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Kimmy's Lousy Luck

In celebration of the upcoming festival of shamrocks and luck, it's once again time to subject the official ErotiKInks holiday hump toy, Kimmy, to her latest humiliation.

To read more of Kimmy's unfortunate adventures, you can find her being enslaved by Santa in The Magic of Forgotten Sluts or falling for the worst guy in school in Kimmy and Cupid's Arrow.

Kimmy the reusable holiday hump toy

Kimmy did not believe in the luck of the Irish. She did not buy into shamrocks, bedecking herself in green, or giggling stupidly and pinching others. Most of all, Kimmy did not believe in a tiny man, who wore a silly hat and enticed fools to chase after rainbows in search of a pot of gold. Kimmy did not believe in these things because Kimmy was eighteen-years-old, and those notions were for kids.

What Kimmy did believe in, was masturbating frequently to thoughts of cockteasing men. She did not give in and have sex with these men but got herself off to the thoughts of their blue balls and the image of their painful, swollen erections. Kimmy cockteased her teachers, wearing short skirts and going without panties. She cockteased the delivery men, answering the door in towels or her bras and panties. Kimmy cockteased her brother and her father, laying splayed on the couch in tiny thongs that molded to her plump little pussy. She teased her friend’s fathers and brothers, wearing too-tight tops that displayed her round, balloon-like melons.

Kimmy went to bed on March 16th, after jilling her twat to the memory of cockteasing her gym teacher. Gym class was boring and stupid, but Kimmy did enjoy using it as an opportunity to cocktease a large group of men at one time. The shorts the girls wore in gym class were far too short and tight. Kimmy wore them without panties, which made the shorts adhere to the cleft of her pussy. She frequently needed to ensure her shoes were tied, as safety was important, and bent at the waist with her ass out to fiddle with her laces.

This act would, invariably, result in a chorus of lusty groans and adolescent erections, as the young men in the class took in the sight of her obviously aroused cunt through the thin shorts. Kimmy also wore no bra during gym class, and her pussy only got wetter as the young men ogled her bouncing jugs. Her gym teacher, too, couldn't resist a lusty look at Kimmy's body. Kimmy took special care to ensure he always got an eyeful, and the sight of his obvious bulge in his shorts was what Kimmy got herself off to on this particular night.

When Kimmy awoke, it was St. Patrick's day. She prepared for school just like any other day, with little fear of being pinched or giggled at for not wearing green. That was not a concern. It was stupid.

With her brother still in bed and her father off to work, Kimmy prepared a light breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. While she munched on her breakfast, she scrolled her latest TikTok uploads, giggling at the drooling comments. Kimmy was fond of using social media to further cocktease those she didn't know and had many videos of herself lip-syncing to trashy hip-hop songs while bouncing her braless melons in skimpy tops. It was whilst she was cackling at one particularly sappy comment that a sudden wind ruffled her hair and drew her attention to the sight of a little gnome, who had magically appeared on the tabletop.

"What the fuck!" Kimmy exclaimed, dropping her spoon and launching herself backward from her chair.

The chair banged against the floor and Kimmy stumbled.

"Oy! 'Allo, Kimmy darlin'!" The gnome said and trotted to the edge of the table. "Ye' may'be wantin' to watch yer step. 'S a bod dee to go breakin' a leg!"

"What the fuck?" Kimmy said again, "You… you're not real. I'm dreaming!"

The gnome cackled and said, "Ye mightn't believe'n me, Kimmy, but I believe'n you! 'S a fine dee to be believin' in such things's good fortune, eh?"

Kimmy shut her eyes and willed herself to wake up, but it didn't work. She pinched herself, which felt very real. When she opened her eyes again, the gnome, wearing his silly hat, grinned through his red beard.

"Do ya want'sum good fortune, Kimmy?" the gnome asked.

Kimmy did want good fortune, but she really wanted to wake up even more.

"I'm dreaming," she repeated.

"No, yarn't," the gnome said and did a little back spring, landing in the center of the table.

He doffed his green hat, waved it about, and a magical rainbow came through the window to light on the tabletop. The air shimmered and the table groaned as a black cauldron winked into existence. Gold coins glittered in the rainbow light. The gnome climbed up the side of the cauldron, took a coin in his hands, and threw it to Kimmy. She caught the coin and stared at it. It felt real.

"This pot'o gold ken be yers," the gnome said, "if ya jus' honor the traditions'o Saint Patty's dee."

The gnome vaulted off the pot of gold and landed on the table. He wiggled his ears and the coin vanished from Kimmy's hand and landed back in the pot with a metallic clank. The cauldron shimmered, the rainbow vanished, and the gold was gone.

"That's so dumb," Kimmy said. "No one believes that crap. "But, let's just say I want the gold. What do I have to do?"

"Why, ye' jus' rely on yer luck, o'course! When ya' honor tradition, yer luck'll be good! When ye' don't, yer luck'll be bad! Make it through'the dee with more good than bad, and you'll have yerself a pot'o gold! I'll tag along."

The gnome vaulted from the table and lighted on Kimmy's shoulder with a chuckle. Kimmy rolled her eyes and set the chair right, trying to ignore the illusion on her shoulder as she left for school. The gnome hummed an Irish jig in her ear as she drove, which Kimmy found so annoying.

No one in the hallway commented on the little man riding on Kimmy's shoulder, which made her feel like she might be going off the rails. She got to her first class and, when she stepped through the doorway, her foot kicked the door stop away. The door slammed shut behind her and Kimmy felt a jerk and heard a tear of cloth.

Everyone in the class looked up and laughed as Kimmy turned around to see that the door had shut and closed her skirt in it. When she'd taken a step, the skirt had been torn off, and she was standing in front of the entire class in her pink panties.

Kimmy gasped and blushed, dropping her bag, which landed on her foot painfully.

"Ow!" she cried and clutched at her foot, bending over to show the class her ass.

She quickly tugged at the skirt to get it out of the door, which opened as the teacher walked in, and Kimmy fell backward to sprawl on the floor with her legs spread and the skirt in her hand. She looked up from the floor into the scowling face of Mrs. Trunch.

"Kimmy," she snapped, "what do you think you're doing? Why are you exposing yourself in my classroom?"

"What? I'm… I'm not!" Kimmy argued, stumbling to her feet. "It was an accident!"

The class snickered.

"Oh, I see," Mrs. Trunch said. "Just bad luck, is it? Bad luck made you remove your skirt and flash the class your panties? I know your game, you little tease! And I won't have it in my class!"


"Go and put your nose in the naughty corner!" Mrs. Trunch ordered. "If you want to show off, you can do it over there and think about what you've done."

She snatched the torn skirt from Kimmy's hand and pointed to the corner of the room. Kimmy, hanging her head, trudged to the corner of the room and set her forehead against it. The class went on as her fellow students giggled and pointed at her bottom, while Kimmy flushed with humiliation.

"Such bad luck," the gnome whispered.

Kimmy didn't reply. The last thing she needed was to get noticed talking to some hallucination. When class ended, Mrs. Trunch handed Kimmy back her skirt. Kimmy put the torn skirt back around her and held it with one hand as she walked to her locker. Inside, she found her gym shorts, the only replacement she had.

She shut the locker, and the corner of the door snagged her tank top. There was a giggle from the gnome as the shirt ripped and, suddenly, Kimmy found herself standing topless in the crowded hallway. Students laughed and cheered at the sight of her braless tits. Out of reflex, she covered her melons with her hands, which exposed her panties.

"Nice cans!"

"Fine Jugs!"

"Jesus, look at those titties!"

"Hot melons, Kimmy!"

Humiliated, Kimmy tugged the shirt from the locker door and hurried to get her gym shirt out of the locker. She quickly put it on, slid the shorts up her legs, and left her torn clothes in the locker. Crimson with embarrassment, she looked at the floor and practically ran to her next class. Several students felt it only right to pinch her ass or tits as she hurried past.

Once in her science class, Kimmy took her seat next to the horrendous blob of a young man known as Wilson Grimes. Grimy Grimes, they called him, and the pot-bellied pervert gave Kimmy his salivating leer. Frazzled, Kimmy hardly took note of it today. She settled in her seat and sank, trying to calm her heart.

Today's instruction contained lab work, which Kimmy was more than happy to let Wilson handle for her. Smitten as he was with Kimmy, the egghead was pleased to give Kimmy the right answers as he mixed some sort of goo in a tube. The fizzy mixture bubbled and boiled over a little burner. As Wilson added just one more drop from an eyedropper into the tube, though, the mixture hissed and then popped. Drops of the stuff leaped from the tube, spattering Kimmy's gym shirt.

"Oh, God!" Kimmy wailed as the shirt began to smoke.

The gnome on her shoulder chuckled as the droplets, which had landed right on Kimmy's tits, hissed and smoked.

"Shit!" Wilson exclaimed, and before Kimmy knew what was happening, Wilson began to slap her tits to stop the smoking.

The class all turned their attention to the sudden scene and erupted with laughter. The sight of Wilson beating Kimmy's tits as her shirt smoked and fizzled was quickly captured on cell phone cameras.

"Stop!" Kimmy screeched, flailing her hands at Wilson, which only brought forth more laughter.

Wilson pulled his hands away, but the damage was done. The smoldering goo had burned two clean holes right through Kimmy's shirt, and her reddened nipples poked through them. Kimmy looked down at her exposed nipples in horror and quickly covered them with her hands.

"Enough!" Mr. Branson shouted from the front of the room and charged to the table.

Though any imminent danger of fire seemed to be over, he must have decided to be safe rather than sorry, because he began to spray Kimmy's tits with the fire extinguisher as she flailed and yelled in further misery. Shocked and scared, Kimmy stumbled back and tripped over her chair. With a scream, she tumbled over it and went down in a tangled heap and a rip of rending cloth.

Students across the room were all on their feet now, gasping, laughing, pointing, snapping photos, and taking videos. Kimmy sprawled on the floor groaning, her legs spread. Wilson's acne-riddled face stared down at her, but not at her face. He was staring at her panties, which were now visible through the rip down the crotch of her shorts.

"Easy there, Kimmy," Mr. Branson said, stooping to help his stunned student to her feet. "You're alright now."

The little gnome, clinging to a lock of her hair, giggled in her ear.

"Luck's not'sa good, eh?" he said.

"Wilson, why don't you carry Kimmy's bag to the nurse's office," Branson suggested, "Just to make sure she's alright."

Kimmy shook her dazed head but didn't argue as Wilson picked up her bag. She stumbled from the room, covered in white foam, following Wilson toward the nurse's office.

"Jesus, Kimmy," Wilson said, "I'm really sorry about that. I don't know what went wrong. Must have just been bad luck."

"Bad luck," Kimmy mumbled as she began to stitch her head back together from the unbelievable incident.

With her head in a fog, the two of them rounded a corner, where a janitor's cart suddenly appeared. Kimmy ran chest-first into the cart. Wilson, just a step behind (perving on Kimmy's ass) ran right into her. With a scream, Kimmy lost her footing and went head-first into the garbage can of the cart.

"Oh, shit!" Wilson screamed.

"Holy shittin' shamrocks!" yelled the janitor.

"Oy, whatta spot'o bad luck!" the gnome cackled, dancing merrily away and landing on the cart.

Kimmy kicked her legs wildly, stuck in the garbage can, and screeched. The janitor, Wilson, and the gnome took a moment to admire Kimmy's panties through her torn shorts as she kicked her legs, and then did the only reasonable thing they could. The janitor took hold of the waistband of Kimmy's shorts, while Wilson held her legs, and together, they pulled Kimmy from the trash can. The shorts tore right in half and, as the janitor had (completely by accident) also slipped his hand into Kimmy's panties, those were torn off, too.

They caught Kimmy and set her on her feet. Sputtering with shock and humiliation, a banana peel on her head, and yogurt smeared on her chin, Kimmy huffed and jabbered nonsensically.

"Kimmy," the janitor observed, "you look like shit."

"Motherfucking, goddamn, son of a bitch, fucking, shit!" Kimmy babbled, her face red and her tits heaving.

"What's with her?" the janitor asked.

"She's supposed to go to the nurse. I think she's losing her mind," Wilson said and shrugged.

Kimmy continued to curse, pointing at the gnome on the cart.

"This is your fault!" she yelled. "You and your… your stupid gold!"

"She yellin' at my cart?" the janitor asked.

"I told you," Wilson said. "I think she's losing her shit."

"I am not losing my shit!" Kimmy howled. "It's his fault!" she pointed at the gnome, and cried, "It's the leprechaun!"

"Okay, girl," the janitor said, "back in the can you go."

"What? No!" Kimmy howled, but the janitor scooped her up and stuffed her, head-first, back into the garbage can.

Kimmy's shrieks of rage and humiliation were muffled by the trash as she kicked her legs.

"Right, to the nurse it is," the janitor said and began to rush Kimmy away as if she were an ER patient on a gurney.

Wilson's short, pudgy legs tried to keep up, but he was winded quickly. The janitor pulled the cart up in front of the nurse's office. The door opened and, drawn by the sounds of the muffled screaming, the nurse stood in the doorway, shocked and appalled.

"What's going on here?" Nurse Melody demanded as she took in the sight of Kimmy's naked cunt and kicking legs.

"Girl went head-first into the can, screaming about a leprechaun," the janitor said. "She's all yours, doc."

"Jesus Christ," Melody exclaimed. "On a fucking Friday?"

The janitor shrugged.

"Let's get her out of there," Melody said with a dramatic sigh.

The janitor pushed his thumb into Kimmy's fuckhole for leverage, as the nurse took hold of her legs, and together they pulled Kimmy from the trash can once more. Wild-eyed, her hair in disarray, and with the remains of a turkey sandwich mashed into her forehead, Kimmy spit out a seed and stamped her feet.

"I could have fucking walked!" Kimmy shouted.

Wilson, wheezing, ran around the corner at this moment and, before he could stop the momentum of his sizable bulk, he gasped and bowled right into Kimmy. She went down with a cry and Wilson came down on top of her, his pimply face landing directly on her cunt.

With a mouthful of Kimmy's wet fuckhole, the fat boy attempted to apologize. The nurse and janitor stood by, too stunned to move. At just that moment, the passing period began. Her head spinning from the impact with the floor, Kimmy groaned and cracked an eye.

Something between her legs felt so much better than the pain in her head. She let the feeling continue as she rubbed her temples, but then she saw the faces of other students looking down at her in shock and horror. Kimmy became aware of a blubbering and flailing and, when she looked down, she saw Wilson struggling to push his girth from the floor. However, with his face buried in her snatch, he didn't seem to be making much more than a token effort.

To her shame and humiliation, Kimmy suddenly orgasmed wetly on his face, right in front of the janitor, the nurse, and the crowded hallway. Wilson continued to blubber at her cunt for another few seconds before the janitor and nurse found their wits and helped pull him up. More photos of Kimmy's spread, wet cunt followed, taken by the students, and were quickly shared online.

Kimmy launched herself to her feet, flushing from head to toe, and trying in vain to cover her ass, pussy, and nipples all at the same time. She fled into the open door of the nurse's office, tripping over a small waste bin in her haste. With another screech, she grasped for the nearest thing to right herself, a coat rack, which toppled over with her. Her face caught in one of the jackets and she sprawled over the arm of the nurse's sofa, with her naked ass and cunt on view for anyone looking through the door. Looking through the door were the shocked nurse, Janitor, Wilson, and as many students who could crowd around as possible.

Kimmy flailed madly, tangled in the coat as they stared at her pussy. The nurse, finally, managed to compose herself and shut the door. She dashed to the couch and helped Kimmy disentangle herself from the coat.

"Alright! Just… just sit down and don't move!" the nurse commanded.

Agitated, confused, and horrified, Kimmy sat on the couch and tried not to so much as blink. The little gnome giggled in her ear and said, "A run'o misfortune fer sure, Kimmy darlin'."

Kimmy held her tongue, certain that the nurse would judge her insane if she began to scream at the little man.

"Just take a breath, girl," the nurse said. "You're a mess. Get yourself settled."

Kimmy put her head in her hands, wiping away a smear of jelly from her cheek, and tried to get control of her wild breathing.

"What's the trouble, Kimmy?" Nurse Melody asked, "Aside from the fact that you're a mess."

"Trouble? I don't have any trouble! Things just… just keep happening!"

"Because of the leprechaun?"

"No! He... he isn't real. Leprechauns aren't real," Kimmy stated.

The gnome on her shoulder chuckled.

"Well, on that much we can agree," Melody said. "Why don't you just lie down for a bit and get yourself together, alright?"

Kimmy nodded. The nurse gave her two tablets and some water, then allowed Kimmy to lie on the couch for a while. She left the room. Kimmy dozed for a bit, and when she awoke, the nurse had made a trip to the lost and found. She'd brought back some clothes to replace Kimmy's ruined ones.

"They didn't have much," Melody said, handing Kimmy a skirt and top.

Melody would have called the clothes trashy and objectifying, but to Kimmy, they seemed normal enough. The skirt was a pleated mini, but it had pink rhinestones in a heart across the back. The top was too small, mashing Kimmy's tits together and pushing them over the low neckline. The top read, "2Cute," across the front. The nurse could not provide Kimmy with underwear, which was not a big deal for Kimmy, who was used to flashing her wet pussy.

Feeling somewhat normal again, Kimmy left the nurse's office with her bag and made her way to the lunch room, where she found her two cockteasing besties, Allie and Penny. The three of them went through the line and Kimmy carried her tray to their table. She managed to make it to the table without incident and breathed a sigh of relief as she sat. Penny and Allie were looking at their phones and laughing.

"What?" Kimmy asked.

"Dude, you're like, internet famous!" Allie said.

Penny turned her screen to show Kimmy the latest video, which was quickly making its way across social media. On her back, staring up dazedly from the ground was Kimmy. Between her legs was Wilson Grimes, his face buried in her cunt.

"No!" Kimmy gasped.

"You totally let Grimy Grimes get you off!" Allie cried. "That's so gross!"

Penny flicked to a previous video, showing her screeching with horror as Wilson slapped her tits around and her shirt smoked. A moment later, she was tumbling backward as her teacher doused her with a fire extinguisher. Kimmy put her head in her hands and willed it to go away. The gnome on her shoulder cackled.

In panic and shame, the distraught Kimmy shot from her chair to flee the humiliation, but when she turned, she ran right into the janitor, pushing his cart. She stumbled and fell back.

"Holy leaping leprechauns!" the janitor exclaimed and shot out his hand to stop her fall.

He reached for the only thing he could grasp in his haste, Kimmy's shirt, which tore away from her body. In further outrage and surprise, Kimmy tripped over her chair and landed on her back on the table. Her shoulder clipped the edge of her tray, sending it spinning, and her cardboard carton of milk sprayed milk across her naked melons. Allie and Penny leaped to their feet in astonishment.

Kimmy, once again a mess, fumbled for the tray and used it to cover her tits as she ran from the cafeteria to the bathroom. She went to the sink, dropped the tray, and turned on the water. The handle twisted right off in her hand and the rush of water began to spray her face and tits as she sputtered. Nearly blinded by the spray, Kimmy ran screaming from the restroom, her arms over her breasts.

Half-blind and screeching, she crashed into Wilson, who was on his way to the cafeteria to consume a quarter of the school's food stores. Wilson cried out in astonishment as they went down together, Wilson on his back and Kimmy's pussy mashing wetly on his face. A crowd of shocked students began snapping more photos of her miserable look of disbelief. At the head of that crowd, however, was Principal Anderson.

The principal looked as shocked as the rest of them, but he recovered his wits quickly and hauled Kimmy off of Wilson's face. Topless, soaked, and jabbering, he bent Kimmy over right there in the hallway and began to spank her.

"Ow!" Kimmy shrieked.

"That's enough from you, Kimmy!" Anderson shouted. "All morning, I'm hearing about you running around causing a scene!"

He spanked her again.

"I'm running a school here, not a playground!" he shouted and gave her a third hard spanking.

He took her by the arm and dragged her away as her fellow students continued to make her internet famous. Down the hall, he walked her, with her naked tits jiggling and water streaming from her hair. They passed students and teachers, the janitor, and the nurse before they arrived in his office. He threw her his blazer.

"Cover yourself," he ordered. "I'm giving you detention."

He stalked from the room and came back a moment later with another shirt from the lost and found. This one was pink, also too small, and had the face of a cartoonish clown across the front. Kimmy wiggled into it. Stretched as it was over her large melons, the clown's grin turned into a frown of dismay. The tears of laughter on his cheeks became those of misery.

"Report to room 203B, right now!" Anderson ordered and pointed to the door.

"But that's—"

"Right now, Kimmy!"

Hanging her head, Kimmy trudged down the hallway toward room 203B, feeling miserable. Now, she'd have to spend the rest of the day in detention, along with the losers and degenerates. The little gnome gave her a pat on the neck.

She pushed through the door of 203B, where the rough countenance of Mr. Spears glared at her from his desk at the front of the room. A chorus of whistles and catcalls rose at her entry.

"Find a seat, bad apple," Spears grumbled. "The rest of you, shut it!"

Kimmy took the first empty seat she saw, folded her arms on the desktop, and put her head down. She was asleep within a minute. The sound of a chirping alarm made Kimmy sit up in her seat and look around blearily.

"Fire drill," Spears announced. "Alright, flunkies, you know the drill. Calm and orderly, out the door and down the hall. Move it!"

Kimmy stumbled to her feet and fell into line with the other detainees. Someone behind her reached under her skirt and grabbed her ass. She swatted at the hand and whipped around to give the young man a reproachful glare. His name was Brent, and Kimmy knew that he spent nearly every day in 203B. He smiled and spread his hands as if to say, "what else could I do?"

The line moved down the hall as more students filed from the classrooms to the emergency exits. In the press of bodies, Brent took more liberties, groping and pinching her under her skirt. Kimmy hissed and swatted at him but he just chuckled and continued his teasing. When they passed a clock on the wall, Kimmy saw that she'd napped for nearly two hours.

Principal Anderson stood outside the building with a stopwatch in his hand. For several minutes, students filed out of the building until, at last, it was empty.

"Well done," Anderson called from his perch. "Only a quarter of you would have burned alive had this been an actual fire. Do better next time!"

The students and staff muttered and began making their slow way back into the building. Back in room 203B, Kimmy took her seat once more, surrounded by half a dozen unruly young men. Not ten minutes later, the PA system called Mr. Spears away for a phone call in the office.

"Stay in line," he growled as he left, pointing at the misfits.

The moment the door closed, a gang of rowdy, horny boys were out of their seats and descending on Kimmy.

"What did cocktease Kimmy do to get detention?" Brent asked, pulling a lock of her hair.

Kimmy realized quickly the terrible situation she was in. With no supervision, she was half-dressed in a room with six of the most ill-behaved seniors in the school.

"I'll bet she flashed her cunt to Anderson," said another to a peal of laughter.

"You get caught sucking cock or something?" Brent asked.

"No!" Kimmy stammered.

"Oh, well, then, here you go. I'm sure you're aching for it," Brent said and pulled his stiff cock out in Kimmy's face.

"What are you—" Kimmy began to protest, but Brent stuffed his prick into her mouth.

Kimmy glurked and sputtered as the mean boy pushed his dick into her throat. Another one held her arms.

"Poor Kimmy cocktease," Brent said. "Not such a tease anymore, huh?"


Brent pistoned his cock in and out of Kimmy's drooling mouth as he gripped her hair in his hand. She wailed around his dick, but her plugged airway only made muffled cries of displeasure as he pumped her suckhole. Finally, he held her head down and fed her a big load of gooey cum, before extracting his cock and stepping aside for the next youngster to have a go.

Kimmy couldn't get a word out before the next hard dick made use of her mouth. Semen drooled from her lips after the second of them had finished with her, and squished wetly out of her when the third plunged his happy pole into her throat. They rotated until all six of them had coated her tonsils with seed and Kimmy was a huffing, spit-soaked mess.

Then, the bell rang and the mean boys left her sprawled across the desk with cum on her face, saliva on her silly shirt, and spunk leaking from her mouth. The little gnome landed on the desk, careful to avoid the mess.

"Oy! Luck's no'so good, Kimmy. Does'nah look'sif you'll be gettin' ma gold this year," he said and did a little dance. "Don'tcha worry, though! I'll be back on the next'n to see if ye can do better, eh?"

Kimmy groaned and coughed up more cum as the little man danced himself away up a rainbow.


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