Could I watch?"

Wilson shrugged, looked at her curiously, and said, "I guess so. That doesn't seem like it would be a lot of fun for you. What do you normally do after school?"

Kimmy couldn't lie to a man like this. This kind of man deserved the truth. Starting a new relationship, if she were so lucky, shouldn't be done from a place of lies.

"Well, I always go home and take off my panties first," she said. "And then I spend about an hour playing with my pussy, and thinking about all the guys I cockteased that day."

Wilson choked on his tongue and slammed the brake, pulling the car off to the side of the parking lot. Distressed, Kimmy patted him on the back, sure that he was choking. Oh, God! How awful! She couldn't let the man of her dreams choke! Not on their very first date!

It took a moment for Wilson to get a hold of himself, but he did manage to recover. He wiped the sweat from his brow and then croaked, "That's… That's something."

"Oh!" Kimmy exclaimed, wondering how she could be so stupid. "I'd... I mean, I wouldn't do that to you, of course! And, If I did, I'm so sorry! I'd never cocktease you!"

Wilson managed to put his foot back on the gas and ease the car back into the line of vehicles exiting the lot.

"You… you wouldn't?" he asked.

"Oh, no! I'd never! You don't deserve that. I'd suck your cock right now if you'd let me!"

She clapped her hand over her mouth, humiliated. Oh, God! Had she just said that? He was going to kick her out of the car, thinking she was some kind of skank! She'd blown it.

"You… you would?" Wilson asked.

"Only if you'd let me," Kimmy whispered. "I know I don't really deserve to but… you know. If you wanted me to, I would."

Next to them in the other line, Allie and Penny pulled up. Kimmy didn't notice their wide-eyed looks of horror at seeing her in the car with Wilson.

"Well, if you'd really like to," Wilson said.

"Really? You mean it?" Kimmy asked.

Wilson nodded.

"Oh, God! Thank you!" she cried.

Through the glass and the distance, she couldn't hear Allie and Penny's cries of revulsion and disgust as Kimmy leaned across and unzipped Wilson's pants. His cock was hard but short and pudgy like the rest of him. It was so perfect! Kimmy took him in her mouth, wrapping her soft, sexy lips around his manhood. Manhood. This was truly a man's manhood, a cock, a weapon of ass destruction. Her pussy actually gushed as she tasted it for the first time.

Wilson shivered with delight and placed his free hand on her head. He looked over, and saw the astonished faces of Kimmy's friends, paralyzed one car away. He gave them a smile and a thumbs-up. Penny, in the passenger seat, opened her door and looked like she might be throwing up. Allie's face was turning green. Wilson pressed the gas and eased his car out past the traffic cop and onto the road.

Kimmy hummed excitedly and polished his cock wetly with her tongue and lips, suckling at it as happily as a babe at a breast. It took him only a minute more to ejaculate into her mouth. Kimmy's pussy gushed again as he did so, drinking her reward. Still, she continued to suck at his half-hard cock for him all the way to his house. A man like him deserved no less.

The moment they arrived, Wilson pulled Kimmy up by her hair. God, it was so sexy. What a dominant beast he was!

"You wanna take this inside?" he suggested.

"Can we?"

Wilson got out, rounded the car, and opened her door for her. Kimmy got out, extracted a stale fry that had stuck to her wet panties, and made to throw it away. Wilson plucked it from her fingers and popped it into his mouth. Oh, God! He could probably taste her arousal on it! She moaned out loud at the sexy display, feeling so adored and desired. Somehow, she'd managed to bewitch this incredible brute of a man.

The moment the door was shut, Kimmy couldn't help herself. She pressed her lips to his, moaning needily, mashing her tits against his own. God, she hoped he liked her tits! Wilson did like her tits. So much so, in fact, that he began to squeeze them as she kissed him.

Kimmy managed to pull her lips away from him long enough to beg, "Can we go to your room?"

Wilson took her hand and guided her up the stairs, where he opened his door. On the walls were posters of blonde porn stars, brunette porn stars, and redhead porn stars. The floor was covered in discarded clothes, and candy wrappers, and she even saw a few dinner plates scattered amongst them. Of course, a man like this had far better things to do than tidy up a floor. Someday, if she were lucky enough, maybe that would be her job. She felt so weak in the knees thinking about it.

Wilson began to peel off his clothes, exposing his flabby tummy, his man boobs, and then his hard manhood. Kimmy couldn't strip herself fast enough. She thought that if she were a sculptor, there would be no finer specimen than this to create a statue of, that would last for ages. It seemed a shame that no one had.

Wilson turned her around and roughly groped her ass, making her moan, and then he gave it a hard smack that nearly made her cum. He pressed his belly against her back and reached around her to palm one of her tits. Kimmy was practically panting with need to have him. Thankfully, he took mercy on her and shoved her onto his bed.

Her face pressed into a discarded pair of underwear as Wilson mounted her. She eagerly spread her legs for him and he pulled her ass up to give him the access he needed. His belly rested on her bottom and he roughly jammed the stub of his cock into her dripping cunt. Kimmy orgasmed immediately. It was everything she could have wanted, everything she'd fantasized about all day. To be taken, to service a man like him, it was every woman's dream. And Kimmy was living that dream. Her luck must be running high today!

Wilson battered her fuckhole with sharp, short thrusts of his cock, rocking back and forth in his first pussy. He gripped tightly to Kimmy's hips as she moaned and shook.

"Oh, God!" she cried. "Oh, that's so good! Fuck me, baby! Don't stop!"

Wilson grunted and humped her for nearly four minutes until, finally, he let out a gasp and began to cum into her unprotected womb. A string of drool hit her back as he groaned and shook, filling Kimmy with his potent seed. She felt like she might actually cry at the feeling of it. Wilson was cumming into her, maybe even impregnating her. This wasn't just luck. She must have done something right in a previous life to deserve this kind of treatment. She imagined having saved a busload of nuns or schoolchildren from a fire.

When Wilson had finished filling her with his load, Kimmy happily went back to sucking on his cock, while he played his PlayStation. When he was sufficiently hard, he would fuck her again, sometimes even deigning to look at her while he did so. Always, though, he would give her his warm cum. With every spermy dose, Kimmy's happiness only increased. Some day, she imagined, if she were good to him, he might even take her as his wife. She could give him a family, keep his house, clean and cook for him, and, of course, suck his cock whenever he liked.

As Wilson filled her with yet another hot load of cum, Kimmy knew that her cockteasing days were over. Because she had found twue wub.


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