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New Title: The Generosity of Neighbors

It's a sexy summer and a brand new title! Welcome back to Erotikinks. Let's dive off the deep end and get wet.

There's some dark stuff coming in the next few months with titles like Korrupting Kayla, Paternal Rights, and Breeding Becky just to name a few I've got in the pipe. With all that, it was time to break away and do something a bit more light-hearted for the start of summer.

With that in mind, I present to you The Generosity of Neighbors. You can think of this book as Love, Lust, and Erin meets Tempting Trevor and Seducing Jessica. It's a hot summer fuck-filled fantasy adventure, set on a gorgeous lake-side backdrop. No weird tech here, no brainwashing or hypno-kink. This one's all about some old-fashioned family fun.

And who knows more about family fun than the Erotikinks flagship family, the Hamlins? While they aren't the central characters of this tale, they are a constant presence throughout this sexy tale.

Here's the scoop! Ted and Autumn have a marriage goal: a lake house. They've finally realized that dream. The place is a bit of a fixer-upper, but it's something they can pass on to their two kids, Summer and Brandon.

On their first day at the place, they meet their neighbors, who are also taking the first month of summer to have their own fun. And this family is a lot more fun than the average. Phil and Carla, along with their two children, Dylan and Crystal, are a bit of a different family.

Not only are Phil and his wife a pair of open swingers, but they're also passing on their lessons in sexual freedom to their adult children. And as neighbors are supposed to be, the whole family is very generous and eager to share. Soon, Ted's more naïve family is introduced to the lake's most prominent family, the Hamlins.

Surrounded by gorgeous swingers, incestuous deviants, and perverted sluts, can Ted's family hope to make it through the summer without a rapid sexual awakening? Of course, not! It's a fun-filled seasonal adventure, worthy of your next beach read.

Hot moms banging sons? Sexy daughters giving it up to Daddy? Slutty wives being shared? Treasure hunting, boats and hoes, and more than a dose of Hamlin-style humor? Check, check, and check! Oh, and Cindy.

Summer at Erotikinks is off to a hot start, so snag this title today and enjoy the lake. The Hamlins are happy to host you.

Chapter Headings:

Length: 42K words

1.Fixer Upper

2.Family Friendly

3.A Tight-Knit Family

4.Fuckin' Batman

5.I Think They're Swingers

6.No, Daddy!

7.The Announcement

8.The Clues

9.House of Deviants

10.Boats and Hoes

11.Who's in my Mouth?

12.The Generosity of Neighbors

13.Stranger Danger

14.Treasure and Trials

15.The Antique Compass

16.The Vintage Boat Key


18.A Bump in the Night

19.The Final Treasure

20.Endless Summer

Chapter One: Fixer-Upper

Every couple should have a goal. For Ted and Autumn, their first married life goal had been the kids. With Brandon going into his second year of college, and Summer her first, that goal was well on its way to accomplished.

The secondary goal had taken nearly as long as the first. Now, though, they'd achieved it. The summer house.

After a few years of tightening down, Ted and Autumn were the proud owners of a little place on a lake. The two of them stood together, hand in hand, in the front yard of it, on their first day of residency. Sure, it would take some work, but that was goal number three; to make it their own.

"How long are we supposed to stand here and admire it?" Autumn whispered, squeezing her husband's hand.

"I don't think there's a standard time," Ted said.

"Then I'm going to start unpacking."

Ted nodded. "Yeah. I'll take just another minute."

Autumn squeezed his ass and said, "Don't take too many minutes. We should really break it in before the kids get here."

That snapped Ted out of his admiration and he said, "Why aren't you unpacking yet? Do you think we have all day?"

He whipped around toward the car and, instead, admired Autumn's booty in her tight little denim shorts. As he pulled two bags from the trunk of the car, Autumn nodded toward another home occupying the nearby lot.

"Any idea if the neighbors will be around?" she asked.

Ted slung the bags onto his broad shoulders. "Agent said they make it up every summer, so probably."

When they topped the steps to the covered wrap-around porch, Ted paused at the door and asked, "Should I like carry you over the threshold or something?"

Autumn grinned and set her wheeled suitcase aside, saying, "I have a better idea!"

She leaped on her husband's back and locked her arms around his neck.

"Gimme a piggyback ride, Daddy!" she squealed.

Ted attempted a laugh that was more of a gurgle, fumbled with the knob, and carried his wife through the doorway. Autumn slid back to the floor and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"It was amazing," she said.

"I aim to please."

She walked back through the door and rolled the suitcase inside. "Then roll out a sleeping bag. You have some pleasing to do, and not a lot of time."


Brandon reached across to the passenger seat and shook his sister awake. Summer groaned and stretched, her tight, cropped top riding up her belly and nearly revealing her underboob. Brandon quickly glanced away.

"We're almost there," he said.

Summer adjusted her shorts, pulling the tight fabric out of her crotch, and pulled out her earbuds. She held in a grin at her blatant teasing and her brother's reaction to it.

"At last. Mom and Dad's secret will be revealed," she said dryly. "The way they talk about it, it's a fucking palace."

Brandon shrugged and said, "Whatever it is, they worked hard for it. Try not to bitch too hard about it."

Summer frowned and said, "I do NOT bitch. If anyone bitches like a bitch, it's you, bitch."

Brandon rolled the car to a stop.

"What are you doing?" Summer asked.

"Pausing for dramatic effect. It's just around the bend."

Summer rolled her eyes and said, "Okay, Dad. Can you just go, please? I'm about to pee myself."

"Could be worth it," Brandon said and rubbed his chin.

Summer shrugged and said, "They're your seats. If you want your next date in college to ask you why your car smells like piss, that's on you."

Brandon slammed the accelerator, and Summer was thrown back into the seat, squealing. The car rocketed around the bend and up the dirt drive, revealing the summer home to the siblings for the first time.

"That's it?" Summer said, craning over the dash.

The split-level home was a faded thing. Once-white paint flaked away to reveal the wooden siding underneath. On the ground floor, a pair of long, dirty windows stretched across the front on one side of the front door. A pair of similarly streaky windows looked out from the upper story. Wrapping around the place was a covered porch, shading the expansive walkway that skirted the exterior.

Brandon slowed and pulled the car to a stop in the weedy front yard, alongside their parent's car.

"Fabulous," Summer said. "My month of hell begins."

"Drama queen," Brandon muttered and pushed open his door.

Together they walked up to the steps to the porch. Brandon banked left and started around the outside, pausing at the big picture window. Despite the grime coating the glass, he glanced inside, gasped, and said, "Oh, Jesus!"

He immediately covered his eyes and quickly walked past the window.

"What?" Summer asked and hurried over.

"Don't look!"

Summer looked.

"Oh, my God!" she said and hurried past the window. "I'm scarred! I'll need therapy for years. I'll never graduate, and become a homeless, destitute fuck-up!"

Brandon rolled his eyes and said, "Like you've never watched porn."

"Porn isn't your parents screwing!" Summer hissed.

"Yeah. For you, it's probably angry lesbians butt-humping each other with strap-ons."

"They are NOT angry! God! My virgin eyes!"

Brandon chuckled and continued around the porch toward the back.

"What are we going to do? I need to pee!" Summer hissed again.

"I doubt you have to whisper. And this is fucking nature. Go pull 'em down and water the grass."

"Some knight in shining armor you are," Summer said and slapped her brother's shoulder. "If you were a real man, you'd storm into this castle and demand your lady be provided use of the facilities."

"Right, and deal with Dad when he's been denied his nut? Or Mom?"

Summer sighed and said, "More terrifying than any dragon. Perhaps you're no knight, but you are a wise old wizard."

"I'm going to walk down to the lake," Brandon said. "Go dip behind those trees."

He gestured toward a small copse of pine trees, one of many dotting the large backyard.

"What if there are bears? Wolves? Snakes?"

"You want me to hold your hand?" Brandon asked.

"Where are your manners? You're no wise old wizard! You're a lecherous tavern drunk!"

She stalked off the back steps and disappeared behind the trees. Brandon, shaking his head, veered off the other direction and descended the steps toward the boat dock. The boat, however, was marriage goal number four, and it had not yet been realized.

He breathed in the early summer air and shut his eyes. Maybe spending a month of summer vacation with his parents hadn't been his first choice, but at the moment, it didn't seem so bad. Too bad there was no boat.

Summer joined him a moment later and echoed his thoughts.

"Too bad there's no boat."

"Even so, I don't think this will be so bad. Getting away from it all for a while. You know?"

"Right. Peeing outside. Probably cold showers. Little privacy. Dad putting you to work on fixing this place up, while Mom and I lounge on this deck sipping cold ones and getting a tan."

They looked up at the sound of car doors opening and shutting. At the top of the hill stood a young shirtless man, Brandon's age, in a pair of shorts and sunglasses. Beside him stood a blonde girl in a tiny bikini, which did little to hide the fact that she was stacked.

Brandon's mouth fell open. The young man pointed down at them, nudged the girl, and the pair of them waved. Brandon slowly lifted his hand.

"On the other hand," Summer said, eyeing the young man's muscles. "The place does come with a view."

"Good view," Brandon muttered. "Real good view."

The couple retreated out of sight.

"Should we go say hi?" Summer asked.

"Seems neighborly."

"Like a good neighbor, Summer is there!" Summer sang as she darted back up the steps.

Brandon followed, trailing his sister. As they rounded the corner, Summer shrieked and threw up her hands.

"Dad!" she cried. "You should announce yourself! God! I'm going to need even more therapy!"

She covered her face in her hands and mock-cried as she ran past her confused father. Brandon gave his dad a gentle elbow to the ribs as he passed and said, "Way to break the place in, stud."

Ted blushed and made an unintelligible noise. Autumn stepped through the front door, beaming and flushed, and stammered, "Oh! Y… you're here early!"

Summer, still hiding her face in her hands, moaned, "And I wish I'd slept in! Oh! All the therapy! They'll say I'm so traumatized that I'll have to apply for disability! I'll never be able to hold a job or succeed in a positive relationship!"

She started down the steps.

"What's with her?" Autumn asked with a snort.

"She's pretending not to know how babies are made," Brandon said, giving his mother a hug.

Autumn pulled back and said, "Oh, my God! You didn't!"

"And that's why I'll end up in a trailer park with some tatted meth pusher named Tito!" Summer called back as she walked toward the neighbor's house.

"Why is he Hispanic?" Autumn asked.

Brandon shrugged and followed his sister.

"Where are you going?" Ted called.

"Being neighborly!" Brandon called back and gestured.

Ted and Autumn started after their kids. The neighbor couple emerged from their house. Ted and Autumn paused, looked at one another, and Ted said, "Being neighborly?"

"Wow!" Autumn said. "The agent didn't mention the neighbors were freakin' supermodels!"

By the time they caught up to their children, Summer and Brandon were already shaking hands and chatting up the two neighbors as they stood by their car. The young man broke away from the introduction and put out his hand to Ted, who took it.

"Hey, neighbor," he said. "Dylan. That's my sister, Crystal. I heard someone finally bought the place."

"Ted," Ted said, "and my Wife, Autumn."

"Summer and Autumn?" Crystal called as she walked over. "That's adorable!"

Ted averted his eyes from the girl's abundant cleavage and shook her hand. Autumn was not so courteous as she raked her eyes over Dylan's muscular chest.

"I'd love to know what you two do to afford this place at your age," Ted said.

"Models!" Summer blurted. "I'm calling it right now. You're models!"

Crystal laughed and said, "It's not our place. It's our parents'. They'll be along tomorrow."

"Oh! Ted said. Sorry. I shouldn't have assumed."

"So, you're not models?" Summer asked.

Dylan laughed and answered, "We are not models. Crystal should be, in my opinion. But no, we're just college kids."

"College young adults," Crystal corrected.

"Good to meet you," Ted said with finality. "So, you said 'finally. Someone finally bought the place.' Is there something wrong with it the agent didn't disclose?"

Crystal and Dylan shared a look. Crystal shook her head. Brandon raised a brow. Crystal frowned.

"What?" Ted asked.

Crystal shrugged.

"It was years ago," Dylan said, lowering his voice and glancing at the house. "Before our parents bought this place."

"It was?" Autumn asked, her eyes widening.

"They were a family a lot like yours," Crystal added. "But one night something just… happened."

"Tragic," Dylan said and shook his head.

"Sick," Crystal said and shook her head.

"What?" Summer asked.

"Well, some people say it was the wife," Dylan said.

"Others say it was the husband," Crystal added.

"I think it was the daughter," Dylan said.

Crystal shook her head and said, "Definitely the son."

"Oh, my God!" Summer whispered. "Did they…"

"With an axe," Dylan said and shivered.

"It was a chainsaw, stupid," Crystal said.

Ted glanced back at his dream, swallowing a lump in his throat.

"Three of them went into the lake," Dylan said.

"And the other got away," Crystal added.

"Which one?" Summer whispered.

"Some nights, you can still hear them," Dylan whispered back. "Moaning."

"Groaning in pain," Crystal said.

"And reeking of bullshit," Brandon said.

"Reeking," Dylan said and nodded.

"Complete bullshit," Crystal agreed and nodded.

"Wait… What?" Ted said.

Autumn laughed and elbowed him in the ribs.

"Okay. Nice one," she said.

"That was so mean!" Summer squealed.

Dylan and Crystal grinned

Dylan continued, "Nah. There's nothing wrong with the place, far as I know. Old couple used to own it. It's been for sale a few years. Guess they just had other plans and not enough energy to keep it up."

Ted shook his head and said, "You really had me going."

"Welcome to the lake," Crystal said. "We're your shitty neighbors. We stay up too late, make too much noise, and party on our boat until all hours."

"Can I move in?" Summer asked.

Crystal put her arm around Summer's shoulder and said, "You can stay in my room."

"Will there be snacks?"

"Damn right!"

"Perhaps they'll help with the trauma," Summer said and wiped at her eyes.

"The trauma?"

"We can talk about it under the blanket fort. You do make blanket forts, don't you?"

Crystal squeezed her shoulder and said, "Only every night."

"Besties?" Summer said and stuck out her pinky.

"Besties," Crystal agreed.

Brandon and Dylan rolled their eyes.

"Okay. You guys go make your blanket fort," Ted said. "Brandon, can I get your help to start getting this place put together? I'd like to make it habitable by sundown."

"Sure thing, Dad."

"Need another hand?" Dylan volunteered.

"Wouldn't turn it down," Ted said. "Thanks!"

"Summer," Autumn cut in, "Could I beg you away from your blanket fort to help me clean for a while?"

Summer sighed and said, "I suppose. I mean, scrubbing floors and slaving away like Cinderella will likely only add to the therapy hours, but how much more harm can you do to me? After the things I've seen, I'll fit right in at the VA group."

"Yes, I'm sure," Autumn agreed.

"I can pitch in, too," Crystal said.

"Yes," Summer said. "Join the ranks of my mother's child slaves."

Autumn started back toward the house and called back, "Children don't get to drink beer on summer vacation!"

Summer tugged Crystal by the hand and called back, "Mother! I am an adult! You will NOT treat me like a child!"

"You had me at beer!" Crystal added.


Ready to join the family? Pick up a copy of The Generosity of Neighbors today!

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Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Your usual work is consistently five-star material, and this one was quite enjoyable as well. It featured some interesting twists and occasionally intense scenes, which I particularly loved for the suspense of not knowing certain outcomes. However, I’m giving it four stars because it lacked a bit of darkness; there was no villain or real plot. It felt more like a relaxing summer story, which, to be fair, was how it was advertised. The filler adventure stories seemed out of place and might feel tedious if you're not into that genre. The ending lacked any significant climax, which might be fine for those who enjoy a relaxing read with a touch of excitement.

Replying to

Really appreciate the honest feedback! This was more of a light sexy and fun summer read, before we plunge back into the dark stuff. Really pleased you enjoyed it, and I always take feedback to heart.

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