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Exchange Student, Part Two: Guest Post by Lisa X Lopez

Chapter Three: Education

Going to school in America wasn’t just culture shock. It was just plain weird. The night before, as Lisa lay in bed, she played with her pussy in the cute pink bed. It wasn’t something she should have done. Her grandmother would have been furious. But all Lisa could think about was how cute the two girls had looked, and how cute Julie looked, and how Julie’s pussy tasted on her finger.

It was sinful, and it was wrong, but those things made her feel so happy and so cute. And to help her fall asleep in a good mood, she’d played The Pink Song on the MP3 player on her nightstand, and fallen asleep to it. It was still playing on repeat when she’d awoken in the morning.

Lisa’s first impression of high school reminded her of the show she’d watched with Julie, and that also made her think about kissing Julie and tasting Julie’s pussy. In turn, that made her blush, and she was grateful for her tanned skin that hid the pink tinge to her skin.

The school building itself was remarkable in comparison to her own in Mexico. The students, however, were the most remarkable thing, and what she found weird. Particularly, the girls. They were pink and cute. There was an order to them, which Julie explained as Lisa accompanied her into school.

“The freshman girls wear the long poodle skirts and blouses,” Julie said and Lisa observed the younger girls in their long pink skirts. “The Sophomores are allowed to go knee-length, while the juniors can go above the knee. Only the seniors who are over eighteen get to wear the cutest skirts and dresses. Like me!”

Lisa, in her jeans and a gray tee-shirt today, wearing third-hand sneakers, stood out from the sea of pink in a way that drew as many stares as her light brown skin and black hair. It was while Julie was helping Lisa to open her locker that Lisa encountered the mean girls.

“OMG, check out those rags!” came a high-pitched voice from behind.

The remark was followed by a chorus of cackling, and when Lisa turned around, a group of three girls stood nearby. She who had commented on Lisa’s appearance was a tall blonde in glossy pink heels, wearing a PU leather minidress that was so tight it was a wonder it wasn’t actually a part of her body.

“Where did you dig her up, Julie?” the girl asked and flipped her hair. “Totally gross! She’s not even blond!”

Julie reddened and snapped, “Fuck off, Pee Pee! Lisa’s my bestie!”

The girl’s bubbly facade cracked for a second, during which she fumed and stamped her foot.

“Whatever,” she said and flipped her hair again. “Don’t like catch anything from her!”

The girl and her companions stalked away, giggling as if the parting comment were the most successful comedy routine of the decade.

“Forget that cunt,” Julie said. “That’s Penny Porter. She’s stuck up. I call her Pee Pee cuz it’s hilarious, and she hates it. We’ll go shopping after school today, alright?”

Lisa looked at her clothes and put her head down.

“Come on, bestie. Cheer up,” Julie said, and before Lisa could react, Julie kissed her on the mouth.

Lisa moaned and nearly dropped her backpack as Julie’s soft lips pressed into her own. The kiss was brief, but it left Lisa breathless. Julie held her hand as they walked the halls, which Lisa found strange. However, it wasn’t out of place. Many of the girls were holding hands, and a few of them were also kissing. Boys in the hallways were all dressed in matching white button-downs and navy trousers, through which they openly rubbed their crotches as they eyed the girls.

The next strange occurrence was the morning assembly. Having an assembly wasn’t that strange. In her old school, they’d had a morning assembly to pray. In America, they had a morning assembly to listen to music. Specifically, the girls gathered in the gymnasium, where The Pink Song blared from the speakers on repeat for thirty minutes.

Lisa guessed it was about thirty minutes. She wasn’t exactly sure, since she sort of zoned out as she sang the lyrics and bounced in her seat. By the time it ended, she did feel much happier and more bubbly, though. And when Julie shared a kiss with her this time, Lisa helped herself to a squeeze of Julie’s big tits. They were just so cute! Julie returned the squeeze, and Lisa felt hot throughout her entire first class.

The first class had no boys, which was another oddity. When pressed, Julie explained, “Boys have their own classes. They learn really important stuff.”

“In Mexico, the boys go to class with the girls,” Lisa said.

Julie thought this was hilarious. “Why do boys need to learn how to do make-up, or clean and look cute?”

“Well, we learn math and science and—“

Julie yawned loudly and said, “Booooring.”

The first class turned out to be just as Julie had insinuated. There were no lessons in math, and no lessons in science. Instead, the girls were taught posture, walking, and presentation. Lisa was terrible at all of these things, but Julie and the other girls were happy to help. It didn’t seem as if these were that important to Lisa, but this was America. Perhaps all women needed these skills to make it big here.

Throughout the class, The Pink Song played low over the speaker system, the tune constantly vibrating inside Lisa’s head and making her feel happier, bubblier, and more pink. The other lessons for the day included make-up and hair styling, lessons in kissing, and lap dancing. Lisa finished the day feeling very hot, flushed, sweating, and with an overwhelming need to masturbate.

Julie took Lisa shopping after school, where they picked up new clothes using Mr. Jerry’s credit card. The clothes were very pink, some of them white, and the sight of them made Lisa tremendously happy. She sang The Pink Song along with Julie as they drove home, and couldn’t wait to try on the new clothes.

Mr. Jerry was home when they arrived. Julie put her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss on the mouth, which made Lisa feel hot watching it. His hand rested on her bottom as he asked, “How did your shopping trip go?”

“Oh, it was so perfect, Daddy!” Julie crowed. “Lisa got lots of new clothes and they’re so adorable!”

Mr. Jerry beamed and asked, “What did you think of your first day, Lisa?”

The happy tune in Lisa’s head had her bouncing in place as she said, “It was different, but it was much easier than my old school.”

Mr. Jerry nodded. “Yes, the boys get the hard work. Girls aren’t really meant for all of that. Girls just mind their P’s, isn’t that right, princess?”

Julie nodded, too. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Their P’s?”

“Oh, that was the first week’s lesson,” Julie said. “You weren’t here for that.”

“Why don’t you show me the clothes you got for Lisa, and while she tries them on you can tell her about the P’s.”

“Fashion show!” Julie cried and dumped the bags on the couch.

Mr. Jerry sat in his armchair, his hand resting on his crotch. Lisa looked at it, the bulge beneath the hand, and the heat in her pussy grew more intense. Julie stood behind Lisa and put her fingers under the them of Lisa’s tee.

“The first P,” she said, “is pretty. You aren’t blond yet, but you’re still really pretty.”

She kissed Lisa’s neck and Lisa shivered. Mr. Jerry stroked his bulge with his hand. Lisa moaned. Julie tugged at the tee and slid it up to expose Lisa’s bare tummy. The Pink Song echoed in her head.

“The second P is pink,” Julie whispered in her ear. “Pink is the prettiest color, isn’t it?”

Lisa nodded. Thinking about the pink made her head light and fuzzy. She was so warm and Julie’s hands on her bare skin felt so good. She raised her arms and allowed Julie to pull the tee over her breasts and then off.

Julie undid the catch on her jeans next and unzipped them. Lisa’s thoughts strayed to the previous night when she’d put her hand in her panties and touched herself in front of Julie. The shimmery pink at the edges of the TV frame had been there like they were there now. Only there was no TV frame. The pink was simply there, in her vision, hovering at the corners.

“The third P is pussy,” Julie whispered in her ear, and with one hand she pushed down Lisa’s jeans, while the other slid into her panties. Lisa moaned and her head lolled back against Julie’s shoulder.

“What do the three P’s make?” Julie asked.

Her fingers rubbed Lisa’s bare cunt as Lisa whispered, “Pretty pink pussy.”

“Good girl,” Julie said and Lisa trembled.

Julie pulled her hand out of Lisa’s panties and knelt, where she pulled Lisa’s feet out of the jeans. She stood and turned her, putting her arms around Lisa’s neck and looking into her eyes. Lisa shivered, standing in her bra and panties, and then Julie kissed her sweetly and slowly.

Their lips and tongues mingled and played, wet and sensual as Mr. Jerry watched. Julie undid the catch on Lisa’s bra and pulled it down her arms and off. She turned Lisa toward her father, then put her arms around Lisa’s chest and squeezed her tits.

“Such big, sexy tits,” Julie said in her ear.

The words from the show echoed in Lisa’s head, alongside The Pink Song, the playful music, and the image of the two besties touching one another. Now Julie was touching her just like in the show, and Mr. Jerry was watching, just like the man in the chair. He was watching, rubbing his cock, and looking at Lisa’s big tits.

“Let’s show Daddy your cute new clothes,” Julie whispered.

“Cute,” said Lisa.

“But we have to take off those black panties, don’t we?”

Lisa nodded.

“They should be pink.”

“Pink,” Lisa agreed.

Julie pushed the band of Lisa’s panties down over her hips, where they slid down her legs, baring her shaven V to Mr. Jerry.

“You’re a very good girl, Lisa,” Mr. Jerry said.

Lisa trembled. Good girl. The goodest girl.

Julie’s hands left her but they returned a moment later when the girl knelt at Lisa’s feet. She held a pink thong out and Lisa lifted her foot, slowly, like a dream and put it through the leg hole. The second followed. Julie pulled the new pink panties up Lisa’s legs.

Before she pulled them all they way up, though, Julie looked up into Lisa’s eyes. She leaned in, put out her tongue, and she gave Lisa’s bare slit a long slow lick. Lisa groaned and put her hand on Julie’s head. Not to push her away, but to steady herself as her head spun with electric pleasure.

“Good girl, Julie,” Mr. Jerry said, and Julie moaned and licked Lisa again.

The girl pulled the panties over Lisa’s mound, then retrieved the short pink miniskirt she’d purchased. Lisa stepped into this, too. Then Julie pulled a pink crop top over Lisa’s head, gently pulled her hair through it, and kissed her on the lips as she tugged the top down over Lisa’s tits.

Lisa was breathless when Julie pulled away and returned to the couch. When she came back, she fastened the last item around Lisa’s neck, a small pink choker. “Cute,” read the rhinestones on the band.

“It’s so cute,” Julie said.

“So cute,” Mr. Jerry agreed.

Lisa nodded, her head foggy and hot. Julie turned her toward Mr. Jerry, and it was as if she were seeing the whole world through rose-tinted glasses. Everything was a little pink. It was so cute.

“It’s adorable,” Mr. Jerry said. “Just adorable.”

Julie squeezed her bottom under the skirt and said, “You are just to die for, bestie!”

“Why don’t you two go get dinner ready?” Mr. Jerry suggested. “And make sure you put some of the Pink Powder in whatever you make. Lisa hasn’t tried it yet. None for me, though, please. It’s a little sweet.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Julie said and pulled Lisa by the hand. “I learned this really scrumptious recipe in cooking class last week, and I want to try it!”



Enjoying this story? You can grab the entire thing right now from Lisa's Shop or Smashwords! This hot tale details Julie and Lisa's slide into submission as brainwashed bimbos at the hands of Julie's father and school faculty. For more Lisa stories and adult adventures, visit her website or follow her on social media.

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