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Exchange Student, Part Three: Guest Post by Lisa X Lopez

Chapter Four: Naughty Girlz

The taste of the sweet pink powder lingered in Lisa’s mouth after dinner. She sat with Julie on the couch for the next episode of Good Girl High, and despite not actually remembering much of the first episode, she couldn’t wait for the next.

Julie started the show, which opened on the same two girls, but this time they were in a predicament. The scene was in the high school’s gymnasium, and in the center of the gym were a pair of wooden stocks. The two girls were nude, their arms and necks trapped in the wooden contraptions, and their legs bound at the ankles.

“Even the goodest of good girls makes a mistake,” said the voiceover. “And when you have to take your discipline, you can always count on your bestie to look out for you.”

Even the dire background music was somehow bubbly and playful as the girl said her lines. When the pink title card for the show came up, it was accompanied by the shimmer at the edges of the frame. The title card seemed alive like it was right in the room with them. “Naughty Girlz,” it read.

The next scene faded in, a closeup on a bare, shaven mound. As the camera slowly zoomed back, it revealed the two blond girls, whose names Lisa still couldn’t remember. They were nude and standing in a locker room.

A shadow fell over them both, and when they turned, they were dwarfed by a large man in short, tight gym shorts and a tank top. Lisa felt there was something off about the man being in the girl’s locker room, but it was too much to think about. It was far easier to watch the pink shimmer and listen to the happy music. Besides, the naked girls were very cute, with their blond hair and big pouty lips, their breasts jiggling as they bounced in place on their feet.

“Girls,” the man said. “It’s your turn for inspection. Bend over the bench.”

The two girls immediately bent over the nearby bench and spread their legs. The camera cut to a close-up shot of their naked twats. The man’s big fingers appeared in the frame, where they probed at the first girl’s pussy, spreading the pink lips and revealing her wetness. The girl shook her bottom and giggled, then moaned when the man pushed his finger up her.

“Good girl,” the man said. “Your little pussy is so wet.”

Beside her, Julie whimpered, and Lisa could hear her once again pushing her fingers into her cunt. Lisa couldn’t look away from the girl’s pussy, so wet and pink, as she watched the man’s finger penetrate her. The girl pushed back against his finger, and the background music faded out to almost nothing. Lisa could still hear it, but the sound of the girl’s wetness was much louder, louder even than Julie’s wetness.

The man pulled his wet and shiny finger from the girl and placed the tip at her anus. The girl squeaked as he pushed it inside. Then she made her mistake. She stood up and the man’s finger popped out.

“Mr. Coach!” she shouted. “No! Daddy said that’s only his hole!”

Mr. Coach was not pleased by this response, and his hand flew out to slap the girl across her pretty face.

“Did you just tell a man, ‘No?’” Mr. Coach said, incredulous.

The girl looked uncertain. Beside her, her bestie came to her defense.

“Her Daddy said so, Mr. Coach!”

“That’s it,” Mr. Coach growled, and he grabbed the girl by her blond hair.

As he dragged her, nude, from the locker room, she wailed and flailed her arms. The second girl followed, still nude herself.

“This isn’t your business,” Mr. Coach shouted at her.

“Besties don’t leave each other!” the girl shouted.

“Fine,” Mr. Coach shouted back and grabbed the other girl by her hair.

Mr. Coach dragged the two girls along through the school hallway, while other students moved aside to laugh, point, gawk, and jeer. They pulled out phones and recorded videos. They took photos and uploaded them to social media.

When Mr. Coach released them, it was in the Principal’s office. He threw open the door, prompting a frown over a large desk from the well-dressed man behind it.

“Coach Prickinuts,” said the man. “What seems to be the trouble?”

Lisa couldn’t take her eyes off the screen. It seemed like her own fate was entwined with that of the two girls. She watched them get on their knees, the camera looking up from the floor, with a wide view of their wet pussies and the two men hovering over them. The men looked so powerful.

“Girl told me no when I touched her little butthole,” Coach Prickinuts declared. “Said Daddy told her it was only for him.”

“He did!” the girl protested.

This was not the proper way to handle the situation. The man in the suit frowned more deeply.

“Young lady, did you just interrupt?” he asked.

The girl stared up with her wide blue eyes and Lisa saw tears form in them.

“I’m sorry, sir,” she said.

“You’ll be sorry,” the man declared. “Set up the stocks, Coach.”

The coach nodded and started for the door. As the door to the office closed and the camera began to fade, the well-dressed man pulled out his cock and took the crying girl’s hair in his first.


“They were so bad,” Julie whispered as she played with her cunt.

“So bad,” Lisa agreed, and she touched her cunt through the panties.

The next scene faded in, showing the opening scene in the gym. The entire student body was assembled in the bleachers. All the girls watching openly rubbed their cunts. The camera focused on the two bound girls’ twats, leaking slut honey down their legs as they awaited their punishment.

The well-dressed man accepted a bottle of lube from Coach Prickinuts and used his finger to lubricate their assholes. On the big overhead monitors of the gym, the student body watched the enlarged view of the process. When the well-dressed man was satisfied, he worked a large rubber cock into the first girl’s anus as she squealed and humped it.

The second girl received the same treatment, after which they were both placed in chastity belts. The rubber cocks began vibrating intensely, the effect of which was displayed on the monitors as the girls whimpered and yelled.

“Making mistakes can be a real pain in the ass,” the voiceover said. “But as long as you’ve got your bestie, you’ll be alright.”

The rest of the episode became a pink blur as Lisa watched the two girls’ faces moan and scream on the big monitors. The background music played. The students laughed and cheered. The men stood by, watched, and delivered harsh spankings with a wooden paddle.

“They were so bad,” Julie whispered.

“So bad,” Lisa agreed.

“Ready for bed, girls?” Mr. Jerry called from the doorway once again.

This time, Lisa did not leap from the couch. She continued to rub her cunt through the panties as Mr. Jerry watched.

“Yes, Daddy,” Julie was as she fingered her own twat.

Mr. Jerry frowned. “Lisa, are you playing with yourself with your panties on?”

Lisa looked down at her hand as if it had betrayed her and nodded.

“Do you think good girls keep their panties on to play with their pussy?” Mr. Jerry asked.

Lisa didn’t know. She was not from America, and girls in Mexico didn’t sit with their besties to play with their pussy, as far as she knew. She shook her head.

“I don’t know.”

Mr. Jerry sighed. “Of course. I’m sorry, Lisa. Julie, why don’t you take Lisa upstairs and help her play with her pussy like a good girl?”

Julie pulled her wet fingers from her snatch, licked them, and said, “Yes, Daddy.”

And that was how Lisa found herself bent over the princess bed, in her new room, with Julie purring and licking her wet pussy for the first time.


Enjoying this story? You can grab the entire thing right now from Lisa's Shop or Smashwords! This hot tale details Julie and Lisa's slide into submission as brainwashed bimbos at the hands of Julie's father and school faculty. For more Lisa stories and adult adventures, visit her website or follow her on social media.

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