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New Partnership Title: Mind Games

Happy New Year, everyone! We're starting this year off with a couple of fun releases. The first is a partnership box set from Lisa X Lopez, which is guaranteed to scratch the itch of brainwashing and mind control erotica fans. Mind Games is a 4-title set, which includes a coauthored title by myself and Lisa. Tap the links below if you'd like to jump ahead in the post.

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This set has a special bonus included, which is part of Lisa's new erotic universe, BimboTec. In this box set, you'll get the following:

  • Things: A Fantasy of Mind Control, Invasion, and Incest

  • Grandpa's Control: A Fantasy of Incestuous Brainwashing and Bimbofication (Coauthored by Tori Hamlin)

  • The Exes: A Fantasy of Incestuous Brainwashing and Revenge

  • Fall of the Amazons: A Dark Fantasy of Mass Bimbofication

  • Lisa's uncensored BimboTec Promo Posters

  • Lisa's uncensored Rewife Promo Posters

  • Lisa's uncensored BimBunny Promo posters

  • 3 uncensored BimboTec videos

  • Cover art featuring Lisa herself


The town of Haden's Creek undergoes a bizarre transformation when some... things begin making changes in town. Kathy knows what they make her believe is a lie, but like everyone else, she's powerless to stop them from altering the residents.

Kathy's son is her "boyfriend." Her husband's "girlfriend" is their daughter, Trish. Kathy knows this to be true, and that their relationship is completely normal. Only, Kathy also knows that it is a lie. There is nothing normal about it. Like everyone else, though, she's trapped in her own head, following the instructions she's being given by the things that have invaded Haden's Creek. As each day passes, the lies that the residents are living become more and more their reality. Unless Kathy and her family can find a way to break the hold these things have over them all, the truth of who they were will be forgotten entirely.

Grandpa's Control:

Janey's wealthy grandfather subjects his entire family to an experiment that turns them into his altered breeding slaves.

Everyone in the family detests Grandpa Shane. He's a pervert and a misogynist, who cheated on his wife for decades. But his wealth keeps the family coming back on the holidays, year after year, as they all wait for him to die and pass on his fortune. Janey does not hate her grandfather. Because Janey is something of a pervert herself. This Thanksgiving, Janey's family will be introduced to Grandpa Shane's latest breakthrough from his massive corporation, BioTech. Shane's latest technological marvels will finally give him the devoted family he's always dreamed of.

The Exes:

Mitch and Kelly are the "victims" of a couple of bad breakups, but they're determined to win over the hearts and minds of their respective exes. In a twisted revenge plot, they'll remake those who jilted them, and take control of both of their families.

Mitch is into some weird shit. Working for the whacked-out BimboTec corporation, he's got access to the kinds of experimental technology that wins over hearts and minds, whether they like it or not. When his ex-girlfriend, Marie, dumps him for his best friend, Mitch commits to a twisted course of revenge.

Kelly has her future planned out. She's going to marry Michael, become part of his wealthy family, and live a life of ease and luxury. Then Michael dumps her for his best friend's girl, and the two of them fall madly in love. For Kelly, it's the worst outcome imaginable. With Mitch's help, the two of them hatch a scheme to get back what they've lost, and gain more along the way. It's a twisted tale of technological takeover and transformation, as Mitch and Kelly alter their exes. Not only will Michael and Marie come to regret their decision to dump Mitch and Kelly, but so will every member of their families.

Fall of the Amazons:

What does one need to bring the most powerful warrior women to their knees (literally)? A witch hunting for an ancient power. A prince, determined to conquer. And a slave looking for freedom.

The fierce warrior women of the Amazon island are feared throughout the known world. They raid, pillage, and take men as slaves. But beneath their island lies an ancient power, and it's one that Logrim the witch is determined to harness. Alongside Prince Thespar, and a slave in the Amazon's mine, Logrim will awaken the evil that lurks in the deep. In the process, the women of the island will fall prey to a spell of mass bimbofication, and finally learn their true place: as brainless breeding slaves for those they once tormented.


If you're a fan of stories that include transformation, mind alteration, and slutification, you can't go wrong with these ones! And if you're not yet following Lisa's erotic empire, show some love to one of the most creative ladies out there! Find everything Lisa here. Get uncensored kink content that includes themes of brainwashing, cuckolding, slut transformation, and more!


Lisa's new erotic universe, BimboTec, is akin to the DomCo series of books. Expect some crossover work from us in the future, including my doing some writing for some of Lisa's story videos around this evil corporate giant.

Preview Chapter from Grandpa's Control:

Chapter One: Janey

Janey, unlike the rest of the family, did not detest Grandpa Shane. Everyone else in the family thought Grandpa Shane was gross. Grandpa Shane was both a pervert and a misogynist. However, Grandpa Shane was also extraordinarily wealthy.

While everyone in the family was of the opinion that Grandpa Shane was a piece of shit, they mostly kept that opinion to themselves. Grandpa Shane was going to die at some point, and naturally, each member of the family wanted a piece of what he’d leave.

Janey, at twenty-two years old, was something of a pervert herself, which is why she didn’t really hate Grandpa Shane. Janey often played with her cunt, while thinking about inappropriate things that no self-respecting young lady should think of. They were things that other people considered bizarre, immoral, and reprehensible.

Sometimes, Janey would play with her cunt and imagine her father, her uncles, or even Grandpa Shane touching her. She fantasized about them blackmailing her, threatening to expose her as a deviant slut, and they’d use her secrets to force her into submitting to their cocks. In the fantasy, Janey would beg and cry, but her male family members would be unperturbed. In fact, her tears and pleas for mercy just made their dicks harder as they pounded their thick meat into her.

Other times, the fantasy would include more than one of them. They took turns with her and came up with new and humiliating ways to degrade and use her. They took away her birth control, tied her to her bed, and spent days filling her unwilling cunt with incestuous sperm until they had knocked her up. Others, they pushed vibrating eggs up her pussy and locked her in a chastity belt, then spent a month making her their anal-only fucktoy until she could only have orgasms with a cock in her ass.

Janey understood that she was different, weird even, when it came to the things she fantasized about. It was even weirder that she imagined the same things happening to her sisters, her mother, her aunts and cousins. It was for this reason that Janey did not detest Grandpa Shane. She was actually something of a black sheep to the rest of the family, because of her defense of her grandfather as “not so bad,” or “just different.”

Now Janey sat in the back seat of her parents’ SUV, with her two sisters a seat ahead. It was Thanksgiving weekend, and the entire extended family was on their way to the one place they simultaneously envied and hated; Grandpa Shane’s estate.

Janey kept a single earbud in one ear and her phone in her hand. Surreptitiously, she rubbed her cunt under her skirt. On her screen was a cute girl, with blond pigtails, and she was looking into the camera. Behind her, a man she called, “Daddy,” gripped her pigtails in her fists and yanked the girl’s head back. Her smeared make-up ran down her tear-streaked cheeks and her bottom lip quivered so adorably.

Janey didn’t think the girl’s distress was real. More likely, it was an act. But the little slut was convincing enough that it had Janey’s pussy grooling on her fingers each time she pushed them up her cunt.

“Are you Daddy’s good little breeding hole?” the man said and pulled on the girl’s pigtails.

Her head snapped back, and she cried, “Yes, Daddy! Oh, fuck! Fuck your baby into me!”

Janey bit her lip and forced back a welling orgasm to keep herself on edge. She hadn’t allowed herself to cum for three days now, and it was getting hard. The added taboo of doing it in her parents’ car, while her two sisters were so close, made it the kind of internal struggle Janey loved having with herself. Fuck, she was so wet.

“Do we actually have to do this?” Krista whined from her seat just ahead, without even taking her eyes off her phone.

Janey heard it, but she’d heard the same thing from both Krista and Melissa every hour since they’d gotten in the car. She heard the same fucking thing every single year they made this trip.

“You know we do,” their mother said from the front. “Why am I even answering that question anymore?”

Their father glanced in the mirror and added, “Just like every year. We sit, we eat, we tell your grandfather he’s a generous guy, and we go on our way.”

Janey pulled her sticky fingers from her panties and her earbud from her ear. Fucking ingrates. And she took on her role as the black sheep.

“Grandpa is generous, Dad.”

A hush fell over the rest of them and everyone glanced back, as if they’d suddenly remembered she was there. Maybe they had.

“He’s so gross,” Melissa said.

“He cheated on Grandma. Like, a lot," Krista said.

Their mother sighed and said, “You don’t need to bring that old news up again.”

“You’re one to talk,” Janey said to Krista. “You totally blew Josh Carter while you were with Brad.”

Melissa cackled, and their parents pointedly ignored them, but Krista flushed crimson and whined, “That was supposed to be a fucking secret! You… cunt!”

“Language!” their mother snapped.

Janey shrugged and said, “Oopsy!”

Krista slumped in her seat and put her head in her hands. The rest of them once more forgot Janey existed. Janey pushed her earbud back in her ear and returned to watching the little blond slut get railed by her Daddy. Mean Daddy was about to pump her wet little fuckhole full of baby batter, and that was Janey’s favorite part.


Ready to dive in? Grab the box set Mind Games in the shop, or through Lisa's website.

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